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The Ring


Susan felt as if her heart would beat right out of her chest. The warm deep buzz of submissive arousal filled her, making her face glow and her stomach churn. Her mouth was dry and she felt light-headed, tense and nervous. Why? Why did she do this? But she knew the answer. It was what she wanted. It was what she needed...to be dominated and humiliated...to give herself selflessly to her Mistress...to please and serve. It was erotic and so deeply fulfilling. She could feel the dampness between her thighs as she followed her mistress.

The leather leash kept her within two steps of her mistress. She concentrated walking as instructed with hands behind her back, head upright, and eyes down. Her mistress' confident stride thrilled her...the short black leather skirt accentuating her mistress' firm athletic legs with tall leather boots clearly gave her a commanding presence. Her long dark hair blew lightly as she walked and her tight lace up leather vest accentuated her hourglass figure. Susan could not believe how lucky she was to be owned by such a woman as her mistress. Tonight, that ownership would be complete.

Susan tried to remember all that she learned in deportment. She concentrated on walking just two steps behind her mistress with head held up and eyes down. When her mistress stopped, she stood two feet behind her mistress and to the right with legs shoulder width and hands behind her back. This was Susan's first time in public with her mistress, and she wanted to her mistress proud of her.

Susan tried to remain calm and focus on her surroundings. A mixture of fear and excitement made her stomach churn. The smells of the old apartment seemed so ordinary. The poor lighting and dirty carpet were typical in these old apartment buildings in this part of the city. Susan hoped that no one would see her...a woman being led by her mistress. At least there was little chance of meeting anyone who would know her there.

Ms. Stanton stopped at apartment number 617. That was the apartment the local bdsm club rented for their bi-weekly meetings. Ms. Stanton knocked on the door...the sound echoing in Susan's ears. She quickly glanced to the side down the hallway to see if anyone else might open their door.

Susan heard the door security chain clink as the door opened a few inches. Someone looked out, closed the door, and then opened it again.

"Val, it's good to see you. I was wondering if you would make it. Everything is ready" a cute cheerful blonde said. She hugged Ms. Stanton warmly and led her inside without ever acknowledging Susan.

"Sorry. We are running a little late. I wanted to take a little extra time with Susan to make sure she was ready. She's a little nervous."

Susan's heart beat wildly as Ms. Stanton led Susan through the club's play area and into a smaller room with an ominous looking gynecological examination table. This was what Susan both feared and desired. This is where Susan would receive the final symbol of her status as Ms. Stanton's slave girl. In a few minutes, there would be no doubt to whom she belonged.

The table was made of padded black leather with multiple straps that could be used to restrain a submissive in any number of vulnerable and humiliating positions. Most foreboding was the stirrups. They were not what Susan expected. These were sleek stainless steel troughs designed to comfortably bend and elevate the legs. There were straps above and below the knee and one at the ankle that held the submissive's legs in position. The rugged design assured that there would be no escape once the straps were buckled in place. There were strange gears at the side of the table that Susan could only imagine were used to adjust the width of the stirrups. Susan feared how exposed it would leave her...her sex open and vulnerable to whatever was planned for her.

"Undress" Ms. Stanton commanded as she unfastened the leather lead from Susan's collar.

"Yes Mistress" Susan managed to say...her mouth dry and voice barely auditable.

Susan's hands shook as she unfastened the buttons of her pinstripe blazer jacket. Even as her mistress' slave girl, Susan was expected to maintain what outwardly appeared to be professional attire. Ms. Stanton preferred the classic elegant look to the slutty whorish look. However, it was what Susan wore or did not wear underneath that fueled her submissive fires. A short professional skirt without panties made Susan feel even more vulnerable than if she wore something more revealing. It kept her aware of her sexuality as she worked in Ms. Stanton's office. The thought of being discovered by a coworker kept her both frightened and excited. She loved erotic humiliation.

Susan folded her jacket neatly and placed it on a chair. Next, she slipped her blue cami top over her head revealing her firm breasts and flat stomach. Ms. Stanton smiled as Susan exposed her already erect nipples. Susan's devotion thrilled her in ways she was not yet sure she understood. She was not a lesbian, but yet Susan's devotion caused the butterflies to flutter in her stomach every time they were together. She also felt an intense desire to guide and protect Susan. What started out as a game had completely transformed into something else.

Next, Susan slid out of her short pin stripe skirt leaving her standing nervously in her stockings and heels. She had never before been undressed in front of anyone except her mistress. She glanced in the direction of the blonde. Susan noticed for the first time, the blonde also wore a professional pin stripe skirt and matching jacket. She guessed that she might also be an attorney. She was preparing equipment on a stainless steel tray in the corner. Susan did not want to see what was on that tray or even look at the woman.

Ms. Stanton gave Susan a look, and Susan slipped off her shoes and slid off her stockings. She remembered to stand with feet shoulder width and hands behind her back as she waited for her next command.

Ms. Stanton slipped her finger into the metal ring on Susan's leather collar, and led her to the end of the table where Susan sat. Gently pressing on Susan's shoulders, Ms. Stanton forced her to lie back on the table. Then she took each of Susan's legs and placed them into the stirrups buckling them into place. With Susan's bottom positioned at the very end of the table, Susan felt extremely vulnerable and exposed. Susan felt her face flush as she thought of how exposed she was in this position. Next Ms. Stanton buckled Susan's wrists into straps on either side of her head. And finally, she buckled straps across Susan's stomach and upper thighs. Each strap was firmly cinched leaving no room for movement of any kind.

"That's my good girl" Ms. Stanton softly said reassuring Susan that everything would be ok. She turned the gears causing Susan's legs to be slowly spread apart. Susan was fairly flexible, but soon she began to feel the tension in muscles on the insides of her thighs. She began to panic wondering how much further her mistress would spread her legs. She used all of her strength to close her legs, but the stirrups continued to move opening her legs and exposing her bare shaved sex. Susan desperately wanted to call out for her mistress to stop. She had to remind herself to relax and trust her mistress. She knew from the information she got online what to expect. She knew it would not take long to complete the final ritual that would seal her as her mistress' property.

When Ms. Stanton let go of the gears, Susan felt her panic subside just a little. However, with her legs spread so wide, Susan could feel the cold air on her exposed sex. She felt as though her legs were spread so obscenely wide that the lips of her pussy would be open further exposing her. Susan's face burned brightly as she thought of the spectacle she made. She accepted the fact that a slave girl was not entitled to any privacy. She was just not yet used to that fact. She also knew what the blonde was preparing.

Susan felt a panic rise within her again as the blonde stepped between her widely parted legs without even acknowledging Susan. Susan was torn between her desire to see what the blonde held on the tray, and the desire to look away. In fact, she already did know what the blonde held on the tray. She knew this would be her hardest test so far. She desperately wanted to make her mistress proud of her. She was resolved not to speak or call out no matter what the blonde did.

"I have a number of rings available" the blonde said as she held the tray up for Ms. Stanton. Both women stood between Susan's widely parted legs as Ms. Stanton studied the rings on the tray. The blonde held a couple up to Susan's clit to see how they might look once in place.

"Can I assume that you want a clitoral hood piercing?" the blonde asked.

"Of course"

"Vertical or horizontal?" the blonde continued.

"I think a horizontal piercing would look nice on this one"

"I agree, and a horizontal piercing will allow the locking bead on the ring to rest directly on your girl's clit. There is something very erotic about a clitoral hood piercing especially when you have your girl on your lead. The slightest tug gets her attention so much better than if you went with a labia piercing. However, some of my clients really prefer the look of a labia piercing. They will often put one ring on each labia, and attach their lead to both rings." the blonde chatted professionally without ever acknowledging that the clit to be pierced belonged to Susan.

"I agree completely. I also prefer a clitoral hood piercing to a labia piercing" Ms. Stanton said as she studied the rings.

"Why don't you try one of these?" the blonde suggested handing a ring to her friend.

"Have you much experience with any other types of piercing?" Ms. Stanton asked as she took the ring.

"I occasionally do a few clitoral piercings, but you have to be careful with those. If your girl's clit isn't just the right size, it can cause nerve damage. I generally don't recommend them, but some of my clients insist. I think they like to be able to use a heavier gauge ring. I will do them only if I feel they can be done safely. They also take longer to heal" the blonde said as she held another ring to Susan's clit for Ms. Stanton to see.

"That's a nice one" Ms. Stanton commented. "I like the red bead".

"You want to make sure that you select the right size for your girl. You need a size that allows the bead to rest on her clit. That way your girl will always be reminded of its presence and your ownership" the blonde said completely ignoring Susan.

"I like it. Put that one aside" Ms. Stanton said of the next ring the blonde held to Susan's clit. Susan could feel the cold steel against her sensitive flesh with each ring the blonde tried.

"Is your girl always so responsive?" the blonde asked referring to Susan's swelling clit.

"She can be a very excitable slave girl. Can you feel the heat from her pussy?" Ms. Stanton asked as the blonde held the back of her hand a few inches from Susan's widely parted sex.

"Oh yes, and I can smell her too. You definitely made a good choice with this one." the blonde laughed as she set the ring aside and chose another for Lady Val to evaluate.

Susan squeezed her eyes closed and tried to imagine that it was not her that the two women discussed so openly. She fought desperately to hide her excitement. She was positive that she would never understand how her body could respond to the humiliations that her mistress subjected her, but it did respond. There was no denying that it did. She remembered her mistress telling her not to fight her desires, and to accept what so obviously excited her. Could she ever accept these humiliations she wondered. How could anyone ever accept being as exposed as she was at this moment. However, she would have to admit that the humiliation gave her a submissive buzz unlike any experience she ever encountered.

"I think so too" Ms. Stanton responded to the blonde's comments concerning her slave girl. "She's a rare gem that just needed a little guidance and training".

"Where did you find her if you don't mind me asking?" the blonde asked.

"She works for me. I found a novel she was writing on company time, and the rest you might say is history." Ms. Stanton said with a laugh. "The novel she was writing was all about her service to a mistress, which turned out to be me. I was kind of shocked by what she wrote and almost fired her. Instead, I decided to teach her a lesson that I thought she would never forget."

"Sounds interesting. How long has she been your sub?"

"Only about three months, but she has been completely devoted. I collared her after the first six weeks."

"Is that the ring you want?" the blonde asked as she took the ring from her friend.

"Yes, I think it will be perfect".

"Good, It will just take a moment to engrave your name on the ring" the blonde continued. "I will be right back" the blonde said as she took the ring and walked into an adjacent room.

Ms. Stanton walked to the side of the table, and looked deeply into her slave girl's eyes. Her fingers softly stroked Susan's hair.

"That's my good girl. It will be over soon. All you will feel is a brief pinch, and then it will be over"

Susan's heart beat wildly as she looked at her mistress. She did not like pain, and pain in such an intimate place really scared her. However, the confident look of her mistress also gave her comfort. She wanted so desperately to please her mistress and make her mistress proud of her.

"I love you, Mistress" Susan said.

"I know you do, dear" Ms. Stanton said as she stroked her slave girl's soft hair. She had grown quite attached to this one. Her devotion to every detail made Ms. Stanton's heart melt. She found herself holding back on disciplining Susan at times, and knew that she would have to make a conscience effort to be strict or she would rune a good slave girl.

"All done" the blonde cheerily said as she re-entered the room and stepped between Susan's widely parted legs once again. "Let me show you where I intend to place the ring, Val" the blonde said.

Ms. Stanton left Susan's side. Susan felt a shudder of excitement as she felt her mistress' fingers lightly caress along the insides of her left thigh as her mistress stepped beside her friend. Susan would do anything for that touch. She lifted her head trying to see what the blonde was doing.

"The ring will go right here" the blonde said as she pinched Susan's clit between thumb and finger. Susan jumped and squealed with the touch, but was instantly reminded that she could not move even an inch. The straps across her hips and stomach held her tight, and her legs remained spread wide and open. She knew that her sex was open for anything the blonde intended to do.

Susan hated the blonde. At least she could acknowledge that Susan was a real person. She treated Susan just like an object to be owned, which is what Susan really craved with her mistress. She just did not want this blonde bitch to treat her as an object...or did she. She felt the butterflies in her stomach every time the blonde spoke about her.

"Perfect" Ms. Stanton said to her friend as she walked around to the other end of the table where she held Susan's hands.

The blonde placed a small stainless steel tray on Susan's lower stomach. Susan jumped at the coldness, but the tightness of her bonds did not even allow her to move enough to disturb the tray. Susan could see tubes of antiseptic cream, gauze, needles, and a ring with a few other items she could not identify.

Susan gasped as she felt a cold liquid being applied to her clit. She knew that it must be an antiseptic cream. She desperately wanted to close her legs. She felt agonizingly vulnerable to the blonde who in her mind she called the bitch. She felt alternating waves of deep submission and anger at being treated as someone else's property. This feeling was especially accentuated by the blonde who would not even acknowledge Susan as a person even though she now held Susan's clit between thumb and finger.

Susan felt the blonde apply a cold stainless steel clamp to her clit. She squealed again, but tried to remain calm.

"Look at me" Ms. Stanton said to her slave girl. Her dark penetrating eyes calmed Susan's fears. "I will give you one last chance to decide if you want to serve me. This will be your last chance to change your mind, Susan. If you decide not to serve me, you can return to your former life".

"I want to serve you, Mistress" Susan said without hesitation.

With a nod to the blonde, Susan screamed as the needle passed through her clitoral hood. The pain lasted a couple seconds and quickly passed. Susan felt a brief moment of discomfort as the blonde slipped the ring through the newly formed hole. The blonde threaded the bead between the open ends of the ring.

"Come and see" the blonde said as she wiped a couple drops of blood from Susan's clit. The blonde removed the clamp and Susan felt the blood rush back to her clit. It throbbed lightly where it was pierced. Susan felt a second sting as the blonde applied antiseptic cream to her newly pierced clit.

"Beautiful" Ms. Stanton said as she stepped between Susan's legs.

"It will take about two weeks to fully heal so just be careful until then. I never use a lead until after it fully heals, but you know that. Make sure you keep it clean and wash regularly with a salt solution" the blonde said as she picked up the tray still not acknowledging Susan.

"You really do beautiful work. It's perfectly placed" Ms. Stanton said admiring the ring. "Even the etchings are beautiful"

"Thank you. I've had a lot of practice, you know" the blonde said with a cheerful laugh. "Your girl will be a little sore for a day or two. Just remember to go easy on her."

"I always do" Ms. Stanton said with a laugh.

"Yeah right. I know you, Val. You can't fool me" the blonde said with a sarcastic laugh. "You can unfasten the straps now unless you would also like me to do her nipples too. I can do them for half price since we have your girl already prepped"

"I think we will save those for later" Ms. Stanton said as she unfastened the straps that held Susan in place. Susan stretched her arms after they were unfastened. Ms. Stanton took Susan's legs out of the stirrups and helped Susan sit up.

"Would you like to see?" Ms. Stanton asked her slave girl.

"Yes Mistress" Susan answered as her mistress took a mirror from under the table and held it so Susan could see her new ring.

"It's beautiful" Susan said with pride at knowing she was owned completely by her mistress. Her ring would be a symbol that ownership.

"Can you stand" Ms. Stanton asked softly.

"I think so, Mistress" Susan answered as she placed her legs on the floor.

"I'm so proud of you, dear" Ms. Stanton said as she took her slave girl in her arms and held her close...there bodies pressed together. Susan buried her face into her mistress' shoulder...tears flowing releasing the mixed emotions of her ordeal and feelings of love for her mistress.

"Thank you, Mistress" Susan said with complete joy. No matter how humiliating her experience, Susan wanted nothing more than to make her mistress proud of her. Susan knew there was no fighting these feelings no matter how much she hated the thought of humiliation and servitude. Her pride made her want to fight her desire to serve as a slave girl, but her body respond with intense erotic pleasures every time she served her mistress.

"Always sentimental, aren't you Val?" the blonde laughed as she handed a clip board to her friend. "You need to sign the credit card form for the ring and engraving. I did the piercing for free."

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