The Okie’s Roommate


"I like. How?"

"Well, first we wait 45 minutes or an hour. We have some housekeeping to do anyway, so the time will pass quickly."

Janet felt the cum oozing out of her pussy. She cupped her hand at the opening as we made our way to the bathroom. She had a good palmful by the time we got there.

"Is that you and me?"

"Yes. Dip your finger in it and take a taste."

She licked her finger off and smiled. "It's salty. I like it."

"Good, because there's lots more where that came from."

I had her hold my cock as I peed, then stood across from her as she peed, my flaccidness at eye level. I took a wet warm facecloth and cleaned her loins and mine while she washed the rest of the cum from her hand.

We surveyed the damage to the bed. A small blood spot right in the middle of the blanket and a pool of cum testified to our activity. I took the blanket and rinsed the blood and cum out in cold water, then hung it on the shower rod. "It'll be good as new by the time Mike comes home."

We lay down on the bed and cuddled.

"You have a knack for fucking, Janet, you really do. Could you tell?"

"No, I didn't have any idea what was going to happen. I mean, other than the basics. But the feelings are so, so wow! When you broke my hymen I hated it, but when you moved your cock all I could see was wonderful colors in my mind."

"We can do it again, if you'd like. It's been 45 minutes, and look — " and I gestured to my arousing cock.

"Ooooh. For me? She said, theatrically.

"Only naked woman in this bed, gotta be you. Aren't you going to welcome him?"

She reached out and shook the head of my cock.

"Well, I mean a nice kiss, not a handshake."

"Gotchya," she said, and smooched a puckered kiss on the shaft.

"Look, Janet, you've just had an intimate encounter with this guy. He brought you a lot of pleasure, I hear. Show him you're glad he's back. Take him in your mouth and run your tongue around him."

It was her first oral contact, and she was hesitant. A half hour later she was virtually a professional at it, though, and I had to stop her from sucking me off.

"Stop Janet please I can't stand it, I need relief," I puffed and theatrically pulled her away.

"It's not nice for you, Peter?"

"It's agony, it's ecstacy, it's gotta stop or I'll cum. I want to make love to your pussy, not your mouth."

I taught her how to ride me to my climax as I thumbed her clit. Her orgasm was small but noticeable and she was sweating so much that her nipples were dripping and a pool formed on my navel. She fell on my chest, exhausted.

"That felt like the last time we fucked, Peter, only more intense."

"We're good, you and I."

I held her tight against me and brushed her face with my lips, licking the sweat. As my cock slid out of her, she shifted to lie beside me.

"We're a mess, Janet. Let's take a shower." We showered, washing each other. I bent her over and did her asshole. She seemed to like it and insisted on doing the same for me. We dried each other and realized that it was almost four o'clock.

"I'm hungry," I said. "You?"

"Now that I think about it, yes. My mind's been elsewhere recently." We had a snack at the nearby McDonald's because I decided we should bring Chinese back for dinner for Mike and his girlfriend.

By six we had reconstructed the convertible and had set out dinner for our hosts. They produced a bottle of red wine and we shared a joint before we all admitted the need for bed.

Over the next day-and-a-half Janet and I perfected her skills at blowjobs and several different positions. I taught her about her clitoris and just how to use it, including by herself.

I had set a goal of visiting Vancouver, Canada, and was feeling the itch to get going. On our third night in bed, I told Janet I was going to leave the next morning, to hitchhike north.

"Who knows when I'll next be on the West Coast? I only have so much time before I have to be in New York. So I've got to go."

"I could go with you. I'm sure Stacy would lend me her car."

"Janet, this is me, me alone. I have this thing about hitching, I've liked it since I was in college. Please let me do it."

The next morning we fucked and she cried. Mike had advised a certain truck stop to start at and Janet drove me there. We kissed and she left to go back to Stacy's house.

"MP? It's Peter."

"Peter? Oh Peter, from the boat. You're here, in Norman?"

"Yes. I'm driving a car to Washington, D.C. I want to see you, if you can."

"Sure. Come to my sorority," and she gave me directions from the gas station where I was calling from.

It was two in the afternoon when I arrived at her door. I'd left the Grand Canyon yesterday morning at dawn and had napped at a truck stop on the interstate. I could tell she was glad to see me when I reached to kiss her and she stroked my cock.

"MP, I'm afraid that I'm only passing through. I have to be in D.C. in three days to deliver this car. But I'd like to stay with you tonight."

"Interestingly enough, the house has a guest room for just such occurrences." She checked and I was set for the night.

"I thought Oklahoma was flat. There's a lot more topography than I imagined."

"Yes there is. I'll show you my favorite spot in the entire county."

We drove about a half hour to a small lake, surrounded by cottonwood trees. The day was warm and we sat on the grass, eating a small picnic we'd stopped to buy.

"I've missed you, MP. Did you know that?"

"No, I didn't, I didn't have any idea. Why me?"

"Well, there's the sex" — I reached for the nearest breast — "but I really just like talking with you. I've been alone on the road the last couple of days and can't stand the preachers on the radio."

"Well, I do beat that competition, on both counts, don't I?" she said, and stroked the hood in my pants.

I'd never made love out of doors and was overly aware of every sound of nature I heard through the haze of lust. MP had no such concern. She yelled and screamed and raced me naked to the lake, giving me yet another reason to love her.

We had dinner at a nice Norman restaurant and settled into the guest suite around eight. I set my alarm for six and we cuddled.

"I got your message."

"What message?"

"The one you had Janet deliver."

"Oh, that message. I really want the best for her. She's sweet, she needs what you could give her. Did you?"

"My top ten books to read list? Yes."

"No, dummy, what I really wanted you to give her."

"Yes I did. I think she's got the idea." I paused. "What did you tell her?"

"Peter, she was so hurt when I tossed her out of our room in Huancayo. She and Marjorie were frothing about you, they wanted to kill you, I think they seriously thought about pushing you out of the train on the way back.

"I explained as best I could about the ethics of the situation, at least as I live them. That boys can intrude on girls' friendships, even disrupt them, but that our friendships endure in the end. She may still not believe it, but that's because she's not had to make the choice yet.

"So I decided to have you launch her. Did you?"

"I wish I'd known what my role was, MP. I certainly taught her how to fuck, how to masturbate, how to suck cock, even how to leave a lover with honesty. I'm not sure if she understands the larger point you wanted to make, though."

"Well, she heard it from me, and she saw how happy it made me."

"She did?"

"Yes. Remember when we got back from Huancayo and I wanted to sleep in my own bed? We stayed up pretty late and I told her about our lovemaking. Not all the details, of course, but she certainly heard how happy I was to have gone to bed with you.

"Remember when you asked me to sleep with you when we were walking to the hotel? When I told you to go to hell?"

"Ugh. How could I forget? On the other hand, I forgave you," and I leered at her.

She ignored me. "Janet heard what I said, but didn't know the reason. I told her how these things develop, and that you have to follow your instinct. My instinct may not be hers, but you have to follow your gut.

"That's why, when I went back to my cabin to pack after we made love, the night before we got into port, I decided that Janet needed to learn from you. She thought I was crazy and thought I was pimping for you. She came around as we talked about how, sooner or later, she was going to have sex, and that with you she had the choice of someone who I knew would treat her well."

"And the book list?"

"Hers, entirely. I guess I was gushing a little about how well-read you are, but we were searching for a pretext for her to see you. She was lucky she wasn't in my debarkation group."

It was a revelation. I loved the part about teaching, even if I'd had my fill of teaching virgins. But I didn't realize that others saw this in me, that they would put people they valued in my hands

I set my alarm for six o'clock. The guest suite was right off the main room, so loud noise was a bad idea. Still, MP rode me almost as wildly as she had that first night, and the cum flew all over. Luckily there was a bathroom in the suite, so by eleven we were cleaned up and falling asleep in each other's arms.

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