tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Red Moon's Power 00: The Sentari

The Red Moon's Power 00: The Sentari


The Red Moon's Power : The Sentari Traders

It had been days before Shinai and Aiden had met, The Sentari had found four lovely Katsari for their collections. What was even better was three of the lovely's were completely untouched. Kah'lou was the captain of this particular encampment and he loved what he did. His tail swayed leisurely behind him, sliding up and down his backs scales. The Sentari were a cross between reptile and man. Their bodies were covered in varied green scales, They had long powerful tails, curved sharp claws, and the faces of alligators. Beady lustful red eyes assessed his prized as he stroked his monstrous cock. A Sentari male had at least a ten inch cock and Kah'lou's was a whopping twelve inch. The girls were afraid, even the huntresses he smirked. None of them had a strip of clothing left on their bodies except the chained collars around their necks. His long thick tongue licked his mouth as he watched them. Two where hunters, lean muscular bodies made to as ruthless as their minds. Like all hunters of the Jaguari they had shades of gold eyes glaring at him and his men. The third untouched was an even prettier little thing. Barely eighteen from her looks, She was thin and delicate more like a house kitten compared to her sisters. Her eyes where the silver of the priestesses. Kah'lou grinned, showing all his deadly teeth.

What luck. Was all he thought, then brought his eyes to the fourth one. This one was all curves, large breasts and a deep waist made for pleasure. Her eyes were a light orange/yellow, the eyes of a pleasure whore. She would fit right in with the others back home, plus he and the men could play with this one. He grunted and called to his men, ordering them to pick up the pace. He wanted to get his prizes to market before the red moon. The show the Katsari put on for them is out of this world. They traveled for four days before his men started to complain and Kah'lou knew how to shut them up.

"Bring the plump one out for some fun." He called out in his harsh language. The Sentari at the gate gave a toothy grin and opened it, pulling out the whore from the others. The young one tried to hold her back but to no avail. The gate closed and locked behind them as she was tossed to the ground in front of their captain. Kah'lou grinned down at her, he loved being the first one with the girls they took. The others held the thrashing girl down and spread her thighs wide as Kah'lou thrust himself inside her. She screamed out in pain as his monstrous cock forced its way all the way into her, pushing hard against her womb. He pounded hard into her making her scream louder and louder. He loved when they screamed. Despite her constant thrashing her body grew slick and wet from his invasion.

"The whore wants more." was all he said. The Sentari grinned and one thrust his shaft deep in the screaming girls throat, fucking her mouth as hard as his captain fucked her cunt. The other girls watched in horror and the captain increased his tempo, spreading his cold seed deep inside her. He got up and the next Sentari took his place, lifting her up so a third could rape her ass. She screamed out despite the dick in her mouth causing the one fucking it to cum right inside it. She chocked and coughed as she was forced to swallow it. The fucking did not sto until all fourteen men had fucked her at least once, most of them had done it in all three holes. Heaving and covered in cum she was thrown back into the cell with the others an the men happily moved on to their home.


Taili held her clan mate close to her chest, whipping away the monsters cum from her face. She was terrified on when they would pull her out of the cage. Being only eighteen the young priestess had never even seen a naked male of her kind, never mind those monsters.

Marie's orange eyes looked up into hers weakly. Taili pushed away the woman's long black locks of hair from her face, her own silver blonde hair hung to her tear stricken face.

"What will become of us?" She asked her sisters. Tao and Yu both looked at her with worried eyes knowing what was to come. Tao spoke.

"They will not touch us.......They save the untouched for higher prices." Taili shivered. Marie's whole body began to shiver and she did her best to keep it warm.

"And Marie?" she asked in a small voice. Yu spoke now.

"They will use her as much as they want and most likely keep her for their own pleasures....she will not fight back for too much longer." The huntress looked upon their friend with sorrow. She remembered growing up with her, knowing they were to be two different Jaguari and teasing her for it. "I regret the things I had once said to her". Marie shook her head and forced a voice from her swollen mouth.

"Not your fault ....never got mad." was all she said before exhaustion took her. The next night Marie was pulled from her arms and Taili screamed for them to let her go. The two huntresses knew she would break tonight, they watched with the agony of not being free to come to her aid.

Marie was forced onto her hands and knees as their leader thrust into her ass. She screamed out only to be silenced by a cock in her mouth. The girls watched as she was raped yet again by the men, but by the time the second group came along Marie's eyes were glazed over and she willingly sucked the beasts cock. Taili watched in horror as Marie came to each new cock inside her, screaming now with pleasure instead of pain. She watched as long tongues wrapped around the girl's body and slid into her pussy and ass. Marie came and started begging for more. Taili forced herself to look away but the woman's sounds echoed threw her. Her body began to ach, and her thighs grew warm with cream. Her eyes snapped open and the other two met hers with the same horrified look on their faces. They were being turned on by the sight.

After that night Marie wasn't returned to the cell instead she was kept outside with the men. She would be permanently placed on one of the men's cocks; even as she ate she was being fucked. The journey took a week and three days before they arrived at the capital. The girls looked around as thousands of Sentari walked among them. Men, women, children, not one looked up at them. Their captors were greeted by two larger Sentari that gazed upon Marie hungrily. The captain ordered the girl to her knees and to suck the cocks as they talked business.


Kah'lou talked with the two slave merchants, disusing the prices of the three virgin girls. He had decided to keep the slut for himself. The two men's eyes rolled back as his slut sucked and fisted their cocks. He smiled. She had a mouth that would please anyone. After the two men came all over her they could no longer think straight. That was when Kah'lou made his demands. "1200 gold for each of them and I want it in writing." His slut continued her onslaught and the two men groaned in agreement, signing the contract without remorse as they were brought to a second orgasm. Kah'lou grinned and took his contract, ordering his slave to get up and lick her face. Marie did what she was told.

"Well gentlemen, I will be going to collect my gold now, make sure they are brought to the other Katsari, the red moon will be out tonight." Was all he said before getting up to collect his gold, Marie following like the pet she was.

That was the last the girls saw of Marie or the basterd captain.


The girls were brought to a large hallway full of caged women. They walked for a long time, being pulled on by the chained collars until they came to the largest of the cages on complete display. They were thrown in the cages and the door slammed behind them. Taili was helped to her feet by a dark skinned beauty with dark chocolate cat eyes. She blinked and the girl smiled.

"I am Lepari, my name's Kai" was all she said. She and her sisters looked around stunned. Two of the other women were Jaguari and another looked just like the woman who helped Taili. Seven of us all together. Was all Taili thought.

They learned that the other Jaguari had been taken a few days before they had, losing two of their sisters to the traders that took them.

"They had been our clans pleasure whore's, already touched by the males therefore not as valuable." It was the same thing that had happened to Marie. The other two women had been taken together and Taili learned that their clan had no need for pleasure whores. They had just as many male hunters as they did female.

"They killed the males that tried to rescue us....They have no need for the men it seems." She noticed all the women were on edge. So she finally asked them why they were practically jumping out of their skin. Yu was the one who spoke.

"You've never experienced the red moon have you child?" She asked her. Taili shook her head

"This will be my first year, I have just turned eighteen." The younger Katsari were kept separated from the adults during the red moon in order to protect them so the females were pretty much left in the dark about it until they turned eighteen. The others moaned.

"They gather us together on the red moon to put on a show for the clients. After that it takes just over a week for them to sell us off....to make sure they get the best offer possible." It was the other Lepari who spoke, Ruma.

"After that no one is ever seen again..." Taili froze and forced herself to breath slower. "And when is the red moon?" she asked them. All of them turned to her and spoke in union.



By mid afternoon large lounge chairs were set up around the cage. Several slave poles were placed near them as well as food and drink. The older women were already feeling the effects of the night to come and were trying desperately not to touch themselves. Taili's own body had started to tingle in strange way but she had yet to put the two together. As the hours waned down however the girls were losing it and the gusts started arriving. Kai was the first to turn. Dark gold runes formed on her body and her eyes glazed over with need. Ruma followed suet and the two women crawled to each other. Taili watched with wide eyes as the women began kissing each other and squeezing their breasts. Her body grew hot and her breathing labored as Kai took Ruma's breast in her mouth, pushing the woman back against the ground and crawling above her. Her ass and pussy sticking out for all to see. Just then she heard a loud moan as Yu's body covered with red runes. Licking her lips she moved to suck on Kai's pussy. Taili watched as the other two Jaguari joined in. One sucking Ruma's other breast while the other sat down on the girls face so she could like her cunt.

Taili moaned and then gasped as she felt to hands grab her breasts from behind. It was Tao. She flicked her tongue at her ear, pressing her hot core against the small of her back. Taili gasped and Tao claimed her lips with her own. It wasn't long before she felt a tongue on her breast and she opened her eyes. Yu had left the others to join in. Taili's body arched and she now saw the runes that covered her own body. Yu moved so her own pussy pressed against hers and started to grind her hips against her Taili gasped against Tao's mouth and felt her doing the same thing to her back. She felt her first orgasm wash over her and the other girls followed. They didn't stop and soon she found Kai and Ruma join in. They all pushed Taili to the ground and began to suck on her. Taili felt mouth's on both her breasts, her pussy, asshole, neck and two on her belly. She screamed as orgasm after orgasm hit her.

The one kissing her moved to place her pussy on Taili's mouth, her tongue sliding into her folds. Another stood over her licking the girl's ass hole. Taili felt another pussy press against hers and began to grind, while two more cunts roughly pressed down on her breasts. They all screamed and covered her with their juices. Outside the cage, bidders where going wild. Those that had brought their own slaves were using them as they watched and screamed out their bidding in their own tongue. They fucked all night long, stopping only when exhaustion hit them.

By morning the merchants were processing every bid offer for the girls. By the week's end every one of those girls would be sold for a small fortune...

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