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The Outing


I was hurrying to catch up after stopping to urinate when I found the backpack beside the trail with most of its contents on the ground beside it. Three sticks were also beside it forming a directional that pointed to the game trail that intersected the hiking trail we had been on yesterday and today. It took me ten minutes to place everything back into the pack enough to tie it closed. I returned my own pack to my shoulders and picked up the other one with my left hand before starting up the game trail. I found the first piece of clothing twenty yards down the trail; a light blue shirt of mine that the sleeves had been cut off of and still had the wrinkled bottom half from where it had been knotted "Daisy Duke" style. I picked it from the tree branch and stuffed the top half down into the webbed canteen belt I was wearing so my hand would be free to retrieve the other garments I knew I'd find along the way.

I found the cut-off pair of jeans that resembled the bottom half of "Daisy Duke's" outfit on the log where they'd been removed by their wearer thirty yards further down the trail. I folded them over the belt on the side opposite the shirt and continued up the trail. I heard the sound of water flowing downhill at the same time I found the bandana that had been tied around my companion's head the last time I'd seen it. I laid it across the back of my neck and continued in my pursuit of my hiking partner. I arrived at the small clearing that we'd discovered nearly twelve years earlier and remained hidden in the brush that was along its southern edge so I could watch my companion across the thirty yard width of the clearing.

The plastic ground cloth from the pack in my left hand was spread out in the grass at the edge of the stream in the shade of a large oak tree. She was completely naked except for her thick hiking socks and I watched as the first two fingers of her right hand rubbed from her moistened slit up to her clit at a frenzied pace while she pinched and pulled first one nipple then the other of her magnificent DD breasts. I could barely hear the moans of her pleasure above the sounds of the stream she was lying beside.

When I heard the familiar squeals she makes before her orgasm starts, I walked out into the clearing and over to the fire ring on the opposite side from where she laid and where I deposited both our packs and all of the garments along with the canteen and its belt. I walked over to where she was beginning to quiver and quake from her orgasm, dropped my own cut-off jeans and briefs to the ground, and kneeled between her wide spread legs. I had my rock solid erection ready at her hot opening and when she had relaxed from her orgasm; plunged it to the hilt inside her with one stroke.

I began to thrust into her with long, hard strokes from the very beginning and she escalated back up from her post orgasmic lull to an extremely excited state after the second thrust. Neither of us said a word as we slammed our pelvises together in our quest for the climax our act of coitus would bring. We moved together in the dance of love for the next fifteen minutes and finally reached our goal of fulfillment when we came simultaneously for only the second or third time in our twelve years together.

The first words either of us spoke to each other came from her when our peaks had waned and we had both regained some of our ability to breathe normally.

"Happy anniversary, baby! Man, I wish summer could last all year! We could do this more often!"

"You know you don't mean that, Jan. You know you enjoy our ski trips in the winter almost as much as you do our hiking and camping trips. Have you forgotten how miserable we both were those two years I was the baseball coach for that prep school in Arizona? It was almost like having summer year round and we still jumped at the first offer that was close to being as well paying as that one so we could get back home to East Tennessee and four seasons. I'm going to go cool off in the creek. Want to join me?"

"No, I don't and you're going to have to wait before you can, also."

"Oh yeah! What's going to keep me from going to the creek?"

"This is, baby!" With that my beautiful wife of eight years pushed me over onto my back and before I could move; had pinned my upper body to the ground with her body lying on mine so that her head was level with my crotch. She grasped my flaccid penis in her hand and lifted it up so that she could get her mouth around it. I didn't spring to full hardness in an instant like the first time she'd taken my cock into her mouth with both our juices still on it ten years ago, but I was fully hard after only five minutes of her placing it into her mouth and beginning to suck. After I was hard, she kept enough of her body weight on me to keep me on the ground until she'd maneuvered herself into position to impale herself on my renewed hardness cowgirl. Once she had my cock inside her pussy she drove herself down until it was buried all the way up inside her. She began raising and lowering herself on my cock in a slow rhythm as her breasts swung there in front of my face. I couldn't resist grabbing them before raising my head and beginning to suckle her inch long nipples one at a time then together. She increased her pace while beginning to moan in pleasure above me.

I lay there and let her have control of our fucking; enjoying the pleasure her pussy was giving me through my cock. If there was anything in the world that felt as good as having sex with her, I hadn't experienced it yet. I began thrusting up into her when I felt and heard the signs of her impending orgasm and was rewarded with her third big orgasm of the afternoon. I relaxed back down when she stopped moving on top of me and pulled her down onto my chest.

"I need to finish! Do you think your knee can take it if we do it doggie here on the hard ground?"

"No, I don't think it will! I'm beginning to think me doing it cowgirl has already aggravated it! We can do it missionary or you can fuck my face, your choice!"

"As much as I love your mouth on my dick, I love your pussy more so missionary it is!"

We rearranged ourselves on the plastic and I again found myself between my wife's wide spread legs. I plunged back into her wet, hot sex and began to fuck her hard and fast until I loosed my seed into her body and hopefully into her womb. Jan did come seconds after my sperm began emptying into her and after the last pulse of my cock deep inside her, I collapsed upon her chest. She wrapped me up in her arms and we lay together catching our breaths. After both of us were breathing normally again, Jan released me and pushed me off to the side before sitting up and removing her socks.

"Even on a bad knee, I bet I beat you to the creek!"

"That's not fair! You're already naked and have your boots off! At least let me get my boots off before you head to the creek!"

"Ok, you whiny baby! But I still bet I beat you!"

I untied and unlaced my boots as quickly as I could before standing and jerking my shirt off over my head. Jan had taken off as soon as I stood, but I could see the limp that her reconstructed left knee had brought into her stride. She barely made it into the water before I did. We waded out into the deep hole that was in that section of the creek and both sank down until only our heads were above water. We enjoyed the coolness of the water on our hot skin for the next few moments then returned to the ground cover to let the warm summer air dry our bodies. Jan lay with her head on my shoulder as I lay on my back watching the clouds drift across the bright blue summer sky. I knew she'd went to sleep when her breathing slowed and her body went lax beside of me. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep myself. The cry of pain from my dear wife awoke me two hours later.

"JANET?! What's wrong?"

"Jason, it's my knee! I went to get up to go into the bushes to relieve myself and it gave way on me! I think I did more than aggravated it! Can you help me over to the bushes so I can pee?"

I jumped to my feet and helped Jan to stand. I could see her knee was swollen and the grimace of pain on her face when she put weight on that leg. I picked her up in my arms and carried her into the brush away from the stream and the clearing. I found a log lying with one end on a large rock and the other still attached to its stump and put one foot on it to see if it was solid enough for Jan to sit on. It felt strong enough to support her weight so I sat her on it so that she could urinate without getting it on her lower legs. When she had finished, I carried her to the creek and help her rinse off her pussy and upper thighs before carrying her back to the ground cloth.

I gave her shirt and jeans to her before dressing myself. I unpacked our camping gear and began erecting our two man domed tent behind and to the side of where Jan was sitting. I spread out my ground cloth inside the tent before helping Jan over to a rock someone had found and placed next to the fire ring. I shook her ground cloth off and laid it beside mine so the edges overlapped in the middle before unrolling and spreading out the thick winter sleeping bag we used as our bottom.

"What do you want to do, Jan, lay down in the tent, sit there, or something else while I get some fire wood and get a fire going?"

"I want to sit in the creek with my knee in the water. Maybe the cold will help my knee. I'm sorry, Jason! I didn't even think that this might happen when we were making love eariler."

"Don't be sorry! I enjoyed it and we'll be okay here for the rest of the day and maybe tomorrow if you're unable to go by in the morning."

I picked her up and carried her to the water and sat her in the creek so that it flowed over her out stretched legs. I grabbed my socks and boots, sat on the same rock Jan had been on before, and put them on so I could go into the woods surrounding the clearing for firewood. After gathering an armload of wood, I went back to the campsite and using one sheet of the newspaper I'd brought, started a fire in the middle of the fire ring. When the fire was going sufficiently, I returned to the woods and gathered another armload of wood.

"Jason, I'm ready to get out of the water now." Jan said to me upon my return.

I helped her to stand and supported her as she hobbled toward the fire. I helped her to sit before going to the tent and retrieving some dry clothes for her. I helped her to undress, used hers and my shirts to dry her skin enough for her to redress in the T-shirt and sweatpants she liked to lounge around in when we went camping. I placed our cooking pot with water from the creek near the fire so the water could boil and I would be able to re-hydrate our dried food stuffs for our evening meal. I helped Jan to our tent and went back to tend the fire.

I fixed our evening meal and sat with Jan in the tent while she ate her portion of the meal. I gave her one of the six hundred milligram ibuprofens her orthopedic surgeon had prescribed for her knee. We lay on the sleeping bag in each other's arms until she fell asleep again. I eased out of the tent and went to gather more firewood for the night. I sat by the fire until it was dark enough for me to see the tiny patch of stars in the late summer sky that the hole in the forest canopy that surrounded the small clearing we were in allowed me to see. I sat and thought how they seemed so much more beautiful and brighter out here away from the city lights. I said a silent prayer that my wife would be able to walk well enough to make it back to the man-made camping shelter we'd stayed in the night before in the next day or two. I could jog from there to the trail head and enlisted the help of the park rangers in getting her the rest of the way off the trail and back to civilization. I banked the fire and retired to our tent where I managed to go to sleep fairly quickly spooned against my wife's back.

I awoke before first light when Mother Nature began dancing on my kidneys. I stumbled out of the tent and into the bushes away from our campsite. I didn't go far enough away that I couldn't see the gleam of our metal tent poles in the moonlight and made it back to the tent without difficulty. I went to the fire ring and found a red ember among the ashes and used it to restart the fire. I got a fresh pot of water from the creek and sat it near the fire to boil for our morning meal. I went back to the tent to check on my beautiful wife and found her still asleep. I sat on the foot of our sleeping bags and waited for the sun to come up. Jan moaned in her sleep behind me, but remained asleep. I again said a silent prayer for my wife's physical well-being.

Jan awoke right as the first hint of daylight became evident in the clearing. I helped her into the bushes so she could relieve herself. I dug a hole and buried her bowel movement and the bio-degradable tissue that we used to clean ourselves after a bowel movement. My own wouldn't occur until an hour or an hour and a half after our morning meal.

Jan's knee wasn't as swollen as the day before so I thought I'd try some improvised physical therapy on it after we'd eaten breakfast. I had sat the pot of boiling water to the side to cool after fixing our food. When it was cool enough to touch without getting burnt yet still warm enough to heat up Jan's knee joint, I soaked her shirt from the day before in the warm water and wrapped it around her knee. I began helping her to bend it back and forth to draw some of the stiffness out of it. We stopped after twenty minutes and I soaked the same shirt in the cold water of the stream and wrapped it around her knee. I gave her another ibuprofen, and then went into the woods for my morning constitutional. I unwrapped her knee, helped her to stand, and she was able to hobble around the tiny clearing once before she had to stop from the pain. We repeated the treatment thrice more that day and by the end of the day, Jan thought she might be able to make it to the shelter the next day. I had cut down a straight and sturdy sapling with the hatchet I carried when we went backpacking overnight for Jan to use as a walking stick. With it and me as her support, we felt confident we could make it back to the shelter the next day.

Jan surprised me by wanting to have sex later in the afternoon. I made love to her on the sleeping bags inside the tent even though the heat of the day had us both drenched in sweat after only ten minutes of physical activity inside the tent. After giving her two orgasms to my one, I had to carry her to the creek so we both could cool off. We went to bed and were asleep within moments of each other when it was totally black outside.

We both ate cereal dry for breakfast and I made sure there were no hot embers in the ashes of our fire after packing only the essentials in my pack and the rest of our gear into Jan's. I would return for it the next day if I could, but if not, the next person who used the clearing would find a nice surprise if it was not too far into the future.

It was nearly 2 P.M. before we reached the shelter. I helped Jan get settled onto the platform of the shelter with our sleeping bags and clothes for padding between her body and the hard wood of the platform. It had taken us two hours to reach the shelter the previous Monday after we'd both gotten off work from the last day of the summer time jobs we both had to have when our teaching jobs were on hiatus so I thought I could jog it in less than an hour. I kissed Jan goodbye and started jogging down the trail.

I didn't meet anyone coming toward me; but passed two pairs of hikers, both consisting of a man and a woman, going in the same direction as I was. I answered the greeting of hello, but didn't slow down to answer their questions. I made it to the trail head in forty eight minutes and lucked into a ranger who was talking to some hikers in the parking area. I explained my situation to him after I'd caught my breath and he radioed for some help to carry Jan from the shelter to the trail head. I ignored his instructions to wait until his help arrived and began the jog back to the shelter.

It took me an hour to get back to the shelter. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw all of our clothes and our sleeping bags strewn out on the ground in front of the shelter which was empty. I began yelling out Jan's name as I rushed to the shelter. I searched all around the immediate area, but found no signs of my beautiful wife anywhere near the shelter. I broke into a dead run back up the trail toward its head to meet the rangers. I explained to them what I'd found when I met them twenty minutes later.

Two of them ran ahead to the shelter to confirm what I'd told them was true. They began searching in an increasing circle pattern around the shelter and found the boot prints from two sets of men's sized boots leading away from the shelter at a diagonal from the main trail. One of them stayed where they found the first prints while the other began to follow them. He lost them when he reached a small stream and didn't find them on the opposite bank. He remained there until the other ranger, who had the radio, arrived.

I was not allowed to help in the search for Jan or the persons the rangers assumed had abducted her. When the FBI agent, who would oversee the persumed kidnapping of my wife, arrived from his office in Asheville NC; his first question to me was had I been responsible for the persumed kidnapping of my wife. If the three rangers hadn't been between him and me and held me when I charged him, I don't know which one of us would have ended up in the hospital. I calmed down enough, after calling him every thing from a piece of dog turd to an emotionless government robot who didn't know anything about real people and their lives, to answer the rest of his questions. I told the truth, didn't try and hide anything, and gave him permission to do all the digging he wanted to into mine and Jan's lives. I was made by him to allow one of the rangers to drive me in our truck to the nearest motel where the FBI paid for me to stay while the search for Jan continued.

They found where the boot prints left the stream a half mile down from where they went in the next day. They led to a clearing much like the one Jan and I had camped in but that was close enough to the main road that a four wheel drive vehicle could reach it yet not be seen from the road. My beautiful wife and the woman who had stolen my heart when we were freshmen in college twelve years earlier had vanished without a trace.

I found out almost six months later that Jan was the third woman to be abducted from that same shelter and the previous two were never found. The first two abductions had been eighteen years earlier and two months apart. I tried to cope the best I could with the disappearance of my soul mate and loving wife. We'd never had a major fight, talked to each other about everything, enjoy the best sex that a married couple could want, and truly loved each other more than anything or anybody. I didn't drink myself to death like some men do in my situation, didn't become so depressed that I couldn't function, or go wild chasing women to try and fill the hole that was in my heart. I only existed; teaching my classes at the high school, assisting with the coaching of the football team in the fall, the girls volleyball team in the winter, and coaching the baseball team, which was what I set out to do when my own baseball career ended at the Double AA level three years after I'd graduated from college.

I didn't date for two years after Jan's disappearance and only started dating then when both my family and hers forced me to sit and listen while they explained to me that Jan wouldn't want me to become a broken, bitter old man without love in his heart because I wouldn't let her go. I finally got it when her brother, who was a math whiz and a professor at MIT, show me the odds of them ever finding Jan were equal to me winning the top prize in the Powerball, the Mega Millions, and the Tennessee state lotteries in the same week.

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