The Seduction of Ada Ch. 03


I feel so bad now when I see how I tried to flirt with you! When I was nursing and you saw my breast... that was no accident!

At the movie when I was holding your hand; oh God! I needed to pull it down on my flesh!

And now I realize – you were still mourning for Missy! I won't ask for your forgiveness – I know that's not mine to ask.

I have to tell you that I was only trying to make you jealous! I never drank anything. I stupidly would rinse my mouth with beer; would spill beer on my blouse! I just wasn't mature enough to understand you were still with Missy!

So I don't ask, or expect you to love me. That would be too much to dream. But, dear Davey, don't cut darling Silvia from your life! She is one of life's innocents, unlike me. Please keep her in you life – I understand your love for her and I know she will love you the same.

I wish I had been wiser... but I wasn't!

Your Ada.

I went to Portland and made a purchase, one I should have made earlier. I drove from there to Bend and checked into a snug motel. I swam a few laps in the pool to relax and called Hal, Ada's dad. I asked if he could meet me at a local steak place and pleaded with him to not tell Ada or her mother whom he was meeting with.

I liked Hal – we had met several times and seemed to get along together. When he walked in, I already had a beer for him.

I started to make my planned speech but Hal interrupted me.

"David, I like you. From the first time I saw you I liked you. But I got to tell, you, Ada is not happy! And Silvia! She just isn't sleeping well! She doesn't want to go to sleep at night. So, David, what are you goin' to do about it?"

I smiled a little, for the first time in several months.

"Hal, could I have your daughter's hand in marriage?"

He stared at me for a moment. Of a sudden he jumped up and grabbed my hand. "You're gosh darn tooting you can! But I gotta be honest with you, David, I don't see you as a son-in-law but as a friend!"

He stuck his big paw out and we shook, man to man!

We drove back together to his house with both cars. I grabbed two separate bundles of roses and a plastic book for babies and we went in the house. All the women were there, Ada, her mother and the baby, my baby.

Ada started to run to me but I gave her a look and she held back.

I gave a dozen roses to her mom and said, formally, "Mrs. Chandler, I asked your husband for your daughter's hand in marriage. Are you okay with that?"

She hugged me and started crying so I took that as a yes.

Ada looked like she wanted to jump me but I shook my head again and she held back.

I walked over to Silvia, playing on the floor. I picked her up and handed her the plastic picture book. I asked her if she wanted me to be her daddy. She gurgled a bit, burped a little and started giggling. I took that as a yes.

I walked over to Ada and got down on my knees. I took the ring I had in my pocket and put it on her finger. I had this long speech I had memorized but I broke down and started crying. I threw my arms around Ada and she just held me, shaking.

She collapsed to the floor with me and kept saying, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" over and over.


"Love is the perfect sum Of all delight."

Tobias Hume

We sat on our horses as they restlessly cropped the grass. Our darling Silvia now nine, raced across the meadow, her hair flowing behind as her pony chased the wind.

Missy's dad had died three years ago and her mom shortly after. My folks were still healthy and alert but couldn't manage the three thousand acres of the combined ranches. After our marriage we moved back to the ranch, finding a peace together that satisfied us. We had another two babies, Bobbie and Crystal. Ada had insisted on those names. The babies were back at the ranch with mom and Mina, the daughter of the housekeeper that had raised me.

Silvia had turned into a beautiful child, already taller than her mom. She had a special beauty given only to a few. She adored her brother and sister as I still adored her.

Ada took my hand and we looked at each other... sad for a minute as we thought about that we had almost lost!

Authors note: I hope you enjoyed this story. I'm thinking about a sequel that would focus on Silvia, as she becomes a woman. What do you readers think?

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Would love to hear more

Love to hear more about Ada: how she dealt with an much older man once the honeymoon phase wore of, and how her & his friends reacted - reactions of strangers. I'm sure a very small minority of peoplemore...

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