tagErotic PoetryThe Seduction of Dreams

The Seduction of Dreams

byBenitta Josephine©

As you hold me close
So near to your heart
I slowly drift to sleep
Never wanting us to part

An open field
A sunny day
The two of us together
What would people say

We feed each other
The fruits of desire
The sucking of juicy fingers
Igniting our fires

A soft touching of skin
Fixing a loose strand of hair
Following the jaw line
To lips so fair

Pleading for a kiss
Only one will do
To have a place called Heaven
On this earth with you

Our lips delicately touching
The breath in our chests stills
A hands gentle suggestion
The rising momentum of wills

A passionate embrace
The melding of souls
Raw sexual release
The exploration of holes

Our bodies sweaty
Wanting so much more
We stand on the threshold
Both opening the door

The cries from our orgasm
Were heard for miles around
But where they had come from
Not a soul had found

Stirring awake
From the bright morning sun
The game of seduction
Shall continue on

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