tagFetishThe Really Big One

The Really Big One

byAvalanche Man©

Looking back in 20/20 hindsight, it actually all began with one of those stray, random thoughts uttered in the afterglow of intense passion. While cuddled with one another after a most satisfying session, Bill had murmured something about if he had more then Lucy would be more fulfilled.

It briefly entered his mind that Lucy had whispered back, that she had had a really huge one once. As she remembered it was almost painful, but had walked funny for several days afterward. The smile on her face as she reflected back had also stayed in his mind as he mulled over her reaction.

Despite their five years of marriage, the sex was still great and the most Bill could ask for, as Lucy never refused him at any time or any position that he wanted. But, once planted, that little seed of wondering if she was as satisfied as him took root and began to grow.

Never really returning to that original thought, Bill started to skirt around it in numerous different ways as he seem to redouble his efforts to ensure that Lucy was getting the most out of their sex life also. Work outs at a gym or any type of cardiovascular exercise couldn't match up to the additional thrust he now put into their increasing love making.

Lucy, even commented on his new ardor and drive for more and longer activity on all parts of her body. Attention to her breasts, nipples , and pussy in particular was more than when they were dating or first married. She had no inkling of what was growing and pushing Bill to more frequent and rougher sex than they had enjoyed previously.

A continual immersion in sexual talk and activity usually only leads to an increased demand for more of the same. The pulling and sucking on her nipples made them sore at times, but wanting to be pulled and sucked more every time. The greatly increased massage of her pussy by tongue, fingers, and Bill's eight inch dick only made her want more and more.

Compliments and encouragement were changing Lucy into a raving sexual dynamo that was willing to go along with almost all of Bill's ideas for enhancing their sex life. Dressing different than her normal conservative style, and talking more openly about their fantasies had become the new phase of their relationship she thought. Somehow, she kept missing that Bill would at times mention that something bigger would give her more pleasure than she was now getting.

Reassuring him that she was very happy and content with their present level of sexual prowess, she didn't have a clue as to what was coming. Although, she had gently asked him to slow down several times, she still never refused him in any of his requests or endeavors to push her to new heights of sexual exploration.

Trips to the Adult stores in their area became a regular thing as they found new ways to enjoy her body and what toys could be used for unusual feelings. Nipple clips, chains and shields were a daily occurrence as Bill wanted her to wear them almost all the time. Fortunately, she had a job where she could skip encasing her 38Ds in a bra without causing any problems. The constant nipple pulling and intense sucking had left them a bit raw at times and a bra would have been a day long irritation.

Her breasts were firm and full since they had developed back in puberty, so she actually didn't bounce or jiggle much, so that most didn't realize she was bra free. However, once Bill found out that she could go without a bra; he had gotten her drunk one night and talked her into burning all her bras in the fireplace. A salute back to the sixties was what he had called it.

Several weeks went by before Lucy began to feel no embarrassment of going without a bra, but then she was proud that she could do so. Bill was delighted and had her dress in sheer soft blouses and dresses that would show her breasts to anyone taking a good look when they went out. As the nipple clips, chains, or nipple shields were gold or silver, these would usually show through her blouse or dress.

Her pussy and ass were not neglected during this time as Bill continued to pour great amounts of attention to their constant state of arousal. One climax a night was not enough as he stroked her into multiple orgasms, and seem to want her wet and juicy all the time. Shaving her pussy and then massaging it with baby oil had also become part of the regular routine, as Bill kept Lucy very smooth and well lubricated in both pussy and ass.

Nervous at first, Lucy had tried to back off on this, but Bill had insisted, and she now looked forward to her grooming sessions that he did on such a regular basis. As with other things that had now become normal, he started her on not wearing panties whenever she didn't absolutely have to have them. Sleeping nude and going about the house nude were things that they had done back when they were first married, so she didn't have to make any changes in this to satisfy him.

Neither had shied away from anal sex in the beginnings of their relationship, but it was a rare and just occasional thing before. Now, it was a regular and full time part of their almost daily sex sessions, as Bill took great delight in using her ass as he rubbed and pulled her clit. Even while her ass was getting new and constant action, her pussy was not forgotten as he wanted to try ever increasing different positions in stretching her pussy.

Her mind was in a full state of nipples and pussy, as she felt that she was in a dryer on hyper-spin cycle. Hesitant at first, Lucy had gone along when Bill began to buy butt plugs and dildos to use on her in the nightly sexual romps. She was developing a craving to be aroused and needing that next climax all the time. Uncomfortable at first, she had adjusted to having a butt plug in whenever they went out to eat or shop.

All of the continual attention, compliments, and talk about her and her various body parts only made her want more and more. Bill's touching and feeling of her breasts, pussy and ass even while they were out dining or shopping kept her focused on those areas. Worried at first, that other people would be ugly in some way about this had changed when she seen the smiles and nods of approval from others, as Bill pushed her arousal level in public.

The vibrators and dildos were varied and different almost every time, and Lucy eagerly looked for the extra stimulation and additional climaxes that Bill was determined that she have each time. Slowly and gradually, with Bill's encouragement, she was taking continually larger dildos. Occasionally, they would have to back off for a brief time, whenever she got too sore, or wasn't getting the climaxes that she had previously.

Becoming a full fledged exhibitionist was only a small side effect of all the stimulation and arousal that constantly filled her mind and body. As she worked a bit separately from the main office and others (a small office in the warehouse), she could dress without bra or panties. Talking on the phone or working on a computer no one can tell that you are rubbing your bare nipples or smooth, shaved pussy.

Her boss was an much older guy that usually only came out of his office twice a day; at noon for lunch and at five to go home. He had never commented on how she dressed or didn't, although Lucy felt pretty sure that she had caught him looking down her blouse or dress whenever she had taken papers to his office.

When the air conditioning went out (in 100 degree weather, of course), Lucy had gotten two fans that blew directly on her. A small fan under her desk sent currents of semi cool air right up her skirt on her bare, smooth pussy. The second fan was angled at her desk top and blew across her top and clipped nipples.

Naturally, her boss had made a rare visit to her office, as she was leaned back in her chair, skirt pulled to her waist and top completely unbuttoned. As Lucy and he starred at each other, his only comment was "VERY nice." He also suggested that she might want to redo all her buttons and maybe wear a light sweater whenever she had to go to the main office.

Blushing, she had told Bill all about it later, and he had almost attacked her on the spot as he was so turned on. Laughing, but very persistent, he wanted her to continue this even after the air conditioning was fixed the next day. Amazingly, her boss seem to be of the same opinion as Bill, and came to her office more often after that. Asking if she was still hot, he had encouraged her to keep the fans and "use them as before."

As her behavior was not only accepted, but condoned, Lucy began to follow the suggestions of her husband and her boss. She kept a light suit type coat in her office for the rare times she had to go to the main office, but wore sheer blouses and button up skirts or dresses without either bra or panties. Pulling up or unbuttoning her skirt or dress and opening her blouse became a regular daily occurrence.

Bill was completely delirious whenever he came by to take her to lunch, and would fondle her breasts and pussy openly in the office before and after lunch. Lucy was fairly sure that her boss had been peeking sometimes as this happened, but he had not said a word about it. Bill did his best to ensure that she had at least one climax after their lunch dates, so that she spent the afternoon wet and juicy.

When Bill brought up the idea of other men and their much larger than his equipment, Lucy let him know that his 8 inches was more than enough to satisfy her, and that under no circumstances would she consider anyone else. Finding that he was defeating his own intentions, he quickly backed off even suggesting anyone else as it seem to be the only idea that she was determinedly against.

All the other aspects that he had introduced into their relationship were doing just as he had wanted, and Lucy was getting more and more stretched as the dildos were growing in size. Her sweating, moaning, and groaning as he stretched her pussy out took a good deal of time, but was now a regular thing during their almost nightly sessions. Sucking and pulling on her nipples and clit had enlarged both of them until it would have been difficult for her to wear bra or panties.

Fortunately their anal activities gave them both great climaxes, as her pussy no longer shrank back to its former size, and she craved the larger dildos to get the needed stimulation in it. Bill could barely feel the sides as he plowed her pussy and only did her doggie style as it was the best for both of them. He was able to reach around and pull her clit or nipples while doing her this way, and could finish in her ass to be able to cum.

She had seem to pass out the first time he had worked her over with a large dildo in her pussy at the same time as he was reaming out her ass. However, after that she had even suggested that he do her that way again. Being eager to please, he had begun to work both holes at the same time, either with two dildos or while he was doing her anally. She had walked a little gingerly after these first double penetrations and asked him not to do it that way unless she was really, really worked up, and or had the weekend to recover.

Despite the fact that Bill had bought a different colors of dildos and vibrators, Lucy only wanted the flesh colored ones, and would insist that he throw away the others. Although they could have shopped on line and bought their toys, Lucy preferred to visit the Adult store rather than have anything delivered at home. Without even a blush, she would help Bill to choose the larger and longer dildos and never bat an eyelash when the clerks would stare at her and the toys.

Bill was delirious that all was working fairly much as he had intended,, and Lucy was responding the way that he envisioned. Her exhibitionism was an added bonus that he hadn't expected, but was very muchly enjoyed by both of them. As he would massage her pussy or later stretch it with the dildos, he found he could get three to four fingers in her easily.

A total unexpected item was the weight loss that happened, and although it was not from lack of food, the additional stimulation added muscle tone and a firming up of certain areas. However, the weight loss was an extra reason for the buying of new, sexier clothes, but not any bras or panties as these were now considered unneeded items.

Once, while Lucy was pointing her legs toward the opposite corners of the bedroom, Bill had compressed all his fingers together and stretched her pussy with all of them squishing them in and out of her. Amazed that he could stretch her all the way to his knuckles, he sucked her clit at the same time and she went ballistic with her climax. Holding her as small tremors still swept over her, Lucy had murmured that that was tremendous and definitely one of the best.

Desiring to ensure that Lucy was sexually satisfied, Bill would do whatever seem to please her the most and best. So, usually twice or three times a week he would work on stretching her with his full hand and began to want to get his hand inside her.

The first time that he managed to slip his full hand into her surprised both of them and almost had them spell bound worried that it might hurt her in some way. However, as with most things, once the door is opened then each step outside (or inside as this case might be) leads to greater and further exploration.

Although, the double penetrations of dildo and Bill using her ass were still their normal, almost nightly activities, her taking his hand became a regular and desired item by both of them. Her climaxes were always the greatest whenever he could stimulate her into taking his hand, and though she wouldn't tell him this, he knew from her reactions.

With a giant smile of accomplishment, Bill was now more than confident that he was giving Lucy the full satisfaction that she needed. The various different aspects were not what he had thought in the beginning, but he was more than happy with her exhibitionism, and new confident sexuality.

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