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The Pictures


Sitting here looking at the pictures, I can't help but feel an excitement build deep within me. Your photos call to me, beckon me to come and stand in front of you, watching and waiting for your reactions. I see you grow harder with my presence and I am pleased with the response. Your cock is so rigid and stiff, standing at attention; waiting for my touch; waiting for my lips. I look into your eyes and see the desire you have for me. Your eyes widen as you recognize the desire and the need in me for you. With one look, I silently ask. With a smile, you answer.

And I kneel between your spread legs, running my hands up your calves, over your knees and along your thighs. Moving upward then out over your hips and back in to caress your tummy. Smiling I take your hard cock in both hands, tug at it gently before slipping one hand down the shaft to your balls and the other wrapping over the tip. Your balls nestle into the palm of my hand and I roll and caress them. I hear your low moan and squeeze gently. My other hand slips over the top and starts down the shaft to meet at your base. Holding you I gaze at your hard cock, swollen and red. The veins making ridges along the shaft; ridges that I know will rub the walls of my pussy. Ridges that my tongue will travel up and down, as it laps its way from tip to base.

I watch as your cock begins to leak small drips of pre-cum like morning dew on a flower, glistening, shining and wet. I can no longer contain myself and I let my tongue flick out; tentatively touching. That drop growing with your excitement as my tongue touches it and I savor your essence. That one taste triggers my need and my tongue begins it frantic dance over your tip, around and under you, I lick. Lapping you, wetting you, my tongue slides down the hard shaft to the base, around and up the hard vein under you; stopping at that oh so sensitive spot just under your tip. My lips nibbling and sucking the tender skin and vein into my mouth, pulling your moans from your throat, louder.

I feel your hands in my hair, caressing and stroking me. Lifting slightly I let your tip pop out and I blow warm air across it and feel you shiver. Kissing, licking and nibbling I make my way once again to your base; my tongue leaving wet trails along the shaft. Reaching out with my tongue I slip your sac between my lips, then open them and suck you in. Rolling you, caressing you, they tighten and begin to fill within the moist heat of my mouth. Slipping you out I flatten my tongue; reach under you with both hands and nudge you move to the edge of the chair. With your ass cheeks in my hands, I lick and nibble my way to your little puckered hole. Licking along the crack, your moans become groans, low and husky you say, "Oh yes, baby, suck my ass. You know I love that, oh yesss."

I slip my tongue into you, twirling it around and slipping out. Circling and then dipping in again, slowly fucking your ass with my tongue. Your breathing goes ragged as I feel you building. My one hand fisting your rock hard cock as I tongue fuck your ass. My tongue sliding in and out, sliding in and holding it there as I lock my mouth around you and suck. Slipping out I lick my way to the front, wetting your balls as I slide past. Up your incredible cock, harder than ever, I slip up to the tip. Pressing you to closed lips, slowly I open and then descend on you. All at once, taking your entire length to the back of my throat, I swallow you. As my throat muscles flex and grip, rippling up your cock, I feel your uncontrollable twitch. Knowing that you are so close I wrap my thumb and finger around your cock at the base and squeeze, halting your need to cum. I slip you up and out of my mouth, licking and sucking, holding you and keeping you hard.

Looking up into your eyes, smiling to see the lust barely contained, I release my hold on you, and let my hands roam up and over your chest. My fingers circling your nipples, gently pinching and tweaking. I stretch up to kiss your lips. Opening my lips wide as you plunge your tongue into my mouth, fucking me with it. I suck it in and pull you even harder as your arms close around me and press me to your chest.

Pulling me up to you, my legs open as I straddle you and settle into your lap. Your hard cock pressing against my tummy, I shift up and out and you slip in between my legs. Your hands on my hips, my hands on your shoulders, our lips pressed together, you lower me onto your cock. I am so wet and slick, you slide in slowly. Pressing me down onto you, your cock stretching my tight pussy, feeling all of you rubbing against the walls; filling me. The friction between us is incredible. As your length pushes farther and deeper, my muscles begin to tighten. The grip on your cock must feel fantastic, because I hear you moan, "Oh Rita, you are so tight, my god, this feels so good."

One last push and you hit the back, deep in me all the way, my ass resting against your balls. I rock forward, then back, forward, then back. Your hands tighten on my hips to steady me and I begin my ride. Lifting and lowering, up and down, your hard cock plunging in and out...pulling up and holding just your tip and then pushing back down taking the length into me. Rocking on you, undulating, my hips shifting, pushing myself towards an incredible orgasm; feeling it build deep inside as I continue riding your cock. I can feel you swelling and my muscles convulse around you, my hand lowers to my clit and begins its dance towards climax. Rocking back and holding there, I squeeze hard and then slip forward and increase the movement, faster now, harder and deeper, pulling you in, pushing me up. Building and riding that edge. I know you are you are close and I push to take us both together. My clit throbbing and pulsing against my fingers, I feel your balls tighten and contract and I let myself fly over that edge.

As my orgasm slams into me, crying out to you and your response is my name; I feel you explode deep inside me; hitting the back of my cervix and washing back down and over your cock. We cry out each others names, over and over, as wave after wave of pleasure wash over us. I shudder and tremble on top of you, feeling your whole body shaking beneath me. As we slow our movements, my muscles milking the last drops of hot creamy cum from your cock, I collapse against your chest. We sit, joined together as one. Your arms around me holding me close to you. Our bodies connected, our juices mixed, our breathing ragged. I sit up slightly and look into your smiling eyes and say to you, "Gordon, you really have to stop sending me pee-pee pictures! Look what happens when you do!"

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