tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Rise of Eve Torres the Jezebel Ch. 02

The Rise of Eve Torres the Jezebel Ch. 02


Following her encounter with The Miz, Eve was a new person backstage at WWE events. She had a new outlook on men. She began to look at members of the male roster without any guilt. She constantly sized them up. The fortunate thing about working in a wrestling company was that its employees 80% of the time paraded around in tight underwear and shirtless. This gave Eve ample opportunity to check out all sorts of asses, packages, and yummy upper body muscles. The old Eve would have stopped herself if she found herself gawking for more than a few seconds, but with her shame free persona now a part of her, she just didn't care. Of the many things that The Miz showed her was that men and women were meant to look at each other. Eve's polite and respectful attitude was naïve. This is how people really behaved.

Eve began to act and dress explicitly sexier than before. Her walk became more pronounced. Her hips and ass went on display every time she sauntered down a hallway. Her clothing – which was stylish to begin with – became tighter, shorter, and more accentuating. There was something to be said about her footwear too. Her feet were always clad in either a pair of heeled boots or a pair of stilettos of at least 3 inches in height. Shoes made an outfit and Eve picked them out with special consideration. There was nothing like wearing a pair of Louboutins with an outfit that showed off a lot of leg.

In touch with her sexy feminine side more than ever before, Eve began to use her gifts to pursuing and seducing members of the male roster. The first of these encounters happened at the Capitol Punishment pay per view event in June.

Eve was booked to have a tiny segment with R-Truth, who was in the main event with John Cena that night. The scene went over well. Eve looked good and perfectly delivered her line that she didn't know Truth anymore. The sequence had R-Truth dismissing Eve and then walking off while mouthing something incoherently.

When the cameras stopped rolling, the former WWE Divas Champion made her move. Dressed in a short black and blue dress and black heels, Eve chased after him. "Wait, wait...Truth...."

The black man slowed down upon hearing Eve's words before finally stopping to turn around. He looked at her curiously. Shortly after her encounter with The Miz, the Real World star lost the WWE championship – the same title belt that was on R-Truth's shoulder.

The sexy Latina then began to caress his arm through his baggy shirt. "I just wanted to say...I don't know if you're going to win tonight, but you definitely deserve to be in that match."

"Ugh, thanks! I'll see you around..." Truth awkwardly uttered. He motioned to leave but Eve stopped him again.

"Wait. I know we're friends and all, but I'd really love to get you ready for your match, if you catch my drift..."


"You heard me...how 'bout we find a corner and you can..." She licked her lips and whispered. "...fuck me..." Eve finished with a wink.

R-Truth was expression, and then then chuckled as if he had finally caught on to a joke. "Haha, You're talking crazy now, Eve...good one..."

"C'mon Truth," Eve continued to seductively coo. "I know you've wanted to ever since we were paired together. Now's your chance. I know you want to...and I know your 'Little Jimmys' want to. So why let them play with my 'Little Jennys', hmmmm?"

Eve put her hand on Truth's crotch. Indeed, his cock was hard. Truth looked down and then looked up at a smirking Eve. His eyes widened for a second. But in the next moment he busted out laughing.

"BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Wow, Eve. You had me there. You really did. You – little Miss 'I love my fighter BF' - want to hook with me. That's funny...You're funny, Eve!"

Eve was not impressed that he wasn't taking her advances seriously. "This isn't an act, Truth!! I am dead serious about this!!" The former champion settled herself down after her outburst. She leaned in close to his ear and held the back of the black man's head. "And just to show you how serious I am..."

The sexy diva brought her lips close to her counterparts' and forced her tongue inside his mouth. There was resistance on his part, but this didn't last long. Lust seemed to usurp his hesitation. Their heads twisted and turned, their lips smacked and slurped. If there was someone watching this hot display, neither of the two were aware of it or bothered to break their hold to check. Mouth on mouth, breasts on chest...in this moment, neither Eve not Truth wanted to stop. All the while, Eve continued to rub Truth's package. She could feel it increase in size and knew in that moment she had him by the balls in more than the literal sense.

Eve pulled away. "Let's go." She grabbed him by the hand and rushed them off to a secluded part of the backstage area. Ladders were propped up against walls, unfolded tables stacked to the side, crates everywhere.

Eve pushed R-Truth against the wall and buttons flew left and right as she eagerly ripped open his shirt. In front of her she saw a perfect specimen of a man. She ran her slender hands over his flat and firm pecks.

"Are you sure this is what you want, Eve?"

Eve stared into the dark chest in front of her and nodded. "I've never been so sure of anything right now." She traced a perfectly manicured fingernail down the middle of his sternum and circled it around all the yummy muscles before her.

"What 'bout Rener?"

"He's not here..." Eve rather absent mindedly pointed out. She wedged her slender thigh between her target's legs and forcefully parted them. Then she rubbed it between them. "No one's here. No one will know..."

The statuesque seductress trailed a row of kisses from the man's abs, to his chest, up his neck, on the side of his face, and finally his lips once again. She wrapped her arms around his head, taking him in her steamy embrace. She continued to use one leg to work his dick while the other – stiletto and all – bent into the air.

Eve left him hanging as she slowly and quietly faded away from the kiss. When R-Truth opened his eyes, he saw her sitting on a black equipment chest. The devious look on her face not leaving the man in front of her, she began to spread her legs. Then pulled her black and blue dress upwards, wiggling it up her shapely hips. She was now showing off a deliciously pink pussy sans any sort of hair. After the episode with The Miz, along with her experiments to dress sexier, she changed up her look between her legs. Frankly, it made her feel sluttier than ever. There was nothing like wearing a short dress with no panties (as she was today) and feeling cool breeze head up her legs. Even more so, Eve's kinky side came out when thinking she'd be providing many guys easy "access".

She dangled a finger inside her pussy. "Oh Mr. Truuuuuthyyyy," she sang. "Can little Jimmy come out and playyyy?"

R-Truth stood there for a moment. Undoubtedly he was of two minds. Here sitting before him was this beautiful brunette with her skirt hiked up, massaging her clit, and begging him to come on over. On the other hand, sitting at home was his wife, who was naturally unaware that her husband was contemplating sex with another woman. The nervous man looked to his left and looked to his right. A moment passed. Then his hand moved to undo his denim pants. Eve's grin widened. She saw him pull out a long, dark member...not overly large like the stereotype dictated, but certainly something to awe at.

"Mmmmm, oh yeah baby, I can see what's up," Eve said, biting her lip in anticipation.

His dick was already hard from Eve's rather effective level of teasing. He gripped it in his hand and stroked it while he approached her. He was keen and confident in mannerisms, a slight grin forming on his own face. Driven by lust, he entered her. He was upright and she was sitting back on her arms. He began to rock in and out of her.

To give them both leverage, Eve swung her tanned legs around his hips. She locked her stiletto clad feet around Truth and just hung on. In her head she knew he would dig being with a woman that could pull off such a feat. With the exception of Alicia Fox, there definitely wasn't another girl on the roster that could maximize the use of her sweet and smooth legs like Eve could.

It was funny how people behaved when no one was looking. It reminded Eve of the thought experiment that posed to people whether or not they would do something they knew was wrong if they knew with certainty that they wouldn't be caught. R-Truth seemingly affirmed it when he surveyed his surroundings before approaching Eve. As for his woman, he subscribed to the 'ignorance is bliss' mentality. What she didn't know about Truth couldn't hurt her.

Of course, even while Eve played her little game of testing men's loyalty to their wives and girlfriends, she herself wasn't absolved from the same qualities of her new fuck buddy. Her newfound promiscuity was fueled in part by the knowledge that no one had to know. She certainly wasn't about to let her own boyfriend know about her sexual escapades. Where was the thrill in that?

But Eve was starting to digress. "Mmmmm, that's right, give me your married black cock...."

The rapping superstar positioned his hands on the former divas champion's thighs and thrusted with his might. His grunts were as low and harsh as his normal speaking voice, if not more intensified.

"Oh fuck this pussy is tight!"

"Aha, you know it big boy...tight but experienced, let's get that much straight...."

"I gotsa be honest, Eve...never thought you'd ever have this in you..."

"You mean, your cock in my pussy?" Eve cheekily replied. She tightened her pussy muscles to emphasize the point.

"To be such a bitch."

Bitch. A descriptor most women do not enjoy. In this case, however, Eve loved it. In fact, the woman didn't even see it as a slight. A bitch didn't take shit from anyone and wasn't afraid to dish shit herself. A bitch was confident in her skin. A bitch lacked traditional moral grounding and was unapologetic about it.

"Everyone comes undone eventually. Now less talk, more fuck."

The sultry brunette pushed her pelvis to meet his thumping dick. R-Truth stood his ground by hammering her hard. He certainly benefitted from having another experienced, fit body to work with. The appeal of the sultry Latina was undeniable. He only had to cast his eyes downwards to see it. Despite being covered up for the most by her dress, her form was still on display. Before him were a flat stomach, sizable breasts, deep cleavage, and tanned shoulders and arms.

"Bet your wife can't do what I do," she uttered.

"Fuck, she can't..." he groaned. Eve's peachy lips curled. Verbal confirmation from the man himself and another woman she trumped.

Truth climbed onto the case along with Eve. A view from the back saw a bare dark ass and two long stiletto clad legs sticking out from either side of it. The former multi-time diva's champion moved once again to lock her legs around him. She had the body of the gymnast and knew how to use it.

Eve's breathing quickened. "Oooo, fuck me Truth....fuck me with that black cock...it's mine now," she professed. A fire inside her was lit. She wanted to really feel it. She scraped her talons down his chiselled back. "Harder...I SAID HARDER DAMMIT!!!"

The rapping superstar emitted an angry grunt. The equipment case banged against the wall as he picked up the pace. Eve continued to spur him on with barking orders even going so far as to bring in race. The diva had never fooled around with a partner of African-American descent prior to today, so this was a rush to her.

Truth quickened his pace. A very punch drunk Eve braced herself by resting one hand up against the wall behind her. Amongst his grunts were the bold thuds of his balls aggressively slapping against her body.


"Ooooo, finallyyy..." Eve breathily noted. She was in a delirious state, but still conscious that neither were of them were protected. "...not in me...not in me...."

Truth dislodged and hovered over the diva while holding his full anxious cock. "Where?!"

Eve smirked as she arched her back and jutted out her chest. "Paint me. I'm your canvas."

With that simple warning and grunt from his own mouth, he shot a warm load on her prevailing breasts. Eve laughed in sheer excitement over the volume. She pressed them together, allowing the remnants of his sticky cum to string between her sexy mounds. If not for the fact that they were in this secluded part of the arena, Truth's animalistic groans would have been noted by someone. Alas they were not and the challenger in tonight's main event was able to mark his territory in peace. Eve was panting heavily.

Out of sheer exhaustion, the adulterous black man collapsed onto his back beside his seductress. Both their chests heaved as they struggled for air. It wouldn't help him in that cause or in getting ready for later tonight, but as Truth stared at the high ceiling above, he figured he needed a smoke right about now. This also would've been the time to reflect on the moral validity of his action, but there was no such contemplation. He knew the brunette next to him was a hot fuck and that was what it came down to in the end.

There was for Eve though. She was pleased with herself. Her first conquest went well. She had no regrets either. Truth was a hell of a fuck. If this is what the rest of the male locker room housed, then she couldn't wait for what was in her future.

R-Truth pulled himself to his feet and dusted himself off so to speak. He pulled up his jeans and then fastened them. His shirt was void of buttons because of Eve so there was nothing to do there. He looked at Eve and just smiled.

"I gotsa go get ready for my match..." he said, picking up the WWE championship off the ground before he departed. As she watched him confidently strut off, she slowly massaged her cum coated pussy lips.

"Yes...a match..." she moaned, slipping a drop of semen into her mouth "...with John Cena..." A sly yet euphoric smirk formed on her wet lips.

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