tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Shoplifter

The Shoplifter


As head of security for a large department store, my job could become tedious at best. There are many thefts daily and as the department head, I was responsible for most of the interviews and the paperwork. Working so many hours was very hard on me socially, not to mention sexually. One evening, just prior to closing, they called me in for a shoplifter they had apprehended. It would be up to me to process this person.

I headed out for the store, not at all happy to be disturbed from my personal life once again. When I got there, the clerk told me that they had the shoplifter in my office and that the assistant manager wanted to know if I could handle it so they could all leave. "Why not," I said. Thanks Jim and we'll see you tomorrow.

I entered my office to find a fairly nice looking redheaded lady in her 30's being watched by the assistant manager. He and I talked and he told me that she had taken a very expensive diamond bracelet valued at $4000. He gave me her preliminary information and said that he and the others were leaving. I locked my office door, as is the usual procedure so that they don't escape and sat about the business at hand.

"Name?" I asked her.

"Elisabeth Watkins," she replied.

"I see that you are 37 years old, is that right?" I asked her.

"Yes" she replied never once looking me directly in the eyes.

"Well. Miss Watkins, I see that you have tried to take a $4000 piece of jewelry from our store, that is grand theft you know."

"Big deal," she said smartly.

By now, I was getting very bored with her demeanor and told her she was looking at several years in jail and it was in her best interests to cooperate.

"And I suppose you'll forget the whole thing, right?" she muttered.

"It all depends on how cooperative you are willing to be. Please remove all of your clothes," I told her.

She stared at me and said, "You must be joking."

"No I'm not I told her, you will have to be strip searched to insure you don't have any other merchandise concealed," I told her.

After some hesitation, she stood and removed her coat, what a nice body she had! She hesitated and I told her to proceed. She took off her dress and I enjoyed it all, remembering how long it had been since I had been fucked! She then removed her slip and was just wearing her red lacy bra and matching panties. She stopped at that point, and I told her, "All!!"

She argued that I could see there was nothing else on her and didn't see why she needed to undress any further.

At that I got out of my chair and walked around to her. I grabbed her hands and handcuffed them behind her back. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" she screamed.

I told her that she was the thief, not I and that she had better cooperate or risk going to jail for a lot of years because I could always plant some more items on her. She shut up and quit resisting me. I now stood back and admired my sweet redheaded shoplifter. She was no raving beauty, but she was attractive, especially standing there in her red lace undies!

I went back to my desk and got a knife out of the drawer, her eyes grew huge, "What are you going to do?" She asked. "Finish what you started," I said. I put the blade under the straps of her bra and cut them, then I undid the front clasp on it and let it fall to the floor. My God, what a beautiful set of tits! I estimated them to be 34B and very perky for a 37 year old. Then I put my hands in the waistband of her panties and started pulling them down, she tried to run and I grabbed her and her pussy was smashed against my face. I had just gotten her panties down below her pussy and the sweet odor was intoxicating.

I kept my cool and removed her panties and then took her over to the corner and hung her by the handcuffs from the coat rack. "I am going to sue this fucking store!!" she yelled.

"Remember my dear, that you are a thief, and hardly anyone that would be believed," I calmly told her. She began screaming for help and I reminded her that everyone had gone home, it was just her and I. I pushed her legs apart and started probing her pussy, she tried to close her legs, but hanging from the coat rack made it difficult. I told her that I had to perform a body cavity search as I inserted a finger into her dry pussy. Then another finger and as I drove them deeper, her body began to respond with intimate moisture. I took my other hand and spread her outer lips while my other hand finger banged her pussy, which grew wetter with every thrust.

Soon, her brow began to perspire and I could see her whole body betraying her. Her nipples became erect and strained to reach the ceiling. Her pussy was on fire, and my cock was growing at a quick pace. I heard a moan escape from her lips just before I removed my fingers and her eyes had become glassy. I spun her around and began to probe her anus. When I inserted a finger, she jerked and screamed "NOOOOO!! It's virgin!!" An immense smile crossed my face as I thought, after tonight it won't be!! After loosening up her asshole for awhile, I withdrew my fingers and turned her back around.

She was really excited now, I could tell by her flushed look and her perspiration. I took her down from the coat rack and recuffed her. I walked her over to my desk and laid her across it on her back with her head hanging over the end. I undid the barrette that held her beautiful red hair and let it fall to the floor. I removed my clothes and aimed my big cock at her warm, red lips. "This can be easy, or this can be hard," I told her. "It's all up to you. Take my cock in your mouth and suck it while I fuck your mouth like a tender pussy, and if you hurt me, you'll be sorry."

She opened her mouth and I inserted my 8" slowly, allowing her time to work up some saliva for lubrication. After I felt she was moist enough, I began pumping in and out of her mouth, going a little deeper each time. When the head of my cock felt the back of her mouth, I pushed it into her throat, she gasped for air. I told her to relax and let it work and she did and soon I was into her throat. Before I knew it, she was thrusting her head to meet my thrusts and taking me even deeper. It wasn't long before she was gagging on my load of hot, sticky cum. She swallowed eagerly to avoid choking and man it felt soooo good. after my cock calmed down, I slowly let it out of her mouth and she slurped and licked it the whole time. Next, I turned my attention to those beautiful titties, so very perky- what a turn on!!

And turn me on it did, my cock began to grow again. I suckled her tits and fingered her twat and she exploded in an intense orgasm. I lowered my head to her now steaming pussy and savored the musky odor. I took my hands and held her pussy lips apart and started licking her clit. Alternately, I would plunge my tongue in her hot, wet twat and it sent her over the edge again. After she calmed a bit, I rubbed her clit with the head of my cock and she began to moan once again.

After I though she was sufficiently aroused, I put the head into her vagina and she humped across the desk to get more of it, this bitch was loving it!! I obliged her and inserted the rest of my cock and we began to get a rhythm going. Her pussy was very wet and it took a while for me to cum, but I exploded again. She kept pumping me, wanting more, but my cock just came out as it softened.

"Bring it around here and let me suck it and get it hard again," she pleaded. I obliged her and she sucked it like a Tootsie Roll Pop. After it was hard again, she begged me to put it back in her pussy. I came back around the desk and inserted it in her twat and she rocked back and forth drawing it inside her.

She began screaming again and was wracked by another orgasm, I however had another target in mind for my load of cum. After she fell back exhausted, I flipped her over and took my hand and pulled some her the cum mixture from her sopping wet cunt and lubed her anus with it. She was much too wasted to fight me this time and actually that was good. If a woman is relaxed, it is much easier to penetrate her anus, she won't like it any better, but it is much easier. I gingerly pushed the head of my cock through her anal ring and she moaned, a little from pleasure and a little from pain.

I began to rock back and forth pushing in a little more cock with each forward thrust. When I finally got it in up to the hilt and started withdrawing, she pushed her ass back up on it. I began pumping her fine ass and much to my surprise, she began pumping back. She asked me to undo the handcuffs and promised me no trouble.

I unlocked the handcuffs and both of her hands went straight to her clit. I pumped and she pumped and fingered herself to yet another orgasm. Before long, I felt the stirring in my balls and I filled her tight little ass with cum. She orgasmed again when I did and then I collapsed across her back, my cock still stuck in her ass. As it softened, it came out and she began to ooze cum from her bright red asshole. What a contrast!! She mustered enough strength to get up and dropped to her knees and cleaned me off with her mouth yet again.

We both got dressed and I told her that we still had the shoplifting matter to attend to. "I cooperated," she smiled. "Yes you did," I said. It had been quite awhile since I had been fucked and never this well!! "I think that probation is warranted Miss Watkins," I smiled. She smiled too and said that she would be back for some more punishment next week. The best part about all of it is that I got it all on tape from my surveillance camera in my office. I watch that tape when I am waiting for her weekly probation meeting and it's always just around closing time.

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