The Slave Ch. 06


The sound was embedded to the limit and the mouth of the shaft stretched beyond normal limits and there was still about two inches sticking out of the purple, grossly swollen head of the cock.

The sound was so deeply and tightly embedded into the shaft of the slave's cock that the doctor let go of it with both of her hands. It didn't move outward at all. With every twitch of Ross' cock, the sound bobbed around left to right and up and down. The doctor grasped the slave's balls and began to manipulate them, squeezing hard, rounding them then flattening them only to round them again. The bulging urethra looked as if it would burst, on the under side of the slave's cock.

The doctor started to show off to the women owners. She bent Ross' cock up over his stomach laying it flat then went back to manipulating his balls. The ladies thought for sure the procedures alone would hurt Ross, or worse yet, kill him. The doctor quieted any and all concerns they had. By this time Linda had turned around at Brenda's insistence. She is shocked by what she saw.

The doctor was still massaging the slave's balls, adding more and more pressure until she thought the slave was feeling nothing but the ball pain, forgetting the pain in his cock as he strained to push out the huge metal rod from the shaft of his cock. When she saw the slave's cock and balls spasm, then his balls quiver, harder and harder, she grabbed a towel in one hand and using it she grasped the sound firmly and jerked it out in one fast movement. As the sound cleared the head of the cock everyone in the room heard that squishy plop sound.

Immediately a huge amount of pre-cum and sperm poured out the widely stretched mouth of the slave's cock. The ladies thought for sure they could have fit a thumb into the opening of the cock. The slave jumped and silently screamed against the ball gag in his mouth, it seemed to last forever.

The doctor then instantly grabbed the base of the slave's cock. She put one finger up on top of the shaft and her thumb under the shaft. She pushed it slowly into the body with her fingers and squeezed tightly, slowly pulling the clinched finger and thumb upward forcing anything inside the shaft to run out the mouth. There was more pre-cum and obvious sperm that ran out and then a slight amount of crimson. Proof positive there was indeed a tear in the inner tissue of the urethra, but there was one more thing that could cement her findings.

Without any hesitation the doctor squeezed several more times with the base to tip type motions. After several attempts and when nothing else came out of the head of that cock, she grabbed the tiny camera and expertly fed it back into the gaping mouth of Ross' cock. She carefully watched the monitor and smiled when it showed what she had expected. There was a slight tear about two inches from the base of his cock and pubic bone.

The doctor; along with the three other women were shocked that there could be a tear that deep inside the shaft of Ross' cock. Each of the ladies were mentally measuring the length of their fingers, just as the doctor told them that it wasn't finger play that tore this slave, one could only imagine what kind of toy or object was thrust so deeply into the shaft to cut him.

The doctor continued to watch the monitor and announced that there were no other injuries and that this one was minor. Being an extremity, the cock could bleed profusely, even from a small cut. She told them to add arousal to the equation and there would be a big mess and it would scare anyone. She assured the ladies that this was nothing to worry about and she got some anti-bacterial ointment for them. She told them to have fun medicating the slave. From the looks on their faces she felt she had to show them how to accomplish it.

The doctor unrelentingly cleaned out the shaft and after a few washings she took a large tube of antibacterial ointment, grabbed the slave's cock head with her fingers just under the fattest and widest area and pulled up tightly. She told the three women that they needed to apply the ointment every three to four hours, and very carefully.

The cock was wilted and soft again from the last washings. She stretched it out grotesquely to where it looked as if it would pull apart. The ladies grimaced and saw the slave wince all over again. The doctor used the same hand that was holding the head, used two fingers to spread open the already unbelievingly stretched mouth. She took the tube of ointment she was holding and pushed the opening of the tube inside the mouth then squeezed a huge amount into the gaping hole.

As the thick heavy ointment pushed past the battered mouth of the slave's cock, the doctor loosened her pull and allowed the cock to return to its similar to normal appearance. With her left hand she grasped the head of his cock HARD and squeezed it off so that nothing could escape from inside. She then used her right hand to stroke the shaft. She paid special attention with her thumb and forefinger to the underside and the bulging urethra. She maneuvered her two fingers up and down, squeezing and forcing the ointment down the shaft and into the very tender area where it needed to be.

She continued to squeeze her fingers upward to the head and back down to the base of the slave's cock near his pelvic bone. After several minutes of this technique, Ross' cock was unbelievingly hard once again and he was panting against the ball gag all over again. The doctor explained that the manipulation of the shaft and the ointment reaching the raw tissue probably felt very good and soothing to the battered cock.

The three women couldn't help but note that the doctor was enjoying herself very much as she took the slave so very close to orgasm and then backed off, then to the edge again and backed off, they watched for several minutes until she broke the silence by reiterating the need for the ointment to be applied every three to four hours.

The doctor allowed the women to release the slave from the exam table and prepare him for transport. She told Linda that she would need to see him again in ten days as a follow up to the cut inside the shaft. She walked them out and they all left for home.

To Be Continued...

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