tagHumor & SatireThe Pink Orchid Ch. 01

The Pink Orchid Ch. 01


Dick Larson, Private Detective, had lived a lot and worked a little in Liverpool since 1984. He had moved there soon after finishing college in Salford where he scraped a second in criminology and a first in pub culture.

At the time he had used some of the criminology and psychology skills that he learned and also applied some of his own logical reasoning to decide which city to locate himself in. Not wanting to live too far from his small home town of Cockermouth, he had chosen Liverpool with its reputation for having a mature criminal underworld. Such a city would need a private detective to solve the crimes that the police couldn't or the crimes that were never reported, because the victim did not want the police involved.

Dick had rented a tiny two room office suite on the first floor above a massage parlour close to the city centre and lived in an equally small, two room flat above his office on the second floor. That had been twelve years ago and he was still just making ends meet.

Dick was having another dull day. The phone hadn't rung since a week from last Monday; his secretary was doing her nails for the third time that morning and the mail consisted of phone bills, free internet offers and a reminder that the local blood bank would be operating in his vicinity this Thursday.

"Bollocks!" Dick swore at his laptop, "I need a God dammed case, and soon."

"Jessica, you brainless bimbo, come in here and take a letter!" he shouted out of his office door.

"God damn it, that girl's useless," he cursed again when he heard no response from the reception room, "Bloody Youth Training Schemes aren't what they used to be."

"Jessica, where the hell are you? I need you to dictate a letter, like now," he shouted again.

"I knew I shouldn't have hired a blonde," he grumbled to his laptop, "if I was paying her, I'd cut her bloody hourly rate down to somewhere near her IQ. Jessica!"

Jessica was twenty one and had been working with Dick for the past five weeks, during which time she had become used to his bellowing. However, the only useful experience she was gaining was how to bend over and around various pieces of office furniture. She supposed this was just part of the job of being a personal assistant to a city-slick detective in the nineties.

Jessica was eccentric in her dress sense. Today she was wearing a tight fitting, pink lace blouse with a plunging neck line. Her bosom swelling up like two waves about to break upon a beach, was tantalizingly obvious in the red-patterned bra she wore that was visible through the sheer fabric; delicate, black silk gloves stretched almost to her elbows. The tight, short, deep purple skirt and calf high black stockings completed her sexy outfit. Her looks were the only reason why Private Dick Larson had hired her in the first place; she had passed the interview as soon as she walked through the door.

Jessica didn't mind Dick's sexual advances. Her boyfriend was always complaining that she demanded too much sex from him, and Dick's interest in her had calmed the lustful desires that seemed to dominate her thoughts throughout the day.

With her heels clicking across the wooden floorboards, her note pad and pencil in hand, spectacles balanced on the tip of her nose (as all good secretaries do), she walked through from the reception room into the office to confront Dick. Standing provocatively in the doorframe, sunlight streaming around the contours of her hourglass figure, the sight of Jessica was enough to make Dick suck air in-between his teeth.

He was re-installing Windows 3.1 on his clapped-out old laptop.

Jessica bit down gently on the rubber tip of her pencil. Hmm, she thought, I like the way he fingers that mouse.

"Right, Jessica. Since my laptop has gone down on me again... Ha, Ha," Dick laughed at his own coarse joke, "we are going to have to do it the old fashioned way. Sit yourself down on my knee, Lass, and let's get cracking."

Jessica smiled sweetly as she walked over to Dick's desk, her bosom deliberately bouncing as she crossed the floor. The clean, distinct scent of apricot followed her like the wake from a passing yacht.

"Right, Lass, it's for the editor of Liverpool Echo. I'm going to invent a cracking good story about how I solved a mysterious case of a man's wife disappearing; something good enough to print, that will have my name known all over town and bring in some new cases."

Dick's right hand was stroking Jessica's smooth bare thigh as she sat perched on his knee; the warmth of her soft, plump bottom spread over his lap like melting butter. Thoughts of the letter he had planned on dictating to her were being pushed further and further to the back of his mind.

They were being replaced by thoughts of caressing the smooth, billowing form of her bosom, and these new thoughts were rapidly taking over more and more of Dick's diminishing mental capabilities. A small, sudden movement from Dick's crotch indicated that his thoughts had transmitted themselves down his spine and into his loins.

Jessica squirmed gently as she sat across his knee; she had felt his genital awakenings and wanted to encourage his arousal. "Hmmm," she sighed suggestively, as she dropped her left hand down in-between Dick's legs and stroked the top half of his calf and inner knee. Leaning back against his chest, she breathed in, expanding her bosom in front of his face. She too, was in the mood for some office Olympics.

Dick grunted to show his appreciation of her touch. He ran his hand up from Jessica's bare thigh across the taut material of her short skirt to the delicate rippled material of her blouse; his fingers pushed gently into the soft flesh of her tummy as his hand rose up to rub the smooth firm surface of her bra's silky cup. Dick leisurely explored across from the peak of one soft mountain into the dividing valley between and then up to blunt summit of its identical twin. He did this several times before he undid the top two buttons of her blouse and slipped his hand inside the fabric; cupping her bra, lifting it slightly, feeling the warm weight and firmness of her young mammary.

A short beep from the laptop indicated that it was ready for the next disk. With the hand that was currently not groping Jessica's silk cupped breast, Dick ejected the floppy disk and inserting the next, struck the return key, allowing the machine to continue its installation.

As he turned back to Jessica's impressive, pouting chest, their eyes met. Recognizing each other's hunger, their heads turned and tilted until their lips touched. They kissed wetly and were soon lost in a swamp of tactile stimulation.

Jessica slipped her hand up Dick's thigh until she spread her fingers around his bulging crotch, she pushed the palm of her hand up against his balls, compressing them against his groin and was delighted to feel his cock stiffen and straighten in response. Jessica ran her finger nails along the underside of his swelling staff and coaxed it around from where it was growing down his trouser leg, upwards across his thigh until Dick's erection was lying vertically up towards his belly button.

Dick's right arm had curled around Jessica's back and had pulled her torso in close to him, crushing her left breast into his chest, but her right breast was angled out from him and his left arm was mauling the malleable mound through her bra.

"Dick," she whispered, "Take me from behind. You know how hard I cum when you give it to me from behind, Dick."

Jessica did cum aggressively when taken from behind, partly because she loved that position, but also because she didn't have to look at Dick and could let her imagination run away with her, pretending it was her boyfriend, Ready Steady Eddie, sliding his length into her.

Eddie knew just how hard and deep she needed to be fucked, to bring her to an eye-crossing orgasm. He knew then, how to slow to a steady thrusting, keeping her on the boil until the next, and the next, and the next orgasm came rushing up to her like a train coming out of a tunnel. "Ooh," she quivered at the thought of her Eddie, feeling that familiar buzzing sensation between the legs.

"Over the fax machine then, Lass. You look a picture bent over my fax machine."

Jessica hopped up and walked flirtatiously over to the cabinet where she was about to be impaled. The noise of her heels on the wooden floor was now charged with sexual anticipation, like clicks on a metronome steadily forcing time, and Jessica, onwards to the other side of the office and her escape from the mundane fabric of this Tuesday morning.

Placing her hands on either side of the cabinet, she bent over and pushed her buttocks into the air. She could feel her pussy throbbing; already wet from the thoughts of her boyfriend Eddie and the impending penetration.

Dick feasted on the sight of this young temptress, her beautiful legs curving upwards and vanishing just inches below her soft, warm mound. The fabric of her skirt stretched tight as she tried to widen her stance on the floor.

He walked over to her, watching as she pushed her buttocks up and from side to side; flaunting the shape of her round behind at him and rubbing her swollen pussy lips together; gently stimulating herself and heightening her arousal.

Dick reached down and let his hands run up the outsides of her bare thighs, feeling the taut warmth of her smooth muscles. Jessica moaned as her skirt was raised the short distance to the top of her thighs, exposing her sex. She had given up wearing knickers to work after her first week's trial with Dick.

The sweat beading on her labia glistened; her lips were flushed deep pink with the rush of hot blood. Dick squeezed the outer curve of her buttock with his left hand while his right hand caressed across the back of her thigh and slipped between her legs. He cupped her soft low mound with his hand, rubbing it forward and back. His fingers reaching up to the base of her smooth little stomach, her lips leaving a smudge of juice across the palm of his hand, the wetness of her sex thrilled him as he coaxed out her honey.

She pushed gently back against his palm, dropping her pelvis onto his fingers as they rubbed past her pleasure button.

Jessica's head hung down between her arms, watching her own pussy being massaged. She was becoming even more turned on seeing how brazen she was being; her skirt hitched up around her hips, her trimmed light brown fringe, moving forwards and back against Dick's hand, and the glisten of her lips as they moistened and swelled.

As Dick drew his hand back this time, he positioned his thumb so that, on the next stroke, it slid effortlessly inside her. He continued rubbing her mound, but now filling her wet hole each time he pushed forwards; bending his thumb as he withdrew it to rub against the ribbed back of her pussy wall.

"Ooh," she whinnied.

Jessica knew that, for at least the next ten minutes, the world was going to be a wonderful place. As she closed her eyes, the sensation of her G-spot being strummed like a classical guitar, and the electric jarring as his hand passed over her clitoris, overwhelmed her mind.

Dick had her blouse undone now and was looking down over her shoulder, both her mounds pushed out towards the office wall, all shiny and pretty inside their red encasing silk molds. He eased one soft breast out of its warm nest; holding the underside of her flesh gently in the palm of his hand Dick used his thumb to rub across her small soft flat pink stud and teased the young nipple into its harder and wrinkled nib form.

"You have the most gorgeous tits, Jessica," Dick said, being as romantic as he knew how, but Jessica was lost in her own, pink, fuzzy world and did not respond.

"Beep!" the laptop was ready for its next fix of noughts and ones, but the two humanoids were oblivious to its need.

Dick released his manhood from the confines of his boxer shorts; he was now aching for the warmth and softness he knew he could find between Jessica's young thighs. Holding his tool with one hand, his other gripped Jessica's waist, squeezing the smooth flesh, and holding her firmly in place. Jessica knew what was coming next, that hard grip in the soft fleshy spot just above her hip bone meant that Dick was about to stick his cock in her and she was not to move. He could become quite passionate and insistent when she had him properly aroused.

He played the tip of his purple helmet, gently along the crease of her sex, parting her slender lips around his glands, just brushing his hard tip against the inner seal of her sex before letting her lips close again as his stroke moved up between her buttocks.

"Oh, Jess, oh, my fine Jess," he murmured.

Jessica moaned loudly from the back of her throat, mouth open with her tongue wetting her lips.

She twisted her head round to look at Dick.

"Please," she whispered. "Please."

"Beep!" The laptop reached out to the world again.

It was ignored.

Dick couldn't deny her any longer. What an angel, what a beauty, and so sweet with her desire. Sliding his cock down the groove of her buttocks again, this time he slipped half his length slowly into her.

Jessica's legs shook and he had to restrain her from dropping down and sucking in his full length. Such a honey-sweet, high pitched sigh, released itself from Jessica's soul. Dick felt crude next to her delicate femininity. He withdrew from her and watched her lips close themselves behind him as he left.

Another seductive murmur, from Jessica, speaking of satisfaction, pleasure, and of annoyance!

"Beep!" The old laptop could sense the data stacking up in its hard drive, in organized, categorized, and polarized rows and columns. Its File Allocation Table was building up correctly. It knew what the time was and in which country it was, but it was ignored again. Dick considered nipping back to the desk to give the laptop its next disk in the series of twelve.

"Don't you dare," warned Jessica, feeling his indecision.

Dick thought briefly, and decided instead to insert himself back into Jessica; this time with the full length of his shaft. He pushed deep into her; her wetness coated the length of his cock and gave him a smooth ride in. Here, he held fast, as fully embedded into her as he could be.

Jessica exhaled with a long sighing moan.

Dick held them both motionless, as deeply connected as they could be. Jessica began to shake; tiny tremors rocked her spine; the muscles in the tops of her thighs started to spasm and her knees shook underneath her. Still Dick held her hips so her buttocks were locked against him; his spearhead pressed into her soul. He imagined the sexual charge he was delivering deep inside her.

Jessica's orgasm had been triggered and was now overwhelming her.

Dick held her tight until the first wave had passed over her. Then his left hand slid up across her stomach, up to her exposed left breast. He brushed past her nipple and dragged her left breast across to her right breast, until he could squeeze both of them into one hand.

Once he had her whole bosom gripped, he used it to pull Jessica up and away from the wall. She turned to meet him as their pleasure acknowledged itself via their wet mouths, lips and tongues.

Dick held his position deep inside her, and Jessica pushed back gently, quivering as she did. Their embrace broke. Jessica folded at the waist, gripping the side of the small table that the fax machine was sitting on and Dick moved his hands down to either side of Jessica's buttocks. He withdrew and re-entered; withdrew and re-entered; pulling back until his hard hat almost emerged from the depths of her; he withdrew and re-entered, thrusting firmer and quicker, Jessica's moaning became more ecstatic and primal.

"Beep!" This was the laptop's last chance of attracting attention. It had the use of only four beeps until its programming would lapse into standby mode. It knew about its built in ink-jet printer and LCD display; it was eager to finish of its self-diagnostics, but after reaching out to the world in the only way it was capable of and receiving no response, it was now helpless, paralyzed until its user gave it its next dose of data.

This time, Dick didn't even hear its cry for help.

Jessica was blessed with a hair trigger orgasm and could feel the shaking, tight sensation building between her thighs again; the heat and spasm of her muscles focusing her mind on that intoxicating, overwhelming pull that tore her into the black, harsh, uncontrollable abandon of her climax.

Dick had had a few women in his time, and even, he thought, made a few of them cum once or twice. But nothing he had experienced came close to Jessica's orgasms, they made him feel like a king. Over the past few weeks, he had learned to play Jessica's young body like a musical instrument. She would orgasm underneath him or on top of him; she would orgasm if he played with her pussy using his fingers, or if he played with her using his tongue. In fact she seemed to orgasm in just about every position he could devise, which left him free to amuse himself in whatever fantasy took him that day.

Dick would have barely started to get into his thrusting rhythm and she would be climbing the walls; grinding her pussy back against his manhood; tossing her hair around, moaning and shouting. Every time they had had sex, she came and came and came. His ego was cruising around in a stretch limousine; one with a Jacuzzi, a bar, and personal masseur. What a woman. She made him feel like The Man.

As Jessica descended back into her body, she could still hear Dick repeating his appreciations like a stuck record.

"Oh, Jess! Oh my, Jess! Oh, Jess! Oh. Jess!"

His hands gripped her hips firmly and, by the speed and tone of his mumblings, Jessica knew that she had time for at least one more climax before Dick reached his peak. She steadied herself on her feet again, and gripped the side of the table top; adjusting the fan, so its air stream blew across her chest, causing her blouse to billow open and cool her glistening skin.

She thought of Eddie, wearing his old jogging pants, and bringing her a cup of coffee in the morning before they made love. He would set the mug down on the table next to her and she would push herself up against the headboard to sip the steaming brew, as Eddie dived under the covers from the other side, parted her legs and began to nibble his way up the insides of her thighs. By the time he had reached her labia; her fingers would have slid down the front of her night slip and parted her lips so Eddie could lick gently at her pink pastel.

Soon, Jessica was riding that runaway train again; lashed to the front of the engine, hurtling across the old, tattered, wooden bridge that spanned the abyss of her orgasm; her soul being tossed around in a raging, electric sea of ecstasy.

She adored sex. That day in the barn with her first lover, had changed her life forever. She knew then what she wanted out of life, and she was equipped with everything she needed to ensure a steady supply.

Dick released his grip of her hips, reached round and held a breast in each hand. Pulling her up again from the cabinet, they kissed deeply. This was Dick's climax; he always kissed her as he came.

A nice touch, she thought.

Jessica clenched her pussy muscles, squeezing his cock as he continued to thrust into her, causing him to hang onto her breasts even tighter as his pleasure was heightened.

"Oh, Jessica" said Dick.

"Oh, Dick," said Jessica.

Jessica enjoyed another smaller, more comfortable orgasm, as Dick spewed his sticky seed into her.

They remained coupled for a while longer, as their breathing returned to normal.

Dick withdrew from her; kissed her on the back of the neck and shoulders and, wiping his dripping member on his shirt tails, zipped himself up and walked back to his desk.

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