The Night I Met Pam


Pam mounted her side and we were VERY close together practically pressed together.

I noticed that she did not use the straps as she kissed me. We both jerked slightly during the kiss as the dildos started their relentless task. Releasing me from the kiss Pam whispered in my ear "This gets pretty intense, baby so just hang on to me. It's a twenty minute ride that you will never forget. I have it programmed so its automatic but I added a little extra thing this time that I have not tried before."

"UHH" I grunted as I felt the vibrator start on my clit. It sounded very much like a tuning fork with a fairly low pitch. The dildo felt strange but very nice. It was a different sensation being fucked without the feel of a cock sliding in and out past my labia. "Oh my god!" I said softly and Pam chuckled.

We had our heads on each others shoulders as our tits were pressed into each other and Pam said "It's just warming you up, girlfriend." I could practically hear her smile

The dildo began to pick up speed and it started to rotate as I felt a sudden but very pleasant tingling deep inside me. "ooohhhhh" I cooed. Then the vibrators pitch increased sharply and then died back quickly causing a quick but very intense jolt of pleasure for me "AAHH!" I cried as I wrapped my arms around Pam.

The tingling sensation in my pussy increased in intensity as I felt the dildo rise and fall as it spun. I heard the vibrator pitch increase and remain steady as I felt the first wave of an orgasm crash over me. I opened my eyes wide and tried desperately not to scream as wave after wave of pleasure crashed through my body. I hugged Pam really tight as I came shooting my fluids into the vibrator.

I felt Pam squeeze me as she came and I felt her cum splash across my pelvis. The dildo sped up even more as did the intensity of the tingling in my cunt. Another orgasm swept over me and I could not hold it anymore, I screamed with delight as I came again much harder this time.

Then the vibrator fell silent and the tingling subsided as Pam and I held on to each other panting. The only sounds were our panting and a soft, muffled squishing sound emanating from our pussy's. Neither one of us said a word and for about 30 seconds the dildo just fucked us. The feeling inside me was INCREDIBLE! This dildo was absolutely pounding me and unlike a man a machine does not get tired. My legs began to shake as I felt my fluids drip down my legs.

Suddenly a tone sounded, then another and they continued with a tone about every second. "Oh god," Pam whispered "It's a countdown....hang on to me, baby, hang on!" The dildo pushed farther into me and as it reached it's peak the vibrator sounded in a shrill and my entire body quivered as an extremely intense lighting bolt of pure orgasmic pleasure coursed through my body. It stopped as quickly as it started but when the dildo reached the apex of its thrust it sounded again and this repeated itself so it was a series of rapid very high pitched and very intense 'beeps' from the vibrator.

My hands went to my hips as I screamed with delight but the pleasure was so intense. I actually wanted and needed a break but I found that I was completely and totally impaled on this thing and could not move my pelvis at all. I grabbed Pam and hugged her for all I was worth as we both came again and again squirting each other repeatedly. Incredibly the dildo picked up the pace and depth of my penetrations. I truly did not think that was possible as my screams stopped but my orgasms did not.

Pam and I laid our heads on each others shoulders as our bodies spasmed and shook in ecstasy. I saw nothing but bright white flashes of light and heard only the rapid beeping of the vibrator as both of us came together in a massive orgasm as both of us gushed our fluids out. This continued for several minutes without the slightest pause. As one of my orgasms crested my entire body relaxed completely and I felt on the verge of passing out as I leaned heavily into Pam's arms.

Almost on that cue the tone of the vibrator changed and it became a constant but much lower pitch as I felt the dido still buried deep inside me begin to slow. It continued to slow until it was fucking me gently as the vibrator came to a stop.

The only sound in the room was just our frantic panting and the soft squishing of our pussy's. After about a minute Pam asked softly "Ellen, sweetie, are you ok?"

I could not answer in words I merely grunted. I felt her shift and then I felt her rise as she was dismounting. I watched as she lifted her leg and as the dildo came out of her some juices in her cunt squished out and splashed on the floor. She stood on wobbly legs as she moved the box to my side but I just sat there, impaled.

"Can you get off, baby" Pam asked caressing my cheek with the side of her hand.

She undid the straps holding my hips down as I said almost in a whisper "Um, I'm not sure." I put my foot on the box and pushed up and I felt the dildo begin to slide out of me but I just could not get my leg up quite high enough to get it completely out of me. I slid back down on the dildo and looked at Pam and smiled weakly. My thighs were still quivering and I could feel fluid dripping down my legs.

"Ok, we'll do it this way." she said as she bent down and loosened a friction lock and I felt the entire machine begin to get lower and lower until the dildo pulled out of me. Like Pam, as it came out I felt and heard some of my juices flow from my cunt and drip on the floor.

"Uuhh" I moaned softly as the dildo was pulled out of me. Still wearing my heels I staggered over to the bed and started to sit but just laid back on my back with my legs spread as I rubbed my pussy.

Pam came over and laid next to me and she moved my hand and began to massage me so I began massaging her pussy and we just lay there for a few minutes trying to recover.

"I told you it was hard to describe." Pam finally said.

"You were not kidding. That thing is incredible. It's a girls dream machine." I said as I playfully tickled her tummy with my fingernails enjoying her giggles.

Later, as I lay cuddled in her arms with my back to her tummy enjoying the soft breast massage that she was giving me. I felt her hand drop to the mattress as he fell asleep. I looked at the clock and it was 3:24 am and as I closed my eyes I remembered that I had another date with Conner that night and I smiled as I drifted off in a deep and satisfying sleep.

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