tagChain StoriesThe Set: Union Files a Grievance

The Set: Union Files a Grievance


"I'm telling you Joe we are not in violation of the contract and this hearing is just a waste of time."

"That's what you always say Robb and yet most of the time you are breaching our work agreement."

Robb Handel was bluffing and he could tell that Joe Vasquez knew it. Yet what could he do, he was stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place. He knew he could not single out one union man to do a particular job that it went by seniority but this was different. It wasn't his idea to give preferential treatment to Sam Coldworth; he couldn't care less if Sam ever worked again. No, it wasn't his idea it was Judy's who wanted Sam in her trailer it seemed like every day, to fix this or that. It just that Sam made Judy happy and if Miss Judy Blue was happy it made for a happy set and a happy set finished on time and under budget.

"Joe I need you to work with me here, what can I do to make this problem go away?"

"Believe me Robb I'm stuck here too, once the grievance is filed I have to show some kind of resolution, these things go to the labor board. The only way you can pick Sam to do a job is if everyone who has more seniority is already working. That's what the contract says and we have to stick to it."

Robb thought, this is great now not only do I have to pay a guy forty bucks an hour to keep Judy happy I have to pay everyone on the board above him too. Yet what could he do, it was a no brainer, even a thousand or so an hour was still a bargain compared to a million five or so a day for over runs.

"Oh Sam, I'm having problems with that light again, can you come to my trailer and take a look at it?"

"Sure Miss. Blue just let me tell my foreman, so he'll know where I am."

Lucky for Robb Handel there were only three men on the board not working when Sam Coldworth reported to Judy Blue's trailer. Sam knocked on the door and entered when he heard her say come. Inside the beautiful and talented Judy Blue, sat at her dressing table as she talked on the phone. She waved through the mirror and then simply turned around and pointed at her mid section. As she had her costume off and was sitting dressed only in her bra and panties Sam knew what she wanted. She spread her legs as he knelt before her and when he put his lips to the crotch of her panties, she put her feet on his shoulders and her free hand to the back of his head. He nestled his nose in her cleft just to tease as she liked it while she continued to talk on the phone as if he wasn't even in the room. He found her clit engorged and waiting for him and he gave her a tender bite and received a whack on his head for his rashness but when he looked up to her face he could tell she liked it.

It was time for him to do his job so he pulled her panties aside and pushed his tongue deep inside her while the tip of his nose tickled her clitoris. Soon he heard her say,

"Just a sec hon, I have another call hold on I'll get rid of them," and then to Sam, "Oh god right there don't stop, oh yes, oh yes ah, ah ahhh."

Then just like that back to the phone,

"Yeah babe just my agent, so anyway..."

Sam wasn't listening; he just couldn't understand how such a talented ingénue could turn into a vapid mindless woman once she put a phone to her ear. As for Sam, he went back to work; he knew one orgasm was never enough for Miss. Judy Blue. Yeah you sure couldn't beat this job, pleasuring a beautiful and famous woman while being paid. It was such a rush to make her whimper with his tongue and although she was a talented actress she didn't believe in fake orgasms, she made Sam work until the job was done. At least for her next climax she said good-bye, disconnected, and there by free to use both hands to hold Sam in place as she came on his face.

Judy's orgasm was so wild she had to push his face away to catch her breath. He stood up and swept her up in his arms, then carried her to her day bed. She lay there watching this man with the hidden talents take off his clothes. Judy always knew she led a fortunate life but even she was surprised with the luck of finding Sam. They met at a wrap party for her husband's film that she attended. She was bored and drank too much and Jack asked Sam to take her home and to make sure she stayed there. Oh, Judy knew all he really wanted was to nail that skank co-star of his and he thought by sending her home with the help she would be a good girl and stay out of trouble. Well she'd show him as she took this worker upstairs and nailed him in her husband's bed. She did it just to spite Jack but ended up finding the most talented lover in Hollywood and maybe the whole city.

Sam liked the way that she watched him undress it always made him feel good about himself. He knew he was just a diversion, a sex toy but so what was wrong with that. He let her put the rubber on him, as she always liked doing it and hell; he just liked her touching his cock. He climbed on top of her firm young body so lily white and flawless. Once inside her he leaned down to kiss and instead she began to lick her juices off his face. He couldn't believe how hot this woman was and he was determined to coax another orgasm out of her. He began long slow strokes as he kissed her neck and bit her ear lobes. He reached up and pulled her bra off her breasts and up around her neck. He made sure his nipples rubbed against hers as they rode each other back and forth. She grabbed his hair with both hands and held him close and as she came, she screamed his name. That was what Sam was waiting for and he came with her.

Once it was over and now sated she had no time for Sam and hurried him out of her trailer so she could get ready for her next scene. On the set she walked by him as if she had no idea, who he was, while he stood there waiting for his next job. He said to himself it didn't bother him but he knew it did, and yet what right did he have to want more. No one from his old neighborhood could have guessed he would turn out to be a real live movie star fucker. Yet there was one who could have guessed, it was his stage class teacher, Mrs. Thatcher for you see she not only taught him about being a stagehand she taught him how to pleasure a lady.

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