tagFirst TimeThe Night I Did "IT"

The Night I Did "IT"


It was at the end of May 1993 that I lost my virginity. Looking back, it is a memory that makes me laugh and shake my head in wonder. It was Memorial Weekend and my fiancé, now my husband, and I were driving around. We had been contemplating "doing it" for several weeks and finally we decided to get a hotel room. If something happened okay, if not "no big deal;" we were getting married in a few months after all.

Now, I did not come from a family with a lot of money. We lived paycheck to paycheck, my soon-to-be-spouse however had a nice, cushy lifestyle, so a hotel room wasn't going to dip into his bank account much. However, with that said, when he told me his parents were out of town and his brother away at Purdue, I told him to save his money and we'd just go to his house. He asked if I was sure and I reassured him that I was. I knew he'd not do anything I didn't want and vice versa. I corrupted my poor innocent husband.

We headed toward his home and I was sitting in the middle of the front seat, stroking his cock and nibbling on his neck. As we approached his house, I noticed lights on in the front room. I sat up and sighed. "Look's like your brother's home."


"It looks like your brother's home and he's having a party."

There should have only been a couple of vehicles in the drive, but there were several more than that. "What the hell is he throwing a party for. He's not supposed to do that when mom and dad aren't around."

This of course, made my eyebrows shoot up. "You can't be serious. Are you telling me bringing home your girlfriend so you can have sex with her, would be allowed? Come on hon, don't be upset. Look at what we wanted to do."

He sighed and I can remember him groaning that I had a point and we could still get a hotel. I told him no and we could just hang out upstairs while his brother partied. "They'll be other nights," I remembered telling him.

He gritted his teeth and it was then I saw the NOW FAMILIAR clench of his jaw that shows he's not happy with the way things are going. We walked into the house and I was introduced as "Pete's woman" by my soon-to-be brother-in-law. I gave him a raised brow and a smirk, never having been introduced like that before. I wasn't bothered by it, just surprised. I shrugged it off and then shrugged off several more references as the "Hi, Pete's woman" and "How ya doing, Pete's woman?" from the lips of house guests.

I felt Pete's hand pull mine toward the stairs and lifted my hand in a wave goodbye. We climbed the steps to his bedroom and shut the door. He didn't have a lock, but a chair soon took care of that. I giggled while he wedged it under the knob. He sighed and we both climbed on the bed. The TV was soon on and we sat there watching it for quite sometime before turning toward each other and kissing.

What was playing that night on the TV? I have no clue, I don't think it really matters though either, it didn't back then.

Our hands were all over each other, groping and sliding in and out of clothing, pinching and teasing flesh. I moaned and he started kissing my neck, which sends shivers of heat down my body and tingles along my spine. Soon he was asking permission to go further. I wanted too and I didn't want too.

I asked him to turn the lights off. We compromised. He turned the main one off and left the dresser lamp on. He could tell I was still apprehensive, so I scooted under the covers and slid all my clothes off while he draped a T-shirt over the shade of the lamp, dimming the room further. He took his clothes off and my eyes took in his erection.

Sex didn't scare me. I had been reading those seedy romance books of my mom's for years and happened to read a bit of erotica too, so his cock size didn't frighten me and make me all "weak in the knees." I was nervous as all get out though. I remember biting my lip and I can remember how hot I was, but I was so NOT removing that blanket!

He climbed into the bed and placed his hand on my hip. I wish I could say he was full of tentative caresses and teasing licks, playful nudges and loving foreplay. Nope. He was not. What followed next would have won me $100,000 on America's Funniest Home Video's if they had an erotic category, but since they don't I'm going to try really hard to explain how this went.

Like I mentioned before, I had read "books" with sex between the covers, but I also came from a set of parents that talked openly about sex. I had two older sisters that were very sexually active and so I knew how it was SUPPOSED to happen.

My fiancé moved over me and straddled me. He is and was much stronger than I and is several inches taller too. My legs were caught in a vise and closed. Now, here is where I tried to tell him what needed to happen, but he was in a hurry. He tried to push his penis into me, but believe me if you're a virgin, and you're already nervous because . . . remember brother-in-law-to-be is partying downstairs, and your boyfriend is holding your legs closed, you aren't getting that cock in very easily.

He told me it wasn't going to work. I chuckled and I felt bad for him. He obviously didn't know a whole bunch about sex. I was his first girlfriend and later in life I learned that isn't always a good thing. Anyhow . . . we started laughing. I don't mean giggles or chuckles, but laughing. Full belly laughs erupted from both of us. He climbed off and lay on his back. I snuggled against him.

I remember him saying how he wasn't sure how we were ever going to have sex, if he couldn't get it in there. I smiled, kissed him and then asked if he'd mind if I tried. He said we didn't have too continue and I said I knew this, but I remembered my mom giving me advice. This advice will be the same as I give my daughters when it is time to give it.

He listened as I explained that I knew it was going to hurt. I told him there would be blood. I didn't know how much, but he didn't need to worry about it. I also told him that no matter how much he wanted to stop, and no matter how much it hurt me or seemed to hurt me, he had to let me finish what I was going to do. He agreed.

I straddled him this time and explained to him that my mom said it was easier to control the depth and speed of penetration if I was on top. I was dry. Who wouldn't be after all this? I told him I had to be wet and so we kissed and he fondled my sex, my breasts and then it was like he remembered I enjoyed having my nipples sucked.

When I felt my juices slipping free of me and onto my outer lips I knew I was ready. I sat up slightly and told him to guide his cock to the opening of my sex. He pushed against it and I slid down onto him. It wasn't painful at first. The head of his cock slipped in easily. He groaned and placed his hands on my hips and asked if I was ready. I remember nodding my head and we moved together.

He held my hips and I dropped down lower, still moving slowly. I winced and cried out as softly as I could, not wanting that group downstairs to know what was going on, though I'm felt sure they did . . . (I know they did, years later when I spoke with my brother-in-law about that night.)

My fiancé stopped and froze his movements. I remember him saying we should stop. I shook my head no and told him, "Mom said no matter what I had to keep going until you were fully inside me."

I saw him grimace and knew he didn't like the pain I was experiencing. I was having pain. It was like a burning sensation tearing through me, but I lowered myself the rest of the way. Tears fell from my cheeks and breath I had been holding whooshed out of my lungs. I stayed there for a few seconds or minutes, I don't know how long, but eventually I lifted myself up and his hands held my hips. He took over then, thrusting up into me, slowly at first. I watched his face. My sex was sore, but I didn't mind. He looked so different. I watched his eyes become unfocused as I felt his hands grow slack and I was forced to take over the "ride."

His pleasure is something I still enjoy seeing. His face seemed to just become peaceful, as if he was lost in some erotic trance that he never wanted to leave. I was doing that to him and it made my insides all mushy. I watched his eyes lock with mine, and he tried to focus on us, but he failed. Again his eyes glazed and I watched them flutter closed. I felt a stinging sensation fill me and knew he was coming. I smiled and watched the euphoria on his face tense. Beautiful.

Did I come? No, but I didn't care. I slid off of him and snuggled against his side. The room was dim and I could see the glistening wetness that covered his cock. I knew what it was, a mixture of blood and semen. I was embarrassed again and slid the covers over me. Several minutes passed and he turned toward me, kissed me and asked if I was okay. I reassured him I was and then he slipped from the bed and turned on the light. He looked at his cock, covered in my virgin blood and his seed. He seemed a bit in awe of it all and I was too, really. It wasn't orgasmic for me, but it was special. He asked again if I was okay and again I told him I was; I then asked for a towel.

He didn't have one handy so he reached into his dresser drawer and gave me a sock. I laughed and wiped myself off and he slipped on his pants. I asked him to go downstairs and see if the bathroom was clear. I needed to wash up more and I had the sudden urge to pee. He did as I asked and said the party goers had left; his brother had fallen asleep on the couch. Quickly I dressed and then scurried down the stairs and used the bathroom. I was still bleeding, so I snooped in my mother-in-law-to-be's cabinet and found a pad. I put that on my panties and darted back upstairs.

He was pulling the sheets off the bed and I asked what he planned on doing with them. I had taken his sock, wrapped it in toilet paper and threw it away. He laughed at me and later took out the trash. He told me he'd do a load of laundry before his mom got home. We went to bed then and the following morning we went out for breakfast. That too is a humorous story. I learned I am famished after sex.

We eventually "did it" again and it went much better. *grin*

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