tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Night Prowler

The Night Prowler


It is pitch black outside, no moon at all. I am wearing tight black jeans, and a black turtleneck. I am practically invisible as I walk towards her house. I am lucky that there are very few street lights in this neighborhood and, as it is now about 10:30 p.m. on this fall day, there are no cars in the streets.

I approach the house, and see the lights on and I quickly run to the backyard. She lives in a ranch style house, just one floor. Her house has a hedge fence running up and down both sides of the house, so the neighbors really won't be able to see me. I stealthily move to her patio area and look into the back windows. I see her as she moves casually about her home, cleaning up a bit, watching the TV. I watch her for a few minutes.

She looks great, as usual. She is dressed casually, changed for bed. It looks like she is wearing some light pink sweatpants that says Pink on her ass and a thin white cami-top. She is barefoot. Her long hair spills down her back. Her breasts look incredible against the thin material of her shirt. She's in great shape and watching her move like that, oblivious to me outside watching her, is such a turn on.

I have watched her routine for awhile now. So it doesn't come as a shock that after what seems about only 15-20 minutes, she turns off the TV and the lights in the living room and moves off down a hallway towards the left. On her way to bed, I know. I move along the outside wall, following her direction, until I get to her bedroom window. I peek inside, knowing she can't see me. She is in her bathroom bent over her sink, washing her face and brushing her teeth. Her ass looks like candy.

She finishes up in the bathroom, turning off the lights, making the house completely dark and I see her crawl into her bed. I know that within 10 minutes, she'll be sleeping soundly. Waiting this ten minutes is torture. I am not that patient a person, but this time, I force myself wait. I move back to the living room area and I feel the ledge above the door where I know she keeps a spare key. Bingo! I feel the metal of the key and pull it down.

I slip on my black gloves and I put a black mask over my mouth and hair, leaving only my eyes exposed. I slip the key into the lock, softly, delicately, and turn the lock. I open the door quietly and slip inside her house, and lock it behind me. Inside! My heart is racing and it feels like I might have a heart attack. I let my eyes adjust a little bit and try to calm myself. I eventually do, and I start to move towards her bedroom. The bedroom is darker than the hallway, and I take my time getting there, thankful that she doesn't have any pets.

I reach her bedroom, and I peer inside. I see her shape, outlined on her bed. Her breath is very relaxed, and I know she is sleeping soundly. With no sound, I take the knife from a pack around my waist and I move to the side of the bed, opposite of the way she is facing. I am incredibly nervous and am now unsure of whether I can go through with this. But, I look at her, her gorgeous feminine shape under her covers and I start to get aroused. I cannot stop now.

I know the first few seconds will be the most important. So I move right next to the bed. I can almost touch her now. I take my left hand, and reach out to grab her hair. Here goes nothing! With one quick movement, I grab her hair hard in my hand and pull her head to me. I see her eyes open wide immediately and I show her the knife. It is silver in the darkness. Amazingly enough, she doesn't scream.

Her eyes are looking around wildly but by grabbing her hair, I force her to look away from me, so she can't see me. I gruffly tell her not to make a sound or I will really hurt her. She nods softly letting me know that she understands, and she begins to sob a bit. I put the knife down away from her reach and pull out a pair of handcuffs from my pack. I put the clasps around one wrist, and then around the other one, so that her hands are now behind her back. She whimpers some more and her sobs get a little more vocal.

I disguise my normal voice again and tell her that if she isn't quiet, I will gag her. She quiets down a bit, and I go back to my business. I pull out a long bandana and I quickly blindfold her. When I am finished, I am sweating profusely, and I get up off of her bed to look at her. I don't want to put the lights on but I want to see her. I close the shades in her bedroom. I open her closet and find what I'm looking for -- a red scarf. I put this over her nightstand lamp and turn it on. The room is now warmed by a soft reddish light. Perfect! Just enough light for me to see but not enough that people would notice from outside. I pull off my mask so I can look at her closely.

I then move back to her, looking at her. With no pretense or warning, I take my knife and cut the straps to her camisole and pull it down bearing her breasts to me. She starts to sob and cry and tells me not to hurt her. I tell her again, in a very gruff voice, to be quiet and she won't get hurt -- that I'll do what I need to and leave without hurting her further. She looks to where my voice is coming from and tries to control her sobbing. Good! I look back at her tits. They are incredible. They hang perfectly off her chest and are capped with little reddish brown nipples, which are now very hard. I move my hand and squeeze one and tell her that she's a little turned on. She doesn't say a word.

I massage, lick, bite and play with her breasts for a few minutes, enjoying their weight. After, I push her back onto the bed, so she is lying on her hands and back. I then move my hands to her sweatpants and I just pull them off of her legs and throw them to a corner of the room. She isn't wearing panties. Her body is now completely beautiful and nude to me. What a delight. She has shaven herself completely. Beautiful. What to do first? I can't resist.

I get on the bed and spread her legs wide. She resists at first, but then she feels the prick of my knife on her inner thigh and she spreads her legs willingly. I move my head between her legs and I lick her pussy up and down, biting her inner thighs. Her pussy is wet. I can't believe it. I move my hand to her thighs and spread them wider and dive my tongue inside her, licking her pussy everywhere. Her pussy is so sweet. I take my fingers and spread her pussy lips wide, so I can see her clit. I move my tongue to it and start licking and sucking it into my mouth. I hear her gasp. This increases my desire to make her squirm, so I move a finger inside her. She is so wet. I love it.

And I start to curl it up inside her, trying to find her G-spot. I lick and suck her clit with force and I rub inside her. I can tell I am affecting her as she is squirming all over the place now, probably delirious and frustrated that her hands are cuffed behind her back and she can't use them. But, within a few minutes of continued manipulation inside her with my fingers and licking and sucking her clit, her body tenses and she cums, and she cums hard! I can feel my fingers get drenched with her juices and I pull them out and lick her juices from them. I then put my fingers back inside, get them wet again, and when I remove them, I give them to her to lick clean. She does so on her own: no force required of me. I smile. She is mine.

I get up off the bed and look down at her. Her legs are now splayed open, her pussy lips pink and swollen. Juices running out of her, down her legs and into the crack of her ass. I pull my shirt off and kick my shoes off at the same time. I unzip my pants and pull them down. I am incredibly aroused right now. I kick my pants off and move to her. I take her hair in my hand again and guide myself to her lips. I tell her that if she bites me, it will be the last thing she ever does.

But, based on how she opens her mouth to me and takes me in, I don't think the warning was necessary. I move her mouth up and down my length, fucking her face as I want it. First slow, then fast then slow again. She actually uses her tongue on me. This is better than I expected. Looking down at her, sucking my cock, her arms tied up behind her back, is almost too much for me. I know that I am only a few seconds before cumming, and I think she knows it too because she starts sucking me harder.

But, I want more. So, with a little groan of my own, I pull out of her mouth and get between her legs. I just put my cock at the entrance to her pussy and push myself inside her. Deep, I slide, she is still very wet. Delicious friction. My God! I grab her hips and start driving my cock inside her. I can feel her lovely breasts pushing against my chest, her nipples so hard against me. This is too much -- too much pleasure for me. I try to hold back, and by sheer luck, I calm down my loins enough so I can. I reach under her now, and grab her ass. I start fucking her hard again, but this time, I slip a finger inside her ass and start fucking it inside her, timing it with the thrusts of my cock. Her breathing starts to get more rapid as well. I know that she is enjoying this. I want to make her cum one more time.

I clear my mind as best as possible and just focus on fucking her and making her cum again. I think the finger in her ass has set her over the edge and she emits a little squeal with some staccato breathing and the pulsing of her interior walls gripping me, lets me know that she has cum yet again. I let her orgasm subside and I pull out of her. My cock red and thick and covered with her juices.

I take her roughly by her hips and throw her onto her stomach and breasts. I pull her hips upward, raising her ass to me. What an absolutely beautiful sight. Her pussy so wide open between her legs like a little peach waiting for me. So, I push my cock inside her pussy from behind, my favorite position. I grab her hips tightly and start fucking her hard. My cock slapping into her, my balls hanging low and slapping into her pussy with each thrust. I am so excited and delirious with pleasure, that after about two minutes, I can feel my balls tighten and start to contract. I pull out of her and let stream after stream of my cum splash over her ass and back.

After my orgasm, I am so exhausted, I let my body collapse on top of her back and we both fall to the mattress, me on top of her. My eyes close for a second.

"Scott" she says.

Am I hearing things?

"Scott, can you take these fucking cuffs off of me now, my arms are tired."

"Ummm yeah, honey. Sure thing." I jump off the bed and find the key and unlock her arms. She pulls the blindfold off of her and starts rubbing her arms a little while looking at me. She smiles.

"I totally never thought you would have done that, Baby," she says to me. "I thought you totally forgot about that night when we discussed our fantasies."

"No Baby." it just got me thinking and I wanted to plan it and surprise you."

"Well, you did surprise me, but after about five minutes, I knew it was you, so I gave in and relaxed and enjoyed it. And Baby, I did enjoy it!"

"You knew? How? I was so careful." Or so I thought.

"Well, Baby, you still use the same body wash and I know how you lick me baby. You didn't change that at all. But, sweetie, it was wonderful. Thank you."

And she kissed me full on my lips and we both went to sleep side by side, holding each other with me thinking that this girl is a keeper!

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