The Real Estate Connection Ch. 05


“What’s wrong tough guy? Too much for you? And look… the swelling is still there. How am I going to prove I’d be a useful member of the household if you won’t let me tend to that swelling?” She grinned as she snaked her hand between us and down my body to lightly grip my still engorged cock. I moaned as she twisted her body sideways on top of me to give herself room to move her hand and start stroking my cock with feather light touches. Almost of their own volition my hips started moving in time with her strokes.

“I want to be inside you baby,” I managed to gasp out. She grinned at me and just carried on stroking.

“Not this time baby… I have to prove to you I’ll be a useful nurse so I can stay here for a while. How am I going to do that if you stick this thing inside of me?” I desperately wanted to drag her on top of me and sink my shaft into her hot wet pussy, but it was her game. With a Herculean effort I managed to restrain myself. However holding off my orgasm was going to be a different story.

“I’m gonna blow!”

Her stroking quickened and she bent her head to swipe the flat of her tongue across the sensitive corona of my cock. As her tongue touched my flare I came. My stomach muscles clenched and my hips bucked as I shot the first burst of cum straight into her open mouth. She moaned and swallowed as the second volley of hot cum shot across her lips and chin. Opening her mouth wide Stevie slid my shaft deep into her mouth and sucked hard; drawing more cum from what was becoming a depleted reservoir. I think I needed more iron and protein in my diet.

As my orgasm petered out, I flopped back onto the cold concrete and breathed deeply. My bones and sinews had inexplicably turned to jelly. I could have easily gone to sleep right then and there. Stevie had other ideas. Snuggling in beside me she kissed me softly.

“So… do you think I could stay? Pretty please?” As if there was ever any doubt.

“Yeah I suppose I could spare a bit of floor space in the laundry room. You can have an old rag for a mattress and one of my boots for a pillow. There are strict conditions though. I demand servicing at least twice a day on demand and I require total obedience.” Lying on the ground flat on your back leaves no room for manoeuvring when someone decides to punch you in the gut. It was a good punch and I had to remember to watch out for her right hook.

“Smartass.” Her giggle was infectious and soon we were both laughing. When things calmed down a bit she propped herself up on my chest and looked at me with a very sober expression.

“Honey is all of this okay with you? I mean you’ve only been back in the country for a week or so and already you have a crazy woman moving in with you. On top of all that, I hit you with the ‘L’ word. Are you okay with it? Is it all going too fast for you baby?”

I had spent some time trying to analyse the way I felt. Realistically things were going pretty fast, but I knew that what I was feeling for Stevie was real. I couldn’t explain it if I tried and really I didn’t think I needed to. I was happy for the first time in a lot of years. I could see she was worried though so I tried to offer something in the way of an explanation.

“Baby I’m very sure of the way I’m feeling. I’ve spent the last eight years in a place that you would probably view as being the next thing to hell. The closest thing to normality for me was the six weeks leave I took twice a year. Then it was a routine of hotel rooms, restaurants and the occasional hooker. Yep… I paid for my sex. It was quick, easy, and there were no messy romantic attachments. When I came out of the jungle and headed for civilian life I was after a life of solitude. I wanted to have time on my own to just get to know me again. To try to find the guy I was before I became a mercenary. I realise now that’s an impossibility. The guy I was is long gone. I am a mix of who I was and what I became in the jungle. I’ll never lose who I became in Colombia but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to mesh him and the previous me into something nearly decent. Then you came along. You accepted me warts and all. I hardly know you at all Stevie but what I know I love. You’re kind, loyal, funny, intelligent, independent and absolutely gorgeous. I honestly can’t imagine not eventually falling in love with you. So it’s happened a bit quick… who cares? I’m not going to fight it but I’m going to take it as slowly as I can. I don’t want to do anything to fuck this up. Do you feel okay with it all Kitten?” She grinned at my use of ‘Kitten’… I was getting big on pet names and Kitten just seemed to fit.

“I’m very much okay with it baby. I’m a big girl who’s been through the mill more than a few times now. I always seem to fall for the pretty boys who talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. When it comes down to it they were all after one of two things. My cash or my ass. Then you come along. You’re obviously not after my cash… you’ve got more of that than I have. I suppose that leaves my ass. But I know there is more to this relationship than just a damn good fucking from time to time. I can see it in your eyes when you look at me. The way you look at me makes me feel wanted… not just sexually but totally. Am I making any sense lover? Anyway… it looks like you’re stuck with me stud.” She kissed me again; a long slow kiss with all the passion in the world.

“Honey, I have a favour to ask you,” she said after a while. “Will you come with me tomorrow while I do something I’ve wanted to do for years but have never had the guts to do?”

I laughed. “Sure. What is this momentous event?”

“I want to get a tattoo. I’ve always wanted one and even have the design picked out… a hummingbird drinking from a honeysuckle flower. I’ve just never had the guts to do it. After what we’ve been through over the last few days, I’m pretty damned sure I could sit for a full body tattoo no problem whatsoever. I’ve got the tattoo artist all picked out. She’s a local lady with a really good reputation. We can go in the morning.”

“No problem baby. Where are you going to have it?”

“I was thinking either my ass cheek or my right shoulder blade… what do you think?”

“Shoulder blade… definitely the shoulder blade. Then you can show it off if you want to and it leaves that gorgeous ass of yours unmarked.”

“Good idea. Shoulder blade it is then. And speaking of asses… I want you to do me another favour. I want you to fuck me in my pretty little asshole lover.” She cupped my balls in her warm hand as she spoke and started massaging them. “You haven’t fucked my asshole yet, and baby… I want it. Now!”

Who was I to argue? Grabbing the thick foam pad off the lounger next to me, I put it down for her comfort. Admittedly it would have been more comfortable inside but there was something about her mood that said she didn’t want to move from where we were. She lay on her back and let her hand wander down between her spread thighs as I positioned the pad on the hard concrete. As I watched she spread her slick labia and lightly stroked her little pink clit. She moaned softly as ripples of pleasure sent through her body. I could see her stomach muscles flutter as she picked up the pace of her stroking. Without breaking her rhythm she rolled onto the pad and continued to masturbate. I knelt down beside her and just watched as she stroked her clit faster.

“Slide your fingers in me Craig. Finger fuck me baby. Get me ready for that cock of yours.” Her words came in breathless gasps. I leaned over her and captured a nipple between my lips as I slid my hand down across her taut belly and onto her pubic mound. Her fingers were still busy playing with her clit as I curled two fingers in between her open lips and deep into her wet, hot pussy. She groaned as my fingers sought and found her g spot which I started to massage using a beckoning motion with the flat pads of my fingers. Her hips rose off the foam pad as she came closer to the climax which was obviously building in her. Slowly I introduced another finger to her pussy and moved it around getting it as wet as possible. She groaned again as I withdrew the new invader and slid it down between her firm ass cheeks and across her puckered asshole. She spread her legs wider and lifted them up towards her chest which separated her cheeks and allowed me more room to play with her asshole. I maintained the pressure on her g spot as I spread the juice from her pussy over her tight asshole. As I passed my finger over her pucker, I used more pressure every pass. She felt it and moaned, pressing her body down against my finger. Her asshole offered minimum resistance and in a few seconds my finger popped through the tight rubbery grip of her sphincter and into the hot tight embrace of her anus. At the same time I bit down gently on the erect nipple I had been nibbling with my lips. Stevie went ballistic.

Her hips bucked mightily as she screamed out her orgasm in a low guttural wailing cry. I mentally thanked god that my nearest neighbours were miles away. Her internal muscles clamped down on my fingers in both holes as waves of pleasure rippled through her. From my vantage point looking down along the length of her lovely body I could see her stomach muscles fluttering in spastic convulsions as her juice flowed freely over my hand. I continued massaging her g spot as her orgasm seemed to intensify then crest with a gush of hot liquid and another scream of delight. Her whole body went rigid and trembled with the force of her climax. Sliding my fingers from her body I moved quickly down to her pussy and locked my mouth over her slick cunt. My cock was as hard as iron as I started to lick deeply at her core. I wasn’t going to give her a chance to come down from her orgasm.

The fingers that had been buried in her pussy, I now placed at the entrance to her asshole. With firm steady pressure I slid them into her asshole encountering very little in the way of resistance. Her body was too involved with her ongoing orgasm to offer any. In seconds she was full of my fingers and writhing her way to another climax; her wordless mumbling and moaning the only sounds I could hear. I rose up onto my knees; my hardon waving in front of me as I continued to lick her pussy and suck gently on her clit. Just as she reached another crescendo, I pulled my fingers smoothly from her body and straightened bringing my mouth away from her cunt. As quickly as I could I grabbed her behind the knees and pushed her legs up and back opening her whole crotch area up. Using one arm as a bar across the back of her knees to keep her legs up, I reached down and positioned the head of my throbbing cock at the entrance to her asshole. Her eyes snapped open and went wide as she felt me.

“Yesss…“ she hissed as I slowly but steadily pressed forward. “Fuck my ass baby… fuck me!” With that she pressed herself back at me, helping me bury the first couple of inches of my cock in her tight hot hole. Having already relaxed her muscles with my fingers it was a smooth easy entry. As the head of my cock popped past her sphincter she moaned and gripped my hips to help her pull me further in. The immediate advantage of this position was that I could watch her face as we fucked. She could also play which she did as I paused to give her time to get used to the girth of my cock stretching her tight hole before I slid further in. Her fingers danced across the lips of her pussy and stroked her clit as I readied myself to bury the rest of my cock in her ass. As I slowly thrust forward and into Stevie’s hot asshole she moaned and buried a finger in her cunt. I felt its passage through the wall of her asshole as it slid deep into her hot cunt and it was my turn to moan. The backs of her thighs now rested against my chest; an ideal position to watch the mixture of expressions flowing across her beautiful face.

Slowly I began to rock forward then back, burying more of my cock in her tight ass with every stroke. It took only a couple of minutes to have all of my length buried in her ass where I paused and reached down to cup and massage her gorgeous breasts. The hard nipples pressed into my palms drawing another moan from her. Then I slid steadily forward until my cock was once again buried to the hilt in her hole.

“Yesssss… fuck me you bastard. Fuck me hard,” she hissed as her passion overtook her. Who was I to argue? I drew back until just the head of my cock rested inside the tight confines of her sphincter, then I rammed forward. Stevie threw back her head and screamed as she shuddered into the first of what would be a series of gut wrenching orgasms. I settled into a steady pace; long, hard, fast strokes which rocked her body. Her eyes fluttered open and she watched me with hooded eyes as I fucked her ass. Her tongue came out and slipped erotically across her lips as she cupped her breasts and squeezed and rolled her erect nipples. The sheer eroticism of the act almost sent me over the edge but with a supreme act of will power I managed to hold on. I was going to make this last as long as possible for both of us. The fact that I had already been drained by Stevie’s incredible mouth earlier just made it easier to hold off. As I looked down at the lady I loved, lying there full of my cock, head thrown back with her hair forming a halo around her gorgeous face, I once again marvelled at the set of circumstances that had brought me to this moment. It had been laziness on my part which had prompted me to choose Stevie’s real estate company over a couple of others. I had been given a couple of choices and just went with the first one on the list due to not wanting to spend much time on researching the other companies. In hindsight, there was a lot to be said for laziness.

As Stevie laid there moaning and tugging on her hard nipples, I picked up the pace a bit, shunting her across the foam pad. To stop her from sliding off the pad and onto the concrete surround of the pool, I reached down and gripped her hips. It was no good. If I wanted to keep up the pace I had set I was going to have to change positions. Slowly I pulled out of her ass.

“Get on your hands and knees baby. I’m going to fuck you as hard as I can and if we stay in this position, you’re going to end up with concrete rash on your back.” She scrambled to comply and in a matter of seconds I was faced with the sight of her hard muscled ass with its slightly distended asshole winking at me. She dropped her shoulders to the pad which raised the angle that I would be penetrating her at. She was going to get the deepest assfuck possible. Moving quickly in behind her, I stood and then squatted down to bring my cock level with her slightly open asshole. I stroked my fingers through the wetness of her cunt to gather a little more lubrication which I slathered on my cock before sliding back into her asshole. She moaned long and deep as I bottomed out in her depths. This position was hard on the legs but offered the deepest penetration and the best angle. Besides… it was a while since I had a decent workout. I rammed forward and Stevie screamed. Her ass quivered as I pumped her ass for all I was worth. It took only a few seconds for her to start coming. Her orgasms came in waves. The feeling was intense as her asshole clenched around my pistoning cock with every climax. Despite my desire to hold off, I could feel myself sliding down the slippery slope towards my own climax. Reaching forward I grabbed a handful of Stevie’s long hair, still wet from our swim earlier. I used her hair like reins to pull her up onto her hands and knees, then tugged back further until her spine was arched and her head was pulled right back.

“Oh God yes… pull my hair baby. Fuck my ass harder and pull my hair… oh fuck… cumming again baby…” Her body was now one shuddering orgasmic engine, rocketing from one climax to another without coming down from her orgasmic peaks. All hope of me being able to hold out for a marathon assfuck was shattered as she bucked her hips hard back at me. I was going to lose it… and I didn’t care.

“Oh shit baby… I’m gonna… CUMMMMMM… “ My hips slammed into the smooth muscles of her ass as I came in a torrent of semen. Spasm after spasm pumped a huge load of cum into the ass of my lover as she wailed her way through the most powerful and spectacular orgasm I had witnessed. No matter how many times I watched her come, the intensity of her orgasms never failed to amaze me. They seemed to get stronger every time. As my own climax petered out I slumped down onto her back in a limp gasping mess.

“Jesus… don’t you guys ever have anything better to do?” Hemi’s voice basically ensured that there would be no tender after play as Stevie squealed in shock and flopped down onto her stomach to cover her breasts taking me with her. I felt my face colour in embarrassment as I looked up to find Hemi and Sam along with Joanne and Liz standing at the French doors grinning like loons.

“Shit… what does a guy have to do to get some privacy around here? Hi ladies. I had you two pegged as being normal sane women until you came back for a second helping of these two fools. It’s actually a bit of a red letter day for Hemi. He doesn’t indulge in many second dates. You must be something pretty special Joanne.” The shoe was on the other foot as Hemi blushed.

“Do you guys mind discussing this some other time or some other place? I’d like to salvage what’s left of my dignity and get my naked ass inside.” Stevie giggled. I was comfortable where I was and as the only naked part of me Hemi and Sam’s guests could see was my ass, I was in no hurry to move and expose more of me. So I did what any normal man would do. I settled in and made myself comfortable. Stevie grunted as she felt my weight settle on her back.

“Get off me you heavy bastard.” There was laughter in her voice as she wriggled under me trying to dislodge me. My semi flaccid cock almost slipped out of her so I gave a small nudge with my hips to slip it further back in her sopping cunt. She froze as she felt my shaft slip back inside then she turned her head so she was looking back up at me. She had devilment in her eyes and a mile wide grin. Hemi, Sam and the ladies started walking around the pool to join us. Obviously our modesty wasn’t of great concern to them as they got closer with big smiles adorning their faces. They were only a few yards away when Stevie started to make things a little more complicated for me. It began as a small ripple of her well trained muscles which gripped and released my cock in a smooth and soft rhythm. I closed my eyes and groaned.

“You bitch!” I hissed from between clenched teeth. My mind feverishly sought an image or experience hideous enough to overpower the feelings shooting through my groin and turning my cock to pink steel once again. Her giggle accompanied her next move which was to slowly start rocking her hips back and forth. I tried as hard as I could to stay still as my cock lengthened and grew, but it was a losing battle. Almost imperceptibly my hips started to move giving Stevie a bit of what she was giving me.

“Holy shit! Do you two have any shame?” Liz laughed and slipped her arm around Sam’s waist pulling him close for a kiss. Joanne just looked on with a very intense stare which was, to say the least, disconcerting in the current circumstance. I willed myself to stop and Stevie, picking up on my discomfort also ceased her internal massaging of my swollen member and the rocking of her hips. The expression on Joanne’s face was an enigma to me. There was something there though that I didn’t like… almost like hostility. Then she turned to Hemi and the moment was gone.

“Come on big guy… you promised to show me the rest of your war wounds and battle scars. Let’s leave these nice folks alone to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.” With a quick glance at Stevie and me she turned and dragged Hemi off. Sam and Liz followed and in a few moments we had the pool area all to ourselves again. The mood, while not ruined, was somewhat more mellow as I slid off Stevie and turned her to face me. She snuggled into my chest and we lay there for a while kissing and talking about the coming evening and her planned tattoo.

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