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The Right Wrong Number


The Right Wrong Number

Finally, she had the place to herself. Her husband had taken the kids out of town for a few days, and she was all alone. She helped herself to a little wine, a hot bath, and now she was settling down in front of the TV to watch some cheesy movies.

She was wearing only her bathrobe which she tied loosely in front, and it was otherwise open. It revealed her beautiful swimmer's body. Even at 37 years old she had a nice flat stomach, perfect perky B sized breasts, and thoroughbred legs. She was still tan from a summer at the pool. Her brown nipples were barely encircled by fading tan lines left from her bikini top. She loved wearing her skimpy, but tasteful, little bathing suit to the pool and she kept herself well-groomed all year round in the anticipation of the next summer. She knew the guys were stealing glances, it got her a little moist between her legs. Sometimes she had to take a cool dip just make sure no one could tell.

She put her cell phone on the couch next to her. Her husband was going to text her as soon as they got in. She reached for the remote and took a sip of wine. Her text notification dinged. "That must be Jack, he made good time", she thought to herself.

Hey, how's it going?

It wasn't Jack. It was a number she didn't recognize and was not stored in her phone. Odd she thought. "Well, it's going well" she thought.

Good, how're you doing?

Pretty good, just got back home from work.

This person had clearly dialed the wrong number, but something told her just to keep up the conversation.

That's good. How was your day?

What do you mean? You were with me most of the day? Wait, who is this? I must have dialed the wrong number. Sorry to bother you...new phone.

That's o.k. Glad you're home from work. ☺

Ha. Thanks. Sorry again.

No problem.

She thought that was going to be the end of it. The number was from Oregon, nearly the entire country away. Back to her movie. Then her phone dinged again. Jack? Nope.

You still there?

This got her intrigued. What could this person want to talk about with a total stranger? For some reason, her heart started to beat a little faster. She knew it was the wine, the blissful solitude, and the riskless potential encounter with a stranger.

Yep. Still here.

So, how are you doing?

I'm doing great. You?

Better now that I've got some company.

She was at once disappointed and excited. Did this mean that company just arrived and the conversation was over...or was she the company? She decided to investigate.

Oh, did someone just show up?

Nope. I meant you. ;)

This really got her palms sweaty and her heart beating. She wondered if he assumed he was texting with a guy and he was gay, or if he was straight and hoping she was a girl.

What's your name, if you don't mind me asking?

My name's Alexis. Yours?


That's an exotic name, she thought.

Hi Kellan. Is that a guy's name or a girl's?

Hi Alexis. LOL. I get that a lot over email and text. I'm a guy.

This did nothing to slow her heart rate. Why was she having this odd autonomic response? She was happily married, and talking to a guy she'd never met. Why was this so exciting?

This may be a bit forward, but how old are you?

That would have been a bit forward, but the anonymity between the two made social mores slip away.

I'm 37. You?





She had the feeling he was telling the truth, but she couldn't really tell why. She was glad that she had not lied about her age. She hoped she believed him.

So you know I just got home from work, but what are you doing?

Considering what she was doing, what she was starting to feel like doing (even before the first text came through), and what she was wearing, this just started to get interesting.

You know...just hanging out. Having some wine and relaxing on the couch after a long day.

Are you alone?

Now it was getting very interesting. Why was she answering, and why was she so excited to answer? This was a wonderful little dance they were beginning. She wondered where it would go.

I am, as a matter of fact. Are you?

Yep. I just got out of the shower and was going to text my friend to see if he wanted to meet up.

She hoped this didn't mean he was going to going soon. Her night was just starting to get better than she thought it would.

Oh, do you want to get off the phone so you can call him?

Not anymore.

Little beads of sweat started to form on her eyebrows. She was suddenly flush with warmth. It was the cocktail of wine and intrigue.

OK. ☺

So, Alexis. What kinds of things do you like to do for fun?

There were plenty of things she liked to do, but swimming and taking walks with her husband and kids didn't seem like the right answer.

Whatever lights my fire.

Hmmm...are you saying there are some things you like to do that get you...hot?

Now they were getting somewhere. She was a devoted wife. She loved conversing with people, but she was not really a flirt. Where was her unquenchable desire to talk to this stranger coming from? She decided to go with it. What was the harm?

There are...

She hoped his response wouldn't be something generic like : like what? She was hoping he was too creative and too intriguing for that.

I think you should let me guess what those are.

That was a much better response than she was anticipating.

Oh, you think you have a handle on me already?

Let's find out. Your number is from the Midwest, so you're not a surfer or a snow-boarder. Lots of open room in the Midwest. You like cycling, swimming, skydiving, and laying on the couch after a long day. Probably drinking wine...possibly in pajamas or a robe cinched tight around you.

She was speechless. He was right about all of it...except for the skydiving, though she would go if she could.

Wow! How did you know that?

Was this really someone she knew and he was playing a trick on her. She really didn't think so.

Part guess, part wild guess, and part what I'm picturing you doing.

This did nothing to cool her off.

You have a great imagination...

You have no idea.

She bit her bottom lip at that. A flame started to grow warmer inside her. Her nipples started to stand erect against the soft robe. Juices started to flow to her loins making them soft and flowy. She knew what he wanted and she knew where they were going...and there was nothing to stop them.

My turn.

She didn't want him to think she wasn't interested in doing her fair share.

OK. Good luck.

You're in Oregon. You like skiing, hiking, biking...maybe camping...and chasing bears. You had a long day at work and you were thinking about meeting a friend which means you're probably sitting on your bed in a bath towel wrapped tight around your waist. Beads of water are dripping from your still damp hair down your muscular chest. You like scotch or whiskey on the rocks and you have some in a tumbler right next to you.

She thought him a bit of the rugged outdoorsy type, but not a bum.

You must be clairvoyant...except for the towel wrapped tight, and the bears...and it's Grey Goose.

She took a deep breath. She started thinking vivid thoughts about a nice strong cock rising from underneath the towel...simply at his thoughts of her and her words.

Everything was becoming surreal. This cold plastic portal to an (at times) unwelcome world had suddenly become a conduit between their innermost sexual chambers. Here she was, married, sexually fulfilled, happy, and being not a little naughty with a total stranger thousands of miles away.

Well, then I kept something back a minute ago. My robe's not cinched all that tight...

Her heart was in her throat, she could barely hit the send button for her shaking hands. She felt like a virgin all over again, having her first time (which was a wonderful experience with a great guy in college...who turned out to be gay—of course).

Hmmm...I'd love to catch a glimpse of what's underneath.

Yes he would.

Yes you would...

I think it's time this towel came completely off...7 inch cock, strong and sturdy, decent six-pack, strong arms, chest, and back from hockey days.

Now her chest was heaving, stroking her sturdy nipples against her robe. She straightened out her legs and opened them forming a diamond with her knees splayed out at either side. She ran her finger between her cleavage and down her stomach.

I was just thinking this robe is getting a bit tight for comfort.

Feel free to ease yourself out of it...I have a feeling I'd do it for you if I was there. How about some details about the beauty underneath it?

Mmmm...I think I'd enjoy your strong hands helping me get more comfortable. Strong long legs, perky 32 B breasts, brown nipples, flat stomach, nicely shaved., I'm an avid swimmer if that helps your imagination.

O.k. Was this cheating? Probably, but she knew for a fact that her husband would love this. She knew he fantasized about her being with another man and this whole conversation would send him into a frenzy. Maybe she'd leave her phone sitting out where he could see the messages when they were getting ready for bed when he got back and the kids were tucked in.

I can feel your soft skin beneath my fingers. Where would you like me to start one of my award-winning massages?

She started giving herself a massage. With one hand she was rubbing the inside of her thighs between her leg and her hip joint. She loved that feeling and it made the juice run to her loins.

Wherever you like...

I bet you're a girl who likes a good shoulder rub. I start there kneading your strong should muscles and moving up and down your back.

She was laying back know, imagining the back rub while enjoying the leg rub she was giving her self.

You seem to know just where and how I like to be touched. I'm in good hands.

Of course. I can read your body language like a book.

She imagined him slowly stroking his long thick cock while laying on his big bed.

Oh yeah? What chapter are you in now?

I'm caressing your back while you're laying on your stomach. Your beautiful breasts are peeking out from underneath you. I'm dragging my fingers along the sides. My cock is rubbing the crack of your buttocks.

She was getting so hot and she loved playing with her breasts and having them played with. The thought of his cock pushing up against her tightest regions got her even wetter.

Mmmm...I want to reach down and stroke your manhood.

The fingers of her other hand actually curled around as if his cock was in it.

Can you fell how hard it is?

His typos made her extra hot. He hadn't so much as misspelled a word since they started, she knew he was using only one hand stroking himself with the other.

So hard, nothing turns soft in my hands...

You want me to put that hard cock somewhere...don't you?

Did you have any particular place in mind?

She was dragging her fingers along her breasts and rock hard nipples. Moans were escaping from her throat. It was getting harder and harder to keep her fingers off her clit...which was also getting harder and harder.

Ladies choice.

I want that nice thick head to move past my lips and down my throat.

She was great at giving head...just ask her husband.

Ohhhh...I can feel your toung on my cock and your lips pressed around it. I'm moving in and out down yor throt.

More typos, more heat radiating from her loins.

I suck gently then a little harder I love the way your shaft fels in my mout and on my tounge

Some typos of her own, she couldn't help it. Her fingers had moved to her hard clit and tight sex. A warm intoxicating aroma had started to loft from her loins and fill the room.

Mmmm...careful. Don't make me cum just yet. I can usually hold out like a stud but your mouth is so perfect soft and sweet that I want to blow my load straight donw your throat.

The thought of his hot load streaming from his head made her crazy with lust. She knew she had to relieve some pressure. She waited a second before she responded so she could rub her clit fast and hard. An orgasm took hold. She put the phone down to squeeze her nipples which made her cry out in ecstasy. She was so happy she was a girl. She could cum multiple times and the heat never died down until she was ready.

She regained her composure (at least some of it) and picked the phone up.

Now its your turn to choose.

Hmmm....Are you ready for me to spread those...other lips?

Ready and waiting.

I spread those beautiful legs and ease myself into your tight warm soft folds. I pull out slowly and then I slam back in!

Ahhhh...I can feel you puound ing me. Your head is rubbing against my gspot. My clit is vibrating with the fury of you bangnnng. BTW, I'm rubbing my lcit like crazu its soooo hard and it feels sooo goood

There was no way she could type properly now. Her fingers were circling her clit like mad. She was getting ready lose her self again.

I'm nailng you so hard our skin is slappying and I'm driving in and out like a piston. I want to blow it so bad in side you.

I wrap my legs around you and pull you in. Your thrusts get stronger as my loins start grabbing your manhood. I want you to finish inside em. I can take anything you giv me.

The thought of his hard cock pounding her mercilessly coupled with her expert finger running her hard clit was too much. She dropped the phone to the couch. An orgasm coursed through her veins and shook her very core. She was loud since she was alone. Her hips bucked and she grasped her breasts with her free hand. She rocked herself off the couch. She couldn't make herself stop but she could just barely handle the most ferocious orgasm she experienced in years. She was spiraling in a dizzy frenzy of orgasm. It became a beast she couldn't control...and didn't want to. Finally she opened her eyes. Her hips started to relax, her fingers slowed and the flame subsided slightly. She really had no idea how long she had just spent in this orgasmic paradise.

I just came so hard on you cock.

No response...then.

I just came so hard inside you...and on my hand. I'm just now able to breath and see again. That was amazing. Jizz spurted so high it arced off the bed...and I'm lying in the middle of a queen sized mattress.

She felt...accomplished.

Wow! My orgasm almost destroyed me. I'm still feeling pretty warm...but exhausted.

I know the feeling. Looks like I'm going to lay here, finish my vodka, and think about you all night.

Well...maybe you'll dial the wrong number again some day.

You can count on it.

Then it was over. She felt a little dirty, but mostly tired and blissfully at peace. She awoke a few hours later, tied up her robe, climbed into bed, and fell fast asleep. When she awoke she noticed a text from her husband.

Here safe. Hope you had a good night. Talk to you soon

Great! Can't wait...do I have some news for you...

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