tagFetishThe Pissboy Mansion Ch. 01

The Pissboy Mansion Ch. 01



Carolyn and Nicola have been friends for five years now and share an apartment building in downtown L.A. At the very top of the elite porn industry is the household name of 'PlayBusts' who are currently holding auditions for new models. Successful applicants will not only become rich and famous after appearing in the magazine photo shoots, but they are also guaranteed residence at the luxury PB mansion. This voluptuous residence is home to some of the most beautiful and powerful people on the planet and is said to cater for every indulgence.

The auditions have been going on for several days now, the number of available places diminishing daily. Carolyn has left the apartment for her audition whilst her friend Nicola waits nervously at home. Both girls are extremely attractive with stunningly seductive figures, but will they be hot enough for a chance at the big time........


"I've got in" Carolyn screamed as she burst in through the front door.

Nicola stared in disbelief at her blond friend. "Really?" she asked trying desperately to keep the sound of jealousy out of her voice.

"Yes! Yes!" Carolyn continued dropping her sports bag onto the sofa before coming round to join Nicola at the breakfast bar in the open plan room.

"Tell me all about it" Nicola urged. Her heart was already sinking like a lead balloon at the thought of her friend having taken up one of the few remaining places at the PB mansion. This now meant that there was even less chance of her securing a spot for herself.

"There were lots of girls waiting to go in and I was really nervous. Some of them were really pretty and I kept thinking to myself 'how am I going to beat these girls' and I kept drinking cup after cup of coffee to try and calm myself down. By the time they called me into the interview room I was desperate for a pee and I didn't have time to go to the bathroom. Anyway, I get into the room and it was filled with these four blokes all staring at me. They told me to undress so they can have a good look, so I start stripping. I was so desperate to pee that I must have been rushing as they kept telling me to slow down. I really wanted to make a good impression so I just bit my tongue about needing the toilet and kept on going. I had just got my tits out for them to have a good look when I just couldn't hold back any longer. I told the man behind the desk that I was really sorry and I really needed the bathroom and explained how much I wanted to get in and begged them not to hold it against me. Then one of other men told me that if I wanted the bathroom then I should go right there and then in front of them. Normally I would have told him where to go, but I was on the verge of pissing myself anyway and having all these blokes admiring my body with my tits on display just kind of triggered the response. Within seconds I was squirting my pee into my panties, feeling them go all hot and damp as my piss streamed into them. I was so embarrassed but then one of the blokes starting clapping as my pee started to run down my legs. I couldn't believe it they were actually enjoying seeing me pee myself. The guy behind the desk was leaning forwards for a better look and the other three had all moved closer all so they could witness my panties getting wetter and wetter as my pee soaked right through them."

Carolyn paused for breath and to take the chance to witness her friend's reaction. Nicola's mouth was half open in shock at Carolyn's tale. "Go on" she managed to get out.

"OK. So I'm stood half naked in this room with four blokes watching me take a piss in my panties. By now my underwear is all soaked yellow and streams of pee are running down my legs. There was a large stain on the carpet where my pee had run off my feet and I was still in mid flow. I had never needed to pee as badly as I did then and it felt so incredible to simply let go. The man behind the desk suddenly told me it was time to take off my panties and I tried to explain that I wasn't done peeing. He said that that was why he had asked as he wanted to see my golden spray as it squirted out of my cunt. I had no choice to oblige so I quickly slid my sodden panties down my legs and stood up. Now I was embarrassed again. My piss stream was still flowing out of my pussy and going everywhere. The stain I had made earlier on the carpet was nothing compared to the mess I was making now. I thought I had blown the interview until the boss man behind the desk gave me a massive smile and told me I was in! All he wanted to see now was for me to hold my pussy flaps tight to try and control my piss spray. He wanted to see how far I could reach with pee stream and wanted to know if I was willing to piss on film for him."

"Wow. That is so incredible!" Nicola interjected. "Did you?"

"Oh yes. I put my hands down to my pussy and managed to get my squirting piss shower to form into one long flowing stream, shooting down to spray over all the carpet. I was making such a mess but nobody cared. They loved every second of it. When I had finally finished squirting my pee all over their floor, one bloke even gave me his business card and said if I was interested if giving a private viewing at any time then he would be more than willing to pay some big money for the privilege."

"I just can't believe it, you lucky sod" Nicola said her envy growing. 'Who would have thought that wetting yourself in an interview for a position at the mansion house belonging to the biggest porn king, would secure your place!'

Taking a long drink from the glass of orange juice that Nicola had prepared for her, Carolyn gave her friend a conspiratorial smile. I think I know how we can secure your place as well" she giggled.

"Oh no" said Nicola immediately. I'm not letting anybody watch me have a wee."

"But honey, just think of it. All you have to do is take a pee. You do it several times a day anyway so why not let somebody else have some fun by watching?"

"I can see your point" conceded Nicola, "but I just don't think I can do it in front of others.

"How about me, honey? Do you think you could take a leak with me watching?"

There was quite for a second whilst Nicola mused over the question. "Yes, I think I could do it in front of you, but you're my friend and it wouldn't be the same."

"Maybe not, but it would be a good place to start. You finish your drink and when you are ready to go, we'll give it a go."

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