tagLesbian SexThe Reluctant Lesbian Ch. 04

The Reluctant Lesbian Ch. 04


I was at the office when Sabrina let me know that my sister was on line two. We chatted for just a few minutes when she asked if I’d found the surprise she had placed in my pocketbook. I carry a rather monster size bag. I peered inside my bag and immediately spied what Meagan was referring to – one of our new anal plugs in a see thru plastic bag.

“And what is it you expect me to do with that?” I feigned over the phone.

“I expect you to go into the ladies room right now and put it in,” was Meagan’s tart response.

“Here? You’re not serious,” I retorted.

“I’m absolutely serious. You’ll find some lube in the bag. Call me back when it’s done,” she said as the receiver registered a dial tone. It was one thing to go without bra and panties as Meagan was now asking me to do, but here she was requiring me to put the new anal plug up my ass at work.

She had made me wear a plug most of the weekend around the house, becoming accustomed to it as I moved around doing household chores. As I mentioned before, Meagan requires that I remain nude like her when we are at home and she would often ask me to bend over to insure I had not slipped it out.

I was surprised that it wasn’t uncomfortable at all as I moved around and even sat watching television. The plugs are designed not to slip out and I became extremely aroused most of the day.

Meagan and I have both discovered how sensitive my ass is and I love it when she plays with me back there with our vibrators, dildos, fingers and especially her tongue.

I carried my bag into the restroom, carefully washed off the plug and then coated it with the lube she had packed. It slid easily into my asshole which Meagan had been stretching for the last few days in anticipation of the fucking she promised me with our new strapon.

I felt delightfully naughty as I called her back moments later to tell her I had done what she asked.

It was about mid afternoon when Maggie, the woman from the boutique shop, called and asked if Meagan and I would like to stop by the Wine Loft, the little wine bar Meagan had visited that catered to same sex couples. I told her we’d be delighted and immediately called Meagan to share my news. Meagan said she’d just meet us there after work.

I had told Maggie that I would be right over after a stop over at the gym. While I went thru some aerobics that afternoon, my mind was a million miles away as I thought about my encounter at her shop. How she stared at me as I undressed in front of my first woman other than my sister. I took a shower, letting the suds run over my body as I squeezed a nipple between my fingers. Between the thoughts of making love to Maggie and the plug that I wore most of the afternoon, I was extremely horny.

I quickly redressed putting back on the skirt and blouse I had worn to work earlier in the day. I left one more button undone on my blouse providing ample room to see my breasts barely covered by the sheer top. I had felt naughty all day just wearing the top into work that subtly betrayed the contours of my breast and my nipples. It did draw a few looks from my boss and the other girls in the office but no one said anything to me. I’m sure I was the talk with Sabrina and Margie, my fellow employees, when my back was turned.

Meagan was already there when I arrived and quickly ordered us a Merlot as we waited for Maggie to arrive.

“You still have in the plug?” Meagan asked as I shot her a look.

“I didn’t wear it to the gym Meagan!” I paused just a few seconds before adding, “But I did feel like a real slut walking around dressed like that with a device up my twat in front of everyone.”

“You are a slut,” Meagan fired back, noticing my shirt undone at the top.

Maggie arrived looking ravishing. She was as pretty as I remembered as she pulled up a chair on the outside patio as the three of us chatted. We must have had three or four glasses before I excused myself to the ladies room.

When I returned, Meagan was gone. “Where’d my sister go?” I inquired looking around the bar.

“She said she had a couple of errands to run. Besides, it’ll give me a chance to get to know you better,” Maggie smiled back.

I returned to my seat and Maggie and I began discussing a little bit of our personal life before the discussion turned to sex and how we both became lesbians. Maggie had been married and met a woman down at her tennis club. While her affair did not break up their marriage, when she divorced she just began seeing women.

I shared with her my story how Meagan had at first blackmailed me into sex. But I realized now, that I was not as reluctant as I had first let on. As I discussed with her my transition from a straight woman into a committed lesbian, I felt her foot graze my leg. Casually at first, her toes softy and slowly traced the contours of my leg, sliding slowly down as they rested on mine after I had removed the heels.

Maggie’s foot play and my earlier horniness was driving me into a frenzy and when I admitted that all the wine we had drunk was going to my head, she suggested perhaps a light snack back her apartment.

“I love this place because its easy walking distance to my apartment. Let’s go get a bite to eat. I’ll make you dinner and then I’ll bring you back to your car,” she said as she leaned over and tugged at my arm.

I knew while the invitation to dinner was sincere, I would likely be the main course. That was at least what I hoped for as I felt my pussy getting wet at the thought.

Maggie called for the check and the two of us made our way out of the bar. I was carrying my heels in my right hand as Maggie somewhat held me up. I didn’t realize how much we had drank or the effect it was having on me as I felt my tongue a little thick and somewhat unsteady on my feet. Maggie slipped her arm around my waist as we walked up the street.

Maggie had a beautiful apartment as she escorted me to the kitchen where she prepared me a tall glass of ice water. She made us a salad that we both consumed, picking up our conversation from earlier.

Minutes later, we retreated to her den where she put on some light jazz and turned off the overhead lamp leaving on a small lamp on the end table.

Maggie set next to me on the loveseat, taking my hand in hers as she continued to talk to me. Then the conversation stopped and the time for talking was over as she stared into my eyes. As her head moved toward mine, I closed my eyes and felt her warm soft lips envelope mine.

Her kiss seemed much more forceful that Meagan’s as she sought out my tongue, sucking it back into her mouth. I felt Maggie’s hand slip inside my shirt, her hand wrapping around my breast as she squeezed gently before taking my nipple into her fingers, pulling, rubbing.

I felt her unbutton my blouse, remove it, and within seconds my skirt as well. In just a minute I was completely naked in the arms of my new lover who was still fully dressed. Her kisses slid down to my neck, where she sucked and licked before settling on my breasts. Her hot breath and warm mouth was all over my young flesh as she kissed, licked, and sucked at my nipples.

“Oh Maggie, that feels so good. Suck my tits, my nipples,” I groaned as she worked them with her tongue. She gently bit my nipples as she sucked them hard as I felt her hand move to my lap and began rubbing my smooth hairless pussy. Her fingers found their way to my wet hole as she inserted her fingers in, pushing and probing gently as I spread my legs wider for her.

“You don’t know how I thought about this all weekend pet. Ever since you came into my shop the other day, I’ve wanted you. But you knew that didn’t you?” she moaned into my breast as she continued to lick me there.

“Yea,” was my soft reply as I gave into her advance.

“And you were teasing me, taunting me with your body. You knew how turned on I was getting showing yourself off to me like that. You a little tease baby? You like to tease older women?” Maggie kept on.

“Yea,” I admitted again feeling her probe my pussy with her fingers. Her thumb rubbing against my clit as she continued to lick and suck on my throbbing nipples.

“Well, there’s no more teasing tonight. I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to have that sweet pussy of yours,” she said in between licks of my breasts. “First I’m going to have a taste of that sweet delicious pussy of yours,” she said as she slid down my stomach. Her hot breath breathing on my twat.

Her tongue slid across my lower stomach and then plunged into my hole as she sucked my lips into her mouth. She continued to use her fingers in me as she licked around them, spreading by pussy as wide as she could. Her tongue was lapping between the folds of my pussy, licking up the juices as she dove her face in as far as she could. Her hands found my breasts and pulled tightly at my nipples as she concentrated on my clit, sucking, biting lightly as it throbbed.

As I moved my pussy up and down on her face, she slipped a wet finger up my ass. It didn’t take long at all before I felt my orgasm building as she probed my butt with her fingers and sucked on my clit. Wave after wave swept through my body as I collapsed onto her couch.

Maggie stood up and slipped off her dress and then unclasped her bra. Her breasts were much bigger than I had imagined capped by two huge brown nipples. She still had on her panties as she climbed back on the couch and fed me her breasts. I took the nipple in my mouth and sucked on it as she fed me one, then the other.

I could have sucked on her nipples all day but Maggie had other ideas as she reached down and tugged off her panties exposing her pussy to me for the first time. Unlike Meagan and me, Maggie had a dark bush covering her pussy. While it was trimmed, it did little to cover her pussy lips which were plump and spread open.

Maggie gently directed me down on the couch and took up a position with my face directly under her pussy and between her legs as she sat down on my face. Immediately I began to tongue her slit and loved her sweet taste as I dipped my tongue in. The hair on her muff tickled my nose as she ground her twat all over my face.

“Eat me Cheryl, lick my pussy. There, right there,” she directed as I sucked on her massive clit. I took it into my mouth drawing groans from Maggie as I looked up to see her twisting and pulling at her nipples. Her tits were much bigger than mine and I watched in fascination as she drew her own breasts to her mouth and tongued her nipples.

“Damn that feels good,” Maggie hissed as I probed her deep with my tongue and like she had done me earlier, I dipped my fingers in her wet pussy, coating them with her own juices before I spread her cheeks and stuck them in her hot ass. It drew a loud groan from Maggie as she raised up and then began pushing her ass back onto my fingers.

I had been sucking on her clit for several minutes, enjoying the taste of her twat when something happened that I was totally unprepared for. A gush of liquid squirted across my face as Maggie moaned, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming.”

Initially I thought she had peed on my face but I realized that she had cum with such a force that she had ejaculated almost like a man. I had never heard of a woman doing that but Maggie did and before the evening was over, she did again.

She had us lay on the floor pussy to pussy, our feet at each other’s head as she ground our hot clits together. I had never done that before and I loved the feeling of our cunts rubbing together. Maggie moved her hips and ground her box into mine. Just as before, she let a stream of hot liquid gush from her pussy across mine causing me to orgasm as well.

We spent a couple of hours lying on her couch naked as we kissed and fondled each other’s pussy. She had me sit on her face once more before I dressed to go home.

I told her I would just walk back to the Wine Loft but she insisted on dropping me off. As she drove off, I decided to go back into the bar for something to drink. Nothing alcoholic, just something to refresh me after our bout of lovemaking.

I ordered a diet coke and was just finishing it when a girl about my age startled me, “You alone?” she inquired.

I turned to see an attractive young lady, short black hair, and covered in tattoos. She wore a sleeveless top that exposed her arms which seemed to be a massive mural. She couldn’t help but notice my interest.

“That’s my thing. I’m a tattooist. Anyway, haven’t see you here before. You here with anyone?” she pressed.

“Well, I was. I just stopped in for a drink before heading home,” I replied.

“Oh,” she said, “Stevie,” holding out her glass.

“Cheryl,” I said back as I took my nearly empty diet coke and clinked our glasses together drawing smiles from both of us.

“So you come here often?” Stevie asked, “I don’t recall seeing you before.”

“Tonight’s my first time. But I suspect I’ll be back,” I smiled.

Stevie was already taking a few steps back, perhaps to join the group she was there to meet. “Hope so,” she said as she turned to walk away. She looked back once and smiled, before heading out to the patio.

I watched as she walked away, her jeans seemed to be glued to her ass. I wasn’t into all the tattoos but I had to admit she had a killer body.

I finished the coke and headed home. Meagan was already in the bed we shared.

“So, tell me everything,” Meagan directed as I walked in the room and dropped the heels by the closet. I unbuttoned my blouse and let it drop in a in a pile on the floor, slipping off my skirt and draping it across the chair leaving me nude.

Meagan pulled back the sheet, exposing her naked body, as I slid in and cuddled up next to my sister. “Ooom, you smell good” Meagan sighed, “Maggie’s perfume?”

“Probably,” I responded. “I had a great time.”

“I knew you would,” Meagan stated back. “Maggie seems like a really nice woman and she’s got a really hot body.”

“Have you ever heard of a woman squirting?” I asked.

“Squirting?” my sister asked back.

“Yea, when Maggie really cums hard, she squirts. Almost like a man,” I informed her.

“I’ve heard of it. I haven’t been with anyone that did it, but yea. I’ve heard some women do,” Meagan replied.

“Actually it was kind of cool. It felt really good when our pussies were rubbing together,” I gushed.

“You better stop it or you’re gonna’ make me horny,” Meagan answered back.

“Meagan, have you ever met anyone down at the wine bar named Stevie?” I quizzed.

“Dark haired girl? Really pretty but covered in tattoos,” Meagan asked back.

“Yea, that’s her. I met her tonight,” I said.

“You need to stay away from her,” Meagan shot back looking back at me. “That girl’s in a different league.”

“How so?” I quizzed.

“I’ve heard stuff about her. Really into the kinky side. I mean, nothing like us. She’s on a different planet. She didn’t hit on you or anything?” Meagan asked, her face beside mine. Her eyes searching mine for a response.

“No, nothing like that. I just met her. She seemed like a nice enough girl.”

“You stay away from her. Big sister or not, you’re not ready for that one,” Meagan said as she turned and cut off the lamp on the bed stand. I curled up next to Meagan, wrapping my arm around her waist.

Meagan had already informed me that Whitney, her girlfriend, was arriving this weekend and I wondered how I’d feel about that. Certainly I wouldn’t be sleeping with her any more. I rested my face on her shoulder as I drifted off to sleep

The alarm seemed to go off seconds after I went to sleep. I turned it off and headed for the shower. I was just drying my hair standing in front of my mirror when Meagan’s voice startled me.

“Come over here you,” she said in a somewhat groggy morning voice.

“What?” I responded.

“Come over here. Give me a kiss,” she said.

I walked over and bent down, placing a soft kiss on my sister’s lips. My wet hair falling down and lightly slapping her in the face drawing laughter from us both.

Meagan pulled me down and rolled over on top of me, pulling the sheet away as her body lay on top of mine. She kissed on my breasts and sucked them.

“You better not start something we can’t finish,” I warned.

“Who says we can’t finish?” she laughed.

“I have to get ready for work babe. I don’t have time for this,” I informed her.

Meagan wasn’t deterred as she continued to draw my wet nipple in her mouth, sucking before she switched and took the other in as well. Meagan scooted down and tongued my belly button before sliding further down, spreading my legs and diving into my pussy.

“Ooooom, nothing like licking a pussy right after you shave it,” she purred. “It’s so smooth.”

Meagan spread my pussy lips and began lapping between the folds. I held her head and guided her as she teased my clit with her tongue as she stuck two, then three fingers in my wet pussy.

Meagan would start at my asshole and lick all the way up to my clit. It felt awesome as she probed my ass with her fingers, stretching it open as she pushed her face hard into my pussy.

“Damn, I love your pussy,” Meagan moaned.

“And I like you licking it,” I sighed back as I rubbed my fingers through her hair.

“I want to fuck you. I want to fuck your little ass,” Meagan exclaimed as she jumped out of bed and headed to her drawer hosting our toys.

“Babe, we don’t have time. I need to get ready. One of us is working you know,” I said leaning up on my elbows.

“Meagan had already stepped into our strapon and was buckling it in place as I was making my case.

“So you’ll be a little late. Flip over. Let baby sister have a piece of that delectable tush before you leave me all alone,” she argued.

I looked back at Meagan. The black leather harness holding the rubber dong that she intended to fuck me with. I knew better but she also had me worked up from the licking. I loved it when she played with my ass. While she had used the anal plugs, and her fingers, she had yet to actually fuck me there. We had talked about it and she had worked hard to get me accustomed to the cock. Now was the moment and she was ready.

I sighed and flipped over as I felt her slide between my legs. Her face pressing against my cheeks as I felt her licking my cheeks, placing little kisses, before her tongue moved to my anus. I felt her wet tongue probe my ass, pushing in as she seemed to fuck my ass with her tongue.

It felt unbelievable and she knew she had me as I raised up on my knees and pushed my backside further into her face.

I heard her pop the cap on the lube and knew she was lubing up her cock as she rubbed a dab on my opening and then guided the head to my hole. “Here it comes baby. I’m gonna’ fuck you now. I’m gonna’ fuck that sweet ass of yours,” she teased as I felt the cool rubber head of the dildo push at my asshole.

The head popped in and Meagan eased the remainder in a little at the time. The cock was much bigger than her fingers but the anal plugs she had been using on me at least made the dong easier to handle. Finally I felt her hips on my ass and I knew she has buried the whole thing in my bottom.

I had taken it all as she eased it back out and then back in.

“That’s it baby. Take my cock,” Meagan said as she held onto my hips pulling them back into her to meet her thrust. Both of us had looked forward to this moment. I wanted her to fuck me there and she wasn’t disappointing me as she now moved back and forth in rhythm. I found myself moving back into her to meet each thrust as she reached under me, holding onto my breasts as she kissed my back, my neck.

I reached down myself and rubbed my clit.

“Who’s fucking you now Cheryl?” Meagan groaned.

“You are,” I moaned back.

“And where am I fucking you?” she pressed.

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