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The School Teacher


Disclaimer: This story contains adult content and must not be viewed if you are not 18 years of age or older. The story features a theme of interracial sex between a Hotwife, and her black lover. If you find this theme offensive please read no further.

This is true story about me, Pam a longtime elementary school teacher. I am a happily married 45 year old mother and wife. I don't have a supermodel's figure as some stories here depict but I am proud of my appearance and have worked hard to maintain it. John and I have been married for over 23 years and have three children, all are now grown and living on their own. We are empty nesters. I am a real person who acted upon some fantasies that have been hidden for many years. We have no regrets for doing this and found it to be exciting and adventurous as well as re-energizing to our marriage.

For the record, I am considered to be attractive, 5'7", 110 pounds with shoulder length brown hair and can wear a 4-6 size dress. My husband John is slightly older at 50, average height and a retired fireman. He likes his beer and is now slightly overweight but not fat by any means. He has been blessed in many ways and his cock is not too bad, boasting a 7 inches on erection day. John loves to share his fantasies while making love and one he especially likes is for me to be taken by a black man with a big black dick, while he is at my side holding my hand.

It was always arousing to humor his idiosyncratic fantasies as part of our foreplay. I thought it kept our sex life interesting and stopped us from getting bored with each other. Not that we were too conservative anyway, both of us enjoy the extra marital flirtation here and there. However, this fantasy was especially arousing for me as I wanted an even more provocative position with me being pleasured by two black men at the same time. I had told John years ago that I was curious about being the center of attention with several men but we were too busy with child rearing and never acted on it. Last weekend, an opportunity presented itself quite by accident and I grabbed it; John however was not there. He was out of town on business but rather than waiting until he returned, I strayed; it was an accident that just happened.

The principal at my school is a black man in his late 50's, a prior football player and now coach named Dorsey. He loves to flirt with the women, and has been flirting with me for months. I had read stories about white slut women who liked black men and how they dressed in anklets and toe rings. I bought a zebra colored dress just to tease Dorsey and just by a twist of fate was wearing it that day to school. It was obvious that he liked married white women and he came on to me much more directly when I wore the dress. I didn't mind as I thought that he did it with everyone, and it didn't hurt that he was big, strong and quite good looking. I actually found his "bull watching his herd" demeanor arousing, and what John did not know that on many of nights in the heat of passion, I was thinking about Dorsey taking me in his strong arms. It always took me to sexual euphoria during our lovemaking.

One of our younger teachers accepted a position with another school and Friday was her last day. Everyone was invited to happy hour to say goodbye and to see her off. A few teachers showed up and of course our principal. Everyone was mingling and talking about things we had in common—school. The party was winding down but not before I had a few Cosmopolitans and Dorsey a few Black Velvets. Dorsey came up to me and began to flirt again, saying how he liked my dress and asked if I was making a statement. He asked what I was doing this weekend for fun while making his sexual innuendos. I shared with him that John was out of town and that it was a time to let my hair down—of course kidding more than anything—who ever heard of an elementary school teacher letting her hair down: pulling it out but not letting it down. Dorsey brought up the "Suburban Boston teacher who was having sex with a student ... allegedly seducing the boy, plying him with booze and having sex with him on kitchen floors." He said why would white women want that (implying that it was always white women) when they could have real men anytime they wanted? He said there are cases that he was aware of in which women and men in the same school had affairs and no one ever suspected anything—he shared with me that when he was younger he hit on everything but that now that he was older, he only hit on the pretty white ones. He laid on the charm as he touched my back and rubbing my arm. He was trying to flatter me and it felt great.

His talk reminded me of the story of the old bull and the young bull grazing on the ridge looking down over the herd, when the young bull said, "let's run down and fuck one of the Herefords." The old bull said, "slow down youngster, why don't we walk down and fuck them all." We were his herd and he watched it like the old bull.

Anyway, the party was breaking up and Dorsey asked me if I would like to go to dinner at one of his favorite R&B night spots, Jazzies. It had good food and a live band after 9:00 PM. I said I couldn't because John was going to call and I should be getting home. He insisted and said call him on the cell and tell him a few are seeing the school teacher off with a bang. I said I would try, but needed let John know that I would be staying out longer. If I could I would stop by, just for just dinner. We took separate cars and I called John on the way. John said, "this is great Pam, you never go out, have a good time and don't do anything that I wouldn't do with you." Business called and he had to run. He promised to call first thing in the morning after his coffee.

I parked at Jazzies but was afraid to go in, so I just sat there for a minutes that seemed like an hour. With a lot of self talk I got the courage to go in. I fixed my makeup, straightened my dress and lightly brushed my hair. Inside, I noticed it had a lot of people, mostly blacks with blacks but there were others too, it was a mixed crowd. I even saw several white girls with black men. I thought to myself how naughty they looked dressed so slutty. I scanned the room and saw Dorsey having a drink and sitting in a small booth in a secluded part of the room. He got up quickly and offered me a seat as he slid in next to me. He ordered more drinks and I was really beginning to feel it and he knew it. He made the first move with his hand sliding along my thigh. I pushed him away saying that I was married and asked what about your wife, where is she? He told me she was at home but that they were not very intimate anymore.

I broke the mood by excusing myself to go to the little girl's room but as I pulled my dress up it hit me that John and I had sex last night, and part of my fantasy commitment was to wear a g-string panties, a see through bra, and a garter belt to school. I had totally forgotten that I was wearing such a sexy under carriage. I looked at my hair, put on some red lip gloss and powdered my nose and pussy. I was feeling amorous now but still flirting more than anything. I didn't even think about what I was getting myself into, or more likely what was going to get into me. We were just having fun like school kids on a date.

When I returned to the table my drink was refreshed and I gulped it down and he ordered me another. I told him I had enough but he said nonsense we had not even eaten yet. He moved closer and began rubbing up and down my silky nylon clad legs. At first it was just a friendly stroking and I would gentle push him away, but he inched his way up under the hem of my skirt until he touched the garter belt fasteners on my nylons—he looked at me inquisitively and smiled. I was getting turned on but knew I should quit. Luckily the waitress was back with our meals and another drink. That broke the mood and we quickly ate our light affair. It was his turn to go to the little boy's room while the Jazz/R&B band warmed up. I was so relaxed that I got startled when he returned lightly stroking my back and neck. This time I didn't resist, the drinks had taken affect and what harm could a little petting and flirting do?

My black Adonis asked me to dance and at 6'3" 240 pounds, he towered over me but as I looked deeply in his eyes, I felt strangely safe in his arms. He stared down at me holding his gaze a little longer than normal and I melted into his clutches as the next slow song began. I closed my eyes and was swept away in a wave of intense feelings, he had me and I was hooked. He began to rotate his pelvic into me and I felt him grow under our embrace. He felt like he was huge, massive. It felt like a baseball bat and I said is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? I began to get frightened because I knew he was not going to let me go until he had fully known me in the biblical sense. As the dancing continued and the drinks began to work, he took greater and greater privileges with me right on the dance flow. He began telling me how good I looked and started caressing my back and shoulders.

I had my arms around his neck and my head resting on his chest, he felt so strong. He then put his hands in the back of my dress and began rubbing my back. He let his hands fall and gave a quick squeeze of my ass as he pulled me into him. I did not resist and wanted him; he knew it. I could feel my pussy begin to tingle and moisten. I said let's sit down Dorsey. He never broke contact and nearly immediately began moving his hand under my skirt while lightly feeling my breast with the other. My breathing started to race and I was shaking like a teenager on her first date. My legs separated as he slipped his fingers under my panties and gently circled my clit while sticking a finger in deep every few strokes. I need this man in me but knew we could not do it here, so we paid the waitress and he asked me if he could come to my house with me. I knew I shouldn't but I couldn't resist this man a minute longer. I would have done anything just to get a look at his big black dick.

We drove in my car and he scooted close to me fingering me and fondling my titties through the dress. I nearly lost control of the car before pushing the garage door opener and closing it after we were home. We had not even kissed and yet this man had me in his spell. My pussy was wet with desire and I wanted him badly. He pulled me close and for the first time I felt the fullness of his lips on mine. Instinctively, I stuck my tongue into his mouth and without words our bodies passionately exchanged our desires. I pulled his head down to my exposed sensitive nipple. He began to suck on me gently like a baby and I felt his hand inching my skirt up and exploring my ass. He traced his black fingers between my legs, slipping under my g-string and inside my cunt lips again. I felt so strange and began to shake and shiver. Nothing like that had ever happened to me, the taboo was making me tremble. My juices were flowing like the Hoover Dam as he worked his fingers inside of me. We made our way down the hall toward the bedrooms while shedding our clothing along the way. I was now in my garter belt, nylons and bra as we continued to kiss passionately. For the first time I caught a glimpse of him. He was fucking huge.

I had to check his size out as he stood in front of me. He was uncut and flaccid he was larger than my husband by three inches at least and real thick. This was to be a first; I had never slept with a black guy, never had a massive cock like this, never cheated, and never had sex with an uncut man before. But honestly I was afraid that I could not get that Louisville Slugger inside me without hurting me for good. I was a little scared but at the same time intrigued with the appearance of this huge cock about to grow into a monster. I asked him to please be gentle with me. I have never had anything inside of me that big, not even the black dildo that John and I played with from time to time. For the first time, I invited a man into my marital bedroom to take me. I knew I shouldn't and that our bed was sacred but I could no more stop it then I could stop the snow from falling on a cold winter night. He was totally naked and he took my hand and led me to the bed. His shoulders were broad and he was so muscular—he was in great physical shape.

I was nearly naked too with only g-string panties, a matching garter belt and champagne colored stockings. Once inside we kissed deeply and he fingered my wet pussy while we stood together. Now however, it was his turn to get some pleasure and he push down on my shoulders. I knew what he wanted and readily obliged. I used both hands to move his foreskin back and forth while sucking on the head. Here I am kneeling on my bedroom floor looking directly at a black satin sheen male specimen. His balls looked huge, like they held a quart of cum and his dick seemed as thick and long as fire hose.

I looked up at him as I tried to take his beautiful black dick in my mouth. I wanted to please him now. He began to grow immediately and I could hardly get the head in without choking. I worked my hands, tongue and mouth up and down his shaft. I stroked it while jerking him off. I could taste his precum oozing out. He was moaning and pushing on the back of my head. I relaxed my mouth muscles as he pushed deeper into the back of my throat. I felt like he was going to push out the back of my neck and then it slipped down into my throat past the gag response and he began moving my head in and out rhythmically, so that I could quickly catch my breath. He was moaning and I knew he loved how I was making him feel. He did not want to cum and I wanted him inside of me. He pulled me up and laid me across the bed. I knew what was coming but I was scared. I felt like a virgin with this man. He began eating me and flicking his tongue over my clit stopping now and then to suck on it. It felt very large and engorged. He had big fingers and would stick a finger in my pussy and rub my g-spot fast and hard. I rarely allow my husband to finger my ass but this man owned me. He coated his big black thumb with my cum cream, and slide it in my ass. His thumb was as big as any cock I had ever seen and it felt very tight in my ass. I was shocked and told him please No, don't do that, but he thumb fucked my ass anyway. After the initial shock it really felt good. He rammed into my pussy and my ass at the same time. My head turned from left to right as he brought me to my first g-spot and ass orgasm. A six pack I think they call it. Our sheets were soaked with my cum.

Look at the size of those nipples, I gotta have some of that he said. I then felt his hot mouth over my right breast and felt him sucking on it. My nipples are real sensitive and they get hard as pencils. My pussy was wetter than I can ever remember and I had already cum once. But I knew this man wouldn't be satisfied until he fucked me deeper than any man has ever before. The moment was near when I would have him inside of me but could I take such a big man. I'm a 45 year old housewife and mother, but here I am about to take a huge black telephone pole in my white suburban pussy. I asked if he had a condom but he just laughed. Please be gentle and promise me you will pull out. Please don't cum in me because I am not on the pill I begged him. Is that what you really want he asked?

I then felt his cock at my pussy entrance. He pulled my legs wide apart and pushed them back into my chest. I arched my back and winced when he slowly entered me. First the head and then inch by inch. I felt so fucking full that I thought he was totally in me on several occasions. He said oh no, I still have more to go. It was so thick and I felt so full it was hard to describe. He was stretching me like rubber glove as he stuffed his girth inside. After a few short strokes I felt him push into me deeper. It took my breath away for an instant as he tried to penetrate my cervix, but then the pleasure set in again. I tried rocking back and forth to adjust to his size and to meet his thrusts. It felt as though he passed right into my womb as his stomach bottomed out on my pelvic. Now I was scared, how could I have gotten all of that into me? He started to stroke in and out and I felt the rhythm as he grinded his pelvic on my clit. With each movement my pussy would stretch around his huge cock as I lifted up. He sped up and was hammering away like a piston. I started shaking and yelling, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming", I,mmmmm cumming, it was a massive climax. It nearly made me blackout and I kept on cumming. I never felt such a strong and continuous orgasm; it curled my toes until they hurt. After a few more climaxes, he pulled out and began running his cock over my clit, it was so sensitive.

I heard Dorsey say, "You love that don't you?". I begged him to please put it back inside of me. "Tell me what you want". I want you to fuck me, to fuck this married white slut, and fuck me good. I couldn't believe what I was saying but he owned me. He pounded away at me for several minutes and then he said, "I can't hold it anymore, damn bitch you are good". He slowed his pace and grinded into my pelvic; I felt another climax coming on. He pushed into me deep into my womb again, and I let out a huge moaning cry. I was lost in the orgasm as he said he was coming. I wrapped my legs around his back, squeezed down on him and pulled him into me. He had pushed into my cervix and now he was cumming in my fertile womb. I could not help myself and I yelled cum in me, cum in me, cum in my married white pussy. We collapsed in each other's arms and after a time, he started to withdraw. I knew nothing would be the same and I didn't want the moment to stop. I had been taken, totally and thoroughly pleasured by this beautiful Adonis of a man. We made love two more times that evening and I begged him to spend the night with me. He said that he was sorry but he had to leave to return home to his wife.

He called me Saturday morning and asked if we could get together again if John was not coming home until Sunday? I said, I would love to...

But that is another story.

Saturday night came. The original plan was to dress casually so I decided to wear jeans and a pullover sweater. I bathed in my oils, and shaved my pussy nice and smooth. ....

Pam meets Dorsey and a friend....

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