The Other Emma


April 2014

I didn't want to waste another second. If you were with Emma Watson at a Hollywood party, you wouldn't either. Regardless whether someone could see you at any second.

We were in a private corner in back of the building, so I figured we were hidden away enough. In case we weren't, I wanted to get in as much as possible. Maybe Emma would too.

As we furiously made out, my hands ran up and down her white dress with black stripes. But as nice as the dress felt, the stunning figure it covered felt even better. Especially since I knew about the lacy black bra and underwear hidden underneath too.

I couldn't quite feel the outline of it when my hands reached her ass. What I could feel was quite firm, plump and incredibly sexy anyway. I wasn't daring enough to try and see it all yet, and neither was Emma -- but I could feel more.

My left hand slid to the bottom of Emma's dress, as my mouth went down to her neck. I waited for her to stop me, but she just made those soft, ungodly beautiful moans of pleasure. Therefore, I took it as permission to go underneath her clothes.

I couldn't devour Emma's neck too much, since we would presumably go back to the party later. However, I could put my hand on her panties and start rubbing, and no one would be the wiser. As long as they didn't hear Emma groaning -- which I would ordinarily want to hear as loud as possible.

"You doing okay?" I teased, hoping to get her talking now.

"Smashing," Emma got out, using a somewhat cliché British word. But in that British voice of hers, at a moment like this, she could say anything and get me hotter. "How about you?"

When her tiny, talented right hand started burrowing into my pants, it got me hotter too. To say nothing of when she got into my underwear.

Now I had to keep my groaning quiet. Yet with Emma Watson giving you a hand job inside your pants, while you're playing underneath her dress....again, you try being quiet. Since no one was coming by, I assumed we were quiet enough.

"Fuck, I can't believe this," I gritted out as Emma rubbed my head with her thumb. After my thumb rubbed the front of her panties, I gasped, "This a first for you?"

"Now I almost wish it wasn't," Emma panted as my fingers went into her underwear, brushing the bare, wet parts inside.

"Guess you were waiting for the right boyfriend," I voiced. "Three months is long enough to give up your 'public finger banging' ginity," I assured -- though I lost my words when Emma's fist closed around my shaft.

"Certainly feels like I waited for the right guy," Emma teased, smirking as her hand stroked me faster. "The right guy probably wouldn't mind cumming in his pants. Walking around this fancy party with cum stains in his knickers. Would he?"

"If you don't mind," I dared, pushing her against the nearest wall and inserting a finger. As it wiggled around and fucked her faster, her fingers tightened around me and kept pumping.

Our heads pressed together as our breathing got heavier. I should have kissed Emma to keep us both quiet, but I couldn't stop looking at her. Most couldn't stop looking at her -- yet few had ever seen her like I had these last three months.

Seeing those unbearably beautiful, bottomless brown eyes right up close, at this moment, along with the rest of her flushed, gorgeous face....well, that still took the face. "Fuck, you're so fucking beautiful," I gasped before I regained self-control.

But when Emma kissed me again, I decided self-control was overrated.

Yet this wasn't an out of control kiss like the last few. Despite our hands working furiously on our genitals, our lips were moving slowly and leisurely. I was even able to put my free hand on her cheek, while hers went on the back of my neck.

This mix of romance and hot, heavy action was mind blowing. It was everything I could have wanted at once. It was....well, it was Emma.

"Fuck wanna cum?" I got out when our lips broke. "You wanna cum, you'll cum so hard. All over those pretty panties...."

"Lucky yours aren't so pretty," Emma noted, right as her hand went faster. "Not yet...."

I had to bury my head on her shoulder to contain myself. Still, between this and seeing her getting dressed tonight, without being allowed to way I could contain myself much longer. Hell, I'd probably lose it before she did.

If that was the case, it wouldn't be by a wide margin.

As I felt myself getting closer, I gripped Emma's crotch and held on for dear life, wiggling and pumping my finger all the way. We both clenched our jaws, yet I was indeed the first to....release the pressure inside my pants.

However, Emma went after me only 10 seconds later, so that wasn't too bad.

As I felt her cumming on my hand and her panties, I could feel my own cum sticking to my cock and underwear -- not to mention Emma's hand. When Emma was done releasing, she exhaled in relief, then took in the....unique sight of us and laughed in disbelief.

Despite the compromising and sticky position, her laugh sounded as light as it would during a normal fun activity. It just made my heart skip more, to get post-coital sappy. I still felt sappy enough to kiss her lightly, which wasn't too bad.

"Jesus Christ...."

That voice sounded in awe. And it sounded raspy and sexy too. However, it didn't have an accent -- so it wasn't Emma's.

Well, not that Emma.

"Jesus Christ!" me and my Emma yelled -- probably too loud -- when we saw who had stumbled onto our moment.

It appeared Emma Stone had been watching us -- or if not, had seen us now and pieced it together. She had a light red dress, which was ironic since her once red hair was still blonde -- yet our clothes were probably upstaging hers.

Instinctively, we pulled our hands off each other's crotches, in spite of how wet they were. We couldn't wipe them on our fancy clothes, so I had to use my dry hand to find a tissue in my pocket. Meanwhile, my Emma actually talked to other Emma and said, "Emma, what the fuck?"

"Way to rip off my question. But I think I got the answer already," the other Emma commented. I pulled out a tissue and we both wiped our hands on it, yet it didn't help us think any better.

"What are you going to do with that answer?" my Emma asked.

"Wait, she's not a blackmailer, right? That doesn't sound like her," I blurted out. It was stupid, since I didn't know if the Emmas knew each other that well.

I didn't know the other Emma well enough to predict her. But I had spent my share of time thinking about her. Before my current Emma came along and all.

"Well, I'm out of practice," Emma Stone said, yet I could detect something playful in her distinctive voice. And something more suspicious. But she continued with, "So I'll just have to ask you to hang out once you're decent, then."

"You want to get more dirt on us?" I asked her.

"If that's what you call talking and drinking, more power to you," she responded. "Emma? You look like you could use more lubricant."

My Emma looked embarrassed for the first time, so I should have been annoyed by Emma 2. Still, Emma Watson did have enough sense and class to not feel completely slutty -- a rare thing among her peers sometimes. At least we were being approached by another exception to the rule.

"I could stand to wet my whistle," I told my Emma. "It's not like we're....capable of much else right now," I said more quietly.

This seemed to get through to her, as she told Emma S, "All right then. Bring Andrew and we can make it an American/British double."

"He's not here," Emma Stone said a little quickly. "So you can see why I was looking for company. Even the masturbating kind."

"Obviously you know that wasn't it," I objected without knowing why.

"Well, now I do. You can clear up the rest at a quiet part of the bar. If that floats your boat," Emma said quickly again.

"Very well. Just give us a minute," Emma Watson said while clenching her thighs. Apparently standing around with cum-stained panties was less comfortable than it sounded. Given how my cum stained underwear felt now, I could relate.

Once we went to the bathroom and cleaned up for real, we rejoined our new companion/quasi-blackmailer. The three of us only stayed at the party for a while and had a drink each, yet it helped me and Emma feel normal again. Therefore, we were more open to feeling extra normal at another bar.

Me and the two Emmas went to at least two bars as the night wore on. At the time, I didn't remember if this happened at the second bar or another one. Yet wherever it happened, I was nowhere near drunk enough to forget it.

We were sitting at our own booth, with me sandwiched between Watson and Stone. We toasted each other with our latest round, then gulped it down and laid back. The Emma that wasn't my girlfriend happened to let her head go on my shoulder.

"This is nice...." Emma Stone slurred, her already raspy voice getting more gravelly. "Gonna miss this when the world tour starts. Ah, the world tour...."

She had told us she was starting her Spider Man 2 world premiere tour in just two days. It helped us think she was just having one last blowout, before being flung around the world. I knew what that was like, since Emma went on such a tour for "Noah" a month after we met. But she made it up to me when she got back....

"My Emma's filled me on those. Maybe she'll show me in person next time," I suggested. "Until then, I'm sure tales from you should give me a better idea."

"Oh, they're not so bad," Stone drew out. "You see the whole world, you can't be lonely. Especially with...." she trailed off. However, she snapped out of it just as quickly, turning to my Emma and saying, "Enough about me! Look how lucky you are!" gesturing to me.

"I think I borrowed most of the luck here," I jumped in.

"Where'd she find you? The Photoshop place?" Emma asked, whether she meant to evoke one of her old lines on purpose. "Lots of good stuff there."

"I'll take your word for it," I offered.

"I don't need my word. I got you making Emma cum," Emma 2 dropped on us.

"Are we really in a private enough place for that?" Emma 1 said quietly.

"Oh, now you worry about that. Not up for flaunting it now, huh?" non-girlfriend Emma accused. "Too bad. There was a lot to show off." She went back to me to ask, "Or was that just her hand making that big lump in your pants? I know her's isn't that big!"

This was getting uncomfortable, in way too many ways. I never imagined that would be the case in a scenario like this. And my Emma knew it, which made it worse now.

Emma Watson knew that she wasn't the first Emma I had feelings for. In that first month we were together, before her Noah tour started, we wound up being more open with each other before she left. That included me saying that Emma Stone was my biggest celebrity crush until meeting Watson.

I said it to make Emma laugh at the irony -- and explain why I was so awkward at meeting Emma 2 a few days earlier. Emma 1 got the irony and took it well, but it looked like this would be another matter soon enough.

At this point, it was a cruel joke. After all my dreams and....sessions about being with Emma Stone like this, it was turning out like this. I imagined it would be more romantic, funny, quirky and kind of seductive, like Emma herself. I usually pictured her having the red hair back on, but the blonde was growing on me.

It still didn't take away from her piercing green eyes, and how they had just as much personality as the rest of her. Or her multi-layered smile, which could go from goofy to heart stopping in a blink. Or her perfect figure, severely underappreciated ass, or stunningly slender legs. And that unforgettable voice, which probably sounded so hot in....

I didn't get to finish that thought. Not with Emma Stone's lips suddenly pressed onto mine.

She pecked me quickly twice, before I could get my head on straight. But after reminiscing about her beauty and my old crush, it took me a while to react better. I might have even pressed my lips back against hers in her third kiss, until I finally came to my senses.

I pushed Stone away and instantly held my right hand up to block her -- then instantly held my left hand up to block Watson so she wouldn't attack.

Before anyone could attack or yell, I blurted in panic, "What was that? Why would you do that? Are you that upset Andrew's not with us?"

I was too afraid to look at my Emma, although staring at the other one who just kissed probably wasn't smart. Yet I forgot it when that Emma suddenly crumbled. She sniffled loudly and seemed to be on the brink of full on, way too loud sobs.

"I'll go," she made herself say, which was probably for the best.

"No, you won't," I heard my Emma say behind me. "You're in no condition. Let me just call a limo and we'll all go home."

"Are you sure?" I asked before finally turning to her. She didn't look happy, but she wasn't apocalyptic either, which was better than I hoped.

"Neither of you wants to argue with me. Let's just go outside and be quiet," Emma laid down the law. The other one couldn't quite stay quiet, yet no one noticed her crying as we left the bar.

I resisted the urge to ask Stone what this was about, since there was no way to escape Watson's eye. If either Emma could tell that I briefly kissed back, then I would be truly screwed. So instead of risking it, I chalked it up to Emma S being too drunk -- and maybe too horny from seeing us -- and left it at that.

I left it all the way through the limo ride to my house. So did my Emma, who watched me get out and go without a word. The two Emmas were left in the limo as it drove off -- at the least, if Watson killed Stone, it would be far away from my house.

I didn't want anyone dead, and I didn't want to lose my Emma. However, her silence and obvious anger told me it was 50/50, at best. Given how lucky I'd been for three months -- two with Emma in person -- perhaps this reality check was past due.

All I could do was go to bed and cling to how lucky I'd been so far. From meeting Emma and beginning to date her in January, to those times she was able to call and Skype me between Noah premieres in February....and then when she came back in March.

When I started dreaming about that night, I was up to the part where Emma was on my lap, riding me with her legs wrapped around me. Her supple breasts were bouncing, while her even ampler ass was bouncing on my lap. I had to put my left hand on it and give it a light smack -- then my right hand worked on her pussy before she could object.

Emma sounded even more turned on -- as if it wasn't hard enough to contain myself. And yet I went and fingered her while jiggling her sweet ass anyway, all while fucking her for the first time. Her arms went around my neck and she breathed heavily on me, trying to hold on herself.

If it was that hard for her, then she should at least be comfortable.

Savoring her in my lap for a few more seconds, I suddenly turned and laid her on her back. Her legs stayed around me as I quickly got back into a rhythm, grabbing her breast with my right hand to steady myself. It also allowed me to put my left hand between us and start fingering her again.

As my hand and cock pounded her below, I leaned down to tongue and bat around her right nipple. When it was wet enough, I blew it and pushed her tit up before taking it in my mouth. "Oh, fuck....fuck, baby," Emma groaned, which I felt all the way in my condom covered cock.

Inspired, my finger and cock went faster while my tongue licked all around her areola. When I blew on that, Emma growled and pushed her hips back against me. In response, I made a show of licking her tit while staring right up at her. To cap it off, I put my teeth on her nipple and just kept them there.

After Emma muttered a few more fucks, I stopped biting and said, "You ready to cum? Tell me you wanna cum....."

"I want....I want to cum," Emma moaned. Somehow, it was even hotter to hear her say those words outside of my dreams.

"Emma wants to cum?" I was emboldened to tease further.

"Yes....Emma wants to cum hard," she answered, making the last word sound extra hard and erotic.

Whatever restraint I had left was lost, as my hand and cock worked on her like a piston. My right fingers went up to pinch and rub her nipple, as I watched Emma's flawless face crumble in orgasmic bliss. She pumped her hips back a few more times before finally losing it all.

I was even more breathless as she came over my covered cock -- looking so beautiful all over in the process. When she was done, she laid flat on her back as I tried to slow down before I came, although it was technically all right now. Nevertheless, after waiting so long for this, I wanted as many extra seconds as possible.

After several more, Emma got her breath back and asked, "Are you close now?"

"Been close all day. Just give me a minute," I insisted.

"Not fast enough," Emma insisted back, before rolling me over on my back.

She lifted her hips off me and went down my body, until her head was above my cock -- and the wet condom covering it. Despite her own juices being on it, Emma took the condom off and dropped it on my bedroom floor.

Yet when her lips touched my cock, the mess was the furthest thing from my mind.

Emma took half of me in her mouth, then gently bobbled up and down. But while her lips were soft and delicate on my shaft, her tongue was rapid everywhere else. She tongued my slit and suckled deep halfway down my staff, humming along the way.

While she had touched my cock before this night, she hadn't....touched it like this. I was already close enough, but the sudden sight of Emma's lovely face and warm mouth stuffed with my cock was too inhuman.

"A fucking angel...." I lost control of my words, right before losing control of the rest.

After Emma gulped my....control down, she wasted no time in kissing up to my chest. But before she reached my lips, she thought again and said, "Better rinse first. Do you have a glass anywhere?"

"Downstairs," it took me several seconds to reveal. "I'll go --"

"No, I've got it," Emma offered, getting up from the bed. I looked up to see her walking to the door, with a full, amazing view of her swaying ass, curves and legs. When she opened the door, she turned her head back to me, smiling that smile that melted the hearts of millions -- and almost made me instantly hard again.

After that and the time we were able to spend in the next month, it was hard to believe I'd crushed on anyone else. At least until it came back to bite me now.

That unsettling thought finally woke me up. I checked my cell phone clock and saw it was 8 a.m. -- not extremely late for work. Maybe that would get my mind off things.

Once the phone vibrated and I saw Emma's name on the caller I.D., I threw that plan right out the window. But when I answered it, I froze up and remembered this could be a break up call. Once again, I put my own damn self in trouble.

However, Emma's voice was even keel when she said, "Emma had a break up." It still made the words hurt even worse -- until we both thought them over.

"Oh God, I didn't mean....sorry, sorry!" Emma quickly apologized. "I meant the other Emma! She had the break up, not us!"

After my deep sighs of relief ended, I actually thought her words over again. "That Emma and Andrew Garfield? Wouldn't that be all over the Internet by now? Did I sleep that long?"

"No, it's still a secret," Emma told me. "I took Emma to her hotel room and she told me everything. They broke up about two weeks ago, but they have to keep it a secret during the tour. The pressure and heartbreak must have been too much for her last night. Between that and....our whole show."

"Oh, fuck...." I groaned in sadness. "You sure you believe her?"

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