tagToys & MasturbationThe Puzzlemaker Ch. 01

The Puzzlemaker Ch. 01


Alexis closed her eyes and assumed the position: naked, on her hands and knees. Jared moved up behind her, gave his cock a couple of strokes, spread her ass cheeks and spit on her pucker. He reached underneath and rubbed her exposed pussy, laughing at her repulsive shudder.

"You got a nice puss here, Lex. I might have to tap that one of these days."

"Fuck you, Jared."

Pain raced through her body as he wrapped a hand around her ponytail and jerked her upward. "What the fuck did you say? It wasn't 'Fuck you, Jared', was it?"

He didn't give her a chance to respond, instead choosing to take his anger out on her body. His penis found her abused hole and plunged in, stretching her tender skin and causing her to scream. He laughed again, shoving his rod into her accepting asshole over and over until he was cumming.

Alexis didn't dare cry. The last time she cried, Jared had forced her to push his cum out of her asshole and eat it. She remained in her position until he pulled out and she heard the sound of his belt buckle clinking as he re-dressed himself.

"Thanks, Lex. Nice to have a good fuck at home." And he slammed the door behind him.

Alexis Hammond collapsed on her bed, finally allowing the sobs she'd swallowed to emerge as her brother's semen leaked from her asshole. What did I do to deserve this? God didn't answer her prayer. She knew he wouldn't. If he answered prayers, he would have stopped this two years ago when Jared's vicious assaults began.

Slowly, she sat up, stood and hobbled to the bathroom, stripping and stepping into the shower. Under the hot spray, she scrubbed every inch of her body, taking extra time to cleanse her sore anal cavity. God, I hate my life! She toweled off, put on fresh clothes and grabbing her windbreaker, headed downstairs.

Her father, Greg, was seated in front of the television, avidly watching a Redwings hockey game and Jared swaggered in, giving her a sly smile while handing their father another beer.

"I'm going for a walk, Daddy."

"Okay." Her father threw the word over his shoulder, his attention focused on the game.

Jared grinned, leering at her. "Want me to go with you?"

Her stomach lurched and she forced down the urge to vomit. "No, thanks. See you later."

The cool afternoon air felt good on her skin and she allowed her spirit to soar in the waning sunlight. She always loved taking walks with her mother. Together, they'd cross hill and dale, exploring for hours and hours upon, not caring about the world that swirled around them. And she could always count on her mother for protection. Once cancer spirited her away, Alexis was left alone, preyed upon by her own brother and ignored by her father. Why me?

The shops that lined the avenue were typical of a small village. David Joseph had a woodworking shop. Pierre Joubert owned the local hardware as well as a repair shop, making house calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sally Andrews ran a baby shop, a boon for her considering that she had six children and her sister, Lora Hallsey, operated a confectionary. There were other shops but she didn't much care about them because she had no use for them.

A drug store-slash-pharmacy, a men's wear shop, a bakery and a grocery store, complete with a regular butcher completed the block but today, Alexis noticed that there was something different. In the tiny corner, where Archibald Rattern's hobby shop used to be, now existed a new venture. A 2" x 8" clapboard shingle announced: The Puzzlemaker.

A sense of joy sprung up in Alexis. She adored, no, loved puzzles. Her mother always gave her a puzzle each month and after she'd completed it, they walked the mile-and-a-half to Hawksbury Home. The home for elderly patients enjoyed their donations and the fine nursing staff always enjoyed their visits. With a spring in her step, Alexis walked up to the door and turned the knob.

The stench of decades assailed her nostrils, thick and itchy, making her frown in disdain but she pressed inward. The display in the window, an ancient child's pressed cardboard puzzle, brought to mind the toys that her mother had played with as a child. Simple and colorful, these puzzles were meant for working the child's mind and nothing more. Not like the ones that Alexis favored. The more difficult the puzzle was, the better she liked it. Complication worked her mind like a scrub brush, loosening the detritus of her life and washing it away.

"See anything you like?"

Alexis jumped when she heard the gravelly voice and turned to greet the owner of the store, Owen Kinkaid. "Not yet." She stuttered, still trembling from the initial shock. "I haven't seen everything yet."

"Well, take your time, missy. We have all kinds of puzzles here and if you don't find one to suit your needs, we can make one for you."

"Really? That sounds cool! How do you do it?"

"Well, I can't tell you that, missy! It's a trade secret." He winked and she couldn't help but grin back at the heavyset man. "But I can tell you that we can make a puzzle out of anything that can be scanned."

"Oh, like a photo?"

"Sure. Photos, drawings ... whatever you like. I did a real nice one of some Japanese anime last week." Alexis was staring at a glass-encased panel that showed puzzles that previous customers had requested, noticing that a lot of them were sexual in nature. "That's the one from last week." She jumped at the nearness of his voice and a chill tiptoed down her spine as her eyes surveyed his handiwork.

The puzzle's dimensions were small, compared to the 2,000 piece size that she usually favored but the cuts were interesting and intricate, the insides polished and gleaming. But it was the photo that had been used that intrigued her.

It was a still from a Japanese hentai movie, animated sex that was graphically drawn in a cartoon-like method. The woman, with a short dark bob, was clutching her nipples, her head thrown back as a kneeling male plundered her sex. Her pussy was magnificently limned, the swollen folds turgid with blood and her opening gushing with slick, creamy juice. A strange feeling coursed through her as she looked at the man's thick pole and she was surprised to feel a tremor of lust flood her unused pussy.

"Good, isn't it?"

"Uh, y-yes. Quite good." She couldn't shake the feeling. Her face grew warm and her nipples responded, puckering into hard points beneath her shirt. Alexis couldn't see the woman's nipples but she knew, without a doubt, that hers was as hard. She kept staring and was startled to hear a faint cry, the cry of a woman who was enjoying a moment of sexual bliss. The cry sounded again, a little louder this time and was followed by the grunt of a man. As the sounds echoed in her head, Alexis found it increasingly difficult to breathe. Her heart began to hammer in her chest and warm liquid slicked her pussy lips. "So what do you think?"

Again, Owen's voice startled her and the sounds stopped abruptly, causing her to wonder if she was losing her sanity. "What do I think?"

"Yes. Would you like one of our pre-made puzzles or would you rather order a custom-made job?"

"I think I'd like to see your pre-made puzzles."

Owen led her over to two large glass cases in which there were several completed puzzles in various shapes and sizes. The photos used were different also. Some were of animals, some of landscapes and some of naked men and women, some together, some alone.

One in particular caught her eye. It was a picture of a kimono-clad woman that closely resembled her. The woman's long dark hair cascaded over her shoulders, curling around her neck and sending silky tendrils down to wrap around her nipples. Her back was slightly curved over a bank of purple pillows with gold braid and her legs were spread wide, her fingers buried in the ruby throat of her pussy. A river of cream, ending in pearly drops decorated the bottom of her opening, leaking and dripping down onto her asshole. It was very erotic and sensual.

But it was the expression on the woman's face that drew Alexis' attention. It was a look of pure bliss, of wanton release and it was so ... she heard a deep intake of breath, husky and passionate, filled with heat. Alexis felt her face flush and pointed the puzzle out to Owen, who smiled widely.

"That's a fine choice, missy, if I may say so myself. The detail on her kimono is worth the purchase alone but her face ... "

"Yes," Alexis interrupted, nearly holding her breath as he lifted the piece from the cabinet. "Her face is ... lovely."

Owen smiled again. "Lovely doesn't do it justice." He set it on the counter where she could examine it more closely and bent to retrieve a beautifully-worked wooden box. Under her watchful eye, he carefully began to disassemble the puzzle, reverently laying the pieces in the container. "Want to feel how nicely done it is?"

"Sure." Alexis held her hand out and he pressed the piece into her palm, drawing a yelp from her. The piece dropped to the floor and Alexis gazed at the burgeoning bead of blood that was growing in the center of her palm.

Owen was appalled and he rushed to grab a tissue, pressing it into her hand. "Oh, God! I'm so sorry! Must be a splinter or something I didn't sand well enough."

"It's all right."

"Really, I am sorry. That's never happened before. My puzzles are usually spot-on perfect. I must've missed an edge on this one."

"It's all right, Mr. Kinkaid. Really it is." Alexis wiped the blood away, shoving the used tissue in her pocket. "I still want it."

The look of apprehension fled Owen's face and he picked up the piece, setting inside the box and firmly attaching the lid. "Then please take this. With my regards."

"Oh, Mr. Kinkaid! I couldn't take this!"

"It's the least I can do, seeing that you suffered an injury due to my poor workmanship."

"Oh, please don't say that! Your puzzles are the most beautiful that I've ever seen."

Kinkaid smiled, handing her the box. "I thank you for your kind words, missy and I hope that you'll enjoy the puzzle."

Alexis took the box, ignoring the impolite sting in the center of her palm and cradled the item with a slight smile on her face. "I will, sir, and thank you."

"Come back soon."

* * * * *

Thankfully, when she returned home, the house was dark. Her father was in bed asleep and her brother was passed out drunk in front of the TV set. Alexis carefully, quietly picked her way through the living room and hurried up the stairs, turning the lock on her door when she was safely inside. No hi-jinks tonight, she thought happily then paused, realizing that it was the first time that she'd smiled in a long time.

With that and the freedom from his intrusion in mind, Alexis took a long, hot bath, letting the healing heat of the water seep into her bones as the scent of vanilla musk steeped in her skin. Thirty minutes later, toasty warm and clad in a terry robe, Alexis finally allowed herself to open the lacquered box, her stubby fingers tracing the inlaid wood patterns as she set the lid aside. The gleaming pieces tumbled across her coverlet, their riotous colors bringing a smile to her face. So beautiful ...

She started with the outside edges which didn't amount to very many since the puzzle was 300 pieces. It was then that she noticed that one of the outer pieces was the one that pricked her hand. She checked it carefully and found that the splinter was gone, the edges smoothed and pleasing to the touch. Once the outer frame was completed, she began on the inside portion and ninety minutes passed quickly, her attention solely focused on the puzzle.

Under her expert fingers, the young woman came to life, her cheeks rosy, her hair dark and glossy. The turquoise kimono with ruby-breasted peacocks and the gold-braided pillows were easy to match but her skin was the most difficult to match. Alabaster mixed with cream and it became necessary to try each piece against another instead of doing the usual eyeballing the piece and instantly fitting it into place by shape and color.

Finally, it was done. Alexis fitted the last piece into place and sat back, gazing at the beautiful colors that had unfurled before her. Again, the woman's face caught her, resonating with something inside her, something that made an inner heat rise from the core of her virgin honey hole. She leaned back against the headboard of her bed and gazed at the completed puzzle, her legs opening and her hand stealing in between.

Alexis wasn't sure what had happened but all of a sudden, her fingers were sliding over her untried mound, stroking the hairs and pressing against the flesh underneath. She had tried to masturbate before but the image of her brother always reared its ugly head. Ever since her mother had died, Jared had owned her sexuality. Now, she felt differently. The skin covering her mound responded to her touch and she let her fingers smooth the flesh, awakening nerve endings that had slumbered for far too long.

Her eyes closed as the sash to her robe loosened, allowing the garment to fall open and her naked body gleamed in the soft light. Her fingers probed her own slit, sliding deep into the cleft, the silky juice gathering on her fingertip. Her clit arose in its hidden space, eluding discovery until she opened her legs further, her hips tilting upward. The contact was electric; her extra-sensitive clit throbbed in response and she fought the urge scream aloud, the sensations scorching her body. She dared to drag her finger against it again and her body arched in the air, a deep shudder running through her.

Alexis gasped, fear stabbing through her chest with a hot spike of adrenalin as her fingers moved lower. She felt so strange, almost as if she was a puppet and someone else was pulling her strings. The feeling passed quickly as she sunk two fingers into her quivering hole and a husky moan escaped her, accompanied by another shudder. It felt so good that she repeated the action again, then again until she'd found a steady rhythm, slowly stroking the inner petals and tender pink muscle.

A ball of heat formed in the bottom of her stomach, building with each stroke and setting her skin to tingling. Goosebumps arose across her body and her nipples ached in need but she couldn't attend to them. Not now. Her first orgasm was speeding towards her and all Alexis could do was hold on to her covers, panting and plunging her fingers into her quim until ...

Something inside her pussy exploded and the most glorious feeling she'd ever experienced in her entire life burst through her body. The walls of her cunt closed around her fingers and her cream coated them, squeezing out and dripping down the crack of her ass. Sweaty, sated and exhausted, Alexis finally removed her fingers, trembling with the aftershocks of her very first orgasm and closed her eyes, trying to catch her breath. It took several minutes before she was able to sit up and she gasped yet again as she caught sight of herself in the mirror.

She looked exactly like the woman in the puzzle, except that she was past her moment of bliss. Another chill streaked through her body and she lay down next to it, her eyes closing as sleep stole her senses from her.

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