The Roommate Ch. 01


She talked about her day as we ate and kept saying how good I looked. I looked down to see the tip of her high heeled shoe rubbing the exposed pantyhose from my short pants. I blushed and only said thank you. I went on to tell her that I was very grateful of her and all her hospitality and that I was also very thankful to her for everything. After dinner, she handed me my apron again and told me to clean up while she changed and relaxed awhile and to take the trash out. I cleaned the table and the kitchen, washing and putting away all the dishes. I was afraid to go outside dressed as I was to take the trash out. I slowly opened the door and looked out after gathering the trash. No one was in site and it was already dark outside. I hurried to the elevator hoping no one would get on while I was on it. After reaching the bottom floor, I ran to the dumpster in the back of apartments then ran back to the elevator. When I got on the elevator, some one got on with me. I tried not to look at them, but I felt like their eyes were all over me and what I was wearing. In my mind I figured they thought I was a flat chested woman or a man in drag. When I reached my floor, I hurried to the door and went in for salvation. Vicki was waiting in the living room reading a book and asked me how it went. I told her what happened and how I felt. She made a joke that maybe I should wear a stuffed bra and make-up next time to make a convincing girl so that no one would think I was a drag queen. I tried to laugh hoping she wouldn't make me do that.

As she read her book, she said that I should relax too and take my shoes off and watch some T.V. with her. Of course she had to watch a Lifetime movie. After the movie she told me to repeat what I did the night before and run her bath but she also wanted me to make her tea and turn down her bed for her, as if she didn't ask enough already. After which I took my own bath and shaved off any stubble I might have and washed my hair. I smelled like a flower shop and was as smooth as the day I was born. I returned to my bedroom to find another pair of satin and lace pajamas, this time they were red and also came with a matching long robe. I met Vicki and chatted as we drank our tea. She had poured and mixed the tea and hoped that I liked how she made it, letting me know how to mix it for her from then on. She said that I had done a good job on the laundry and asked if I had washed or worn women's underwear before. I replied that I never had until I moved in with her, in which she replied that I was a natural then. She said that I was free to wear what ever I wanted as long as I didn't ruin it and kept them clean. I thanked her and she went to bed, telling me I should do the same seeing that we would have a busy day tomorrow. I cleaned up the kitchen, went to my room, hung my robe, and went to bed. I passed out and again dreamt of the softness of my clothing and warmth of my bed and thought that my new life was beginning to take shape.

Chapter 4:

I awoke to Vicki shaking my shoulder to get my attention.

"Get up sleepy head. We have a busy day today and we need to get started. I'll lay you out something to wear again but you need to get in the habit of doing it yourself, until you can get some new clothes. Oh, and take a cold shower to calm down, you're making a tent in your panties. There will be no masturbating in this house."

I looked down to find that she had removed the covers from me and I had an erection. Vicki handed me the bath robe and a towel and pointed me to the shower. I was so embarrassed that I was blushing as red as my pajamas. I went to take shower and found deodorant, lotion and perfume setting out on the counter. I figured this implied that I use them as well. I took my shower which also helped me wake up and put my penis to its normal shriveled state. I wanted so badly to just jerk off and call it a day but was in fear of being caught and scolded by Vicki. After my shower, I put on the deodorant, lotion and perfume and wrapped myself in the robe and seeked out to dress myself.

On my bed I found a pair of black satin French cut panties with white lace around the waist, a black satin camisole with white lace edging, a pair of kaki colored Capri pants, and a baby doll t shirt with a scoop neck and a butterfly on the chest. Vicki found me staring at the outfit and said that it was the only manly thing she had that I could wear, pants and a t shirt. She also commented on how good I smelled and asked if I used her perfume and that it was hers but I could use it if I wished but that it was not cheap. I dressed and wore the ballerina shoes again. Vicki was already dressed in a similar outfit but wore a pair of strapped low heals. I brushed out my hair and put it behind my ears to get it out of my face. Vicki then asked if I had ever pierced my ears and recommended that I wear earrings seeing that it would bring out my face more. All of this female attire was starting to wear thin on me and I wondered how much more I could bear. I wanted to protest, I wanted to say no, but I didn't want to offend my new roommate and all that she had done for me. I bit my lip and headed to the door with Vicki to begin our day.

We first headed out to get coffee, in which Vicki drove. She played country music and seemed to continue our getting to know each other chit chat. The next shocker came when Vicki order for me at the coffee shop drive through and got us two green teas saying that it would help me thin down and that I should look at losing some weight. I was compelled to tell her to get fucked but knew I would end up living out of my car if shit hit the fan. With our drinks in hand, we drove to the boutique and talked. Vicki seemed very interested in my past and my love life. I grew curious that I might have a snow balls chance in hell to get her into bed. She seemed so superior to me though and I figured I could only be her servant and roommate. I had heard guys at work give other guys a hard time that lived with a girl that they were not having sex with. If they only knew that I was living with a very beautiful woman whom I was not having sex with, and doing all her chores and bidding plus wearing her clothes due to her making me throw away my own clothes as they did not meat her approval. I would be laughed out of the crappy job I had.

Once at the boutique, Vicki told the girl at the front desk that we had an appointment. We were taken into the back room to first have our eyebrows waxed. I watched as Vicki was waxed and didn't flinch, but when it came to my turn I thought that I would scream from the pain. The completion was two very feminine thin arched eyebrows on both brows. How would I explain that at work I thought and what would my friends say? We were then led to two chairs where we sat to get our hair and nails done. As we sat, the beauticians went to work on us as Vicki sat with her eyes closed and relaxed. I didn't want to be there, to be feminized more and more. It seemed the more I was feminized that it would be harder and harder to reverse what was done. My fingers and toe nails were filed, all dead skin removed, buffed then acrylic tips were attached to my finger nails. As I went to protest Vicki looked at me and said that I could take them off if I didn't like them and that the experience was a good bonding technique for us. She didn't know how to bond with a male but that I should just embrace in the new experience and have fun with it and have fun with her. I once again bit my lip and hoped to remove it all once we got home. The ante was then raised when my fingers and toe nails were painted a deep red multiple times then toped off with clear polish to gloss the nails and make them shine. Why didn't I run away and sue for humiliation. All of the girls working on me knew that I was male in women's clothes, and I could hear them snicker at times adding to my humiliation. I couldn't wait to change into some sweats, remove all feminine traces and hide in my room.

As I sat and waited for my nails to dry, they went to work on my hair. Wide strips of my hair were brushed with an awful smelling goo and then wrapped in foil. I then had to sit under a hair dryer and watched as the women in the boutique watched me and smiled, as if I was getting a taste of what they go through on a weekly basis. After my scalp felt like it was on fire, my beautician came and escorted me to a chair to wash my hair out. After the wash, I was set up right and my hair was cut and styled. After the long ordeal, I was turned around in the chair into the mirror and found that my long brown hair now had blonde highlights and was styled like a teenage prom queen. I now had bangs and layers in my hair that were teased giving my hair volume. I looked like a flat chested 20 something year old woman. I looked at Vicki to find her almost clapping at the finished product. She said that I looked wonderful and hoped that I liked how I looked adding that I could reverse it all later if I wished. Vicki then called over one of the girls and I heard them talk about something to do to me. I was then sat back down in the chair and had both my ears pierced with two gold studs in each ear lobe. To this day I don't know why I didn't defend myself and stop what was happening. I figured it to just be the way Vicki liked to bond and that she liked me enough to be more than just a roommate. Delusions of granger I suppose. As we went to leave, Vicki paid for all that was done to us both and leaned over to me and said that I would repay her with favors and duties. She now had even more to make me do for her. It felt that I was more and more her servant.

We ventured out to find that I was getting quite a lot of attention due to my new look. I couldn't get use to the long nails and the attention they drew to my eyes. I had difficulty doing simple task like opening the car door, putting on the seat belt or the worse was getting dressed and using the bathroom. We drove to a restaurant for lunch and ate as we talked. The more things we did throughout the day, and the more Vicki paid for me, the more things I would have to do to repay her. She said that I just needed to be available to her wishes and commands no matter the chore. I felt all my manhood drained from my body as I grew more and more in her debt. I grew fearful of what I would have to do for her, but I just agreed that I would do what ever she wanted to repay her for all her generosity and kindness. We ended up doing a little bit of shopping as she said that one can never have enough clothes and shoes. After a few hours at a mall, a lot of stares at me, and very sore feet, we left with couple thousand dollars worth of lingerie, shoes, clothes, make-up, jewelry and perfumes. The day was said to not be complete with out a frozen yogurt and a trip to a book store. Vicki got a couple books and we left for home in a car smelling like new clothes.

Once I unloaded the car for Vicki, I was told to put ALL of the new things from the mall, excluding a couple items, in "my" dresser and closet and then put on "my" apron and prepare dinner. I was in shock; she bought all those women's clothes for me to wear. It seamed that I would be kept feminized. When I went into the kitchen I found that Vicki had placed all the receipts from the day on the refrigerator along with my work schedule as a reminder of what I owed her and what days I would be doing her bidding. How would I now save up to get new male clothing and find a new place to live, and how long would I be living with her? After I prepared, cooked, served and ate dinner, Vicki "ordered" me to clean up and then run her bath. As Vicki bathed and I finished my household duties, I sat for a couple minutes and thought of my new situation. I figured I should stay and repay my dept, get to know a hot chic, and live in a very nice place with low rent despite the feminine attire. I had to admit the clothing was very comfortable and that I looked hot. I never thought I would end up dressed in women's clothes and liking it. I began to feel sick to my stomach that I was gay or something and what would my father say if he saw me. No, this couldn't go on. I'm a man and men don't wear women's clothing, my father's words in my mouth.

Vicki returned in a very sheer satin robe to find me still wearing the lace apron. She asked if I would massage her back. This was the sign men look for from women to signify you might get them into bed; I couldn't have been further from the truth. As I lotioned and massaged her neck and back, she commenced in "girl talk." She talked about a guy at her worked she liked, her family, fashion tips and normal conversation. I got a few good moans out of her when I rubbed tender areas which got me immediately hard. She wore nothing but a towel over her bottom as she lay on her stomach on her bed.

She then had me turn around as she covered her self in her sheer robe and asked me to then massage her feet. She had a high bed which meant I had to kneel on the floor to rub her feet as she sat at the edge of the bed. Her skin was so smooth and she seemed to react to every touch with a moan or her biting her lip. Watching her made me so horny, knowing that she was naked under her almost see through robe, I wanted to take her.

I then looked up to find Vicki staring at my crotch. I looked down to see the bulge in my pants. Vicki then grabbed one of my arms and pulled me over her lap before I could attempt to struggle. She held me down with one arm as she pulled my pants down to expose "my" panties and commenced in spanking my panty clad ass with extreme force. She just kept repeating that I was not aloud to be erect in her presence or home. I sobbed and cried as she spanked my feminized ass. After which, Vicki let me up and apologized for having to spank me and hoped that there ware no hard feeling, but that she had warned me previously that same day about having an erection. Furthermore, I would need to try to act as ladylike as possible when I was home and in her presence, and that she was not use to males and had requested a female in her ad for the apartment for a reason. I told her I was sorry as she wiped my tears from my face. She added that she was not resentful that a man ended up living with her despite her wishes to have a female, but that I would just need to act feminine for her seeing as she doesn't know how to live with a male.

My erection was completely lost as I went to pull up my Carpi pants only to find that the soreness of my butt and the material of the pants made it very uncomfortable to wear. Vicki saw this and went to my room and return with a black skirt, saying that it would be more comfortable to wear. She assured me that it was ok to change in front of her remarking that it was just "us girls." I stripped off the apron and Capri pants and adorned the skirt taking notice of how girly my legs and feet looked. I replaced my apron and began to drop back down to my knees to continue Vicki's foot massage before she stopped me and told me to fetch her make-up case. I ran to the bathroom to retrieve the case while the skirt fluttered as I walked briskly. Vicki said I took off so fast that I flashed her my panties and laughed.

When I returned, Vicki patted the spot next to her on the bed and had me sit down. She opened her make-up case and sat out to apply the cosmetics to my face. She smoothed on little foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, lip liner and lip stick. She then ran out of the room to return with some small hoop earrings, removing one stud from each ear and replacing it with the hoop earrings, then topped it off with a few sprits of her perfume and dubbed me Danielle. I looked at my new self in the mirror in aw of what I had become. Despite the lack of breast, I looked like an honest to god woman. What would my mom and sisters say if they saw me? I had always gotten teased for being small and effeminate. Now, I sat and stared at a lovely female that was the same person that use to pull up girl's skirts at school, pop there bra straps, try to get laid at bars and poke fun of women's ways. Ironic that I now reflect that which my object of desire and reticule, and live with a dominate woman whom I served for cheap rent.

Vicki noticed, as I did, my only flaw, the lack of chest I had, and order me to remove my shirt and camisole. She left the room only to return with the bra that matched my panties and a black velvet box. In the box ware C sized silicone false breast and a jar of adhesive cream. Vicki said that they were here grandmother's that had gotten breast cancer and despite the removal of her breast, still died from it. Jesus, what women go through? Vicki placed the breast on my chest and outlined them with an included marker that matched my skin tone. Afterwards, she removed the breast and applied to adhesive to the outlined area, then proceeded to attach each breast to my chest. She held them on me while the glue dried. After about 10 minutes, the adhesive was dry and Vicki let the breast hang freely from my chest. I immediately took notice to the gained weight applied my chest and complained that I had no idea that something as beautiful as a female breast was so much trouble. Vicki laughed and added that that was why they wear bras and that women with larger breast can develop back problems. She then fed my arms trough the bra straps and wrapped it around my chest and fastened it in the back. The after effect was realistic looking breast and cleavage. I began to get hard again and hoped that Vicki would not notice, then accused myself to the bathroom to "look at my self better," and also tuck the bulge in my panties from out of sight. The end result, staring back in the mirror was a woman, a stranger, and myself all in one. Vicki came in and found me staring at myself, she came behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist and welcomed me to womanhood.

We ended up staying up all night talking and drinking hot tea. I couldn't get over how I looked and I was constantly given compliments from Vicki about her "creation." She remarked that while I was dressed that way, we would gain a deeper relationship as girl friends other then me being some guy in her house. She went on to add that she had never lived with a man, and only lived with other women in college. She knew that women have more compassionate relationships than men do and that we should endure it to grow closer as roommates. If dressing in drag and doing a few chores will keep me in the presence of such a beautiful lady, fuck it. It sure beats living with some pot head that can't pay his bills on time, and lives in constant filth. I would keep it a secret from everyone I knew and endure the situation just so that I would not have to struggle anymore.

My "when in Rome" philosophy kept me in spirits to continue the charade. After I cleaned up our dishes, cleaned up the living room and turned down Vicki's bed, I bathed; I shaved, and pampered myself then went to my room to find my nightwear to sleep in awaiting for me. The breast forms had not come off during my bath signifying that they were indeed attached which also made me worry when they would come off. On my bed I found a pink bay doll nighty, pink satin and lace thong panties and a matching robe. I bit my lip and figured such feminine articles of clothing would only be worn behind clothes doors. After I dressed, I went and told Vicki goodnight in which she complimented my nightwear that was similar to hers. She seemed to be dressing me as she did. As I turned to exit her room, she called my name and I turned around to see the flash of a camera. She said the picture would be a memento of my loyalness to her and she would cherish it and never share it with anyone. She then asked me to curtsy as I left and blew me kiss as I complied, I then closed her door and went to my own room. As I crawled in my satin sheets, discarding my robe, I looked down at myself and what I had become in only a few days time. I was a convincing woman created by a beautiful real woman for her pleasure. I slowly drifted off to sleep, recalling the events of the day. I now had a female wardrobe, was completely feminized, spanked and cursed with attached breast forms which seemed to not come off. How long was I to stay like this? I had to return to work in a few days and didn't want to go to work as Danielle but as my male self. The softness of my outfit, my shaven body and my smooth sheets were like nothing I had ever felt before. Disregarding the guilt I felt of wearing such things, I grew envious to those that got to endure such wonderful things. I thought that maybe I should just enjoy my new attire and its entire splendor due to that fact that I had never worn such comfortable garments, and wondered where they had been my entire life as I fell fast asleep.

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