tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Perfect Victim

The Perfect Victim


People have asked me, recently, what's going on between Theora and me. Of course I play innocent and suggest that they ask her. The glances; the looks; and the expressions between us expose that we are hiding a secret. It is a secret that would be particularly embarrassing to Theora if it was ever discovered. However, where I am concerned our secret is as carefully tucked away as the pictures I took of us. Exposing me would mean exposing herself. I know she could never do that, which is what made her the perfect victim.

The reasons for singling Theora out are obvious. She's beautiful, she's quiet, and she's always around. She has this perky, innocent smile that always lights up a room. Something about that innocent smile made me want to soil that innocence. If that sounds evil, then perhaps I am evil. I won't pretend to be otherwise. Those conservative cloths she wears hide a body built for sex. Her breasts are firm. She is well proportioned; neither top heavy nor bottom heavy. She's the one who politely steps to the side to let you pass when you meet in a narrow hallway. What she sees as polite, I see as submissive.

The first part of my plan was the set-up. This required getting accomplices who could react on short notice, and who were willing to share their schedules with me so I could get the maximum amount of volunteers. It isn't easy coordinating a number of people to be at a given place at a given time...maybe. This took a couple of weeks, but it had the added advantage of having the list solidified in case I needed to use them again, which I most likely will do. I tend to get bored easily. The second part of the plan was to get Theora over to my place. This would not be difficult since all I had to do was to say that I needed her help with a project and Theora would be there to help. Her ever present smile and her gregarious nature played to my advantage. I pre-programmed a text message in my phone to the group so they would know when they were needed. All was working well.

I told Theora that I was re-designing my basement and that I wanted her advice. She was all too willing to help, since I didn't live far from work and since she considered me a friend. She didn't even know how good a friend I was. I was about to liberate her from the oppressive chains of sexual inhibition. We drove in my car which is a rather plain looking 2004 Taurus. Of course I was most gracious and polite. I let her pick the radio station, even though I didn't spend six grand on an audio system to listen to country music. I complimented her on her black dress, which I intended to very soon be on my floor. We even talked a little bit about the guys we both knew. Theora likes guys, as do I. I'm just not limited to the opposite sex when it comes to sexual expression. I try not to have any limits.

My home was a rather nondescript looking single floor ranch house on the end of a cul-de-sac. The driveway made two turns before leading to the two car garage, which attached at the side. The single story brick house was nestled in a nice grove of trees which offered quiet solitude and yet was not far from the business park. When my grandfather owned it, this was a farm. My father turned it into a subdivision. For me it was my private paradise. And best of all, there was no mortgage. Thanks, Dad.

I showed her around the inside of the house which was already partially remodeled. When we walked into the basement I let her go first. That way she wouldn't see that there are only knobs on one side. The other side opens by a key, which I had with me. There is a door at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom. She walked through the bottom door and stopped, looking the place over. I had the block walls lined with cut stone, and I even had stone put on the back side of the door. I replaced all the lights with wall lights which were made to look like they were torches. I mounted manacles to the wall, mounted a St. Andrew's cross at either end, and lined the back wall with several medieval looking beds with hoops for rope bondage. The floor was my masterpiece. It had gym mats coated to look granite slabs. It took me all summer to complete my dungeon, but now here it was, awaiting its first victim; a raven haired beauty who had willing walked into what had to be a BDSM enthusiasts dream.

I could see her jaw drop as she took it all in. I tried to maintain my cool to the best of my ability, but as soon as I closed the door my heart was racing. She was obviously out of her element here and I could tell she was more than a little nervous. I loved the feelings; both mine and hers. Was I up to this? If it went wrong, I was looking at felony charges. Could I really pull this off? I had to put her at ease and get her defenses down. I had to calm down myself or I was going to blow my chance.

"I put about twenty grand into this altogether," I told her. "Do you know what I could rent this for? Five hundred a night. A thousand a weekend. More if I had a good bar. I just don't know where to put it to not ruin the atmosphere." I walked past her toward the other end of the basement, pretending to be lost and pretending to need her advice. What I needed was her sweet body. "What do you think? Here? It's close to the breaker box and we could put the coolers underneath to keep the look?"

The numbers impressed her. Of course...I just made them up. I had no intention of renting my property. It's not that I couldn't use the money. If I didn't need money I wouldn't be working. I just don't want to share my dungeon with strangers. Theora began to relax as we talked about the bar and other changes or additions we could make. Too lighten the mood, I tossed her a riding crop and challenged her to a fencing duel. We were both laughed and we were having a great time in the dungeon.

When she was more relaxed, I handed her my digital camera, I took off my top, put on a hood and backed up to one of the crosses. I positioned my wrists by the straps and asked her to take my picture. She agreed willingly. Theora was a lot more hesitant when I said I wanted her picture, but the hood would cover her face. All anyone would see would be her luscious tits. I could tell she wanted a picture too, but she would only let me take it with her phone. That was certainly all right with me; for now.

She finally took off her top and backed up to the cross. "Wait. This looks hokey," I said to her. I walked back to her and quickly secured her wrists with the Velcro cuffs. I then stepped back and took a couple of pictures with her phone. "Perfect," I said to her. "Let me get your backside." I unfastened the cuffs and she turned around, moving into position for me. This was too good to be true. Of course, why SHOULDN'T she trust me? I was such a dear friend. I snapped a couple of pictures and then unhooked her skirt and let it drop.

"Okay, let me out," she said under the hood. "I never said you could do panty shots."

"That's true," I said. "No panty shots." I reached over and yanked them down. She screamed at me and struggled to keep them on, but with her hands tied to the cross she couldn't do much. I put a set of cuffs around her ankles and then pulled them to the legs of the cross. For this she cussed me out very loudly. I didn't care. Nobody could hear us. I took a couple more pictures with her phone and then switched to my camera for better quality. Then I walked over to her and removed the hood. I didn't need it any more.

"You know, a lady should never use such profanity," I told her as I walked to an implement rack that I know she can see. I take down a thick leather paddle and start to walk back to her. You know you're going to have to be punished for that, right?"

She told me I'd better not DARE hit her with that paddle. She threatened me with everything from prison to dismemberment. I replied with a stinging WHACK to the sensitive underside of her ass; in the "sweet spot." Subsequent strikes changed her threats to cries of pain and whimpering pleas to be released.

I was never much into whips and chains, but a good hard spanking never hurt anyone. Much. I didn't want to cause injury so I never hit her incredibly hard, but my strikes were firm and it was a nice long spanking. I needed to impress upon her that we had a simple chain of command. I was in command, and she was in chains. I spread the blows out enough to give her ass a nice uniform red glow. I knew it burned like hell. The tears in her eyes were real, but this wasn't something you could do part way. Either completely break their spirit or don't even try. She wasn't going anywhere and I was going to spank her ass until I decided to quit. One strike with a leather paddle can make your eyes water. Five can make your ass feel like it's on fire. Theora got twenty. She was reluctant at first to proclaim that I was now her master, but eventually she gave in. She would have said anything to get the spanking to stop.

Of course, pain was only the first part of the equation. You can't have pain without pleasure, otherwise you don't have domination you have abuse. So as she was more or less hanging off the cross, I sent off the text message I had prepared to the people I knew to be free at that time. I then slid to my knees under her. I pulled her hips back and rested my head against the back of the cross, which enabled me to lick her pussy while I rubbed the burn into her ass. I knew she was going to be wet, and I was not disappointed. She moaned in both pain and pleasure as I slowly ran my tongue along the length of her opening. I then dragged the moisture over her clit. I could feel her body tremble at the sensation. Her mouth was pleading with me to stop, but her body wanted more. It was her body's cries that I heeded.

As Theora was fighting a losing battle not to give in to the sensations, I slid two fingers into her dripping hot box and curled them to massage her G spot. My tongue caressed her clit. Even though she tried to resist she was very soon writhing in ecstasy. I loved the feel of her fine young body squirming over my tongue. She began to lose control. Despite the abuse... or maybe because of it... she cried out loudly as she came. Her body shuddered. Her moisture was released. Giving in to the abuse may have been the last thing on her wish list but her climax was intense.

I didn't give her much time to recover. I quickly got into a strap on harness and eased the tip of the 7" dong against her opening. By now she didn't even resist. She simply moaned as I worked the dong inside her. My hands gripped her breasts and I kissed the base of her neck gently. Her skin was sweaty and tasted delightfully salty. Her nipples were firm and erect. I pinched them lightly between my index and middle finger as I caressed her breasts. Her ass was against my pelvis as I buried the fake cock inside her tight body. Theora might have had a shy nature, but her body was definitely made to fuck. She gave up trying to resist, which was good. She began to push back against me as I fucked her, and that was even better.

I went slowly at first, just teasing that hot, sexy pussy of hers. My right hand slowly slid down over her abs, and rested on her lower belly. My fingertips gently teased over her clit while I tugged at her nipples with my left hand. I heard her moan, only this time not because of her burning ass. The strappy slid easily along her slickened vaginal walls as I rubbed her clit. I kissed and sucked at the base of her neck as I began to increase the tempo. The tip of the strappy banged against her G spot as I stroked into her tight pussy. She moaned and began to cum. In seconds she was squirming and bucking against me. Theora was mine.

I pulled the strappy out and knelt down to lick up all of her juices. She didn't even try to pull away. My thumbs pulled her crimson cheeks apart as my tongue licked and probed her, eager to get every drop of her nectar. She held her hips back while I took my fill.

I stood behind her as I released her left wrist, and then her right. I did NOT release her ankles, so she couldn't get away if she tried. She didn't fight me as I pulled her arms behind her back. "Do NOT move," I warned as I released her wrists. "I really don't want to cane that pretty ass, but I will if you make me." My voice was low and as menacing as I could make it.

Theora, MY Theora, stood at the cross with her hands behind her back, waiting for me to get the cuffs out of the drawer and put them on her wrists. I took my time doing it, just to make her think about defying me. I was glad she didn't, because I never wanted to make a threat I didn't uphold, and frankly, I didn't want to cane her pretty red ass. I used leather and Velcro cuffs, lined with velvet to be very soft against her skin. These cuffs were going to be on her for a while, and I didn't want them to cut into her wrists. She begged me to let her go, but that did no good. I simply told her, "When I'm ready, and not before. If she thought her evening was over, she was in for a rude surprise. It was just beginning. I released her from the ankle cuffs and helped her to sit in an armchair, which made her squirm. I knew it had to be hard for her to sit with her ass so burning red, but what good was a spanking if you couldn't get the full effect of it? I put a single strap around her waist and secured her to the chair. "I'll be back soon, Pet," I said. I was already treating her like a slave. I DID have to go upstairs though. My guests were due at any moment, and I had to be there to greet them.

I waited until everyone arrived before we went back down to Theora. She was NOT glad to see the eight men who had come to visit her. She immediately began to beg to be released, which wasn't going to happen. I DID release her from her chair as two of the guys put her on her knees right in front of it.

"Now, Pet," I said to her. "We're going to have a little party, and you're the guest of honor. Please do NOT to anything to embarrass me. If you bite ANYONE or in any way attempt to cause them harm, then I will be forced to give you a hundred lashes and send you home with Marshal." I point to a large, ominous looking man who appeared to be Polynesian. "Marshal deals in the transportation and sale of sex slaves. So I you don't want to end up in a whorehouse in Bolivia, I suggest you be on your best behavior." Marshal actually worked security at a bar up the road. He probably couldn't find Bolivia on a map, but Theora had no way of knowing this.

The first man to come forward was Steve, an accountant who always had fantasies of a gang bang. He gripped Theora by the hair and slid his cock into her mouth. He pushed too deep and she gagged. I kind of think he did that on purpose. It was a beautiful sight, watching my pet being mouth fucked by this man. After a moment he yielded to the next man. The fun would begin in earnest after Theora had tasted all eight cocks. By the third man, she simply waited on her knees to be mouth fucked. She was in for a long night. It was going to be SOOO hot.

One of the men sat in the chair and pulled Theora on to his lap. He slid into her from beneath and ordered her to ride him. It wasn't easy for her since her wrists were cuffed behind her back, but she did the best she could. The man griped her hips and held her as he slammed up into her from beneath. It was such a lovely scene that I just HAD to lean in and lick her clit. Theora's protests began to fade as she realized nobody was listening to her, so she got quiet other than the whimpers and moans associated from getting fucked roughly. I had the perfect close up view of her violation as I circled my tongue over her swollen love button. Theora soon cried out and came again, which made the Steve nearly cum in her pussy. He managed to get his cock out of her pussy and in to her mouth first. The deal with the guys was that nobody would cum in her pussy. That way nobody got "Sloppy seconds." Theora was going to be drinking a LOT of cum.

The dungeon had a small table with adjustable legs that was just right for laying a subject, in this case Theora, across. One man began to slam into her pussy from behind while another stood in front of her and fucked her lovely mouth. After a few minutes they traded positions, and the man who had been fucking her erupted in her mouth. The other man started to rub his cock against her ass. "No, no anal," I told him, loud enough so the rest could hear as well. "Nobody fucks her ass until I do." That news seemed to come as a relief; somewhat; to Theora. She wasn't going to lose her anal virginity that night, but she WAS going to lose it and I was going to be the one to take it.

I got some great pictures. My favorite was with Theora on her back, arms beneath her on the table, legs on one man's shoulders, her head hanging off the end of the table as another man had his cock all the down her throat. A third man was sliding his cock back and forth between her tits, slicked by some Red Hot Cherry massage oil. It was an AWESOME site. Everyone was somewhat gentle with her. She was going to be fucked and fucked hard, but nobody tried to cause her any unnecessary pain. I had chosen my group well.

After about two hours I announced that Theora's ass had grown cold. Two men stood her up and I commanded her to go drape herself over the end of a sofa while I got a belt. Amazingly, she did so without argument. By this time she had determined that the only thing resisting would do was to multiply the punishment. I borrowed a belt and walked behind her.

"You will count the strikes, and say "Thank you, Ma'am" after each," I told her. "Do a good job and I'll stop after ten. Mess it up and I'll do another ten. Mess up again and we'll ALL give you ten. Understood?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Theora said. I knew she was NOT looking forward to this, but I didn't care. I kind of liked spanking her. The belt whistled and slapped against her already sore ass. That one was a little harder than I had intended. She screamed, but then managed to say, "One. Thank you, Ma'am." Theora was a keeper. The next five weren't nearly as hard, but they still stung. The seventh was a real bun burner. She ALMOST couldn't get the words out, but she did managed a squeaking, "Seven. Thank you, Ma'am." I was impressed. I took it easy on her for the last three. I didn't let her stand up, however. One of the guys slid his cock into her pussy and another seated himself under her mouth.

We took a bathroom break at 11:00 and another at 1:00. By 2:00 the guys were worn out, and so was Theora. I had over 200 pictures, which I put online as she was kissing the men goodnight and thanking them for fucking her. I thought that was a nice touch, though it must have nearly killed her to say it. Theora was broken; physically and psychologically. When I unfastened the cuffs, I knew she didn't have the will or the energy to resist me. "You did well, Pet," I told her. "Come. You may sleep in my bed tonight and I'll take you home in the morning. Theora hung her head and followed me like an obedient puppy.

I cuddled with her in the spoon position as we drifted off to sleep. She could have run away or she could have attacked me in my sleep. She did neither. She curled up in my arms and drifted off with me into a deep, exhausted sleep. She was still there, in my bed, in my arms when I woke up.

Now the question is... do I REALLY want to take her home?

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