The Slutty Soccer Moms' Surprise


"Baby, your mother is going to love your cock," I purred to him, pulling him down so that he could rest his head on my still heaving breasts.

"Really? You think so, Ms Cora?" I felt his cock, again erect, throb against my leg.

I giggled. "Oh yeah, honey! She's been dreaming about this for years. I bet you have too."

"Yes, ma'am," Robbie replied.

"It won't be too long now, honey," We lay there quietly for a bit, his breath catching as we heard a woman screaming in orgasm from one of the other rooms.

"Was -- was that Mom?" Robbie asked. I could feel his lips move against one of my nipples.

"Hmmm, I'm not sure, Robbie. Your mom's a screamer for sure. She screams her head off when I have my tongue in her sweet cunt and suck her big fat clit!" Robbie moaned and then began to move on top of me again.

I was afraid I would be unable to resist him with that lovely cock and all, but before I had to explain to him that for the moment he was allowed just the one fuck, we both heard Steve banging on doors and yelling, "Time, Gentlemen! Get yourselves back downstairs!"

Robbie stiffened and sighed and climbed off me. He whispered, "It that it? Are we done for the night?"

I sat up and found him and kissed him on the lips, "Robbie darling, the night is just beginning. I kissed him again, slipping my tongue into his mouth before finally letting him go, my hand unable to resist reaching out and stroking his hard, thick dick one last time. I heard Robbie begin to wrestle with his clothes and said, "Just leave them, darling, you won't be needing them the rest of the night."

He muttered, "Wow!" and went to the door. He opened and looked back and said softly. "Thanks, Ms Cora, that was...fucking wonderful!" The door closed and I fell back in bed. My head was spinning with the sheer ecstasy and wonder of the moment. I had just fucked Donna's son! I wondered which one of my friends had a load of my son's semen oozing from their cunt right now.

Then I had no more time to think about it as Steven came down the hallway again calling, "Ladies! Up and at 'em!"

I came out still dressed in my red negligee but with the panties gone, I was basically naked from the crotch down. I could feel Robbie's sperm already oozing down my thigh and knew that my red stockings would soon be cum stained. My tits were spilled out of the negligee as well -- my nipples red and swollen from Robbie's attentions.

In the hallway, I found Natalie grinning from ear to ear. "I don't know who I fucked, Cora, but the kid could sure use his cock!" She too had lost her panties and her little trimmed cunt was swollen and shiny with her juices and semen. "If Karl fucks like that, he aint going to college -- he can stay home and make Momma happy!" She came up and hugged me. I don't know if I have ever seen her so excited.

Next came Heather. All she had left on were her hose and heels. Her long blonde hair was all tousled and wild and she looked like a wanton, sluttish waif. She was wiping tears out of her eyes and said, "I love this. I came so hard, I thought my heart was going to explode!" She joined Natalie and myself and we all exchanged hugs and kisses. I could taste cum on both their lips and knew I wasn't the only one who had sucked a cock clean tonight.

Finally, Donna emerged from her room. She was completely naked except for those stiletto heels. Her wild bush was flecked with thick globs of semen and she had a hungry look to her. She came up and kissed each of us and said, "C'mon you sluts, we're wasting time!"

We paraded back downstairs and strolled past each of our sons, displaying our naked or partly naked charms for them to see. They all looked like they'd swallowed the proverbial canary. Each was naked and sporting a tremendous erection and despite being a bit red-faced from being naked in front of their mothers, seemed proud to show off their lovely cocks.

We moms took a seat across the room from them on a long sofa that Steve had moved into position. It was a bit crowded, but I think the boys appreciated the opportunity to see us rubbing and squeezing our motherly bodies against one another.

Robbie's father, Robert came into the center of the room with a glass bowl filled with slips of paper. He eyeballed us ladies and then studied everyone's son. "Well now, I don't reckon anyone's changed their mind about leaving, have they?" he asked the boys. They all shook their head anxiously in the negative. He laughed, along with Steve and my James and continued. "All right then. Next we're going to be playing some party games. This here bowl has some situations written on them and you guys are going to each get to draw a slip and then..." he paused and grinned. "And then, you guys get to pick which of the ladies gets to, um, play out the situation."

We ladies all laughed and the boys laughed too, glancing at us nervously. Robert walked over to the boys and said, "Let's see. Dale, why don't you start?"

He offered Dale the bowl and laughing nervously, Dale reached in and drew out a piece of paper. Dale unfolded it and said, "Um, do I read it aloud?" When Dale nodded, he proceeded to read aloud, "THESE MOM'S LOVE COCK, BUT THEY LOVE CUNT TOO. PICK YOUR MOM AND ONE OTHER AND WATCH THEM EAT EACH OTHER OUT!"

Dale looked up from the paper and grinned weirdly. "Um, fucking wow! He looked over at us. His mother stood up and smiled at him. "Um, Mom, how about you and..." he looked us over and added, "You and Ms. Donna." The other guys just sighed.

Heather turned around and held out her hand to Donna who rose up and took it. They came together, Donna towering over Heather, their bodies standing out in stark contrast from each other in so many ways. Heather's pale skin against Donna's dark brown skin. Donna so tall and Heather so tiny. Heather's shaved cunt and Donna's untamed muff. They both went to their knees and kissed, their hands roaming over each other's bodies, groping tits and fingering slits before Donna finally pulled Heather down on top of her.

The two mothers wasted no time in burying their faces into each other's pussies and quickly the room began to fill with the thick aroma of aroused cunt and with the noise of moans and sighs. I noticed James walk behind the boys and whisper to each of them and I knew he was encouraging them to get closer and to watch. I was proud to see my John move first off the couch, kneeling down close to get a bird's eye view of Donna stirring her long, nasty tongue around inside Heather's cum filled pussy. The other boys followed and watched as the two women licked cunt and lapped up the man cream deposited in each other's wombs.

A couple of times, one of our sons would begin to stroke himself and I heard Steve call out from behind us, "Save it, dudes. Your mothers will take care of you soon enough!" Finally, both Donna and Heather began to sob out their orgasms. Donna's magic tongue was doing all sorts of crazy things inside Heather's cunt and Heather was literally sucking on Donna's swollen clit as they both came loudly, soaking each other with their creams. They both rose to their feet unsteadily while the rest of us applauded. Both mothers sat down grinning through wet and shiny, cum covered faces.

Robert returned with the bowl and again approached the boys. "Well, let's just keep going down the line," he said. "John, you're next!" My heart began to pound wildly as John glanced at me and grinned at me in a way that made my cunt lips quiver with anticipation.

John scanned the paper he was reading and then as his face turned bright red, he read it aloud. "PICK A LUCKY FRIEND TO GET A BLOWJOB FROM YOUR MOM AND THEN PICK ANOTHER MOM SHE CAN SHARE HIS CUM WITH!" John looked up at me and sighed. "Um, Mom, I'd like you to suck...Karl's cock!"

I should have known. Since he was eight years old, John shared just about everything else with Karl -- his bike, the chicken pox, crushes. I licked my lips and stood up, my tits bouncing as I did so. I strutted slowly towards Karl, tossing a sexy wink at my son as I did so. Slowly, I squatted down between Karl's legs, eyeing his lovely and dripping cock. He had a classic cock, circumcised and at almost seven inches, pleasingly thick. "H-hi, Ms. Cora," he gasped as I took his hard dick in hand.

I smiled up at this young man I had known for so long and replied, "Just relax, Karl. Imagine I'm your mother doing this." I licked the head of his cock, lapping up a thick drool of precum and smacked my lips. "You taste delicious, baby," I cooed and then I plunged my mouth over his cock and took him, drawing gasps from the others as I demonstrated my ability to take a cock deep in my mouth. Slowly I worked my way back to the tip, my tongue working furiously over his satiny steel rod. I reached out and took his hand and placed it on my head. His fingers tangled in my dark hair before he realized he could guide me in my cock sucking efforts. Then I let him take control, showing me what he wanted from moment to moment. Karl enjoyed first deep throat and then the joys of sucking on the swollen head of his dick while my tongue rolled and teased it.

Like a good cocksucking slut, I made sure to keep eye contact with him, breaking it only to glance at my son sitting next to him. I reached out at one point and took my son's cock in my hand and slowly stroked it before I heard James mildly rebuke me with an amused, "Behave, Cora."

Karl's body grew rigid and he stiffened up and then a dam burst and I was receiving a flood of hot semen, sweet and yet salty and undoubtedly man cum. "Ohhhh Coraaaa!" my best friend's son gasped. I swirled it around my mouth, furiously sucking, draining him of his massive load of jizz and trying hard not to swallow the mouthful of his seed. Finally, I let him slip from my mouth, a dribble of sperm escaping and running slowly down my chin.

I turned and looked at John. My son was staring at me with his mouth open in astonishment and it took a few seconds for him to remember that there was a second part to this activity. His eyes widened and he said, "Oh yeah! Sorry, Mom. Ummm, share Karl's sperm with his Mom!"

I smiled closed mouth and slowly stood up and met Natalie in the middle of the floor. I tilted Natalie's head back and opened my mouth and let some of her son's cum slowly drip from my mouth to hers and while all the boy's groaned, I crushed my lips against hers and we tongue kissed, swapping Karl's sperm back and forth -- a wet, sloppy kiss that allowed some of his semen as well as our saliva to drip down our chins and scatter drops on our tits mashed together. We began to swallow as we continue to kiss and we gave the boys a five minute demonstration of a sapphic soul kiss that had her son's cock hard for a third time before we finish. Natalie capped the scene by leaning over to lick her son's drops of cum off my tits and then finished with a teasing suck of each of my swollen nipples.

Once we're seated again, Robert returned with the bowl and offered it to Karl. Natalie's son needed no encouragement to reach in and pull out a slip of paper. With a big grin on his face he read aloud, "ONE DONG IS GOOD AND TWO DONGS ARE BETTER -- JUST ASK YOUR MOMS. PICK YOUR MOM AND ONE OTHER TO GIVE A DEMONSTRATION! WHEN BOTH HAVE CUMMED, THE OTHER MOMS WILL CLEAN THINGS UP!" When Karl finished reading, he looked up perplexed. The other boys had a look of confusion as well.

Natalie stood up and smiled at her son. She crossed the room to an unused ottoman stool and lifted up a lid. From inside, she pulled out a two foot long, double headed rubber dildo and comprehension dawned on all the boys' faces. Natalie winked at them and lifting one end of the dildo to her mouth, kissed it and said, "Son, I'll need a partner."

Karl's eyes grew wide as he finally and completely understood what was about to happen. "Oh yeah, fuck yeah. Mom, I want to see you and Ms. Cora um...fucking each other!"

Happily, I joined Natalie in the center of the room and as we had done many times, we sat down facing each other. Natalie draped her shapely legs across my thighs and then she took the dildo in hand and fed one end into my cunt, slowly worming the thick rubber dong in about four inches deep. I couldn't help but moan as the rubber cock slipped inside me. I felt a faint sheen of fucksweat break out on my face.

Natalie let slip a similar moan as she then fed the other end of the dildo into her own cunt. "I love you, Cora," she sighed as we began to slowly hunch towards each other, each with one hand on the floor and the other keeping the dildo straight at each end. Our moans increased in intensity as our asses slowly slid across the carpet as we each took in inch after sweet inch of fake penis.

"I love you, too, Natalie," I cooed as I watched the rubber dick slip into me. It was marked so we would know how much we had inside us. When we both were at eight inches, we were both shaking with the intensity of the moment and we let go of the dildo and leaned back, supporting ourselves on our arms and giving the boys a better view of the decreasing distance between our wet and sloppy cunts. As we worked our pussies back and forth, trying to take more in, the dark surface of the dildo became greased with our juices and the semen of our earlier fucks.

We sobbed and cried as our thighs moved closer and closer and soon as we passed ten inches each, I could feel the heat from Natalie's cunt against my own hairy twat. The boys had stood up and crept closer to watch. I heard Dale mutter, "Fuck! These hot bitch moms are going to take it all!"

We were both beginning to succumb to our orgasms when our cunt lips met and kissed, mashing together in a wet and sticky and oh so hot union. Then we did the near impossible considering our bodies were beginning to convulse with ecstatic fury. We both flung ourselves upright and wrapped our arms and legs around each other, driving the rubber cock deeper into each of our wombs and kissed each other wetly through our entire orgasm. My world became centered around the torrents of sheer erotic pleasure exploding in my cunt and tearing my entire body apart.

I came back to myself realizing that I was flat on my back. Natalie's legs still draped over my thighs and I sensed more than heard her heavy breathing intermixing with my own gasps for air. Then, Heather was kneeling over me and next to her sat Donna. Both were breathing heavy as well. Heather leaned over and kissed me, snaking her tongue into my mouth, her long, now wild, blonde hair floating across my chest, tickling my skin. I knew that Donna was doing the same to Natalie. Hands found their way down between our spread legs and then Natalie and I groaned with new pleasure as our friends and fellow moms slowly pulled the dildo from our cunts.

The kisses ended and Heather and Donna faced each other, both holding up the two headed cock from the middle and showing off the cunt cream and semen covered dildo. I watched, becoming aroused again, as Heather began licking the head of it, tasting my creams, mixed with Robbie's cum. Donna did the same, sucking clean Natalie's juices stirred up with one of our son's cum. A thrill ran through me when I considered it might even be John's cum. Like two starving wretches, they had the rubber cock cleaned in no time at all.

On unsteady feet, Natalie and I joined the other Moms back on our sofa, Donna offering me a messy and tasty kiss and Heather doing the same for Natalie. Across the room, four young men looked like they were about to explode and who could blame them. I'm shocked they weren't raping us now that they knew their mothers for the sluts we were.

Robert brought the bowl back over to them and offered it to his son, Robbie. Robbie quickly reached in and pulled out a new slip of paper. He read it silently and then shook his head and read it aloud. "YOU LUCKY MOTHERFUCKER, YOU GET A BLOWJOB FROM YOUR MOTHER WHILE TWO OF YOUR MOTHERFUCKER FRIENDS GET TO HELP YOU MAKE HER AIRTIGHT! DON'T WORRY ABOUT MAKING A MESS -- THE OTHER MOMS WILL HELP CLEAN UP!" He looked up at his father and said, "Dad, what's 'airtight' mean?"

Robert grunted and leaned over and whispered in his ear. We ladies giggled as Robbie was educated. "Oh lord," sighed Donna admiring her son. I think his cock just got bigger!" She stood up and strutted over to the center of the room.

"C'mon, Robbie," she said teasingly. "Your mommy needs a lot of cock and she needs it right the fuck now!" Donna ran her hands up and down her lithe body, cupping her mammoth tits and pinching her swollen, meaty nipples and then slipped a hand through her wild thatch of pubic hair to reveal the gleaming wet, pink meat between her thick lips.

Robbie stood up, his cock so hard it slapped up against his flat belly. He looked at the other boys and said, "Dale, John, let's go!"

Both boys stood up and they all came over and surrounded Donna. She looked quite bemused and horny at the same time. Well, after all it isn't every day that you find yourself surrounded by long hard cocks. For the first time, I began to compare the cocks of our sons. Robbie's cock, I was already familiar with. He had six inches of thick meat -- by far the thickest cock in the room except maybe for his daddy. Dale's cock was a little longer -- maybe seven inches and more "normal" in appearance. Karl, sitting on the couch had the longest cock -- like his father, he was pushing maybe ten inches. I sighed. All three looked beautiful and I lusted for each, but (and maybe this is Momma being prejudiced, but I thought John's cock was the finest of all. My son didn't have the longest or the thickest, but I was guessing he was almost nine inches in length (longer than his father by at least an inch!) and while not as thick as Robbie or Robert, I knew that it was going to make me feel full when I finally got it into my wet and hungry cunt!

Donna studied John and Dale's cocks for a few seconds, nodded to herself and then turned to us and in a commanding tone said, "Heather, come lube up your son!" While Heather hurried over and knelt in front of her son and began to give him a sloppy blowjob, Donna ordered my son to lie down on his back. When John obeyed, his cock stiff and thick and waving in the air, Donna straddled him and slowly squatted down. John moaned as did I as Donna's pussy spread around my son's erection and slowly swallowed it.

"Damn, that's one fine cock your baby has, Cora," crooned Donna as she settled down, taking John completely in her pussy. "You will want this big stick in you night and day!" Donna leaned forward, her big, meaty tits dragging across John's chest. She looked over at her shoulder and said, "That's good, Heather. Hey now, stop! His cock belongs to me right now!"

Heather reluctantly let her son's cock slip from her lips, a bit of a pout on her lips as she surrendered the now slick with saliva penis. Donna looked up at Dale and said, "Sweetheart, do you know what to do?" Dale shrugged and Donna laughed and said, "You already fucked me. You're going to do it again -- just this time I want that big dick in my asshole. Get behind me sweetheart and line it up and just push steady!" Donna wiggled her ass a bit, making both her and John groan. Dale crouched down and with shaking hands, spread Donna's shapely ass cheeks and pressed his cock against her puckered hole.

"Easy, Dale -- oh, easy, sweetHEART!!! OH, OH, FUCKKKKKERR!" Donna screamed as Dale popped through her anal ring and suddenly filled her asshole with hard throbbing dick. Donna's body shook and she moaned wordlessly as she found herself impaled on two hard cocks. She looked at Robbie and licked her lips and unable to speak, implored him with her eyes. Robbie with a gleam of lust staggered to her and slipped his meat into her wide open mouth. It barely fit, but she took the head of his thick penis and began to suck.

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