tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 42

The New Slave Ch. 42


Chapter 42, Candy Learns Her Trade

Candy was mesmerized. She stood staring at the thick, fully lengthened cock for several moments. It was obvious to her that Ross became aroused solely because of her looks and her sexual appeal. She had never even touched him and he was now rock hard. The pre cum was just an added attraction. She had never seen any male fluids in real life. She found herself even more aroused by her sudden increase in self-confidence and the growing awareness of her own sexuality. She had never felt that she was very sexual. She knew that she had been horny at times, turned on at times and had even felt intense pleasure at her own hands, but never with a male present. Candy loved what she had just done to a male and how it made her feel.

"It feels good doesn't it?" Toni said quietly, knowing full well what Candy was thinking. She had seen that look before and knew that this was something that would help the young trainee to become more confident. With the lack of males around on an everyday basis, women, especially the young women, had slowly lost sight of their own sexual appeal.

"Yes it does," Candy mumbled, her eyes moving between Ross' cock and his eyes. He was still watching her and enjoying the sight that he was seeing. He could also see that her thong was saturated in her own juices. In Ross' mind, he was hoping that he was responsible for the large wet area on the young girl's panties. He was.

"I'm going to stay back here and just watch for awhile. Don't look up at me, but just do what I tell you to do and listen to what I'm telling you. I think that you two are definitely enjoying each other right now. We might as well continue with the training," Toni said laughing out loud. She wasn't worried about Ross hearing her, his ears were covered with soundproof covers and besides that, he was definitely distracted by Candy.

"There is so much for you to learn, it's impossible for you to learn it all in one day. So, listen carefully and try and remember the things that I tell you. You'll pick up methods and different techniques as you go, and then you can form your own methods," Toni said as she continued watching the new prep girl.

"Ummm, ok," Candy mumbled, barely moving her lips. Her gaze was still on the thick cock that she had personally brought to this aroused state. She was still amazed that just her looks alone could make a male hard with anticipation. She had a lot to learn.

"Ok, we're going to do a lot of different things, so pay close attention and listen carefully to what I'm telling you. Males are not necessarily alike in what they like or don't like. The longer you work here, the more you will come to know each male and what works on each one of them, individually. Unless you know exactly what will produce the most arousal from a male, then just be creative. Use your imagination. For now, since he doesn't' know that I'm here, you can't just stand there, staring at him. Go ahead and get one of those hand towels and wipe off all of the pre cum," Toni instructed the novice.

"Touch him?" Candy said in surprise, glancing back at Toni.

"NO, don't look back at me. I'm going to let you do the work right now. Just do what I tell you to do, and listen to what I'm telling you. Don't look back at me, or he'll figure out that I'm still here," Toni said firmly.

"Ok," Candy mumbled softly. She picked up the hand towel and began to gently wipe off the pre cum, from the tip of the hardened cock. She was barely dabbing at the fleshy appendage, almost as if she was avoiding him. Candy wanted desperately to touch him, but was also intimidated by so much sexuality right in her grasp. She was wishing that she could do her first prepping session alone and just dive right into all of the things that she had seen so often, on the Internet.

"Remember what I told you. Males are very mechanical. If you stimulate them, they will get hard. If you continue to stimulate them, they will cum. Obviously, your body and your looks have more than stimulated him. I think that he really likes what he is seeing," Toni said, watching as Candy continued to wipe away the copious amount of pre cum.

"I definitely like what I am seeing," Candy mumbled, turning her head slightly away from Ross' view. "Do you want me to just keep cleaning him off?" Candy asked quietly.

"No, get rid of the towel. Keep it close by; you're going to need it. The work-up order said that he was a DE-SEX x 2+. Since the doctor actually wrote up this order that means that the customer knows Ross' cock and probably has a specific purpose in mind for him. She wants him to be able to last for a long time without just blowing his nuts. So we're going to make him ejaculate at least two times, maybe three. The doctor knows the slaves well enough, to gauge how much sperm to take out of them, in order to keep the customer satisfied. The 'DE-SEX' part will be the fun part of this session," Toni said, looking over the work-up order, one more time. She wanted to make sure that she got the instructions correct.

"He has huge balls. How many times can he cum?" Candy asked embarrassingly.

"That's a very intelligent question. The size of his balls doesn't have anything to do with how much he can cum. I've seen huge balls that barely even put out a few drops, and I have seen tiny berry sized balls that can cum unbelievable amounts. Every male is different. But Ross is one of those that has big balls and can cum in huge amounts. That is probably why the doctor wants his load to be lessened," Toni said. "The customer probably has some specific thing that she wants to do with him. Most of the time, the customer is happy with a cock that will stay hard and not cum. They don't care if the slave cums, just that his cock can stay up," she said with a slight laugh.

"Wouldn't the customer want him to cum?" Candy asked timidly.

"The customer wants him to be aroused, turned on and ready to cum. They don't care if he cums or not, just that he is aroused and can supply some really stiff meat for whatever it is that they want to do. DE-SEXing him means that we're going to lessen his arousal level, but leave him still capable of getting very hard. I have seen some work-up orders that specifically stated that the slave was 'not' to cum. There are some customers that really enjoy a slave that cums in heavy thick amounts. Each customer is different," she responded.

"Well, what about the enhancing part? What does that mean," Candy said, again turning her face away from Ross. Candy was alternating her gaze between the hard cock and Ross' eyes. She would wait for a few moments and then wipe off the continuing flow of pre cum from his cock head. Ross was still enjoying the sight of Candy's erect and hard nipples. The flat stomach and long legs didn't bother him either.

"That's the fun part for us. Well, at least it's fun for me, since I don't know how far you're willing to go. It's not exactly for the squeamish. Enhancing him means that we're going to enlarge his cock and balls through a variety of methods. It means that we can get creative with making him swell up, just as long as we don't damage him or leave any obvious marks on him. The customer obviously has seen or been with Ross before, and she wants him to be larger," Toni said as she eyed the already oversized cock.

"He's already huge. Why would anyone want him bigger than he already is?" Candy said, beginning to get bored with just wiping pre cum from Ross' cock head.

"There could be a variety of reasons. I don't know what this customer wants, or thinks, but she obviously wants him to be bigger. There are a lot of our customers that 'require' a larger cock," Toni said laughing out loud.

"How could they want bigger? I can't even imagine getting that thing into me," Candy said innocently.

"Let's just say that a lot of women enjoy the feeling of being stuffed. Some of them are stretched enough that they need something bigger than the average. They like that stretched and full feeling," Toni said with a laugh.

"I think that he'd be more than able to stretch the average woman," Toni said quietly.

"True, but we need to get started. I don't think that this will take that long, but it might with me explaining things to you. Besides, it's the enhancement that will take the most time. That has to be done carefully so that we don't bruise him or leave any marks," Toni said. "But first, we need to lessen his arousal level. That will be very easy to do," she added.

"Just tell me what you want me to do," Candy said timidly. It was obvious that she was still more than aroused. She couldn't take her eyes off of the thick cock in front of her. Toni couldn't see the front of her thong with the way that Candy was standing next to the exam table, but her nipples couldn't' get any harder.

"Ok, just grasp his cock at the base and begin rubbing it up and down," Toni said matter of factly.

"Rub him?" Candy said in shock. Toni could see that Candy almost turned fully around to face her, but caught herself before she did.

"Sure. We need to lessen his arousal so that we can start the enlargement on him. Believe me, he's going to want to cum badly, so we should get one load out of him now. The enlarging will stimulate him a lot more than he already is. If we don't take a load out of him now, he'll be straining to cum all during the procedures," Toni replied.

"I've never done this before. I don't know what to do," Candy said with an innocent tone in her voice. It was obvious that she was more than nervous, but still more than aroused.

"It's so easy that you won't believe it. Just start rubbing him. The sight of you has him just about ready to cum right now. All you have to do is just stimulate him a little bit more. Don't be nervous, just start rubbing his cock and watch what happens," Toni said with a laugh.

"But I don't know how to do it," Candy lamented. She slowly reached down and stretched her small hand around the thick base of Ross' cock. Immediately he groaned and pushed his hips upward, against her hand. She squeezed him softly and watched in amazement as he moaned again. "Wow that was fast. Is he that turned on?" she asked in total curiosity.

"Yes he is. You'll make him pop pretty quickly. Go ahead and put a rubber on his cock," Toni instructed the new girl. Candy looked around the room, and then saw a box full of rubbers on a cabinet. She immediately took one and slowly unrolled it down the slick length of the hard cock. She placed her fingers around the base again and squeezed. Ross moaned again as she began to slowly pump the fleshy organ.

"I would really like to see him cumming. I've never seen a male cum in real life," she said, her eyes locked on what she was doing to Ross. "You said that we normally would collect his sperm, but that we didn't have to this time. Can't I just watch him spurt naturally, without the rubber?" she asked softly.

"No, I'm familiar with this slave. He's going to make a big mess and we don't have the time to be cleaning it up. This will keep everything a lot cleaner and easier to continue with what we need to be doing. I want you to slowly pump his cock and listen to what I'm telling you. I want you to listen, very carefully," Toni said firmly.

"Ok, I'm ready. What should I be doing?" Candy said softly. Her hand began to slowly rub the swollen cock.

"Just keep rubbing him like you're doing. But I want you to pay close attention to what his body is telling you. I want you to get him close to cumming, but don't let him cum, not yet. I want you to learn how to gauge a male's sexual response. Right now he is wanting to cum but he's only approaching it. He isn't' there yet. Look closely at his balls. See how they're still soft skinned and pliable, relaxed looking. As he gets close to cumming, his balls will draw up tight. Watch for that," Toni coached the trainee.

"They're huge. He feels like he's about to cum. I can actually feel his cock straining in my hand. I think that I could even take his pulse right now. I can actually feel his heart beat in his cock," Candy said laughing softly. Ross was distracted enough that Candy didn't have to hide her face in order to talk. Ross' eyes were closed, enjoying the sensations that Candy was delivering to his overly sensitive organ.

"There are a lot of things to watch for. Each male is different, but listen closely to his breathing. Just his moaning or groaning doesn't' mean anything. That is just his enjoyment with what you're doing to him. But listen to his breathing. Some males will pant. Almost all of them will go to a very erratic breathing. It will be noticeable. Watch for his hips to begin thrusting either gently or wildly. Another good give-away is when his stomach muscles or his legs tighten up real hard. He might gasp, he might go silent, but watch for any changes that he makes," Toni said as she kept a close eye on Candy's movements.

"I can feel his cock twitching hard," Candy said in surprise.

"Then slow your rubbing. Watch him closely and stop if you have to. If you think that he is going to cum, then just stop completely," Toni told her. Candy then abruptly stopped her rubbing and let go of the stiff cock. Both of them stood there and watched the hard cock bob up and down, twitching as he neared orgasm. By then, Ross was panting, his hips pushed outward toward the young girl.

"Oh, that was mean. He was almost there and you stopped just in time. By delaying his orgasm like you just did, you can bring up his arousal level and make him cum harder and more abundantly. This is something that trainers do all the time," Toni said laughing and watching the twitching cock. He was real close to cumming. "Ok, give it minute and then start again. There's no sense in prolonging this. Besides, I have a feeling that you're just chomping at the bit, to see if you can do this," Toni said laughing.

"Oh I am. This is a lot easier than I thought it would be. He would have already cum if I hadn't stopped, wouldn't he?" Candy said, her inexperience and naivety showing. Candy was more than into the moment. She couldn't wait to see a male cum for the first time. Her excitement was more in the fact that she was going to be the cause of his pleasure.

"Ok, if you want to see fast, go ahead and squeeze his cock a little bit tighter and rub him faster. He'll probably pop in a few seconds. If he starts to cum, I want you to just slow down your rubbing, but don't stop. Just make it slower and softer, and let him finish with his first load. Go ahead and finish him," Toni said, moving up closer to the exam table to get a better view of Candy's first hand job. She had no doubt that Ross was going to thoroughly enjoy Candy's manipulation, but what Toni wanted to see was how Candy reacted to her first time. This would be a memorable moment for the young trainee.

"He feels so hard. I can actually feel him throbbing, even while I'm rubbing him," she said as she applied more pressure to the thick cock. Immediately Ross' back arched and he began to pant harder. Candy's eyes were locked on the tightly stretched rubber. Her hand sped up as Ross began to pant faster. She jerked hard several times and then watched as Ross' legs and stomach tightened up hard. His back arched hard and he thrust his pelvis outward, giving Candy more space to work him.

Immediately, the tip of the rubber shot outward as the first gush of thick cum shot into the end of it. Candy immediately slowed down her rubbing, watching in amazement as the rubber continued to pulse outward with each spurt from the male. She rubbed gently and slowly as she watched the rubber quickly fill up with the thick warm fluid. Only once did she look back at Ross' face to see what looked like pure ecstasy on his face. She could still feel the pumping and spasm like sensations in his cock as she slowed down her rubbing. She could also feel him beginning to go soft in her hand. Within a few moments, it was all over. Ross slumped down onto the table, his body slowly relaxing as he continued to enjoy the spasms in his reproductive organs.

"You did very well for your first time. So what do you think about all of this?" Toni asked with a big grin. She could remember the first time she ever got a male to cum. It was such a feeling of empowerment to her.

"Unbelievable. I loved doing it. It's such a different feeling than watching it on the computer. I can't believe that I did all of that," Candy said, almost breathlessly as she looked at the sperm filled rubber. She was as out of breath, as much as Ross was. Ross' cock was quickly softening and shrinking, but the rubber was full.

"I think that the word you're looking for is aroused," Toni said with a laugh. "It is a big turn on, wouldn't you say?" Toni asked the trainee.

"Oh definitely. It's nothing like I've seen on the Internet. It's definitely better doing it for real, rather than watching it," Candy gushed. Her face was actually a deep blush red. "I want to do him again," Candy said quickly as she continued to gently rub the completely soft cock. It was soft enough that the overfilled rubber flopped from side to side as her hand moved.

"No, not yet. Now that his arousal is lessened, there are several things that we need to do to him. Since he won't be so desperate to cum, we can work on him for a while, getting him enlarged. Then, maybe I'll let you taste him," Toni said with a big laugh.

"Taste him?" Candy said a groan. Her face paled, almost going white with just the thought of her mouth being on something that she had just played with.

"You'll be amazed at what your mouth can do to a male," Toni said with a laugh. "It will be a little while before he's ready to go again. In that time, we might as well get you use to what the male creature is all about," Toni said as she watched Candy closely.

"I'm ready. Tell me what you want me to do," Candy said as she continued to watch the soft cock bob up and down from her hand movements.

"Ok, first off, get rid of that rubber. Grasp it tightly at the bottom and squeeze his cock as you slide the rubber off of him. Try to get as much of his milk as you can as you pull it from him," Toni instructed as she watched Candy gently grasp the soft cock and slide the rubber off of Ross. Candy looked around, not sure of what to do with the warm half full rubber.

"There's so much. What do I do with it?" Candy asked, looking around the room.

"Look over on the countertop. Just put it in one of the specimen jars and put the top on it. We'll get rid of it later," Toni said as she watched Candy follow her instructions. Toni couldn't help but notice that Ross watched every move that Candy made as she padded barefooted across the room to get rid of the rubber. Candy opened the jar and dropped the gooey mess into the container. She looked into the jar momentarily, as if she was considering keeping it as a memento. It was the first time that she had ever even touched a male, let alone taken the sperm out of him.

"It doesn't look the same in a rubber like that, as it does on the Internet," Candy said as she looked into the specimen jar. The rubber lay in the bottom of the jar, the warm sperm beginning to seep out in large globs and puddles.

"Believe me, there's plenty more where that came from," Toni said with a laugh. "Go over to the sink and get another towel, soak it in hot water. You need to clean him up before we continue, otherwise he's going to get sticky and start to smell," she quickly added. Candy went to the sink and soaked a hand towel in hot water. She brought it back to the exam table where she began cleaning Ross.

"Ummm, I think that he smells good," Candy said with a dreamy stare.

"That's your arousal speaking," Toni said with a laugh. "Right now, your arousal level is up and your sense of smell is intensified. What you smell is sex, in case you hadn't realized it. You just gave him an intense, extremely pleasurable experience. But what is more important is that you drastically reduced his arousal level. He'll get hard again in a few minutes, but he won't be so quick to cum the next time," she added.

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