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The Proposal


When I started this journey, all those weeks ago, I stated that I had no intention of locking my husband in a chastity device, no intention of caning or spanking him, and so on. Well, it hasn't turned out like that, and for the most part, hubby has been accepting of our changed roles, and of his loss of control over his life.

His acceptance came to an abrupt end, however, after I locked him up in the chastity cage. At first he was ok with it, but, after a couple of days, he kept asking for release, begging me to unlock him so he could masturbate. I tried to explain that this was a crucial part of our new lifestyle, and that he had to accept my control over his sex life, but he kept on begging and pleading. Eventually I got tired of his constant whining and threatened to keep him in chastity for a month if he didn't stop pestering me about his trapped penis! That finally shut him up on the subject, he just kept giving me little puppy eyes all the time.

The weekend arrived, I informed hubby, in my sternest voice, that he had the possibility of an orgasm on Sunday evening, but that he would have to earn it, as it wasn't guaranteed.

First off, I instructed him, that I expected lots of orgasms from his tongue, with no selfish mention of his own predicament, and that I expected him to be constantly trying to seduce me. Next, he must tackle a list of long overdue chores which I had typed out for him, and finally, that we would have a serious discussion during his discipline session on Sunday.

Well, he did me proud, working incredibly hard, only breaking off from time to time to try to seduce me into letting him lick me to orgasm. I didn't resist his romantic and sexy seductions, and didn't refuse him even once, giving him an aching tongue, and sore knees. Not to mention the fact that all that inhalation of my musky scent must have driven him crazy with frustration.

Eventually we got to Sunday evening and I had hubby strip and got him across my knee. I decided to just run through some simple rules for now, and add to them at a later date, so I gave him a swift dozen swats with the paddle, and asked him who was now in charge of his sex life. I got the right answer to that so I pressed on, asking what the punishment for him asking for release was, and he remembered that it was one month locked down. Finally, after another dozen, which really turned his bum red, I told him that he will, in future, only be allowed a maximum of one orgasm per week, that it could only be at the weekend, and that it was at my discretion and whim, so he'd best try very hard to please me.

I then gave him a final dozen whacks, which made him cry, or perhaps it was reality dawning on him about his new life in chastity which made him cry. I got him up off my lap, handcuffed his hands behind his back, unlocked his cage, and gave him a quick wank. I caught all of his cum in my hand and fed it to him, then washed his shrivelled penis with a rather coarse dishcloth. I may have been a bit rough with the cloth, as he kept squeaking..tee hee...

Since Sunday he has been an angel, let's hope he can keep up the standard

Following my explanation of the rules, hubby started learning to accept his new lifestyle. He was locked in a curve chastity device, is totally ruled by me, so that he only gets to cum once per week. It's usually just a quick wank with my hand, followed by him having to lick up his emission.

Hubby also does lots of chores as per my lists, and I inspect the work and issue penalties for poor work. Sadly, no matter how hard he tries, there are always a number of demerits. He then can choose whether to forfeit that week's orgasm or accept punishment with the cane. Regular maintenance discipline is a 15 minute paddling on a Friday evening, after my inspection. The punishment is with the cane on a Sunday afternoon. I totally love caning him, as his bum is still red from the Friday discipline, and he gets into position, bent forward over the kitchen table and has to ask for his caning. I then remind him of his shortcomings from the previous week, and give a punishment tariff for each shortfall, and then tell him the total. The least he has received is 20 strokes, as I was feeling too tired to give him more, and the most 45. He understands, because I remind him, that I will stop if he asks, but he will then forfeit the week's orgasm, have the total punishment reinstated to be added to the following week's tariff, plus 25%.

I have to confess that I have a fantasy of giving him a sentence he can't possibly take, since once he defaults, assuming he has a harsh tariff the following week, he will become stuck in a permanent chaste state. That makes me wet just thinking about it.

Anyway, that's for later.

Last weekend I decided that life was getting a bit tedious, but that I wasn't quite ready for the escalation as above, so I did something else, for fun. On the Friday, as I spanked his pink arse, and talked through the results of my inspection, I hatched my plan. I was pretty critical with my complaints, so that he got a tariff of 45 which I announced to him on the Sunday evening as he was bent over the kitchen table. I started caning him, kept a slow but even pace, so I could inflict maximum pain, and by the time I had finished he was crying like a baby, and I was horny as hell.

When I finally stopped I let him cry for a little while, then as his sobbing started to abate I reached between his legs and started to play gently with his balls. He started to straighten up, but I pushed firmly on his back, saying 'stay'. I then pulled his penis back between his legs with my left hand and started wanking it, whilst playing with his balls with my right hand. I moved my left hand down so that it covered the head of his penis and would catch his cum, and continued wanking with my left and stroking the back of his balls with my right. He soon started to climax, building rapidly and calling out in his approaching orgasm, and just at the very instant of his first convulsion, as I felt a little wetness hit my palm, I squeezed the head of his cock as hard as I could and simultaneously slapped the back of his balls with my strong right hand. I followed up with a few more powerful smacks as I dug my long sharp nails into the head of his cock.

I couldn't stop myself laughing, he was so totally pathetic, screaming in agony, and then when I stopped and let go of him he dropped to the floor and cried his eyes out.

I let him indulge himself for a couple of minutes, then sat on a chair next to him and held out my hand for him to lick it clean. There wasn't much to lick, I'd totally ruined his orgasm.

I then explained to my poor hubby that I had loved doing that to him, and that a lot of his orgasms would be of the ruined variety from now on.

I then set off for the bedroom, leading my hubby by the balls. I had a lovely evening riding his tongue, sating the considerable sexual hunger that I'd built up with my little game. Life is such fun.

The following week was torture for my poor hubby. He only had a single ruined orgasm the previous weekend so he spent the whole week in pitiful frustration. I just love seeing him in that state, and certainly took every opportunity to torment him further, so that by Thursday evening he was close to tears. That was the perfect moment to start my next project.

I told hubby to strip naked and to lie on the bed face up, with his arms and legs stretched out. I used heavy duty wrist restraints to fasten his legs and arms to the four corners of the bed. I then unlocked his chastity cage, warning him not to get excited, as he wasn't getting an orgasm, but that didn't stop his cock springing to attention. I got a bowl of very hot water, some soap, and a rather abrasive dish washing sponge and gave him a thorough genital wash. He kept squeaking and complaining about the water temperature, and the rough sponge, but I ignored him. Next I plugged in my powerful hair dryer, set it to maximum temperature and dried him very thoroughly. Yet again he started to complain, saying I was burning him. This annoyed me a bit, seeming to me to be ungrateful, so I stopped for a few seconds and stroked his prick until it was like a flag pole, then I went back to drying it (in fact it was already totally dry). I just concentrated on the exposed head of his penis, holding his foreskin down with my left hand. He screamed and screamed, in agony, apparently, which I thought was so funny. When his penis finally went small, I turned my attentions to his balls. It would seem that that was agony as well! I kept the dryer really close to his balls until they were bright red, and hubby was in floods of tears.

Having had my fun I put away the hair dryer and re-locked him in his cage.

The first part of my plan over, I poured myself a glass of Chablis and sat myself on the bed beside my poor victim. I took hold of his balls in my left hand and started squeezing them, rolling them in my hand, digging my long nails in. I then told him that I needed him to do more to make me happy. Between groans of pain he asked me what more he could do, so I answered that I would set him a challenge.

I explained that I had decided that it was no longer suitable for him to put his prick inside me, especially as I intend to ruin most of his orgasms, which I can't do if he's fucking me. He was thinking a bit slowly, due to the ongoing pain in his balls from my left hand and finger nails, so he stupidly reminded me that I will also miss out on the pleasure of being fucked. I retorted that I realised that. Solving that problem is his challenge.

I ended by explaining that I will hear his proposed solution on Saturday morning, and if I like it he may get an orgasm on Sunday. If I don't like it, he will have to try again the following weekend.

Well, what a fun week it was. I teased and tormented my poor hubby all week, and indulged myself putting his tongue to work every night, which further increased his frustration from being trapped in the cock cage. He has been desperate to get a release, and kept trying to get hints on what I meant by my challenge. I just kept repeating that he needed to find a solution to avoid me missing his cock, now it's no longer allowed inside me, or, of course, any woman, ever again.

Hubby really had a hard time with that concept, so I kept mentioning it, just to wind him up.

Anyway, around about the middle of the week, he seemed to have made a decision, as he stopped trying to interrogate me, and just applied himself, well, his tongue anyway, to keeping me in a good, relaxed, and satisfied mood. When we got to Saturday morning, having had my morning work out riding hubby's face for nearly an hour, I was feeling happy, relaxed and looking forward to hearing what he had come up with.

I always kept him naked in the house, so I could grab his balls whenever I wanted to. So, mid morning, I called him into the kitchen, had him stand next to my chair so I could squeeze his balls while he explained his proposition. He presented me with a small parcel, all nicely wrapped, with a bow and everything. I had a pretty good idea what it was, and once I opened it, I saw that my guess was right. He'd bought me a Dildo complete with a bullet vibrator which could be attached. He explained that he could use it on me as a change from his tongue.

He's so sweet sometimes, but also pretty stupid. This was one of those occasions. I told him he'd been thoughtful, and thanked him, gently stroking his balls, which must have been very arousing and therefore painful in his cage, but, believing he'd done well, he put up with the torment.

Sadly, he was mistaken. I squeezed his balls as hard as I could, making him double up in agony. I spoke quietly straight into his face, telling my squirming husband that I didn't want a toy, I wanted a man, a lover, a stud! I then let go of his balls, steadied myself, and kicked him in the balls. as hard as I could manage. That got his attention, causing him to fall to the floor, groaning and crying.

I sat down again and waited for his self indulgence to finish. I then explained clearly, that I needed him to come up with a plan to get me a lover. He needed to think about what clothes he should buy me, what lingerie, etc. Then he needed to do some research to find the best club to take me to, and how he could assist me in picking up a gorgeous well hung young guy.

Finally I told him that when he brings me his complete plan, in writing, and has had the plan approved by me, maybe after I've made some detail alterations, then I would consider giving his cock a quick wank. I just love being cruel, and the more cruel I am, the more hubby adores me. He has become addicted to his servility.

It took him two weeks to get my approval.

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I appreciate the fact you allow comments, and I know you don't care a whit

What I think. But this is so bad and paints you in such an evil.light I am amazed you published it.. Are you make writing as female?

Their is potential to get to almost the same place in a much bettermore...

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