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The Size Difference


The ravings of a lunatic. Copyright May 2006 by The H20wader. Edited by Techsan, a great editor.

Again size. What does it matter? Who does it matter to? And what happens if you are the wrong size? Hell, is there a wrong size? Or is size like beauty, only in the eyes of the beholder? Or the stretched vagina of the holder?


On his fortieth birthday, his buddies gave him a week in all-inclusive club for the over thirty and single. A small island, five hundred small huts with all the amenities. He did not want to go but they pushed, yelled, and begged. To maintain peace in the group he flew out on a Friday night. The plane landed, he spent the night in a huge air craft hanger-dormitory where men and women found beds wherever they could. There were huge restrooms and showers without male/female designations. He had showered with women before but not 50. Breakfast was served from four military style mess hall like operations. (Grab a tray and silverware. Go down the line and take what you want.) The people were loaded on a ship and in two hours they were docked and unloaded. The drinking started on the boat.

The divorce had been hard on him. His wife had several lovers but finally made a mistake and Gil (short for Gilruth) found out. There was a brief investigation and a fast divorce. The only reason given by his wife for the betrayal was penis size. The no fault law in his state did work. The assets were divided equally and since there were no children, Gil was able to walk away. It had been ten years and he still had an non-trusting view of women. He dated when a woman said yes to a date. He fucked when a woman said yes to a fuck. He left them as soon as they showed a marriage interest in him.

The sun was beautiful, the island was tropical and the hut was one large bedroom, large bath, and a sitting area with a huge window overlooking the ocean. There was also a large bowl of condoms on the nightstand by the bed and a very large tube of KY jelly next to it. He hated it. There were multitudes of planned events. The first was a get-to-know-your-neighbors swim. There were open bars everywhere. Everyone got three drinks, large ones, while the rules were explained. Every one had the three drinks tucked away before the rules were simplified for understanding.

1. Everyone into the sea. Waist deep or more.

2. Everyone don the blindfold.

3. Find a person of the opposite sex. (By feel, silly.)

4. Remove their swimsuit and put it on yourself. Take your time.

5. Wade ashore (where the water is shallower. There would be a rope

barrier to prevent excursions into the deeper water.)

6. When the horn sounds, remove the blindfold and see what you have caught.

Gil was not happy. This was stupid and silly. However, there was no way to avoid it in front of 499 other guests. He waded in, donned the fucking blindfold. He was grabbed by a female with a big pair of tits. He pushed her away and moved away. Some one grabbed him and held him tight. She striped the trunks from him, giving his cock some long feels. She then stood still while he removed her bikini. He determined that she had firm breasts and no hair on her vagina. She found that he would never fit into her bikini, so she put the bottoms on his head and the top around his neck. They walked to dry sand and waited. It seemed natural to talk.

"I am Beverly, 31, divorced."

"Gil, 40, divorced."

"I am from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Teacher in elementary school."

"I am in sales with a large corporation, headquartered in Livonia, Michigan."

"I like sex. As much and as often as I can get it."

"That sounds interesting. Why are you divorced?"

"I like sex, as much and as often as I can get it."

"Want to walk back in and try again?"

The horn sounded.

"Damn, Well, there will other opportunities."

The next two days followed the same routine. People became paired or trio-ed. There was even a couple of groups of four (with one group of one woman and three men), who really seemed to be having a lot of fun. There were dances every night. Gil danced and chatted to many women. None of the women did a thing for him. He slept alone for three nights. He was tired of the games, tired of being away from the office and just plain tired.

Tuesday morning broke with the sun,climbing out of the ocean, the puffy clouds, and the gentle waves rolling in on the beach. Gil headed over to the big dining hall for breakfast. He got his usual cereal, milk and coffee, found a table for two so he would not be bothered. He ate and planned his getaway. There were supply boats every afternoon tied up at a dock near the dining room and storage areas. After lunch, he would wander that way and bribe his way on to a boat.

The day was filled with silly people doing silly things. Lunch was fruit, a salad and cold cuts. He was ready. He left the bag and clothes he had brought, took his wallet, passport, a hat and sunglasses. There were seven nice -sized motor transports at the dock. There were many men unloading fresh supplies and loading the refuse. The club golf carts he had seen during the three days were busy, each with a trailer, hauling supplies one-way and refuse the other. He wandered and looked for a leader, a boss, an officer. The one he found did not speak English. Hell, no one spoke English. Discouraged, he sat on the end of the dock. He really wanted to start swimming.

"I say there, are you looking to leave this delightful isle?"

Gil was so startled he almost fell off the damn dock. "Hell, yes."

"I need a crew member. What do you know about boats?"

"They are supposed to float."

"Can you cook and clean?"

"Not very well. I will pay you to transport me to any airport."

"How much? By the way, you wouldn't be gay, would you?"


"Damn, I am only the captain. You can speak to the person who owns the ship. If you are granted permission to board, there is no problem."

"Where is this owner?"

"At the office for the club here. Why don't you come to the ship for dinner tonight? We are on the other side of the island in the cove there. There is a rather large trail; there will be a full moon so the trail will be visible. Pick up the trail or steal a golf cart in the storage area. Say eight o'clock?"

"I will be there. What will be the dress code? I am rather limited."

"Well, pants, shirt and loafers, I would say. Underwear is optional."

With a wave, the tall, 50ish man dressed in khaki pants and a t-shirt with an imprint of a map of a bunch of islands headed back down the dock and entered the trees.

Steve felt better. He had a chance to get off the island, but he would try the office first. There would be no large boats until Saturday morning but maybe there was a means of transportation.

He entered the office. Everyone was very busy with the supplies coming in but he kept asking to see the resort manager or director until a woman told him to look in room 100. This took another 15 minutes to find. He knocked.

The door opened. A short well-dressed woman of maybe 50 opened the door, "It is very busy today but how may I help you?"

"I want to go home."


"This is the silliest place I have ever seen. People are fucking all over the place and I just want no part of it. I want to go home."

"Find someone and join the crowd."

"This place sucks. I want to go home."

"There is a boat leaving here early Saturday that will take you to the island with the airport. It is the same way you got here."

"I want to go home now!"

"Unless there is a medical emergency, there is no way it can be done. It was in the contract you signed to get here. There are 295 woman out there, find one and fuck." She closed the door.

Gil turned and walked away. Beverly appeared as he neared the hut he had been assigned.

"It has been three days, Gil. Are you ready for some sex? I am willing and able. You can even fuck my ass if you eat me first."

Well, he had to tell the boys something, "Come in."

She was in the island garb. Light blue t-shirt and very short skirt. He looked at her. She was a good-looking woman. Nice figure, 36C breasts, tiny waist, hips that flared with a tight heart shaped ass. He knew there was no hair there, that the tits were firm. She was not blonde, not brown, more like a light brown that had been in the sun for a long time. Hell, maybe it came from a bottle. Without pussy hair, he would never know.

"How do you want it? A fast, hard, driving, pounding or a slow, easy, long, sweet, with breaks now and then to just look at each other."

"First the second, second the first. "

She had a wonderful smile, "Want to strip each other or ..?"

"Later. Bend over that chair."

"Gil, I need a little warm up."

"The fuck you do, you silly bitch. You came looking for me."

He pushed her to the chair, spun her, and helped her lean over. The short skirt rode up. There were no panties. He dropped his beach shorts and boxers to the floor and stepped clear. He walked around her and the chair.

"You get to blow me first. Then the pounding starts."

"I think I have changed my mind. I want to leave."

"Look, slut, you come to this island for a fuck fest. I have no idea how many men have had their cocks in that hole. I do not know how many used rubbers. After three days and nights of this fuck fest, you should be ready for a fucking elephant. Open your mouth and see how much of my cock you can fit in there."

She did and he moved into her. The silly bitch gagged when he was half way in. He was disappointed but at least she was having trouble with his six and a half. He remembered better blowjobs. She almost seemed like she was new at this. He found her nipples and rolled them between his fingers, gently at first then harder as they swelled and grew. She was still gagging when she tried to go deeper but he was about ready to swap ends. He let her have a few more plunges, gags, and pulled out.

"Not yet please. Let me finish you first." She looked ... maybe frightened?

"Pussy is waiting."

"No. I do not want to do this," she stood up letting the skirt fall back over her ass. "I want to leave now."

Gil was ready to fuck, "You made the offer. I want that pussy now. With all the fucking screaming going on around here who will give a fuck if you scream."

As if in response there was a loud scream from somewhere nearby. A woman in orgasm or pain. No one would even go see which it was.

"I do not want to be raped."

"You are the one who likes sex, as much and as often as you can get it. Isn't that the reason your husband divorced your cheating ass?"

The tears started. She sobbed, she blubbered, and she squalled. Gil got behind her and pushed her back over the chair. The skirt was lifted and he opened her legs.

"Get ready, you fucking bitch." He spread her lips and moved a finger inside her.

"Jesus Christ, you cunt, you are stone dry. I cannot get in there. Finish me with that mouth." He moved her away from the chair and sat in it, the six and one half bobbing. She choked back the sobbing and knelt between his legs. She gently took him and began her idea of a blowjob. She actually scraped him twice.

"Hey, watch the damn teeth. Keep them away from me."

He watched her as she tried to 'finish him' as quickly as she could. He saw she was trying to hurry but did not know how.

"Fuck this. Get your mouth off my dick." She lifted her head in surprise.

"Pay attention. This is oral sex 101. Do not gobble. Lick it like a fucking Popsicle. Up and down and round and round."

This was a bit better; at least he wouldn't have long red scratch marks from her teeth. He let her go for about two minutes.

"Now, the next step is to take the head in your mouth. Watch the damn teeth. Just the head. Lick it, roll the tongue around it. Good, now slide the head out but not all the way out and suck it back in."

This was starting to feel like a blowjob. It was getting nice. He let her practice for maybe three minutes.

"Time to add something. Deep throat is cool, but not for beginners. Wrap your right hand around my cock. Now jack me as you let the head ease in and out of your mouth. Do not hurry. We have all day."

For the first time, her eyes meet his. The fear had vanished. She watched him as she coordinated the hand and mouth movements. She was rolling the tongue around the head every time it slipped in. She could see what was happening as his face began to tell her.

"Just a bit faster now. Use the left hand to massage my balls. Gently, they are sensitive. Good, yeah, like that. Yeah, now that is almost a decent blowjob." Their eyes were locked together.

His breathing had changed. He was panting, almost gasping.

"Can I come in your mouth?"

The eyes looked undecided. She only had the t-shirt and if she let go she would have to return to her hut with cum on the blouse. she was just to new at this to swallow it all. He had seen a lot of that around here but did not want her to have to walk back like that. She could take the t-shirt off there was a lot of that happening. O rshe could walk nude, there was a lot of that too. Gil had seem many women walking with cum oozing down their legs. Damn, he hated this place.

"Okay, when I tell you, take your mouth away, and stand up, but keep jacking me."

The eyes actually started to shine at him. She picked up her speed. Not fast, just a steady easy movement.


She was not graceful but she was fast. The right hand jerked three times before the flood. He leaned back and tried to breathe. The cum did not go far but it did go several times. She watched as it hit the floor and made drops. She kept the hand movement and used the left hand to caress the head. He moaned and squirmed. Finally it became too much. He could not speak, but he could jerk her hands away from the torture.

"Did I hurt you? Are you okay? What did I do wrong?" She looked ready to cry again.

"No hurt." Gasp. "Okay." Gasp. "Nothing."

She waited for him to settle down. The need for air eased and he looked at her.

"Never given a blow job, have you?"

She blushed and shook her head.

"Why the fuck are you here at this fuck fest?"

"I needed to learn."

"You are 31?" A nod yes.

"You are divorced?" A nod no.

"You are still married?" A nod yes.

"Why the fuck are you here?"

"My husband wants ...," The tears again.

"He sent you here for training?" The yes nod again.

"What does he want you to be able to do?"

"Good oral, good anal and better pussy."

"Why doesn't he do it? Learn together."

"He says he wants me ready in a week and he does not have the time. He sent me here to learn how to please him. I had a week but I have wasted three whole days and nights."


"No one wants me. As soon as the men see I do not know what I am doing, they leave me and find someone else."

"What does he want you to know?"

"Deep throat, how to use the muscles in my pussy to squeeze him as he fucks me, how to make my ass not hurt when he fucks me there and anything else I can pick up."

"How long married?"

"Three years."


"We are too busy for that."

"How old are you.?"



"He wanted me to meet experienced men who could teach me. He wanted me to spend time with many men. He picked this place because I would never see any of these men again. It was expensive and he wants his money's worth."

"Then, let us get started."

"You will teach me? Thank you. What do I do first?"

"Why did you not learn before you married?"

"All girl schools, even college. Catholic parents, very Catholic. He was the only boy I dated. He wanted us to be virgins when we married. Now he wants me to be a real wife."

"Strip." She lifted the top. "Stop. Look at me. You want to excite me. Let the feeling show. Go slowly. Never move fast. Do you think some music will help?"

"Yes, please."

"Slow is best. You are not onstage."

He picked a romance channel on the satellite radio and walked her through a strip. She had good moves and was not embarrassed. Well, not overly so. She was beautiful. Long legs, hairless pussy, a bit excited as he could see the clit fighting its way from under the hood, nipples hard and pointed.

"Now, my turn to do oral for you. Sit on that table."

She sat. "Ease out, put your ass so that your pussy is just beyond the edge. Good. I will sit in this chair, see I am just where I need to be for oral. Put you legs over my shoulders. Good, I will begin."

She had good responses. When he licked her open, the tiny grunts started; when he inserted a finger, she gasped and the quiet little moans started. It was when he pushed his tongue into her honey hole that she got loud. When he circled the clit and sucked on it, she went ballistic. She came hard and often. In fifteen minutes, she had climaxed often and hard. He had to help her down off the table. She could not stand so he carried her to the bedroom and the queen-sized bed.

"Cowgirl time, front and back."

He was as hard as he could get. He lay on his back.

"Straddle me. Take my cock and place it in the slit, rub it up and down. Then point it into your honey hole. Yeah, like that. Now, ease it in. Easy. How big is his cock?"

He could feel her trembling as she slowly lowered herself onto him.

"About your size, not as big around. Oh, my god." She bottomed out. Her eyes were glowing.

"Up and down, slow and easy. What is your middle name?'

The pants were starting as she rode him, "Katherine. Can I go faster now?"

"Sure, B.K. You are in control. That is what makes this position good for women. Fuck me any way you want." He was fighting the urge to move. Let her do it all.

"This is fun. Can I stop and just squeeze?"

"You are the boss. You do whatever you want. I am just a piece of meat. Fuck me."

Her breasts were bouncing, up and down and sideways at the same time as she twisted when she came down on him. He reached for them, holding them and began to roll the nipples, pinching then gently. She stopped moving as her inner muscles began to spasm. She moaned and started to grind against his pelvic bone as she discovered that it made the orgasm better. After a long time, she felt him fighting his body so she could continue the wonderful thing she was doing to him.

"Do it, cum in me. Fill me with your seed."

She stopped and used the muscles again. He blasted cum into her. That triggered her and they came together, him moaning and her screaming.

She fell on his chest, so still he was worried that she had fainted. It was a few minutes before she spoke.

"Is that what my husband wants from me?"


"God, it is good. I have never been able to cum that hard before. I feared for my life."

"B.K., ease up and let me fall out. Then clean me with your mouth."

"Won't it be all yucky?"

"Yes, it will but it can also be fun for me."

"After what you have done for me, I cannot say no." She lifted and Gil could feel the fluid from inside her coat him. "Look at the mess. Wow, there is a lot of it. We did a lot." She paused. "It tastes like, well, different. Not bad, just wet, sweet and salty and I think I like it." She sucked and licked. "Hey, you are getting hard again. What is next on the menu?"

Gil knew he was 40 and that he had just cum hard twice. This next one would last a long time. Since she already had him in her mouth, his decision was easy.

"Suck me, B.K. See how much you can get in without gagging. Do not hurry. When you gag, swallow. Go slow. Set up a rhythm so you can breath. Go slow."

He lay there while she worked him into her throat. He could feel the gags and the swallows. He murmured words of encouragement as it went deeper and deeper. Her lips touched his pubic hair. It was a long blowjob. He actually liked the first one better, but she wanted to know how to do the deeper blowjobs. She did it right. She did it long. She did not seem to be tiring.

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