The Perfect Wife


Get ready, I thought, you're gonna get fucked! I looked at John's crotch expecting to see the usual hard on he got telling about Bob fucking Gail. But it wasn't there.

John looked off into the distance thinking for several minutes.

Then he shook his head sadly and said softly, "Of course Gail's husband doesn't know Bob's fucking her. Bob says Gail's husband can't give her the sex she needs. Damn! Not being able to give your wife what she needs and having her fuck another guy to get it. That's not easy."

He paused in thought. I started to get scared. What was he thinking?

"Jesus!" John said at last. "I don't think I could just lie there like Walt and listen to my wife grunt while another guy is pounding her pussy. I mean ... well ... I don't think I'd WANT to know if she WAS fuckin somebody else. But I sure as hell wouldn't want to listen to her grunt."

I suddenly asked myself: Could I fuck another guy if John knew about it? No! I may be a real bitch but I couldn't do to the man I love what Beth is doing to Walt. No way! And John KNOWS I couldn't do that. But the way he's talking now is strange. Does John think maybe I've been fuckin Bob?

My God he almost caught us that one time. He got home only minutes after Bob left. Did he pass Bob's car on the road? I had Bob's cum in my pussy when John fucked me that night. Could he tell? Could he smell Bob's sweat on my tits? Did he notice the bed was a mess or feel the wet spot? Did he see all these clues and figure out the whole damn thing that night almost two years ago? Is that why he's never changed his travel plans after that? No way. He can't possibly know.

But still ... does he love me enough to let Bob give me what he can't ... fuck me the way I need to get fucked? Did he know I was in bed naked with Bob every time he called from his hotel room to tell me that he loved me? Did he know that I had the phone in one hand and a big uncircumcised cock in the other when I said, "I love you too?"

Did he know that after I hung up the phone I laid back and spread my legs for his best friend? No! He couldn't have known! He couldn't have let me do that! Did he know I was the "Gail" in Bob's fuck stories? No! He doesn't know a damn thing. He really doesn't know a thing.

I thought once again about how much I needed that big dick and that stamina. I needed it but I could never put my husband through what Walt was going through. I was in love with John.

John continued, "I talked to Bob about marrying Margie. I asked him if he was gonna keep fuckin Gail. He said probably not. I asked him what Gail was going to do. Bob laughed and said, 'She's one horny bitch. She'll either do without or put the make on the golf pro. Beth says the pro's got a really big dick -- and you know how much Gail needs a big one.'"

John and I sat on the patio in silence sipping our drinks − both of us thinking.

What the hell COULD I do? I knew I was gonna get sick with depression like before. I'd be sick and horny − just easy meat for the first guy to make a pass. Remembering those orgasms Bob gave me I'd probably spread my legs the first chance I got, desperately looking for that feeling again. Was I gonna have to take golf lessons like those whores with the neglected pussies?

BUT I'M NOT A WHORE! I can't fuck the golf pro! Suddenly I remembered what Bob had said about him. A really big dick he'd said. Okay, but what about stamina? Shit! Why am I thinking like this? Damn it! I'm mixed up. What the hell am I gonna do? What CAN I do? I NEED TO FUCK! But I love my husband.

I walked over to him and bending over I kissed him softly on the cheek. "Darling, I love you so much."

"I love you too," he said. "I love you more than you can ever know and I never want to lose you."

John thought a moment in silence. Then turning to me said very softly, "Darling, what do you think Gail will do?"

"I don't know," I said as I sat thinking about my future. "I really don't know."

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by Anonymous

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by GeorgeAnderson08/22/17

"I really don't know."

She knows. We know. And he knows. This marriage isn't meeting either of their needs: she needs sexual satisfaction she can't get from him; he needs a woman who loves him. Diane doesn't: her only lovingmore...

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by Anonymous08/21/17

5! Great story

If the asshole of LIt, dear anony, hates the story it has to be good.

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by Anonymous08/21/17

yeah, as someone already asked:

WHY did she marry John if she thought he was too small?

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by Anonymous12/27/16

Why did she marry John?

She stated that she always needed a good fuck so if John wasn't big enough for her and lacked stamina, why did she marry him? I just find that the wife was a slut.

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by Anonymous10/04/16

A good story. I gave it a 5- (4.6/5.0 = 92%)

Both my wife & i are 60+ now.
Years ago she cheated on me every 2 - 3 years, i.e. when she liked a man.
Each time she begged me to forgive her & take her back. I would take her back & put her "on notice"more...

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