tagLoving WivesThe Pool Party

The Pool Party

byNo Panty Girl©

"I don't want to go, it's just an excuse for all those Italian greaseballs to fuck me!" I protested.

My hubby wanted me to go to his boss's pool party on the weekend. Angelo had a beautiful home on the beach with a pool overlooking the ocean. Ang's parties were renown for women and booze, the finest of both. The usual partygoers were Castiglione's business associates, mostly fellow Italian contractors. I had been to one of his parties last year and it turned out to be a fuckfest.

"Don't you get tired of these guys fucking me?" I asked Rick.

"Hell no! When they get done sticking their fat Italian cocks in you your pussy is just the way I like it, nice and sloppy!" was his answer.

Rick's young brother Rob lived with us and it was his pleasure to prime my pussy for his brother to use. Almost every night Rob and I would fuck before he went out to see his girlfriend. Rick would come home and slip into my freshly fucked pussy.

Rick would not take "no" for an answer. He kept pleading with me until I agreed to go. To show his enthusiasm he spent eighty-five bucks on a Wicked Weasel suspender bikini for me to wear. For that much money I expected it to cover more than just my snatch and nipples.

There were half-a-dozen broads at the party including Castiglione's wife. A couple were teen-age bimbos obviously invited because of their bodies, not their intelligence. Even at twenty-nine these girls were no competition for me, most guys preferred an experienced fuck rather than some giggling airhead.

My body was still in good shape, perky 36B tits and a tight rounded ass. I had long shapely legs that went right up to my neck and my stomach was still flat and toned. When it comes to sucking cocks my reputation was unchallenged.

Angelo's wife Eva was no slouch either. The slightly older Nordic blonde is a fair-skinned version of Sofia Lauren. And at the last party she had demonstrated her amazing libido servicing half-a-dozen stallions over the evening.

I carefully tried to adjust the bikini to cover my bits before emerging from the change room. I was greeted by howls of approval as I walked out onto the patio. The games began.

I was immediately surrounded by three somewhat overweight older pizanos, Castiglione's V.I.P. guests. A glass of some potent cocktail materialized in my hand and I felt a hand grope my almost bare buttocks.

I looked around and saw my husband was occupied with a little redhead whoes bra size was larger than her I.Q. I knew I couldn't expect any help from him.

Trying to maintain my composure while being felt up the damn strap slid off my left nipple leaving my breast completely exposed. Hurriedly I repositioned the wayward strap but not before my companions had a good look at my bare tit. I knew I had stirred their lust to have me.

The straps came off my shoulders again, both of them. This time it was not the work of gravity but of Tony Vespirini, an Italian house builder. With both straps disabled there was nothing to hold the excuse for a swimsuit up, eighty-five dollars worth the polyester slid down my legs. I was standing naked except for my heels in the middle of a herd of Italian bulls wanting to ride me.

I glanced over to where I last saw my husband. He was in a lounge chair now and the redhead was gobbling his cock. Forget about him.

Hands were all over me as I was completely vulnerable. Two thick fingers entered my pussy while I felt a tongue licking my butt crack in long deep laps. Hands separated my ass cheeks while some pervert rimmed my puckered brown starfish.

Looking down I saw a baldhead swallowing my right nipple as he kneaded my breasts like a lump of pizza dough.

I was not shaven but neatly trimmed and my labia were now moist with my juices churned up by the intruding fingers. The fingers withdrew and I felt a cockhead nuzzle between my pussy lips. Begin prepared I easily spread allowing the cock to slide smoothly into me.

I was looking into the eyes of Gino Musscati, the mechanic who serviced our car. Mr. Goodwrench had his Johnson bar buried deep inside my crankcase. It was Gino's hands that were spreading my butt so his pizano could taste my dirt chute. I groaned as the grease monkey stretched my cunt.

The tongue stopped licking my asshole and I felt a cockhead taking it place. As it worked into my anus my hips went forward driving Gino deeper inside of me. My sphincter yielded allowing the unknown cock to enter me. I was now the filling in a cock sandwich in front of almost two dozen strangers and my husband who was filling the redhead's mouth with his cock.

As each cock drove into me it forced me further onto the opposing one. Back and forth, in and out, two hard dicks sliding in and out of both my fucking holes.

Two more guys were waiting for a turn to use one of my orifices after I received my first loads. They just stood there stroking their cocks while I moaned as my orgasm began to bud.

Instinctively my hips began to gyrate on the cocks that were almost touching inside of me. I was unable to resist fucking my two tormentors. Once again I turned into a cock-hungry slut.

"Fuck me you dirty bastards!" I pleaded ramming myself onto Gino's cock. Gino pulled me onto his cock like an old rubber boot as the cock in my rear reached new depths.

It is too much cock allowing my orgasm to break loose.

"Oh my fucking God!" I cred as jism began flowing into me from front and back.

Devastated I collapsed hooked on the two cocks.

After a few minutes I was able to stand again. The two spent cocks flopped out of my holes allowing cum to trickle down the insides of my thighs.

I was passed to the next guy. He was an older baldheaded guy I had not met before. He took my naked body into his arms and positioned me to take his cock up my freshly fucked ass.

My dirt chute was well lubricated with his predecessor's cum and my asshole was still enlarged so he had little trouble entering me. Bending me forward at the hips he began pile-driving me.

He slammed me like he was drilling for oil, each time his cock going into me its entire length. As I endured being sodomized another hard cock was pressed against my lips. I opened my mouth and took the veined shaft in.

He grabbed the back of my head and began to skull-fuck me, driving his cockmeat deep into my throat. The cock slamming me from behind drove the cock in my mouth further into my head making it difficult for me to breathe.

Mercifully he came fast filling my mouth with his thick creamy jism. My teeth were awash in a sea of cum and the excess was coming out from my nostrils.

The guy in my ass moaned as he emptied his balls deep within my bowels.

I needed a break to regain my composure. Spent cum dripped from every part of my body. In a desperate effort to escape I jumped into the pool.

The water felt good cleansing the accumulated crud from my body. I was just relaxing and enjoying the soothing sensation when a naked hunk of a man swam up to me.

"I was watching you. You really like fucking don't you?" he asked.

"I appreciate a nice cock." I shamelessly answered.

"Like to try this?" he asked reaching under the water and grasping his erection.

Through the clear water I could see his cock. He looked a good nine inches or so with a lovely mushroom head. I could imagine how it would feel sliding in and out of my love tunnel.

"Can we go somewhere private?' I asked. I didn't want to be disturbed while sampling a cock as nice as this stranger's.

"Ang said I could use his bedroom?"

Castiglione's bedroom was right out of a fairytale. A large canopy bed dominated the room with a crimson silk duvet and a large number of complimentary pillows. This was to be where I was going to be launched to ecstasy.

Unpretentious I took my place on the bed.

Chad mounted me like a cowpoke mounting his favorite mare. My legs were outspread offering him my hungry pussy.

He kissed me as he started that beautiful cock on its way into my most intimate space. My legs wrapped around his hips as I drew him into me.

His cock was the perfect size and shape to stimulate my sensitive points. I moaned softly as he awakened my desires once again.

Chad was deep inside of me and I felt his beautiful cockhead kissing my cervix as he reached his utmost depth. My passageway was slick as my juices flowed. I was in the "zone", that place where I wanted the fucking to go on forever.

"Oh you feel so good Chad!" I groaned as he worked my hole.

I had fucked many men but few had the technique that made it special. The shape and size of their cocks, the way they moved inside of me, the many subtle nuances that ignited the flame of desire. Chad was one of those special fucks.

It started like it always does, a tingly feeling in the pit of my pussy. Gradually Chad's cock fanned the flame turning it into a consuming inferno. It seemed like each plunge was going deeper into me, to a place few men had been before. The effect was predictable, unloosing an orgasm that had been waiting to happen.

It was one of those uncontrollable climaxes with my pussy juices squirting over Chad's cock while shivers of delight shook my body.

"Oh sweet Jesus!" I cried as the world spun out of control.

As my senses refocused I felt Chad lying on top of me, his spent cock soaking in our love.

"That was beautiful." I mumbled before falling asleep.

"Well, did you enjoy the party?" Rick asked.

"It was O.K." I admitted.

"Well you looked pretty comfortable sleeping in Ang's bed when I found you." My husband remarked.

"I must have needed the rest." I smiled.

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