tagLesbian SexThe Punished Puppy

The Punished Puppy


Note: The term "Master" is not to specify gender, my Master is a female and prefer to be called Master instead of Mistress.


Crackling from the fire filled the air, while the warmth from the burning mass of sticks and logs warmed our flesh. The night was quite, not even allowing the animals wandering at midnight to call out to us, and best of all? The girl of my dreams was next to me. My wifey, my lover, the one who I will always be with. Even though the fire was there to warm us I was still cold, hell I was always cold. I leaned my head against your shoulder, having your arms wrapped tightly around me. I learned against you taking in your warmth, you were a perfect pillow.

I looked up to spy upon the stars, they were almost as beautiful as my girl, they were dancing amounts the darkness of the skies, putting on a show for us to watch. I heard you laugh softly.

"You know, pup. You're always cold."

"Nu-uh!" I said stubbornly, typical me.

"Hush now, I'm right." With that you kissed me softly, pulling me closer onto you, and I mean closer, I was now straddling you, sitting on your lap, facing you and your delicious lips. I simply replied with,

"Yes, master." I could feel you beginning to stand up, lifting me with you. You grabs my hand, leading me over to a blanket, you told me to strip for you. I shook my head saying it was too cold and you laughed.

"Silly pup, I'll keep you warm." and with that you took my shirt and lifted it off me, leaving me shivering and exposed. You began to unbotton my pants and that was when my hand reached down to grab yours and I shook my head.

"What pup? Are you disobeying me already? Should I punish you?" You say firmly, I knew you wanted me stripped, and now.

"No master!! I um....what if someone else sees..." I say blushing lightly, you just smiled and kiss me softly.

"No worries pup, no one is around, you know I wouldn't let anyone see whats mine. You're mine and mine alone, only I can look at alll of you" You finished unbuttoning my pants sliding them down, I began to shiver more now, it was cold. You unclasped my bra letting it fall to the file of clothes, the cold air blew caroused my exposed breasts causing me to shiver more, and blush.

"Master...Please..its cold." I whimper softly but you step forward taking me into your arms, surrounding me with all your warmth. I press against you just standing there in my panties. You slide a hand down placing it onto of them, rubbing gently, I begin to purr loudl rubbing myself against your amazing fingers.

"My puppy enjoy that?" You say into my ear biting at it gently.

"Mhmmmmmmm~" I say tilting my head back lightly as your slip your hand underneath them, and then eventually taking them off. I was no completely naked infront of you, my master and owner. I had never been this exposed outside with you before tho. I was blushing so hard, but you grinned and instructed me to lay down with my arms and legs spread, you warned me not to move and if I did I'd be punished, I laid down, and waited but you left...saying you'd be back.

It was freezing, and I was shivering.. my position only made it colder. You were gone for at least fifteen or twenty minutes so I curled up in a ball trying to warm myself. When I heard the footsteps of someone come nearby I quickly return to my position you told me toss tay in, knowing I was disobeying you. I saw you come closer with a bag..sitting it down next to the blanket, and straddling me.

"Pup, Did you stay in that position th whoooooleeee time?"

"Yes, Master." I lied, you glared at me.

"Don't lie, did you?" I knew you knew...I didn't want to be punished..but..

"Yes master, I'm sorry.." I said hardly in a whisper.

"What did you say?"

"I..I said I was sorry and I did." I shivered, waiting for my punishment, finally I feltyour weight lift off me, sitting next to me.

"Baaaad Girl...You're going to be punished, you know that?" I whimpered and nodded, and you grinned and positioned me. At first you began to spank me lightly and I slowly grinded against your leg, eventually you got harder, but not too rough. However near the end of it I was grinding against your leg, trying to pleasure myself. You pulled me off of you in mid-hump, causing me to whimper, you told me to get back down in position, which I did. Your hands ran all over my body..going down to my dripping pussy..

"Hmm..You enjoyed that too much." You said slipping a finger in and quickly out, licking it clean. You began to slowly grind yourself against my stomach moaning softly. "Mmm pup, I'll warm you up." you said kissing me deeply, before scooting yourself up closer to me until you were hovering over my face, I began to lick you quickly, lapping up your taste.

"Mmm such a good puppy, I didn't even have to tell you."

"Mm..mmmm you taste good master." I say as I shove my tongue deep into you grinding my nose against your clit as I try to get deeper and deeper into you. Oh god I wanted to taste all of you.My hips were bucking into the air trying to grind into you, or anything but they received no relief..no pleasure..and so all I could do was focus on my master, and lover. I sucked roughly onto your clit and within moments you were grinding against my face, moaning, your hands were back onto my hair stroking it, As your body tensed up you squeezed your legs against my head and tightened the grip on my hair. I pushed deeper into you, and started to nibble on your lit verrrrrrrrry lightly, which caused you to finally cum, allowing my to catch your juices in my mouth.

"Oh god..Master..you taste wonderful..." I moan in-between licks. You purr and press yourself against my face some more. "Good girl..." You pant, before rolling off to lay next to me, holding me close, I wanted pleasure..but I didn't want to ask..I had misbehaved...as those thoughts crossed my mind I felt your hand rubbing me, I moaned and rubbed against it.

You stared at me and smiled, "Puppy?" You said purring.

"Yes master?" I say grinding harder against it.

"Not tonight, you'll wait for being a bad girl."

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