tagChain StoriesThe Sibling Diaries Ch. 02

The Sibling Diaries Ch. 02


Full chain & introduction can be found at this link.

Chapter Two: Getting Started

It'd been years since I'd returned to San Francisco, the beautiful city by the bay. The day I arrived, the sun was out, the fog rested just outside the Golden Gate. Oh my God, the cable cars, the Bay, Mount Tam, Angel Island, south-of-market… My head was spinning, and there was so much to do.

After arriving at Oakland airport and renting the car, I'd made good time into the city in spite of the foggy conditions and early morning traffic across the Bay Bridge. I made my way into SOMA, the South of Market district, where my new job was, only to discover they were closed for the day -- a damned banker holiday and no one had told me!

Pissed and relieved at the same time, I headed south in my rental to try and locate my new apartment. After driving by the building three times, I finally recognized the jumble of boxes sitting in the back of the moving van, blocking the address. My stuff had arrived early! I hurriedly parked across the street and jumped out, walking quickly towards the movers, when I suddenly realized I was really over-dressed. I was dressed for the office -- high heels, skirt, white blouse, leather jacket; not exactly moving attire.

Standing in the middle of the street, I looked up at the high-rise in front of me. The morning was getting late and it was about time for David to be waking up. Oh, that's my brother, David. We had decided to share his apartment because I needed a place and he couldn't afford the place he had, so… Here I was.

The movers were already unloading boxes and furniture to the sidewalk. I walked over and shook the first one's hand. "Hi, I'm Gretta."

He looked blank.

"Gretta Mitchellson… The woman whose stuff this is?" That clicked.

Still holding my hand, he turned away and yelled. "Oh, Mitchellson. Yeah. I'm Smitty. Hey, Arnie!"

Another capped head poked out of the van. "Yeah, what the hell… Oh. Excuse me, miss."

I smiled and waved. "Look, bring up the furniture first. You can use the entrance over there, on the corner. It's the twelfth floor."

Smitty looked up at David's building, then his eyes went straight past my face to my tits. "Yeah, okay. We'll… Uh, get right on it, Miss."

Men are so disgusting. "I'm going to go change. I'll be down to help in a bit." With that, I pulled my hand out of his and crossed the street, but not before the movers talked again.

"Arnie, did you see the ass on that babe?"

"Yeah, fuckin' a, prime, grade-A meat."

Ignoring them, I shook my head and pushed open the door to my new building.

As I rode the elevator up, breathing deeply and tapping my foot, trying to think of anything, but the two jerks working for me downstairs, my thoughts drifted to my brother David. Not that David is a cretin. I wasn't comparing him to those guys; rather I was thinking how much he wasn't like them. He was sweet and caring. He'd always had time to help me out when I needed it, or just when I felt bad. What is it that makes some guys into jerks and others nice? I don't get it.

The doors slid open and I accidentally stepped right into the crack between the door and floor, trapping the heel of my shoe. I fell on my face, scraping my knee on the carpet. My purse went flying against the far wall, spilling its contents everywhere. The doors of the elevator tried to close on my foot and I pulled my heel out of the crevice. It was broken at the top, my knee was bleeding through my new hose and my ankle was sore. Goddamn it, why today?

I began gathering up the scattered remains of my purse -- car keys, Mom's house key, cell phone, address book, pen. Oh, and a pack of prophylactics my Mom insisted I take with me at the airport. "You never know, dear, when you may need one?"

What did she think I was, some kind of slut? I mean, don't get me wrong, I like sex as much as the next girl, but like I need a rubber handy? Gross. If I'm going to get laid, I'm going to know about it way in advance. Dinner, dancing, a little romance, a little foreplay -- okay, a lot of foreplay, then maybe.

I got up and limped down the hall, checking the apartment numbers along the way -- 1210, 1206… Here it is, twelve hundred. I rang the bell. I sure hoped David was awake already.

To my surprise, the door swung open two seconds later. "Sis!" All smiles, David threw his arms around me in a big hug, which pushed me back on my tender ankle.

"Ow! Shit."

David backed off and looked at me. "What's wrong? Damn! What happened to you?"

I made a pouty face at him.

"Oh, baby, come here." David slipped his arm under mine and helped me into the apartment. With him assisting, I limped over to the sofa and sat down.

"Let me get some ice and a towel." David ran into the kitchen while I held my bleeding knee.

See; I told you, he's so nice and thoughtful.

I looked down at my scraped knee. It was just an abrasion, a carpet burn. It'd probably take weeks to heal. So much for short skirts! Worse yet these were new hose too. Sometimes I wondered why everything seemed to happen to me. I'd just… Oh wow!

My mouth dropped open. My breath came in little bursts. My heart was racing. The view of the city out of the windows was incredible. The cool fog had cleared and the warm sun poured over the scenery.

David ran back. "Okay, just lie back and I'll take care of this. I've got some great stuff for this in my bike pack. Are you okay?"

I looked back at David, kneeling at my feet. His face was full of concern for me. I smiled. "David, I can't believe this view. It's amazing. We can see all of Twin Towers and… Holy shit! Is that the top of the Golden Gate?"

The mist that my flight had descended through was in the process of burning off and the panorama that is San Francisco spread itself before us in the bright primary colors of mid morning. The water that had flashed gray beneath the wings of the airplane now danced and sparkled blue as the haze lifted.

"Yeah, you can see the whole thing when it's clear. Told you you'd like it. Sit back and enjoy. I need to fix your knee. Okay? Uhm… Your hose look like toast. Can I just rip them to get to the…"

"I'll just take them off." I lifted my butt, grabbed the top of the panty hose and pushed them down over my knees and off my one good ankle.

"What? What is it?" David was looking off to one side and down, away from me.

He looked back at me, then rolled his eyes. "I… Am a guy, okay?"

Confused, I snapped back. "Yeah. So…?"

"You just… You just flashed your panties at me." He looked flustered.

"I did not, I just took off my panty hose!"

He nodded his head emphatically and raised his hands helplessly.

I laughed and sat back on the sofa.

He smiled, and rubbed his forehead.

"Sorry, I… Can you fix my knee?" I wanted to change the subject.

"Yeah, sure. Now, hold still. This might sting a little."

It did. I grimaced, showing my teeth as he cleaned the blood off of my knee, and out of the scrape.

Seagulls were gliding in the wind outside the window while he dressed and fixed a bandage for me. I watched him bent over my knee as he put the bandage on. His thumbs gently rubbed the dressing into place, so that it would stick well. David had such a tender, caring way about him. He'd be a real catch someday for some special… His eyes flicked up my legs and stared. I looked down. My skirt was still rolled up to my hips. David was looking at my panties. The color drained out of my face. I didn't know what to do. I could feel a tingling creep along my pussy like little fingers lightly brushing through the hair.

His hands went to my knee and brushed it lightly. "There, all done." He looked up at me brightly with his sea green eyes. "You okay? Does it hurt?"

"Uh… No, it's fine. Thanks." I sat up quickly, pushing my skirt back down.

I was panting, a little out of breath. "I… Was surprised you were up already. I thought you usually slept in later than this."

"Yeah, you'd be right most days, but I knew you were coming this morning and I wanted to straighten the place up a little." He backed off to the center of the living room and raised his hands. "So, what do you think? Adequate?"

I looked around at the sunken living room before me, the built in bookshelves along the low wall separating it from the kitchen and the hall. David had chosen nice subtle colors, too, for the furniture he had. "It's wonderful. I won't be crowding you here, will I? I mean, we could just as easily make this a temporary arrangement until I found…"

David shook his head and took my hands. "It's our place, pumpkin. Don't worry about a thing. Want to see your room?"

"Sure, pull me up."

He gently helped me to my feet and I tried a couple of steps. My ankle didn't look swollen; maybe it wasn't too bad.

"You okay? Can you walk?"

"Yeah, I think so. I better stick to the elevator for a while, though."

Knock, knock, knock! The door rumbled.

My hand flew to my mouth. "Oh, shit! The movers! I forgot to tell you…"

David hushed me with a gesture. "Don't sweat it. I got this." He opened the front door and began telling Goofus and Doofus where to put my stuff.

I walked up the two tiny stairs to the hallway and followed it back to the bedrooms. The first one was empty. The second one was just off the balcony and filled with David's stuff. On his dresser were framed pictures of the family -- Mom, Dad and an old one of me, taken in Vegas. I'd forgotten about that trip. In the picture, I was standing in front of a million-dollar one-armed bandit somewhere on the Strip. I smiled, remembering the time we'd shared, staying in hotels and with our Aunt and Uncle. There was a new one of David, a much more recent photo. He'd really matured over the past three years while I was away at school and he was out here -- so handsome.

"Did you want to get changed?" David stood I the doorway. "One of the movers mentioned…"

I put his picture back down, and just stared at him for a moment. "Yeah. I… Uh, need to get into some work clothes and help those guys."

"I don't know if that's such a good idea, Gretta."

"Why not?"

"Your ankle. Up and down a lot today won't help it get better."

"Oh, it's okay. It's just today. I'll be f…"

David put up his hand. "Okay, let's work it like this. I help the guys get your stuff up from the street, and you stay up here and unpack. Deal?"

I sighed and smiled at him. "You're the best."

"Yeah, I know. It’s too bad they can only make you a saint after you die.”

“I think you have to be Catholic too.” I said, smiling again.

"Okay I’ll consider conversion but meanwhile, where's your suitcases?"

Twenty minutes later, I was in a T-shirt, jeans and tennies, unpacking plates in the kitchen. David, true to his word, helped the movers get everything up to the twelfth floor. By the time they were paid and gone, there were moving boxes, furniture and pictures filling the living room and running out into the hall.

I was done with the kitchen and started opening another box, labeled "bedroom."

David came back from the elevator. His shirt was soaked with sweat. "Where did you ever accumulate so much crap?"

My brow furrowed. " I resent that. Some of this crap is really expensive."

David smiled. “OK, where did you accumulate so much expensive crap?”

“Mostly from secret admirers. Did you bring up the crate of lead ingots?”

“It’s right next to the scrap iron. Are you sure they were secret admirers or just neighbors who didn’t pay their trash service? Honestly have you ever heard of an organization called the “Goodwill?” They have trucks that will come right to your door and pick up shit like this.”

“I called, they said they didn’t want it.”

“At least they have taste, unlike some people I could mention by name but won’t.”

“Bite me.”

"You want a beer?"


I opened the fridge and pulled two beers out, popping the caps off. I handed one to David. "To an amazing duo!"

David clinked his beer against my raised one. "To us!"

I tilted the beer back and chugged a little. Mmm… Almost nothing as good as a cold one when you've been working hard. It felt like liquid gold, bubbling down my throat.

I felt a chill. The fridge was still open. I pushed it shut. Turning to David, he had his beer to his lips, but he was staring at my tits. Concerned, I looked down. My nipples were erect, clearly sticking up through the T-shirt. I looked back up at David. His eyes were on mine.

I rolled my eyes. "Sorry, that's going to happen sometimes."

He took another drink, watching me. "What's going to happen?"

He tried to look totally innocent. "David, you were…"

"Calculating how much money I can save in central heating? What's the matter? Did you slash your underwear budget or something?" He pointed at my chest.

I looked back down at my nipples. Yep, still waving.

"Can't you cover them up or something?"

"Excuse me, they are covered."

"You know what I mean."

I got defensive. "You mean wear a bra, is that it?"

"Well, whatever. Most women do." David started to walk away.

"David, look at me."

He stopped and turned around.

I put my beer down and gestured. "This is me. This is what comes with me. Wearing a bra is purely fashion for me. If you and I are going to live together, you need to get over any… Icky feelings you have about having a woman around."

"I don't have any…"

"You said it yourself."


Making myself as pompous as possible. "I'm a guy! You just flashed me!"

"What? Oh, come on."

"No, you listen to me. You are going to have a female in your life for a while. I have panties, tampons, breasts and a pussy! They're going to be here. They travel with me. Get used to it!"

David smiled kind of funny, and leaned against the kitchen counter.

"What? What is it?"

"I'm not so sure about the breasts."

"Oh, you asshole!" I jumped on him and hit him in the back. "You take that back, you jerk!"

He ran into the living room, trying to get away from me, but I kept after him, hitting him on the arms, the shoulders, and the back. "You take that back!"

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry. It was just a little joke. I mean, two little jokes." He laughed and tried to stay just out of my reach. He dodged left, trying to make it to the hallway and I caught him. He fell over the corner of the coffee table, and I want down on top of him. He fell on his back and I landed on his chest.

“Take it back, you dickhead!"

“Bite me.”

I leaned over and bit him on the ear.

“Ouch, that hurts.”

I increased the pressure slightly. I could smell his aftershave as well as his own personal scent from the hard work. A shiver ran down my body right through my hips.

“Okay, okay, I take it back.” He began chuckling, deep throaty masculine laughter.

I let go of his ear, pushed back and sat on him. I smiled, raising my arms in triumph -- the queen of the jungle! Suddenly, my eyes popped open. I shifted my hips a little. A sizeable lump was pressed directly against my…

I jumped to me feet. My mouth open in shock and my eyes open. David lay before me.

"A little help?" He raised his hand.

Breathing again, I took it and I pulled him up. That must have been a mistake. He couldn't have been… Excited or anything. Not with his sister. Not with me. Putting the thoughts out of my mind, I pulled his arm around my waist, and we walked into the kitchen to discuss what we’d have for lunch.

The remainder of the day was spent unpacking. At last, all of my stuff was either put away, hung up or repacked in boxes which David carried down to our storage space on the parking level. It was six in the evening and the sun was setting over the bay.

As the lights of the city started to twinkle into life, we sat in the living room sipping a great California Merlot and picking over the remainder of the Chinese food we’d had delivered. I was explaining that in a few days I would have a company car, which would need a parking permit.

“You mean you just get to go down to the dealership and pick out whatever you want?”

“That’s about the size of it.”

“God, Sis, in my line of work, I call it a perk if the check doesn’t bounce. They make all the payments?”

Yep… Insurance too.”

“That's amazing.” He shook his head, staring at his chopticks, then got a serious look.

“I’ve got to fly out of here tomorrow to Colorado to research a story I’m writing about new internet start-up companies. So, here’s the key to the place. I’ll be gone by the time you wake up.

"Should I make a copy?"

Why don’t you make three copies? I’ll be back in town before the end of the week”

“Okay, but why three copies?”

“I’m giving a key to Sandy.”

“And just who is Sandy?”

“Easy. Sandy is a girl I’ve been seeing for about a year. I wrote you about her.”

“Oh, her.” I went back to my eggroll.

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch, Gretta. I know you two are going to get along great!”

“Okay, if you say so.”

“She's dying to meet you.”

“Then, why isn’t she meeting me?” I copied his tone.

He got a serious look on his face and paused for emphasis. "She’s in New York, attending a conference. She should be back in a few weeks.” He sighed and picked at his noodles.

I raised my eyebrows. “A long distance relationship?”

“For the time being, but she has a place here. I’m watering the plants for her while she’s gone and it just occurred to me she might need an extra key to the apartment when she gets back.”

“This sounds pretty serious.” I smiled.

He smiled back and tried to hide it. “Yeah, I guess, but I'm not rushing things.”

I tried to tease him. “Are you comfortable with her out of town and gone so long, I mean aren’t you afraid she might be seeing other guys?”

He grinned and took a big bite out of his noodles. “I’m sure she’s not just… Seeing them.”

This caught me. “Does she… Does she mess around on you?”

He looked at my face and held his hands up. “Look, Gretta. I love you, but you’ve got a lot to learn about me. Don't worry… Uh, we’ve got plenty of time to get reacquainted, but for the time being…"

I was very confused. "But… But Sally's messing around while you're…"

"Gretta!" He looked almost angry. "First of all, it's Sandy. Second of all, I think you need…" He sighed. "I think I’ll retire to my room, give my girl a call and get some shuteye.” He picked up his wineglass, drained the remainder and walked to the kitchen.

I was bugged. I didn't get… Oh, whatever. California sure has changed my brother.

An hour later I was snuggled under the covers of my bed flipping through the cable selections and starting to feel sleepy when I realized David hadn’t given me a parking pass for tomorrow. I didn’t want to park a brand new car on the street. I got up out of bed and walked down the hall to David’s room. Was he still awake?

He was, I could hear the rumble of his voice as he talked with his girlfriend. I knocked gently and peeked inside. David was lying on his bed entirely naked, his face turned away from the door with the phone on his ear.

He rolled his body towards the door and my hand shot to my mouth. I almost screamed. Out of his thatch of brownish-blond hair, his penis was sticking up, erect and very big. He had one hand around the base of it next to his balls and the other one was lightly stroking the head with just his fingertips.

My mouth suddenly dry, I licked my lips, watching him. My mind was in turmoil. Should I clear my throat or… Instead I stood there in silence, transfixed as his hand moved up and down his hard cock in a leisurely fashion.

Looking down at myself I realized that I was nearly naked. I was wearing a pair of panties and a very thin top that clearly showed my breasts through the semi-transparent material. I felt a slight tingling at my pussy. My nipples were rock hard.

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