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The Party


My wife Kim and I were excited when we received the invitation to attend the local Country Clubs annual "Toga Party". This meant we were being considered for membership to the club, since only members and prospective members were authorized to attend their functions. I guess all the political games at the office must have worked, several of my accounting firms managers were members, one of them must have submitted us for membership.

Finally the day of the event arrived. Kim had gone out and bought two new Egyptian cotton sheets to use for our togas, and had spent days measuring and sewing them so we would look great. For her that would be no problem, Kim would look great in a burlap sack! She stands 5' 10" with legs that seem to go on forever. Kim weighs in at a toned 110 Lbs, with a killer 38-25-36 (all natural) figure. Topping off the picture, she has waist length blonde hair, and an all over bronze tan (Kim soaks up the sun nude on our secluded balcony.) I am 6' 1" tall, weighing 210 Lbs, and stay in descent shape by playing a weekly basketball game with my old high school buddies. So, I think we looked great in our togas.

Invitation in hand we arrived at the party, since we were going to the club for the party, we felt we should dress appropriately for the location, so I had a pair of "Tighty Whities" under my toga, while Kim had a strapless white sports bra, and a white bikini bottom on under hers. We were greeted at the clubs front door by a staff member, who checked our invitations and then opened the front door allowing us entry to the club.

Once inside the clubs entryway, we were met by my boss, Dave Hanson and his wife Shelly. They were dressed very similar to us, except they had obviously chosen to go "Commando" under their togas, Dave's bare ass cheeks were peaking out the bottom of his toga, while Shelly's black bush could clearly be seen through hers.

Dave said: "Welcome Kim and Steve, as your sponsors it is our duty to welcome you, and to see that your are properly attired for this evenings events. Just to let you know, you have been accepted for membership in the club, and tonight will your initiation." He continued: "By the way, your togas look fantastic, but something just doesn't seem quite right."

Shelly spoke up, saying: "Dave I know what it is, it's the under things." Then to us she added: "Our toga parties are authentic Roman styled events, the only acceptable attire is togas only. If you wish to participate you need to remove your under things, and drop them into the basket over there", pointing to a wicker basket next to the entry door.

Kim asked to use the locker room to remove her things, but Shelly told her: "As initiates, you are not yet entitled to use club facilities, so just peel them off here, and we'll get on with the ceremony. Kim has always had a bit of an exhibitionist streak in her, just grinned then bent over and dropped her bikini bottom off, then pulled the strap of her toga aside and pulled her bra off over her head. Giving everyone in the entry way a great view of her stunning tits. She was getting aroused by this activity, because her nipples were now fully erect. Following her lead, I dropped my shorts and tossed everything into the basket.

Next, Dave pulled out two little red rings (like the wrist bands you get at some night clubs that glow in the dark), and handed them to us saying: "Put theses around your necks, this is how you're identified as being under initiation. We did as we were told, then Shelly took my hand, While Dave took Kim's and they led us to another set of grand looking double doors. Dave opened the doors and announced to the crowd inside: "Kim and Steve Wallace for your pleasure!"

The sight I saw, while looking into the great hall of the club took me by quite surprise. Inside there must have been around 100 couples, all in various stage of dress. Some were fully clothed in their togas, some women had their togas of their shoulders exposing their bare breasts, and some people were completely naked.

I looked over to Kim; she was looking at me with a wide-eyed look of surprise on her face. The next thing I know, Shelly has a hold of me by my cock, and Dave has a hold of one of Kim's ass checks, and they're leading us into the center of the room. There is a small stage there; seated on the stage are Tom Harris, the president of my company, and his wife Susan. They are seated on throne like chairs, totally naked. Kneeling between their Tom's legs is a gorgeous young redhead, total naked except for the red ring around her neck and she is busily sucking Tom's dick. While a naked man, except for the same red ring is busy lapping at Susan pussy!

I stopped in my tracks, and demanded an explanation from Dave\, who said: "It's all part of the initiation, there are no initiation fees to the club, only monthly dues after you are a member. But, to pass the initiation, both husband and wife have to perform for the current members. Now, you don't have to participate if you don't wish to, but this will be your only opportunity to become members, there will be no further offers. You two have one minute to decide if you wish to join us, or not. "

Dave stepped back to let Kim and I talk. I said: "Kim, let's just head home, we don't need to go through with this shit, it's just a club, there are others in town."

"But I really want to belong here, and it's not like we haven't swung before, one blow-job and one cunt eating is all it will take to get us in. Lets do it, please Steve?"

"OK Dave, I guess we're in. Kim really wants this membership so we'll play along." I said.

"Great, because you two are up, Kim, Steve drop your togas, get on your knees and present yourselves to our "Emperor and Empress!" We did as we were told. I crawled up to Susan and buried my face between her 50-year-old legs. Her pussy was freshly shaved, and smelled like strawberry. I stopped once to come up for air, and glanced to my right to see Kim gobbling up Tom's dick like there was no tomorrow, she always was a great cocksucker. I went back to licking Susan's pussy when suddenly I was surprised by the feeling of a pair of lips wrapped around my cock! I looked down between my legs and saw that Shelly had crawled under me and had attacked my dick. Suddenly I thought of Kim, so I looked over, and sure enough Dave was busy pounding her from behind. Kim and I had swung a few times before, but I had never seen her take on two men at a time, it actually turned me on tremendously to see her sucking and fucking right next to me.

It didn't take long, between the sight of Kim, and the efforts of Shelly on my cock, for me to blow my load into Shelly's hungry mouth. After she swallowed my cum, she got up, pulled me up by the hair and said: "Easy stud, leave some for the others, now come with me." As she led me away from the stage, I could see that Kim had finished Tom off, and he had shot all over her face and Dave must have cum also, he was clinging to Kim's hips and shaking as her filled her with his cum.

Thinking that our "Performance" was done, we were led over to two couches. I was laid on my back with my head hanging over the end of my couch, while Kim was placed on her hands and knees on hers. When I looked up, I saw a line of women forming up in front of me, as well as a line of men forming in front of and another behind Kim.

Soon I was eating every pussy in the room; there were young sweet pussies, as well as old wrinkled pussies. They must have ranged from 19 to 65 years old. While I was eating, Kim was busy fucking and sucking everyone in the room. At one point, I even noticed a couple of the clubs wait staff joining in and fucking Kim.

After eating around 20 pussies, I looked at Kim and she was in heaven. Tom was lying on the couch on his back, humping Kim's cunt, while some black man I didn't know was busy fucking her hungry mouth, Tom was pumping Kim's ass, and she was jacking off two other strangers. I was so turned on, and actually proud watching her go at it!

By the time the night was done, my face and tongue were raw from all the crotches that sat on my face. Kim was exhausted. Her hair was matted with cum, she had cum dribbling out of her well used and abused pussy and ass, and she never looked more beautiful to me than she did at that moment!

Once everyone started leaving, Dave and Shelly came to us and said: "Welcome to the Club! Now that initiation is over, you may feel free to use the locker room to clean up, if you wish. Oh, one more thing. We initiated new members monthly, you should be well rested by then, good-night!"

Both Kim and I cannot wait till next month!

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