tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Plan Ch. 01

The Plan Ch. 01



I am always thinking about sex, watching porn, looking at women and playing fantasies over in my mind but I have never had much luck with the ladies. Now reaching my mid forties I felt time was running out.

A couple of years ago I came into a substantial amount of money and decided to give up work. For the first few months life was great, doing whatever I wanted but still no success with women and then boredom set in. One night, reading the local newspaper I came across an advert for a part-time job in a local small company. Quickly my mind was made up and I applied for the vacancy and was duly given the position.

The company employed eighteen people, eight male and ten female, four of the females immediately found their way into my fantasies but the best was Jennie. Jennie was the office manager and also the owners daughter. Twenty five years old, tall, long blonde hair, nice sized breasts and a perfect arse that gave me an erection every time my gaze glanced upon it.

Although Jennie was always pleasant and talkative, I knew she was way out of my league and I would just have to dream of her as I had my nightly wank. I had only been working for a couple of weeks, not revealing much about myself, when it was announce that the company was in trouble and redundancies would have to be made, I knew I would be one of the ones to go, due to the short period of time I had been employed.

It was eleven fifteen on a Thursday morning when I was called up to Jennie's office, I knew the inevitable was coming as I entered her room. She was sat there, a vision of all my erotic desires, her top revealing a view of her cleavage. Even though I knew what was coming, my cock sprung to life, as hard as I had ever known it to be.

"Sit down." Jennie instructed, her nylon clad legs parting slightly.

As Jennie spoke my eyes were torn between her crotch and her cleavage, I was finding it extremely hard to concentrate and even more blood pumped into my swollen cock. She spoke about the economic down turn and how business had been effected, then about cash flow and how employees would have to be let go. All I could think of was fucking this woman, when an idea hit me like a bolt out of the blue but did I dare suggest it to her, if she reacted badly I could end up in serious trouble.

My mind was racing as the idea began to grow, I couldn't concentrate on what Jennie was saying but I knew she said I was one of the people to go. She must of thought I was in shock over the unemployment but I was just trying to gather the courage to tell her my scheme.

Then without warning I blurted it out. "Jennie I want to fuck your arse, eat your pussy and watch as you swallow my cock down your throat." The look of shock horror on her face was amazing, she seemed stunned, unable to speak or move. I quickly continued. "I have a lot of money, enough money to invest and save your Father's company but in return I want you for five separate days, five days to live out my sexual fantasies.

Her mouth moved but it took long seconds before any words left her luscious lips. "GET OUT!" She snapped. "NOW!"

"I can write you a cheque for one hundred thousand pounds, right now. Think before I leave, I will never make the offer again." This grabbed her attention, as I made to rise from my seat.

"Stop! What would I have to do." I knew I had her.

"On five different days you will have to be with me while I make one of my fantasies come true but be warned, I will fuck every one of your holes, I will abuse your body, I will treat you like a slut and you will do as I tell you without question. At all times when you are with me, you will pretend that you are in love with me, my partner. For that I will invest my money."

"I need time, time to think." She stood up and left the room, Shit had I blew it? Why did I let her leave? Had she ran to her Father? Long minutes passed, all was quiet, had she called the police? The without warning she returned taking her seat as she spoke.

"My Father has spent all his life working and building this company, if I don't accept you offer he will go bankrupt. I have only ever had sex with one person and that was just straight, nothing kinky and only ever in my vagina." A smile spread across my face, she was accepting my offer.

"That's about to change." Was all I could manage to say, this was one of the best days of my life. I looked Jennie up and down, what I was going to do to her was slowly formulating.

I rose from my chair. "Show me your panties." I commanded.

"What here? No!" Came her reply.

"As I said, the deal can only go ahead if you do as I say without question.

Jennie was looking at the floor as she left her chair and crouched to find the bottom of her knee length pinstriped skirt. Slowly and with trepidation she began to draw her hands upwards showing more of her leg until finally the silken material came into view. Deep red, the sight was amazing, I couldn't recall ever seeing better in my life.

"You better pull that back down before anyone comes in." I told her with mirth in my voice. "You will meet me Saturday morning at eight thirty, you will come to my house, in your car. You will be wearing pink underwear, stockings and a mini-skirt, you can choose your top.

Day 1 - A.M

Jennie pulled up on-time in her black Peugeot 206, I was waiting at the front door my cock twitching with anticipation, I was still finding it unbelievable that she had agreed to my plan.

As I stood staring, Jennie exited the vehicle and moved around to open the boot. She bent over to arrange unseen items in the back of the car, her tight pale blue mini-skirt riding up over her thighs to reveal the sheer silk of her black stocking tops. She looked amazing as I tried to hold back and stop myself from Cumming in my pants. Jennie then stood up and waved as she shouted. "Are you ready?" Her tight white, low cut blouse fighting to restrain her ample breasts.

"I 'm coming." I called back. God how close was that to the truth, as my rock solid dick rubbed against the material of my trousers.

Quickly I moved to the car, were Jennie put her arms around my neck as she spoke. "Is this outfit alright, I tried to follow your instructions." She said before sticking her tongue deep into my mouth. Moments later she withdrew and released her grip. Her hand dropped to the hem of her tiny skirt, pulling it up slightly to reveal a glimpse of her panties. "Is this pink Ok, its all I could find at short notice." She continued, brushing a finger across the tiny patch of material.

I could now feel the pre-cum leaking from the head of my cock as I tried to reply. "You look perfect, exactly how I imagined." Turning smartly she returned to her seat in the car, I swiftly move to the passenger seat.

"Pull up your skirt, I want to see your panties while you drive." I curtly ordered. Without waiting Jennie wriggled in her seat revealing a full view of the material, she then started the engine and pulled away.

We had a journey of eighty miles ahead of us, I didn't think I could last that long before I would explode. I was mesmerised, my eyes never left her crotch for the first thirty minutes, as we engaged in small talk.

"Dad is really pleased with your investment, I don't think I have ever seen him so happy."

"I don't care about your Father, all I care about is fucking you." I replied trying to sound hard but that soon melted, as I saw a small wet patch appear between her legs. My cock was on the brink of eruption as I told her to pull over.

Before we stopped my cock was in my hand, I was slowly wanking as I asked her to pull her panties down. As she followed my orders, it was my turn to be shocked. Jennie had the hairiest bush I had ever seen, the mass of blonde hair somehow appealed to me but was not my taste.

"Spread you legs." I again ordered, with she did with some difficulty as I continued to wank. I could feel the tension in my cock continue to build before the final explosion hit me like a bolt of lighting. I moved slightly so my penis ejected its load directly onto her exposed mound, I don't think I had ever cum so much in one go.

Jennie looked down, her mouth open in exasperation, stating at her cum covered pussy. "Wow!" She silently whispered.

I couldn't stop myself, my hand moved down and slowly massage the spunk into her mass of hair. I felt the wetness of her lips but didn't know if that was from me or her and then a thought came to me, I wanted this bitch to taste me. I slowly lifted my cum covered hand towards her face.

"My hand is dirty, clean it with you tongue slut." I had only just cum but my cock was getting hard again. This as her first test, would she do as she was told.

"I,I,I have never tasted it before, I have never sucked a, you know what." She stammered.

Without hesitation I thrust my cum covered palm against her lips, she tried to draw backwards but the headrest prevented any movement. "Open your mouth." I commanded, her blue eyes said no but she complied without complaint.

"Lick every drop." Jennie squirmed but lapped at every finger. " Not as bad as what you thought?" I asked.

"No." Came a meek reply.

I continued to let her savour the juice before we set off again, her panties still around her knees. Now and again I reached over to feel her pussy, the sperm drying all the time, my hardness continued to endure but I knew it was going to be a long day.

I had booked a nice country hotel and minutes later we arrived, Jennie had rearranged her clothes before we entered the foyer. Jennie, never sucking a cock, had been playing on my mind. I decided her first task would be to be face-fucked, to swallow cock until it became second nature. On the way to the room I told her what she would be doing and that I would be the first but their would be many more before she became a true cock swallowing slut.

The room was great but I was only looking at Jennie. "Strip to you lingerie." I again give her an order, she didn't speak but removed her skirt and top. She looked amazing but my eyes were drawn to the pussy hair escaping from the sides of her panties.

I was in such a state of eroticism I lost all my senses and thrust Jennie backwards, onto the bed. My mouth moved straight to her panties and sucked her pussy though the soft feeling material, I ate as if it was my last meal, a soft moan left Jennie's mouth. I couldn't stop myself, pulling her panties to one side, I ploughed my tongue deep between the lips of her delicate pussy. My taste buds sensing my spunk on her hairs before the delightful taste of Jennie's now free flowing juices.

Her moans had now turned to screams as she bucked her hips towards my face. I had never tasted my own sperm but I was strangely enjoying the mix of both flavours as I continued to lap.

Not wanting to stop, I managed to drag myself away from her opened slot, my chin dripping with her wetness. "Kiss me." I said. "Feel how now nice your pussy tastes." Again Jennie complied without protest and seemed to enjoy the kiss a little to much.

Swiftly removing my trousers and pants, my cock sprang out, smacking against Jennie's lips, she was hesitant as I told her to suck. Shit, I pulled my cock away, sure I had teeth marks. Thwack. I slapped her faced, maybe a little to hard. Tears appeared in her eyes but no complaint. Did she like a bit of pain?

"Keep you mouth open wide." I wanted to fuck her face and not for her to give a blow job.

I only had six inches but she as going to take it all into her virgin throat, I started slowly, the first two inches Jennie took without any problem. Three to four she started to struggle, gasping and chocking, drool running down her chin. I withdrew, telling her to take a deep breath because she was now going to take it all.

Jennie's throat felt as tight as an asshole, as my balls hit her chin, I held in that position for numerous seconds, grasping her hair, making it impossible for her to move. She had no room to make any noise but her eyes said it all as I withdrew my engorged cock and she began to gasp for air. I slap her face hard again, I don't know why but again she seems to like it.

I spend the next hour face fucking Jennie, making her gag, slapping her face and having her tell me how much she loved me doing it to her before finally Cumming pushing as deep as I could go. Most of the semen came back up to cover my cock but by the time Jennie had finished my cock felt as though it had just had a wash and blow dry.

All I said to Jennie was "fix your make up and get dressed, we have to go out soon." I was starting to enjoy this.

Jennie looked gorgeous, a dream girlfriend, I couldn't see what was under her clothes but I knew I wanted to fuck it but that was for another time. Today she was going to eat cock. The grey, short skirted, business suit showed off every curve of her sumptuous body, she was hot and ready for the unknown.

Soon we were in the elevator and then in the bar, I ordered drinks, vodka and red bull, then told her to drink it quickly, it might help with what was about to come, We sat on a table near the toilets chit-chatting, I think I was falling in lust with this girl, she was perfect.

The only other people in the bar was a smart looking couple, either solicitors or bankers I guessed. Bang! Another idea, Jennie was going to swallow his cock. He looked tall and muscular and God I would have loved to fuck his wife, I would have to work on that.

Finally the male decided to go to the toilet, I gave him a few seconds and told Jennie to follow him in and to somehow suck his cock. She was very hesitant but didn't disagree as she followed. I stood up to block the view to the door and lit a cigarette, there was nobody to tell me to put it out.

I stared at the woman, she was nice, another one to add to my fantasy bank.

I decide I wanted to see what my slut was doing, as I walked in, the gents eyes went wide but he continued to thrust his meat down Jennie's throat. Jennie was gagging a little bit less than she was earlier, even though his cock seemed much larger than mine. By the state of her top she had started sucking before he had stopped pissing, I hadn't thought of that but later I would do the same.

I pretended to be angry. "What the fuck are you doing you slut, who the fuck is this?" She never stopped sucking, what a slut, I was loving it. "Is that your wife out there? What's she going to say?" I decided, I was going to fuck his wife.

The man stammered trying to make excuses. Jennie grasped his arse and would not release his cock from her throat, even though his size decreased. An involuntary sharp grunt, I knew he had filled her mouth.

"What do you want? I have money." He almost begged.

I couldn't help myself, as I laughed. "You fucked my wife, I want to fuck yours."

"How! How can I get her to fuck an ugly cunt like you." He sounded arrogant and angry.

"Well you get her to fuck me or she will fuck you in court." He was like a rabbit caught in a headlight, as Jennie spoke.

"I still have your cum in my mouth, I'm sure your wife would love to taste it. Let her go to the toilet, I will do the rest"

Knowing he was beaten, the man returned to his table, his wife stands and heads to the toilet, She enters a cubicle, Jennie follows but waits a moment before joining her in the space, I'm not far behind getting a good view of the situation. The woman is seated, her skirt pulled up over her hips and her white lace panties round her ankles but before she can piss Jennie moves in, grabbing a hand full of brunette hair, pulling the woman's head back. "I just blew your husband, I still have his warm cum in my mouth, I want to share it with you." Jennie leans forward and kiss's her full lips. To my surprise the woman responds sharing the taste and seeming to enjoy the experience..

"I told you she would be a slut." Jennie said tightening her grip on the woman's hair. She then turned back to the woman. "Don't piss yet, I want to taste it but you must let my partner fuck you first, I want the taste of his cum and your piss together."

"Shit, I have created a monster." I thought to myself, this was going better than I could have ever imagined.

"Stand." Jennie ordered the woman, she complied without hesitation. Jennie took her place on the toilet and spread her legs wide. My cock was already in my hand. "Pull down my panties and eat my pussy." She again ordered the woman but this time there was a moment of hesitation until Jennie twisted her hair and a whimper of pain left the woman's mouth as she dropped to her knees.

A soft moan left Jennie's mouth as the woman's lips brushed over her clitoris. "I want to feel your tongue deep inside me." I was relishing the sight before me, a sexy young blonde being eating out by a gorgeous brunette.

Jennie's moans were getting louder as she stared into my eyes, her lips parted as she said to me. "Fuck her, fuck her hard."

My solid six inches were soon stuffed inside the brunettes hot wet cunt, I started to fuck her with a steady rhythm. Jennie was now in total control. "Harder, fuck her harder, make her scream." This was not the girl who I had worked with, she had suddenly moved to another level.

I increased my pace, banging the woman like a piston, when Jennie pulled the woman's head an inch from her pussy and without warning started to piss. To my surprise the woman opened her mouth, taking as much of Jennie's urine as she could. soon the torrent was running down her chin, falling into the bowl.

I was getting close to Cumming, maintaining my pace, I knew I couldn't last much longer. Jennie finished her piss and without any instruction the woman returned to sucking Jennies clit. I wanted to fuck this woman's arse but it was to late, the pressure rose in my cock, I pressed a finger against her puckered hole, surprised how easy it slipped inside. Jennie gave a loud moan as I pumped jet after jet of my sperm inside the woman's pussy,

It was good that Jennie had cum at the same time. The woman lifted her head, Jennie's juices glistening on her face.

"Quick, change places." Jennie told her. "I don't want any of that spunk dripping out of your pussy, I want it all in my mouth."

Swiftly the change took place, Jennie's arse looked gorgeous as she crouched, her head buried deep into the woman's pussy. I heard muffled command from Jennie to the woman. "Piss now."

The flood gates opened, the stream of sperm filled piss splashing off Jennie's face. Jennie eagerly slurped as much as she could and then it was over. No words were spoken as we all straightened our clothes. The two women moved to the mirrors and after a few minutes of make-up repair and a quick blow under the hand dryers, the woman left the toilets.

Jennie came to me throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me deeply, I could taste what had just happened in her mouth but surprisingly it wasn't disgusting. As she released me she said. "I loved that, I want to do more."

"This is only the first morning." I told her. "We still have plenty more to do." A wicked smile crossed my lips, Jennie had already done more than I had expected, I would now have to revise my plan.

We left the toilet, there was no sign of the couple, we never saw them again. We started back to our room, hand in hand but silent as I replayed events over in my mind.

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