tagNonHumanThe Path To Damnation

The Path To Damnation


Can you hear that...Shhh...listen...The soft lub-dub echoing through the moonless night. I have memorized that sound, burned it into my mind. Take a deep breath...can you smell the scent...better yet...can you smell Her scent...The mixture of Egyptian sandalwood and womanly musk. Her scent I can detect in the faintest of winds, miles away, I can smell her...I have waited for almost four hundred years...Waited and wandered, in search of a kindred spirit. And then like magic, I have found her...

* * * * *

For almost three weeks I have tracked her. Where she works, where she shops, the clubs where she unwinds on the weekends. It is at the nightclub where all her defenses will be down. The nightclub will be her place of ruin, the path to her total damnation...

I still wonder what the attraction is for loud, deafening music. May haps it's the vibrations that travel from the speakers through the writhing bodies, sweating as they go through the motions of mock sex. I knew she would come into the club around nine o'clock, but I figured I would give her one last night of pleasure before I take her. Glancing at my Movado watch as I weave through the line of eager clubbers. Making eye contact with the bouncer, bending his will to mine, I step beyond the velvet rope and into the club. Even through the muted lights and smoke haze, I see her instantly, fending off an intoxicated suitor. Her off black hair tumbling around her face in its soft, natural curl pattern, touching the tips of her shoulders. Her full lips the colour of deep red, her almond shaped eyes the colour of melted chocolate. She doesn't dress in an overly sexual manner, but to my experienced eye, I can see every of her voluptuous curves. From the swell of her full breasts, the flair of her child-bearing hips, to her somewhat muscular legs. I must have her now, I cannot wait until I possess her fully.

"C'mon honey, just one dance?" his drunken voice whined.

"Do you understand English? I said leave me alone." she hissed.

"I unnerstand that you are one hot bitch who prolly needs a good fucking! An' I'm just the man to give it to you girly!" he snarled, grabbing her arm.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing? Get off of me!" she yelled. She might has well been yelling in a bottomless pit with the way the music swallowed her voice. No one would hear her pleas, no one would come to her rescue. No one, save me.

"I don't think the lady wants your company." I said, clamping my strong hand on his shoulder. I used only a fraction of my power, I only wanted to scare him.

"I don't remember asking you a damn thing!" the drunk yelled, struggling to free himself. I applied some more pressure, I could feel the bones in his shoulder beginning to splinter beneath his flesh.

"I repeat, the lady does not want your company."

"Oh fuck this, I can go buy some ass!" he muttered as he retreated.

"Um, thanks a lot, um...um... I didn't catch your name." Her voice was sweeter than I imagined. It caressed every inch of my body. I have never felt more alive in my entire existence.

"My name is Yuri." I said, taking her hand, kissing the soft skin, briefly snaking my tongue out, tasting her flesh.

"My name is Morrigan." she whispered. Her heart thudded in her ears at the gentleness of his kiss. Morrigan gazed into his midnight eyes, losing herself in the dark pools. Tearing her eyes away, she shifted her gaze to get a good look of him. His equally dark hair was pulled back, curling at the nape of his neck. His pale skin looked as if it were made from pure ivory, smooth as porcelain. The rosy tinge of his lips looked so inviting to her, tempting her to kiss them.

I watch her as she watched me, reading her thoughts. I listened to her precious heartbeat elevate a few beats. Taking a deep breath, I could smell the faint scent of her growing arousal. It fueled my own hunger.

"Morrigan would you like to dance with me?" I asked softly. She smiled as she slid off her barstool, leading me to the dance floor. The slow tempo of the music made it a perfect moment for me to feel her body close to mine. My hands slid around her waist, my fingers lightly grazing her soft ass. I felt her body shiver in my arms as I pulled her closer to me. Her full breasts were pressed against my chest, I could feel her nipples grinding against my chest. I didn't know how much more I could take. The demon within me was trying its best to rear it's ugly head. Morrigan breathed softly against his neck, her head tucked beneath his chin. Impulsively, she kissed his throat.

"Mmm Morrigan, that was very nice." I whispered, lowering my hand, lightly cupping her ass. I needed her to come to me willingly. I didn't want to force her as it is my nature to do. I knew she would be so much more sweeter if chose to walk down the path to her own damnation. As the final notes of music played, she kissed his throat again. Tilting her chin up to look at me, my lips swept down, capturing her soft lips in a kiss. Morrigan clung to him, his kiss making her weak.

Silently, I lead her out of the noisy club. Morrigan followed Yuri, as if it was the natural thing to do. The world whizzed by Morrigan's eyes in one big colourful blur. Before she realized it, she was sitting in Yuri's house.

"H-how did I get here?" she finally managed to say.

"Morrigan would you like something to drink?" I asked. The demon screamed into my head its hungry needs. I waited this long, what was another moment or two compared to an eternity.

"Actually, I think I may have had too much to drink at the club. If you have any cold water that would be nice." she said, rubbing her temples. I brought her a lead crystal goblet filled with cold spring water and watching in utter fascination as she delicately sipped the cold water.

"Aren't you going to have anything to drink, Yuri?" she asked, snapping me back to reality.

"Ah, mayhaps a little later. Would you care for a tour of my humble abode?"

"That would be lovely."

Taking his hand, she walked up the winding staircase. In the hallway, she admired the various pieces of art handing on the wall, half listening to the histories behind each piece. Until one particular piece caught her eye. It was a portrait of Yuri. Several things stood out, making the picture very unique. The artwork was identical to Yuri, except he was wearing what looked like 17th century attire. Whoever painted the piece, painted the face of a woman in the pupil of his eye. Morrigan leaned forward, staring at the tiny face painted. I invaded her mind once more, reading her thoughts as she realized that the face was hers. I watched her blink hard, as if trying to reassure herself that she wasn't losing her mind or was too drunk.

"Is everything okay, Morrigan?"

"I think so. I think I may have had too much to drink."

"Why is that?"

"Because the face looks just like me." she uneasily laughed. The hour was at hand. The demon was becoming impatient.

"Would you want the face to be yours?" I asked softly, wrapping my arms around her shoulders. She leaned her head back against my chest, as if contemplating what I asked.

"I think I would like for it to be me one day." she whispered, turning around in my arms. I took the goblet out of her hand, tossing it aside as I scooped her up in my arms. I wondered if she knew that one day was today?

Morrigan wrapped her arms around his neck. She normally didn't sleep around like this, but it was something about this man. She could feel the wetness clinging to the thin, silky crotch of her thong. I inhaled the musky scent of her arousal that seeped from her body. It would have to pacify the demon, because I would not be rushed. I laid her body in the middle of poster bed, draped with smoky coloured muslin. Her smooth chocolate skin looked delicious against the black satin sheets. I slowly stripped away her clothes, baring her body inch by inch, until she lay there clad only in a scarlet thong and matching satin bustier. Her full breasts nearly spilled over the cups, her nipples strained against the material. Circling her swollen nipples beneath the satiny material, making her arch her back.

"Please don't tease Yuri..." she pleaded, writhing on the bed. She had become nearly as impatient as the demon, but I would not be rushed. Deftly, I removed the bustier, freeing her full breasts, cupping the soft mounds. I flicked my tongue against her erect nipples, making her suck the air between her teeth, biting her bottom lip. I slowly kissed, licked, and gently bit my way down her body. Postitioning my body between her legs, I traced the outline of her mons through her thong. I could see the moisture soaking through the thin material. My mouth moved forward, sucking her labia through the material, tasting her sweet honey.

"OH YURI!" she yelped. Her body began to shudder as the orgasm hit her. Snatching away the material, I devoured the gush of cum from her spasming pussy. Through sheer will, I made my clothes vaporize. Her skin scalded my cold flesh. I continued licking and sucking on her womanhood, my tongue stabbing and flicking at her swollen clitoris, keeping her body in a state of perpetual orgasm. Wave after wave orgasm crashed over her, her voice becoming one hoarse cry after another. Her honey was like drug to me, I couldn't get enough. Morrigan gripped Yuri's hair, tearing his mouth away from her pussy.

"No more, please! I need you to fill me! Please Yuri!" she cried, pulling him up. I could never deny any woman and I wasn't going to start now. I positioned my throbbing erection at her swollen labia, teasing her clit. But Morrigan had other plans. She expertly flipped Yuri on his back, stradling his cock.

"My my Morrigan..." I whispered, my eyes wide in shock. I never had a woman, a mere mortal woman at that, do this to me. Her eyes held a spark of determination fueled with lust as she guided my cock inside of her. Her eyes squeezed tightly shut as she struggled to impale herself on my thick cock. I wanted to tell her it would have been easier for her if she allowed me to do it, but the sheer tightness of her pussy as it descended on me.

"Oh GOD YURI!!! I'M CUMMMINNGGGG AGAINNNN..." she screamed as she was filled and stretched beyond her wildest dreams. She could feel the tip of his cock rubbing against her cervix, penetrating her womb. She sat perfectly still, relishing the strong tremors erupting in her pussy. I let her sit still for a few moments, for I too was enjoying the sensations her tight pussy was giving me, the spasms that only just previously clutched my tongue, now hugging my cock. Slowly, I began to rock her hips back and forth, hitting that magic spot that made her clutch her breasts and twist her nipples in pure ectasy. I licked my lips, pulling her forward so that I could taste her breasts. Morrigan screamed out as his cock tilted inside of her. His teeth nipped at her breasts, lightly at first, then harder. My hunger was on the verge of being sated, now the demon needed to be fed. I turned her over and began thrusting deep inside her, triggering small orgasms. Morrigan wrapped her arms around his back, her nails digging in his back, leaving red streaks on his pale skin. God, I loved the pain her hands were giving me, it spurred me on to fuck her even harder. I licked at her sweat dampened throat, my teeth scraping against the salty flesh, tasting her passion. The time for gentlness had passed, the demon had taken over. Brutally I thrusted inside her, grabbing her legs, putting them on my shoulders, tilting her pelvis, allowing me to drive deeper inside of her. Morrigan felt him plunge deeper and deeper, making her cry out in pain or pleasure, she couldn't distinguish between the two sensations now. She was like a woman possesed, clawing at his back, biting at his neck, bucking her hips, matching his strokes. I could go one for days fucking her like this at this pace without ever losing a stroke. Grabbing a handful of her hair, forcing her to look at me.

"That's right little one, feel it, feel the demon inside of you. Can you feel the demon fucking you, Morrigan? Can you?"

"YES YES YES!" she chanted, thrashing her head.

"Do you want the demon Morrigan? Do you want to be the face in the picture?" I asked, pumping harder. Her eyes sparkled with unshed tears as she looked up at me, making me cease my movements.

"Yuri are you the demon?" she whispered.

"Yes, Morrigan, I am the demon." I waited for her response. She responded by tilting her hips, shifting my cock inside of her. My eyes locked on hers, in total amazement. Licking her lips, she pulled my down and kissed me passionately.

"I want the demon." she whispered in my ear, flicking her tongue against my lobe. The demon could not be contained any more. I pumped hard inside of her, willing myself to cum. Soon, my balls began to tighten and my cock swelled. The walls of her pussy clamped down hard on my cock, pushing me over the edge.

"You wanted the demon...Here it cummmmsssssss..." I hissed, shooting my semen inside of her, coating the walls of her womb. With the first spray of cum, a monsterous orgasm ripped through Morrigan. Her body shuddered and bucked beneath Yuri, almost upseating him. I could sense that this orgasm was the one I had been waited for. As soon as the orgasm hit its peak, I sank my fangs deep in her jugular, feeling her hot, orgasm sweetened blood rush into my mouth. I drained her essence until I felt her heart slowed down to a slow, almost death-like beat. I tore my fangs from her neck, licking the wound close. Her eyes locked with mines as the tears flowed down her full cheeks.

"Look little one" I instructed as I drew my nail against my wrist, drawing a steady flow of blood, "Feed from me Morrigan, become blood of my blood. You want the demon, I give you the demon." I lowered my wrist to her mouth, moaning softly as the first drop fell on her pink tongue. The intial drop fueled her hunger. Morrigan grabbed his wrist, sinking her newly formed fangs into him, tearing the wound open until his blood flowed freely into her mouth. For a brief moment, I shared her last few heartbeats, before her heart stopped beating as it tends to do when the demon takes over.

"Enough little one." I said, gently pushing her mouth away. Reluctanly, Morrigan pulled her mouth from his wrist and watched as his blood dripped down her breasts.

"Heal the wound Morrigan." I said. I could heal the wound myself, but right now I was too weakened from her hunger. Morrigan gently took his wrist in her hand, licking the wound close until there was a faint scar. I rolled over on my side, pulling Morrigan next to me. Playfully, she slid my cock between her legs, making it a prisoner between her smooth thighs. I cradled her in my arms, stroking her hair, wrapping her curls around my fingers. I felt a lone tear of blood slide down my face. I gave her the demon and lead her to the path of her damnation. I wondered if she knew that she chose to be damned...

"Yuri, I only wanted what I always knew I already was." she whispered, reading my thoughts, as she slid down my body, taking my cock in her warm mouth.

"How do you know that you were a demon?" I asked between gasps. Her tongue was like magic around my cock. Her new fangs grazed my cock, sending shivers through my body. I could feel my cock slide down her throat.

"Because Yuri..." she paused, sucking hard on my cock, " I love to suck!" she laughed...

And boy was she ever good at sucking...whether it be my cock that's always hard and ready for her hungry mouth or some poor bastard that happened to cross her path. Yes, I gave her the demon, but she chose take her path of damnation.


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