tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Princess's Quest Ch. 3

The Princess's Quest Ch. 3


Alkan moved away from her, gently taking her hand he led her away from Anne Marie and her spent lover, leading her along the path they had just retrod. He took her round a corner and over a bridge that ran over a little stream, finally they came to the palace though not the door that they had left by, this was probably a servants entrance. Alkan led Lucy through some kitchens, the staff pretending not to notice their Master with the young beauty, though they turned and smiled at each other knowingly after he had passed. She was led through some corridors and up some stone stairs till they came, in silence, to an ornately carved door, Alkan opened the door and pulled Lucy inside, shutting it behind him. The dark room was beautifully decorated with tapestries depicting scenes of lovemaking, it appeared comfortable and warm, a large log fire casting flickering light into the room. Candles were lit around the walls and a large four-poster bed sat in the centre, upon which lay silk sheets. There was a very large steaming bath surrounded by candles. Alkan walked to the bath and tested the temperature with his fingers.

"Princess" he said softly, breaking the silence "I wish to bathe as it has been some hours in the hot sun since I last had the opportunity." He fixed her with his icy blue eyes "will you provide me with the pleasure of your company while I do so."

Lucy paused thinking.

She knew deep inside that to stay alone with this man was wrong, it would be scandalous if it were ever known that she had stayed with a naked man while he bathed, but then, what was the harm in just talking and it was not as though she had not seen a few naked men since she left her home, and worse too she thought with a smile, picturing the most recent occurrence of Anne Marie and Jonas.

"OK your highness" she smiled "I will stay with you, but you must promise me that you will not try anything of a sexual nature. I am a Princess and it is important that my innocence" she stopped for a second "well, my virginity at any rate, be preserved intact till I get home and am wed!"

Alkan smiled "I promise you Princess that I will not do anything against your will!"

She smiled and settled back in a chair looking onto the bath not seeing the evil glint in Alkan's eyes.

Alkan turned to her and unbuttoned his shirt slowly sliding it off his shoulders Lucy bit her lip as his rippling muscled dark physique. His shoulders were wide, that she had guessed, but she was amazed at the definition of his muscles, he looks like his body was chiselled from stone, his stomach and chest are bulging with muscles. The muscles of his shoulders and huge arms rippling and twitching as he unbuttons his slacks, he looks down at Princess Lucy's breasts, overflowing almost from the confines of the corset, shining in the firelight. Her lips are moist and parted in a look of excitement, her nostrils flaring.

Alkan's penis hardens at the look of excitement on her face. He smiles and turns his back to her, wanting to make her wait as he slides the slacks down his long muscular thighs. Bending at the waist he unties his boots and slips them and his trousers off, Lucy admired his round muscular ass, she marvelled at the darkness of his skin, it seemed almost black and there were hardly any hairs on his legs and none on his ass. She could see the very dark puckered hole of his anus as he bent and removed his slacks. Licking her lips, her eyes roamed over his body admiringly.

Alkan stood and turned and Lucy's mouth dropped open, with a gasp of surprise her hand flew up to her full lipped mouth. Alkan's cock was as dark as the rest of him but was far, far bigger than the other men's that she had seen, even Jonas, which she had thought was huge. It was fully grown, standing almost vertically up, touching his belly, the skin at the head had been removed to reveal the large swollen head, shaped like a knights helmet, there were thick veins standing out around the shaft and beneath the thick shaft hung two large sacks, almost hairless.

Alkan smiled at her reaction, it pleased him greatly though he had seen a similar reaction many times. He arrogantly fondled his cock and balls while he gazed at her, Lucy's eyes didn't leave his mighty weapon, watching him tug and stroke it. There was an atmosphere of incredible sexuality in the air that was making Lucy's pussy moisten, hardening her large nipples and causing her face to blush.

Alkan turned, presenting his ass to Lucy as he walked to the bath and stepped inside then eased himself into the water, submerging his cock from Lucy's view. "Ahhhh" he groaned as the hot steaming water enveloped him.

"So often while I have been out on the high seas I have gone many months without the comforts that I now enjoy! I hope that I am not growing soft! I may yet need all of my powers of endurance to face the trials that lie ahead, I do not doubt that spies have already set off to tell your father of your presence here."

"But I do not yet think that your father will be rushing to do battle for you just yet! I have no doubt that he has his hands full at the moment dealing with the threat of Damon! And maybe there is yet a chance that your father and I can join forces against his evil! I can be a powerful ally for your father as well as a fearsome enemy!"

Kelly gasped, this was wonderful news! Maybe she would return to her home soon after all, with an army to help in the battle against Damon! "Would you do that??" She cried "Would you aid my father! I am sure he would reward you with many riches!"

Alkan smiled and looked at her, piercing her with his gaze "the only jewel of your fathers that I wish to possess is you!" he told her softly.

Her stomach seemed to flutter as she heard him. She knew that this man aroused passions within her that no other man had, he was so different from any man she had met before, not only in the colour of his skin and the splendour of his physique but also his presence. Yet she had always imagined her father giving her in marriage to a nobleman, a man of breading and fine education. Alkan seemed far more….earthy than the husband she had imagined for herself.

Alkans voice pulled her back to reality. "Lucy, I want you to fetch me that soap from over on the table" she stood and walked to the table bringing him the large bar he had asked for. Alkan admired the movement of her body as she walked, gazing at the swell of her breasts and the curves of her long legs as she returned. He neither could, nor wanted to, disguise his lust for the Princesses body. Lucy saw his look as she walked towards him and was proud that she was attractive to him as he had been to her. It seemed fine to her that two such physically beautiful specimens as herself and Alkan should gain pleasure from admiring each other.

She reached out to pass him the soap, but he did not take it from her "I wish for you to wash me!" Her mouth dropped open, shocked at his comment. But the look in her eyes left her in no doubt that he meant it, besides she thought, it won't be that unpleasant to rub her hands over his magnificent muscles.

She knelt by the bath.

"Wait!" She looked up when she heard him.

You will need to take off your jacket and trousers, so they do not get wet" he gestured to her gauzy red clothes. She slipped off the items leaving just her corset and shorts. She knelt by the side of the bath again, her breasts touching the edge of the bowl.

Lucy wetted the soap and began to wash his shoulders, as she reached across his body her corseted breasts rubbed against his chest, wetting the silk material.

"Stop!" ordered Alkan. He stared at the wet patch on her chest. "Princess!" He barked "Do you have any idea how difficult it is getting those silks, that corset is ruined!" Lucy jumped at his tone.

"I'm sorry, It won't happen again" she stammered!

"It will not!" Alkan spoke the words clearly and his tone would accept no argument "you will take off the corset and continue to wash me, do you understand?"

lucy looked at him, wondering if she dared argue, she was a Princess after all, but she was his captor and the look in his eyes made her push any thoughts of refusing him to the back of her mind. She turned her back and knelt so he could undo the laces of her corset. If she could have seen his face she would have seen a wide smile light up his dark features.

His fingers were skilful and he quickly undid the laces. Lucy stood and slipped the corset over her hips and to the floor. She paused then slowly turned. Her hands dropped nervously to her sides and she bit gently on her full lower lip as she revealed her breasts to him. He gazed appreciatively at the full round globes, the first man to see them naked in all their beauty. Her arousal had caused her breasts and nipples to swell. Her nipples now stood out long and proud from the centres of her round areolas. She saw his appreciative look and pushed out her breasts, pulling back her shoulders a tiny amount to give her admirer a truly impressive view!

Alkan smiled and glanced down at Lucy's shorts "we wouldn't want them to get wet now would we?" he asked softly, his voice kind but firm.

They are already a bit wet, thought Lucy, thinking of how moist her pussy felt! But she nodded and undoing a couple of buttons slid the shorts down her thighs, to the floor. Alkan stared unashamedly at the soft fur of her mound, the lips of her pussy were swollen and aroused glistening with moisture, he could tell that she was losing control of her body and her determination not to give it to a man before her wedding day.

He stared for a long time at her beautiful ripe fruit, sitting waiting to be plucked between her long lovely thighs.

"Turn around!" he ordered.

Lucy did a he bid immediately. Slowly turning her back to the Pirate King, allowing him to look at the splendid perfection of her smoothly rounded globes. Her firm buttocks were divided by a deep cleft, at the base of which he could see her piny pussy, the sight was incredibly arousing and his cock twitched beneath the water.

"Very well Princess! now you can continue to wash me!"

Lucy picked up the sponge and washed the Pirate kings massive shoulders and chest, as she leaned across him her nipples brushed his arm, Alkan didn't move but lucy shivered at the touch.

When she had finished washing him, he stood and turned his back to her, she dipped the sponge in the water and washed the back of his shoulders with the perfumed water, she washed him down to his ass, then down his muscular thighs, then she paused.

"Wash my ass, Princess" ordered Alkan

She dipped the sponge in the water and brought it up to his large ebony buttocks, washing them gently "and between the cheeks!" he said gently, she did as he asked, pushing the sponge between his muscled buttocks and rubbing it up and down. He opened his legs slightly and without waiting for him to tell her Lucy slipped the sponge between his legs, rubbing the sensitive area under his heavy balls.

Alkan enjoyed the pleasant sensations for a few moments then slowly turned round. Lucy sat back on her haunches, her hands on her knees involuntarily squeezing her large breasts into an inviting cleavage.

Alkan's cock stood straight up, fully erect above his large egg sized balls. H paused for a second admiring her and watching her admire his cock, then he ordered her, "now wash my cock Princess!" It was such a subservient act but Lucy did not hesitate, reaching again for her sponge, "No!" Alkan spoke firmly stopping Lucy as her hand reached out, she looked up at him, "Use your hands" he commanded.

She nodded, lips slightly parted and dipping her hands in the water lathered them with soap, she reached out and gently ran her hands up and down Alkan's shaft, soaping the hard, velvet soft flesh, she soaped his balls too and then kept on massaging the mighty prick, enjoying the sensation of the steely softness, especially when Alkan shut his eyes and gave a soft moan, she loved the feeling of pleasuring the mighty warrior, of teasing him with her agile fingers.

"That feels good Princess" sighed Alkan, "take the shaft in both hands and move them gently up and down….ahhh that's it!" He sighed and shut his eyes, licking his thick lips. Lucy looked up at his face and then back at his cock, concentrating on her actions.

Alkan opened his eyes, looking down at the stunningly beautiful girl so avidly pleasuring him "do you like to please me princess?" he asked softly/

She looked up at a distant look in her eye, then as if cming to her senses she gasped and let go of his penis "Oh my! I really shouldn't be doing this!"!"

But Lucy's nostrils flared with passio, her pussy ached with longing and the tingling in her stomach was unbearable, Alkan seemed to sense her desire, he knew that his victory over his enemies beautiful young daughter was so close.

"Wash the soap off me now my dear" he gasped. Lucy did as she was bid, rinsing the silken flesh till there were no suds left, she left the huge cock twitching with lust as it shone moistly in the light.

Alkan thought about taking her now in this room, she seemed willing enough, but something held him back, an idea had formed in his mind that would make the taking of this lovely jewel even more special.

"Princess I have changed my mind, I will not be returning you to your Father!"

At that moment, as Lucy gazed at his magnificent erection, her Father and home were far from her mind, she nodded without taking her eyes from his phallus.

"I have decided to keep you here on my island, you will not be allowed to leave. But you must earn your keep here on my island, there are a number of jobs for girls here helping the men to be at their finest for the battles ahead. You could be a cleaner, working in the kitchens, or I might turn you over to the whore house where you will be a reward to my soldiers after a long day of training!" Lucy gasped and looked up at him with a sad look in her pretty blue eyes. Alkans face was deadly serious "Or.. he paused, you may be allowed to become part of my personal harem, a selection of the finest girls whose life is devoted to my pleasure. You would be allowed to retain Anne Marie as your personal servant, would live in splendour within my palace and no man save me would ever be allowed to touch you."

"The decision is yours Princess", Alkan waited for her reply adding, "do you choose a life of drudgery in the kitchens or a life of pleasure?"

Lucy hesitated, she wasn't sure if she wanted to belong to anyone, she was so used to everyone obeying Her every wish, but she would keep her beloved Anne Marie as her maid, and, she glanced at Alkan, her eyes eating in his physique, maybe it wouldn't be so bad

"I agree to a place in your harem!" She sighed softly.

Alkan's cock twitched as he watched her gorgeous full soft lips forming the words. He suppressed a smile.

"Ahhhh, Princess, it is not that easy, you must first prove yourself worthy of that role, since you have agreed to a role as a pleasure giver the question will be whether you serve me alone, or my men." His eyes ate in her body as he continued, "I admit that I find your appearance pleasing as my arousal shows" he gestured to his erect prick, "but only the finest givers of pleasure may serve me, you must learn all you can about giving a man pleasure, become an avid student in a man's needs and desires, and then show me what you have learned. If you have learned well, and you have enough natural talent then you will earn yourself a place in my Harem, if not then I will give you to my men to satisfy their needs, and I assure you their needs will be endless. Do you accept the challenge Princess?"

Lucy hesitated before looking him in the eye and whispering "yes!"

"good!" Alkan smiled, "from now on you will no longer be referred to as Princess by me, you are now my slave and as such I will call you slave, you must always call me Sir or Master, even when talking to others you must refer to me as Master, if you win a place in my Harem I will, perhaps begin to use your name again, until then however you will be known as Slave to me, do you understand?"

"Yes!" nodded Lucy.

"Yes WHAT?" demanded Alkan angrily.

"Yess..M..Master!" Lucy replied quickly.

"Good! Do not make that mistake again slave, this is your first and last chance! Now, to seal our agreement I want you to kiss the tip of your Masters cock!"

Lucy moved forwards on her knees, her lips were dry and she wet them with her small tongue, then pursing her lips she placed a wet kiss on the end of Alkan's throbbing cock.

"Good slave!" whispered Alkan, stroking her hair,

"now, you must prepare yourself, you have until dusk tomorrow to learn all you can, I will instruct for teachers to be brought to you! Do not take your clothes with you, you will no longer wear them!"

Alkan walked away and clapped his hands, a middle aged woman entered the room, he barked some instructions and Lucy was led by the woman from the room, a robe was placed around her as she was guided back to the palace, wherein she followed the woman up some stairs down a corridor and through a set of luxurious doors into a marble chamber which had a huge bath and a massive bed inside.

Lucy's robe was removed and she was laid on the couch. The woman opened Lucy's legs and explored her pussy checking that she was a virgin then pierced her hymen with a long instrument explaining that it was important that she be able to easily accept the master when she pleasured him.

For the rest of the day Lucy was trained in the art of lovemaking. The old woman explained how Lucy should pleasure the Master orally and made her practice with a large thick vegetable till she was competent. Lucy found the whole thing degrading. Then she sat and watched as several young soldiers were brought in to have sex with pleasure slaves. The woman barked orders at the women explaining to Lucy what they were doing and how it gave the men pleasure. She saw 6 cocks that evening and none were nearly as big as Alkan's.

That night she saw Anne Marie and explained what had happened, being careful to call Alkan "Master" whenever she had to mention his name. Anne Marie was tearful but then recognised that it was important that Lucy be successful in her pleasuring of her Master so she gave her some tips about what she had found he lovers to enjoy.

The next morning Lucy met some girls from Alkans harem, they were all very pretty though none as beautiful as Lucy. The girls looked enviously at her naked charms and felt themselves feeling ugly in comparison to the young beauty. But under the woman's gaze they dared not disobey their orders and told Lucy in great detail of all the ways that Alkan particularly enjoyed being pleasured, where he liked to be touched, the tempo of lovemaking he preferred, his moods and desires.

Finally on the afternoon of her test she was bathed and her pussy and legs were shaved, her body was massaged with aromatic oils till her skin was smooth and soft. Her long flowing blonde hair was brushed till it shone. Anne Marie who was brushing her mistresses hair sighed as she thought how she had never seen her look so beautiful.

Then Lucy was led naked to her Masters chambers, as she walked into the room she saw that a fire was roaring and a huge pine bed was in the centre of the room, she heard Alkan call her from a side room "Slave, come here!"

Walking into the room, as sexily as she could with her shoulders pushed back to accentuate the roundness of her breasts, she saw the ebony skinned giant luxuriating in a bath, she glanced at a pile of clothes on the floor and saw blood on the britches. "Are you hurt Master?" she asked gently, kneeling beside him and picking up a cloth to bathe his shoulders, she deliberately pressed her large breast against his shoulder, the thick brown nipple pressing into his skin.

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