tagFetishThe Not So Gentle Way Sho Dan

The Not So Gentle Way Sho Dan


Owning my own Judo dojo (club) is great. For the most part, I can do what I want. I trained and taught a number of students most who are in it for recreation, so for them there is little pressure to obtain competition results.

For some competitive types, especially the younger Judoka (practitioners of Judo), winning tournaments was a way for their parents to live vicariously through their child. I tried not to cultivate this attitude and tryied to get the child to compete for themselves; not their parents.

For others, competitive Judo is a way of life. They wanted to do well (win or lose) and performed the best they can. One such student was Donna. I took her under my wing and watched her develop physically in Judo and body.

At 21 years old, Donna had a killer body. Not only could she beat the crap out of most other Judoka but had womanly charms to die for.

Donna 118 pound body stood about 5'4" with thick red-brown hair. She had deep blue-gray eyes that just pull you deep into her. Her lips were full and pillow soft.

She was preparing for the Senior National Qualifiers and worked very hard on her technique and stamina.

"Sensei." Donna addressed me. "Would you help me after class?"

"Of course Donna." I answered. "You're working very hard, but be careful not to burn yourself out."

Class finished about 9 PM and the dojo cleared out about 30 minutes later. I locked the door and saw Donna exit the women's change room.

Her classic white judogi was tightly, wrapped left over right and tied in front with her black obi. She bowed as she stepped on the mat.

"Make sure you're still warm." I told her. "I'll be back in a sec."

I went to the bathroom. I undid my pants and relieved myself. I was already semi hard and contemplated putting my underwear on rather than staying commando as normal.

"Fuck it!" I thought "Nothing will or suppose to happen." Instructor/coach - Student/athlete relationships may not be looked on favourably..

As I bowed on to the mat, Donna was doing a back and groin stretches. Lying on her back, she is basically folded in half; legs over her head and spread; toes touching the mat. Her crotch was open towards me.

"Ahem! Was there some specific you wanted to work on Donna?" I asked.

Donna stood up. "Stand up counter and maybe improve my ground work." She answered.

"Okay, any specific counter?"

"Especially hip throw counters." indicated Donna. "I almost lost that last fight, and everyone here gets in when they attack, but I've got nothing to defend with."

"Okay, maybe we'll work on Sukui Nage." I told her. "It's the scooping throw."

"But I always have problems with it and I'm afraid to use it."

"All the better to work on it." I said. "Okay, I'll attack; you try it and we'll go from there."

We started by bowing and took a normal grip. My left hand grabbed her right sleeve at the elbow and my right took hold of her lapel just above her left breast. Donna mirrored my grip.

"Ready?" I asked and attacked with a hip throw without waiting for an answer.

Donna attempted the hand counter. She grabbed my inner right thigh with her left hand, but there was no lift, counter balance or pull. I changed to my technique and threw her on her ass.

"See, I just can't do it!" Donna said exasperated.

"Okay, I think you're strong enough for a slightly different way." I said. "You attack."

Donna came in hard. I defended with my hips, then bent my knees. With my left hand, I shot it between her legs and lifted her straight up before I pulled with my right and flipped her on her ass again. Donna looked up at me stunned.

"Sensei, how did you do that?" She asked amazed.

"Stand up; I'll show you."

Donna got up quickly. We took our grip.

"Okay come in slow." I instructed.

As Donna entered, again I blocked with my hips and dropped. My left arm went unabashed between her legs as I drove her body upwards, but this time I put her down and didn't complete the throw.

"Okay? You try it." I told her.

I attempted the attack throw at a slower pace

Donna blocked and dropped but was reluctant about her left arm. Only her hand went through. She ended up grabbing a hand full of my cock instead.

"Oops! Sorry Sensei!" Donna said with a smile, but didn't let go of me right away. "I don't think I did that right."

I felt my blood start to rush to my groin. An obvious tent pole started forming in my pants.

Donna returned to the ready position but made sure she kept her Judo jacket wrapped tightly closed. "Curious." I thought.

"Okay, I want to try it again."

"Okay." I said with trepidation and attacked with a hip throw again. This time with a bit more speed and force.

Donna bent and scooped me up perfectly, but as she threw me, she lost her balance forward and fell on top of me.

We paused slightly then automatically continued to grapple on the ground. As I pulled her over, Donna flexibility managed to get me between her legs in a guard position which is not a strong position in Judo.

I pushed and pinned her right knee to the mat as my right shoulder to push her left leg forward in to her breast.

I slipped my left leg over her right thigh and pushed my groin into hers. It was pretty obvious. My semi firm shaft rubbed against her crotch.

"Sensei!" Donna said with false modesty and smiled. She pulled me tighter into her groin.

I took this lapse in concentration opportunity and stepped over with my right foot and held her in a side hold. I grabbed her pants between her legs and pushed down to the mat. I knew the seam was biting between Donna's cunt lips.

"Uuuh!" Squealed Donna.

She turned into me and managed to get her arm under me. Her hand felt around and grabbed my cock again. This time and not by "accident" she started stroking me.

Enjoying the hand job, I figured Donna was submitting and I relaxed my hold slightly.

Wrong! Donna squeezed me.

"Yow!" I yelped unprepared.

It was enough to loosen my grip. Donna flipped and turned me over. She now held me in a side hold, but she maintained a grip on my cock and continued stroking it.

"Sensei, if I make you cum before you get out, I win!" Donna challenged me.

I tried a couple of basic escapes, but Donna maintained a strong hold. I knew if I did get out soon, I'd cum in my pants.

I grabbed her pant leg and pushed it down in an effort to push Donna off, but only succeeded in pulling down her pants!

Donna quickly kicked her pants off and pushed her hips into the mat. My arm was trapped underneath, but my hand was loose and between her legs. She wore no underwear either. I was able to rub a finger along her slit. It was dripping. My fingers slipped in easily.

"No, not fair Sensei!" Moaned Donna as I finger fucked my protégé's shaved pussy. Suddenly Donna grabbed my sack and crushed my balls.

My head slammed into the mat in reflex and I almost gave myself a concussion. Donna shifted her body around to an upper 4 corner hold.

Her jacket spread open. I found out the reason she kept her jacket closed tightly. Dina had no t-shirt or bra underneath. Her naked tit now mashed into my face. Her cherry sized nipple popped into my mouth. I automatically started sucking. I trapped and bit her nipple and played my tongue over it.

"Oh Sensei! You're making my pussy so wet!" Donna grunted. I felt her fingers untie my pant strings. Her hand reached under and stroked my cock.

I knew I could blow my load and had to escape. This time I bit her nipple harder.

"Ow Sensei!" Donna complained. "I know what you are trying to do but it won't work!"

With that, Donna squirmed her body down mine until her sopping cunt was mashing my face. I started eating her out and lapped up as much juice as I could.

Donna had pulled my pants down and sucked on my aching stick for all she was worth. My cum was starting to boil in my balls. At this rate, there was no way I would be able to stop from blowing my load.

But due to her movements, Donna's centre of gravity was now higher. It was easy for me to flip her over.

Now on her back, my face was still buried in between her thighs; my tongue lapping between her lips. I pushed my cock deep down her throat hoping she would choke and submit, but Donna took my full length with no trouble.

Realizing this wasn't going to work, I reluctantly extracted my bone from her mouth. Donna started to squirm and wiggle to escape. She almost got out. I managed to turn face to face, but Donna trapped me between her legs.

My shaft was sliding between the folds of her wet cunt. I moved my hips back and plunged my cock into her.

"Oh yes! Fuck me Sensei!" Donna grunted. "Pump my cunt with your big dick!"

Donna's cunt walls were so slick that there was little or no friction, but she was tight. I could almost fuck her like this forever.

Donna wrapped her legs around my waist. As she did so, she clinched her pussy tight and seemed to suck at me. Now I was in trouble of blowing my load.

With me concentrating on my balls and trying not to cum, it gave Donna a chance to kick my left leg back and push me over on my back. She now was mounted on top of me in a top hold.

Donna slammed her ass up and down. Her cunt was so hot...so tight... I fought to keep from cum...m...m...

"Sensei! I feel you!" Donna continued to hump me. "Cum inside me Sensei! Come inside me!"

"Fu..u..ck!" I yelled. I started blowing my white cream into Donna's womb. "UH! UH! UH!"

"F..u..u..c..k! Sensei! Yes! Fill me with your cum!" Donna screamed.

I lost count of how many power shot I fired in Donna's cunt.

Donna laid on top of me, both of us panting.

"Definitely a good hard work out." I told Donna.

"Especially since I win!" Donna said gleefully.

"What?!" I asked.

"If you came, before you were able to escape, I'd win!" Donna explained.

"But I did escape!" I protested.

"It was all continuous. I held you down and you exploded in me." She continued. "Isn't this your cum inside me and now leaking out of my cunt?"

"Yes but..." was all I managed.

She mounted my chest so her knees pinned my shoulders. Her freshly fucked hole was dripping my white juice. "As a loser, you must lick me clean."

I opened my mouth in protest but before I could say anything, Donna pushed her hips forward and mashed my face between her thighs. Her cunt poured its wet contents into my mouth. I had to swallow or drown.

"Very good Sensei!" Donna praised me. "You're a great fuck. From now on, you will be available for me to fuck when I want."

"No Donna. I don't think that's good idea." I said. "This was an accident. We just got carried away."

"Well consider this a threat or anyway you want to take it. I'm not really giving you a choice now!" Mona told me. "You continue to be Sensei, but I am Mistress."

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