tagMind ControlThe Ring of Cronus Pt. 10

The Ring of Cronus Pt. 10



They touched down at "La Guardia Airport and all but Amanda, Jim and John disembarked, the Immigration and Customs went aboard the VIP plane, cleared them, and whilst Jenny had to go into the New York office to complete her reports and do several jobs for Amanda and obtain information regarding the next board meeting for John, the three of them flew onto Boston where Amanda had her large country estate home. The estate, one of the larger acreages in this prestigious area, had its own landing strip large enough to take the large four engine executive jet. The house itself was massive, luxurious and fully staffed. As they entered the lounge, Jim who looked tired went directly upstairs and Amanda and John went through the drawing room into a huge covered patio with a large swimming pool at one end. Amada pressed a switch recessed into a large panel and the area became a bar. She poured John a scotch and herself a brandy. She explained to John that her husband had complained of a severe headache had retired to his room. Amanda said she was worried about him as he had looked sallow since they had got back from Africa but he had started to look positively grey after returning from the races.

The two of them chatted as they sipped their drinks and Amanda stripped off and dived into the large heated pool. She called out to John "Join me, its lovely and warm." John seeing her naked body as she swam and her complete absence of any inhibitions, or worries that a member of staff may walk in at any moment, slipped out of his clothes, and having no swim suit to hand, he too dived naked into the pool. He was glad of the chance as, after the heated sessions during the night, he had not had any chance to shower properly. The water washed away his fatigue and assisted by the tremendous power of the ring he was able to service Amanda in their usual early morning fashion, this time in the heat of the pool. She had swum over to him and diving below the surface had come up saying,

"I can see that the long flight has not diminished your capability."

Little did she know how much time on the flight had been used to satisfy the two hostesses and all the other passengers; or the fact that he had to his knowledge impregnated five of them? She put her legs around him lined up his pulsating shaft and let him enter her. John thrust up and felt the water surge around his intruding penis and swirl around his large scrotal sack. Soon he was pumping in and out of her eager vagina causing waves to splash against the side of the pool. She urged him on with her hips and said,

"Oh John I need you so much. Fuck me faster."

His driving hips, increased in speed and the force of the waves crashed like a tidal pool, and soon she was at her orgasm. She was moaning so loud John was sure someone would come and see what the noise was all about. She was heaving and bucking, with her breasts bobbing up and down on the surface, John emptied fresh morning sperm into her welcoming sleeve as her vaginal muscles closed tightly around his prick milking it and the excess floated away as it squirted out from between them with each thrust.

They needed to dress and prepare for the meeting in New York that afternoon. Amanda came down looking radiant and said she was going to have to ask John to take "the Chair" as her husband, was so sick, that he would not be able to attend the meeting. The doctor had been sent for and had said if he did not improve in the next hour they would have to either hospitalise him or arrange for nursing staff to come to the residence. They must leave immediately and would send the plane back in case he needed it. They finally arrived at the meeting and Amanda gave the Chairman's apologies and informed the meeting that her husband had asked her to tell them that the new Director of Finance, John, would be taking the chair in his absence. There was an air of shock that the new man, who had yet to be introduced, was taking the chair. They were not to know how much he already knew about their company having scanned each one as he entered the room. Using the chairman's gavel John called the meeting to order.

Introducing himself, John addressed each and every one of them by name and the meeting continued. The disappointed Max scowled at him as the meeting progressed through the agenda. John was, thanks to the ability to scan the minds of the board members very deeply, was more than able to ask the necessary questions to make the meeting worth while and the necessary decisions in the running of the company were either made and, or approved. Finally the meeting arrived at the last item "any other business". John asked Max if he could produce for the board's scrutiny, the detailed accounts for his group of companies. There were points that needed to be raised. Max who had not expected this development, looked embarrassed, and said,

"I'm sorry but I do not have them to hand, as the matter was not been on the main agenda. I will have them faxed, if the meeting feels it to be that important."

The utter disbelief that had crossed Max's face alerted the rest of the board, and quickly receiving approval from all present. John then adjourned the meeting for an hour and they retired for coffee in the adjoining room. The board members were very welcoming and congratulated him on his detailed knowledge of the company and congratulated Amanda on the choice she had been able to make, at the same time, sympathising on the sudden ill health of the chairman.

During the recess John asked to see the IT Department and met 'Charlie' whom he took a liking to straight away. Charlie impressed John with his manner and his apparent knowledge of his field and on scanning his mind John realised he was not only a computer genius, but had excellent hacker talents and tendencies that would be useful to John's scheme of things in the near future. Requesting Charlie to give him full internet access in the board room, with a large computer screen mounted on the wall so that all the board members would be able to see the display. Charlie then informed John that all the connections for displays were already available in the board room and he would supervise the installation of the equipment immediately.

The meeting reconvened on time and Max had copies, one for every member. John, using the power given to him by his ownership of the ring, had read Max's mind and knew that there were fraudulent falsifications hidden carefully within the documentation. Including the fact that an offshore account, in the companies name had been opened but its existence was not reflected in the documented accounts. This account had several million dollars credit. Max with a flourish had the documents circulated. John then asked Max to run through the figures as some of the board members may miss some of the finer points, which Max did with some eloquence and expertise. John could see concern, bordering on fear in Max's mind, what could this new World Director of Finance know, and John's scan revealed clearly the questions Max was dreading, although he felt confident that he had covered up the figures well enough to convince anyone. John read his fear and asked the question in the exact format he could see framed in Max's thoughts. The effect was immediate, Max faltered and his face was drained of colour. He recovered quickly denying any knowledge. John stood, crossed the floor of the room, he went to the PC and using the keyboard Charlie had provided accessed the internet.

John then, using the rings power, scanned Max's mind and using the detailed information obtained from Max's memory, accessed the relevant bank typing in the access codes for the account and the screen displayed the account and the figures for all to see. Max's face went white. John then swept Max's memory for the relevant codes typed in the necessary information to request details of the signatories on the account. The screen displayed one sole signatory, that of Max whose face now a putty grey colour. Max realised his game was over! John called security and had Max held outside the door. The board members were staggered by the seriousness of his crime and the sudden swiftness of Max's downfall. A proposal was put before the board under the any other business and vote was held removing him from the board and his executive position as CEO of his division. John as chairman was authorised, to decide his fate, to find his replacement and recover the funds. The power of the ring had effectively disposed of his rival and impressed the main board with his very detailed knowledge of the company's affairs.

The board had arranged to have drinks in the bar and then be joined by their wives for a meal at the Ritz.-Carlton the AAA five star hotel on the waterfront. The suite on the 33rd floor had been reserved for the occasion. The board members enjoyed drinks each one extremely impressed with John's knowledge all strove to talk individually with him until the combined gathering started at 18.30 and the wives joined the board members, each woman present obviously dressed to impress. It was clear even to John that a lot of old American families were represented and a lot of wealth was being displayed in the room. The women looked dazzling and the ring glowed and lay warm on John's finger. He knew from the strength of the vibrations and the warmth the ring was generating the evening ahead would be full of sexual action. Some of the older women had brought their daughters and all were radiant. John scanned their minds and discovered that the ring had already been at work. All the women of childbearing age had had their cycles changed and all were fertile and already feeling aroused.

Each director in turn introduced John, to either his wife and daughter or his mistress or his lady friend and as he touched the hand of each he took a mental note as he selected the ones he was going to, not only fuck, but impregnate during the course of the evening. The evening progressed, everyone enjoying the drinks and the quarterly chat, following the Main Board meeting prior to the meal being served. John saw Amanda slip into one of the rooms nodding and beckoning him to follow her. She had her dress up around her waist by the time he entered the room and was pulling off her thong.

"Fuck me now, John.", she said "I am going to have to go to the house to see how Jim is, and I will not be able to stay here overnight as we had planned. The plane is already on its way back to collect me."

John pulled down his pants and underwear and his ever ready prick sprang upwards released from its confinement it swelled and lengthened. John walked towards Amanda he lifted her up and lay her back on the bed. Moving swiftly he moved his head between her thighs and clamped his mouth over her swelling labia at the same time inserting his tongue deep into her already slick inner entrance. She pushed up against his face and held his head against her sweetly fragranced wet opening. John could see her clitoris engorging and emerging from its hooded covering and removing his tongue he inserted two fingers, and moving his mouth upwards he began sucking on her clitoral erection, rapidly bringing her to her first shuddering orgasm. Her fragrant vaginal liquid ran over his tightly held fingers as her orgasm rippled through her. She relaxed allowing the release of his slick coated fingers.

John moved forward and inserted the large head of his thick shaft into her awaiting hot wet sleeve and sank into her with one easy movement. John then placed his honey coated, cum covered, fingers to her mouth and she licked her own juices from them. John now started the slow rhythmic thrusts which she was, now well acquainted with, responding to each with an upward movement of her hips ensuring maximum penetration each time. Her wetness increased, she soon began to exude honey from her outer lips, easing his unceasing and rapidly speeding upward movements in and out of her squelching pussy. In a very short time he felt her, completely naturally stimulated second orgasm race toward its climax and as she gripped the swelling thrusting flesh. John became aware that his scrotum was feeling full and he started to feel his own pressure to release his sperm begin to build.

Not wanting this session with Amanda to last long he increased the intensity of her orgasm and his own dam burst; he began to shoot deep into her letting her writhe and jerk beneath him as each shot of hot thick semen hit its mark. Amanda writhed beneath him grunting with lust and passion urging him to keep going until, covered in a sheen of lust inspired perspiration, she finally came to a shuddering halt as John mentally reduced her self stimulated arousal and let her come down. She lay back exhausted and thanking him for a truly magnificent fuck; she dressed and reluctantly left once more apologising that she had to return home to be with Jim. John had just had time to rearrange his attire when one of the younger of the women, present at the company gathering, slipped in through the door.

John asked if he could help her, she looked startled at his presence but replied somewhat hesitantly, that it was the first time she had been to one of these functions, and as it was her eighteenth birthday, her daddy had brought her; she had been curious to see where the door, that the chairman's wife had so recently left, had led. John quickly scanned her mind and aroused her sexuality. She looked at him with a strange faraway look and came and sat on the bed beside him. She had an off the shoulder evening gown in powder blue and looked absolutely stunning. This young and inexperienced 18 year old offered no resistance as he reached around and unclipped the top of her dress and zipped it down. She stood allowing it to pool around her ankles, The dress having a built bra and as it fell away her young breasts sprang upwards and she was clad in only a pair of almost transparent and very flimsy panties, knee high stockings and high heel shoes. John stood up and reached across and putting his arm around her waist and pulling her towards him he tenderly pressed her lips to his and he felt them move slightly as she parted her lips only far enough to allow the tip of John's tongue to enter.

John scanned her mind deeper to confirm the fact that she was still a virgin and found that she had only allowed a few boys to pet her as far as touching her breasts were concerned, but had never let anyone touch her "womanhood" as she referred to it in her mind. John moved his hand to her breasts and gently pinched the nipples feeling them harden. Using the other hand John reached down and undid his trousers and pulled down his underwear, she looked startled, using the rings powers to calm her fears, and he placed her hesitant hand around his still hard and very moist penis. She ran her hands over it feeling more slick moisture seep from its crown. Removing his hand from hers he reached across and pulled at her flimsy panties they slid over her hips and down to her ankles she shuffled her feet and stepped out of them as her arousal grew. She moaned as John's lips replaced his fingers on her nipple and he sucked her breast, at the same time he used his fingers and traced the outside of her very wet vaginal entrance and she moaned again as she parted her legs giving his fingers access. John sucked each nipple in turn and nibbled them until they glowed red and her aureole's darkened.

John had now inserted one finger inside her now swollenn vulva and was gently stroking his thumb over her tiny bud. She kept looking down at the penis in her hand and scanning deeply into her mind he could see her curiosity was aroused and she wanted to taste it, her friends had told her that to taste a man's penis was wonderful and she had always thought the idea was disgusting; however now that she was actually holding one, her curiosity was getting the better of her. John steadily guided her head down to his erection which had now adjusted to a smaller size. She slipped it between her ruby lips as he mentally instructed her how to suck and swirl her tongue over the slippery tip and lick the sensitive underside. She was a little hesitant at first until she tasted the salty feeling on her tongue, there was some other unfamiliar taste that she could not recognise, but she knew she liked it, she progressed until it was at the back of her throat and then pulled it out just as her first mini orgasm ran down her inner muscles. John could feel her virgin pussy tighten and her inner sleeve was clutching his fingers; John let her shuddering body have its fling as her first male induced orgasm ran through her and he allowed her to come down, as she relaxed.

Soon as she let her vagina relax John removed his fingers, and gently pushed her down onto the bed mentally stimulated her again as he did so and moved between her legs. She was still on a high when John gently eased the now smaller crown in between her as yet virgin pussy and slipped the end of it into her. She was as he had expected very tight and moving the swelling phallus slowly inside a little at a time until it gently pushed at her hymen. Her eyes flipped open in utter surprise. John desensitised her pain nerve endings around her unbroken barrier and pushed hard. His slim penis plunged in to the hilt she said,

"Oh God you're inside me", Oh God how did that happen so fast. No one has ever done that to me before,"

Her outcry was suddenly followed by the sudden realisation of the consequences she cried out urgently,

"Oh God I'll get pregnant."

John felt his penis gradually swell and fill her. She gasped as he started to thrust up into her virginal entrance as he pushed her mind and she began to respond muttering almost incoherently,

"Oh God, Oh God, You're inside me, Oh God, it's feels so good, Oh God don't get me pregnant."

John was only just building up speed and she was approaching her second orgasm. John ensured it was better than her first and as it caused her to tighten around him, he felt her legs cross behind him and pull him closer. John unable to resist erupted and she stiffened as she felt the hot jets of his sperm hit her fertile entrance to her womb. She felt the force of his ejaculations push the thick string of sperm up through her cervix and into her womb.

"Oh God! You're cumming inside me. Oh God! I can't stop. Oh God! You are giving me your seed, it's so wonderful. Oh God! Oh God! You'll get me pregnant."

John felt jet after jet embed itself around her ovaries he realised she was very fertile but as his swimming chargers attempted to drive themselves into her ovum, he brought her cycle forward starting the beginning of her pre-menstrual cycle ensuring that he had enjoyed her, but his being her true first lover and breaking her maiden head, but in doing so he had not ruined her life. Her body was not yet satisfied and John felt her raise her hips up again and again.

"Oh God don't stop yet. This is my first time and it feels so good, don't cum inside me again you will get me pregnant."

John used his old explanation that he was snipped and she could be sure he could not get her pregnant. Hearing this, her whole body relaxed and John began to drive in and out of her eager pussy as she urged him to increase his speed as her hips rose and fell faster and faster. John rode her hard her whimpers of ecstasy could be heard as she allowed John free reign to plunder her deepest recesses. Her second orgasm ripped through her shuddering frame and John shot sperm deep inside her convulsing pussy each shot causing him to grunt with satisfaction. The young woman, he knew as he read her mind was nicknamed Candy, slowly came down as John emptied his sperm filled scrotum and he reluctantly came to a stop.

John had only just pulled his rigid phallus out of her tight sleeve when he heard the door open and as he scanned the intruders mind he became aware that it was her mother. She stood aghast at the sight of John standing over her 18 year old daughter, with his huge manhood dripping and blood stained, obviously having fucked her daughter's tender, innocent pussy. The ring at John's instigation quickly made the worried mother accept the scene in front of her, raised her arousal and directed her towards her daughter's swamped and oozing vagina. She began whimpering with lust as she quickly undressed and ran forward to go between her daughters legs and lick the pink sperm oozing from her opening. John moved in behind her, running his thickening prick between her legs and the folds of her lusting and pouting outer lips; he lined up and inserted his cum covered penis into her. Her legs parted as her lust allowed him to go halfway into her well used pussy the first time and into the hilt with the second push.

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