The Priest


The phone rang while she was at home alone. Her parents were still at work, so she skipped to it and answered the phone herself. "Hello?"

"Hi, Katie, this is Father Andrews from church." The girl recognized the voice of her priest from St. Frederick's.

"Hello, Father, how may I help you today?"

"Well, Katie, I heard that you will be turning eighteen soon." The priest explained in his usual friendly voice. "Everytime a young woman turns eighteen in our parish, I usually have a meeting with her, you know, as a counselor."

He continued, "I know your birthday is this Friday, and I'd like you to come in to the church on Saturday night, around 8pm, okay?"

Katie smiled and replied, "Sure, I can do that. I'll see you then." Today was Monday. When her parents got home, she told them about her plans, and they approved.

Saturday rolled around. Katie had a party with all of her friends last night, and she got up late, around 2pm. Her parents let her sit around most of the day watching TV; after all, it was her birthday. They had dinner: spaghetti and meatballs, Katie's favorite. After she cleared her plate, she started to get ready for her meeting with Father Andrews. She showered, and put on some of her favorite perfume. Then she picked out a conservative set of lingerie, a matching white cotton bra and panties. Finally she slipped into one of her prettiest church dresses, a red calf-length dress that hid much yet teased with what was not hidden.

She borrowed her mom's car and drove to the church. Most of the lights were out, but Father Andrews was waiting by the door for her. He escorted Katie to the basement, in a private room with candles and a small bench. It was pretty, and it looked like a very sacred room.

"Katie, we must be completely honest with each other in this meeting, and to show that, I'd like you to begin by kneeling and confessing anything you feel you need to." She knelt slowly, but her elbows up on the bench, and the priest knelt beside her. She prayed the customary forgiveness prayer from memory, and the priest smiled at her. Katie had been to church so often that she knew the service from memory.

"Now I want you to be completely open; mentally, spiritually, and physically." The priest calmly told her. "So I want to you close your eyes, concentrate on God, and remove all of your clothes, so God can touch you with his spirit."

Katie was so hypnotized by his calm words and blinded by her need to feel the spirit that she began to unbutton her dress, and pull it up and over her head. She was able to reach behind her and unsnap her bra and pull it off her body, and then with a quick bend at the waist, her panties slid down to her ankles. She stepped from her shoes and panties at the same time. She stood naked before the cross that hung on the wall in front of her.

Father Andrews, in his white robe, touched her on her hips, and guided the nude girl to the bench. She laid down on it, feeling its soft material on her backside. Looking up, she saw another cross on the ceiling, and she closed her eyes. The priest started to chant, in some language she didn't recognize. He could hear his voice as he circled her body.

Then Katie felt his hands on her face, and realized he was standing directly over her, with one leg on either side. He slowly rubbed her cheeks, and then moved down to her neck, then her shoulders. Half her was worried, thinking "What if her touches my privates?" But the other half was thinking "I will be touched by the spirit through Father Andrews."

Then his hands moved to her breasts, and he massaged them and ran his fingers of her nipples, which were starting to harden. She started to feel a little excited, and she thought, "that must be the spirit beginning to enter me!"

She felt the tingle spread through her body, centralizing in her pussy. She could feel his hands rubbing her breasts, and then sliding down her belly. The cool sensations on her ticklish stomach made her squirm.

"Katie," the priest whispered. Katie opened her eyes and looked at him. He told her, "You musn't move at all during this time. I shall have to restrain you now." She closed her eyes again and felt his hands strap her feet to the bench with leather straps, then her wrists to the other end.

Father Andrews started the procedure again, and once again Katie felt the spirit, stronger and stronger now. His hands her now sliding up and down her waist and hips, moving closer and closer together on her body. The restraints held her fast to the bench. She felt his hands get closer to her pubic area every second. Suddenly his fingers were on her labia, rubbing up and down. She gasped, and would have moved but the straps held.

A single finger moved past the lips and inside. The priest's chanting seemed louder, but Katie was no longer paying any attention to it.

The finger was inside for only a minute, but it seemed like longer, as it moved in and out slowly and gently. Then it was withdrawn, and replaced with what felt like a bigger, thicker finger. The spirit was increasing in intensity through her body. Then she felt two hands on her hips, while the big finger was still inside her pussy. She opened her eyes to see the priest, still chanting, pumping in and out of her with his big dick.

Now Katie wasn't a fool, and realized this had never been about a spiritual experience. But it felt so good, and her wet pussy needed his dick inside. She groaned and he pushed even deeper, until she was completely filled. Then he came, inside her, and the sensation put her over the edge and she came too. He laid down on top of her nailed body, and told her, "We'll need to work on this once a week, Katie. Do you think you can make that kind of commitment?"

She smiled. "I think we can work something out. I can't wait to feel the spirit in me again."

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