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The Spa


The bright red hand-written words on the outside of the plain white envelope simply read "Thank you for your friendship."

Andi had found the envelope on her desk at work. As she held the envelope in her hand, she glanced around to see if any of her co-workers were watching, hoping to get a clue as to who might have sent it. She worked with a group of men and enjoyed teasing them, so she thought that the envelope might have come from one of them. No, nobody was paying any attention to her, or if they were, they were doing it secretly.

Taking her letter opener, she slipped it into the top of the envelope and quickly slit it open. Inside, Andi found a card from a local spa. It was elegantly printed on fine blue stock and personalized to her specifically. She had been given a day at the spa, including facial, manicure, pedicure, and massage. She knew the spa by reputation only and had heard stories of the pampering that a woman could receive there. Andi looked at the card and sighed, Lord knows I can use some pampering, she thought to herself.

Near the bottom of the card was a message from her benefactor: "Thank you for coming into my life, Love Joe".

Awww, what a sweet thing, she thought to herself, how did he manage this from so far away?

At the very bottom of the card was the message: Please call to make an appointment.

Andi held the card to her breast and sighed. She had met Joe on the internet and they had become friends. He was American and she was German, but they seemed to be tuned to the same frequency on a lot of things. He was funny and smart and they flirted constantly, sometimes torridly. After a while, the two of them began exchanging e-mails in order to keep contact. The 6 hour time difference didn't give them much overlap in real time, and since both worked as well, it was hard to spend much time together on-line.

As the emails were exchanged, their friendship grew, photographs exchanged, and their flirtations became more acute. Andi looked forward to his notes. Joe had a way with words and she liked the escape it provided her. Over time, their notes took on more of the feel of erotic love letters, each taking delight in trying to top the other's hot letter. It was fun. A little spark in a relationship adds some spice, Andi had told him one time.

And the relationship had added spice to her life. In the evening, she would sit in her bed and re-read the past few e-mails, savoring the words and images they provided. Joe was adept at description so Andi often felt as if he was there with her. When he talked of touching her breasts, she could almost feel his warm hands. She would feel her nipples stiffen and her own hands would migrate to her breasts and re-enact the words she saw on her laptop. When Joe described how his tongue would explore the folds of her pussy, how he would tug on her lips there, and how he would slide his tongue into her as deeply as he could, Andi would reach down as if to run her fingers through his hair, or squeeze her thighs together to capture his head, holding it right where it gave her the greatest pleasure.

It was during these passages that Andi would put her laptop aside, close her yes and slip her hand beneath the long t-shirt she wore to bed, and she would touch herself, gently at first, gasping at the sensation, and thinking of the man she had never met, the man that seemed to excite her so much. As she thought of his naked body pressed to hers, she would feel her clit stiffen as she applied just the right pressure to make her toes twitch and her nipples even harder.

Sometimes, after she came, she would turn back to her laptop and write back to him, telling him what she had just done. The next day, he might describe what he had done upon receipt of her note, or he might come up with some sexy new story, some new pleasure to excite her. It was a very pleasant and sexy friendship.

Dialing the number on the card, Andi made her appointment for the next weekend. The following days seemed to drag on as Andi eagerly anticipated her day of relaxation and pampering at the spa.

This anticipation seemed to heighten her nighttime ritual with the e-mails. The effect of Joe's e-mails were more quickly realized on her body, and her hands and fingers were more eager to explore all of her pleasure zones. On the night before her appointment, Andi shivered as she played with her clit and slide a finger into her ass as she thought of her far-off and sexy friend. Her heart raced as she imagined Joe's kisses on her lips and breasts. She gave herself gooseflesh when she thought of his hardness entering her. This thought in particular excited her and she erupted so violently that her body shook like a leaf.

Andi woke up early on the day of her appointment. She felt like a child on Christmas morning. So full of excitement the little Andi wake up early and sneak down to get a peek at the presents under the tree. She had the same sort of feeling with regard to the spa. But it was still hours until her appointment. Trying to occupy herself with odd chores around the house, Andi found herself looking at her watch about every 5 minutes. The time passed so slowly and nothing that she tried seemed to make the time pass more quickly. With about 50 minutes to go Andi got into her car and drove the spa. The trip only took 15 minutes so Andi sat in her car, fidgeting, tapping her fingers on the steering wheel, until she felt it was okay to go inside without looking too anxious.

The foyer of the spa was very elegant, almost like a garden. Flowers were everywhere, and there was even a fountain bubbling among the plants. Scattered among the garden were a few lounges, but no one was sitting in them. To the back of the garden was the reception area where a girl in a pink smock was sitting at a patio table.

"Hello and welcome," said the girl as Andi approached. "You must be Andi. We've been expecting you" The girl stood up immediately and said, "My name is Fiona. Please follow me."

Fiona went to the salon doors behind her and held them open for Andi. The hallway on the other side was just as elegant as the foyer with flowers in vases on little tables, and striking abstract paintings on the wall The hallway was long and each side was lined with doors, spaced about 10 meters apart. The sweet smell of jasmine was in the air. This is no low rent operation, Andi thought to herself.

As if on cue, another pink-clad girl came out of one of the doors and said, "Hello, Ma'am, my name is Eliza and I will be making sure your day is a pleasurable one."

Eliza went back toward the door from which she emerged, and held the door open for Andi. Once inside Andi scanned the large room. Against one wall was a large mirrored bath complete with whirlpool. There was a large lounge chair just off the middle of the room with a wheeled small table adjacent to it. A meter or two from the lounge was a padded table with a hole in the surface at one end, obviously to be used for the massage. Along another wall was a wet bar with champagne chilling in a bucket, and plates of fruit and pastries and dainty sandwiches. Adjacent to the bar was a set of long swinging doors. And finally along the third wall was a very large sofa, almost the size of a bed, with large, fluffy pillows scattered over it.

This must have cost Joe a fortune, Andi thought to herself as she stood looking at the room.

Elza led Andi to the long swinging door and showed her the changing room where Andi found 3 robes, each with her initials embroidered on them. There was a light blue terrycloth robe that looked so comfortable, a lavender silk robe with rose trim that look so sexy, and flowery kimono that looked cute. In addition there was a basin with all sort of toiletries scattered along the adjacent surface, a toilet and a bidet. Almost all the comforts of her own bathroom at home.

Andi undressed, admiring herself in the mirror before putting on the terrycloth robe. She placed her clothes and purse on the hooks available. Emerging from the room she saw Eliza patiently standing near the bath.

"What do we do first?" Andi asked, and then immediately felt a little foolish. She was showing that visiting a spa wasn't a common occurrence for her. But Eliza only smiled.

"Perhaps a nice bath and some champagne? I'm sure you will enjoy our finest bath oils. After the bath, a facial, manicure and pedicure? Then a massage? We also have a sauna and pool down the hall for your pleasure as well."

Andi looked at the bath which Eliza had already drawn. The water was steaming and looked so inviting. "Yes, a bath would be wonderful," she said.

Eliza stood by to take Andi's robe and helped her into the bath. She then carefully folded the robe and put it on the sofa.

The hot water made Andi's skin tingle as she settled against the wall of the tub, which seemed to match her body perfectly. The water felt wonderful.

Elza scurried behind the wet bar and wheeled out a small cart that had beautiful vials of various colored oils. As she began adding the oils to the bath, she said, "I think you'll find this combination very soothing"

Closing her eyes and relaxing in the bath, Andi let all the sensations wash over her. The oils somehow magically soothed her body further and their fragrance was almost indescribably sensual. Eliza stayed close by, bringing champagne, adjusting the water temperature and flow of the water jets, adding new oils as the bath progressed, and tending to all the small details to make the bath a wonderful experience. Andi was in heaven. She was totally relaxed, a calm she had never known before.

Pampering is good, she thought as Eliza catered to her every whim: another champagne, a dainty sandwich or two, a creamy chocolate pastry. Andi felt like she could sit there forever.

Finally, Eliza coaxed her out of the bath, and dried her body off with a soft white towel. Andi had never had another woman do this before but she found it wonderfully pleasant.

As Andi stood there naked while Elza went to retrieve her terrycloth robe, Andi said, ""Wait, Eliza, perhaps the lavender robe instead, I'm in a silky mood now."

Eliza smiled and took the blue robe back to the changing room and emerged with the silken robe. She helped Andi into it and then led her to the lounge.

As if by magic, the door to the room opened and another pink-smocked girl entered wheeling another tray of items. "This is Heda," Eliza said, "she will be assisting me with your care now".

Sitting in the lounge Andi was subjected to pure pleasure as Eliza and Heda applied their magical ointments and creams to her face and arms and legs. As Andi sat to let the facial do its work, Eliza expertly worked on her hands and nails and Heda on her toes. It was so nice to be taken care of in this way.

When at last they were through, Eliza offered Andi a mirror. Andi was amazed at the beautifully sated face that looked back at her. She admired her hands and toes, each expertly and finely filed and painted and soft from the creams and lotions that were applied.

Heda gathered up her things and quietly left the room. Eliza quietly said, "How about a nice massage, Ma'am?"

"Mmmm, that would be marvelous," Andi replied, almost in a whisper. The day at the spa had been wonderful so far, and Andi had already been thinking how she could possibly thank her American friend.

"Let me just set the mood while you get comfortable on the table," Eliza said as she patted the massage table, indicating where Andi should lie.

Andi stood up and removed her robe and lay face down on the table, her face poking through the hole located a one end.

Eliza busied herself with turning down the lights to a soft glow and changing the music to a very sensuous rhythm. Andi could hear Eliza walking around the room, making her adjustments, and whatever she was doing it was perfect. The atmosphere was both calming and sensual. Eliza came over to collect Andi's robe and draped a soft cloth over Andi's ass for privacy. Leaning down toward Andi's ear, she said quietly so as not to ruin the mood she had carefully crafted, "It will be just another moment".

Ah, this is the life, thought Andi as she lay there, contented for the first time in a long time, drifting off to a hot beach in her mind, feeling the sun on her body, and thinking of her far-off friend who had given her such a wonderful gift.

The first splash of warm oil on her skin brought Andi back to the spa. Then the feeling of hands rubbing the oils into her legs.

"Oh, that feels so good, Eliza" she said softly, enjoying the sensations.

Andi felt the soles of her feet being kneaded, first one, then the other. She melted as the deep kneading moved up to her calves and then to her thighs. Oh, this feels so good, she thought to herself.

Feeling the cloth being removed from her ass and the deep kneading action applied to her cheeks, Andi was surprised at the strength in Eliza's hands. "Oh, Eliza you have such a strong touch."

"Thank you," came the reply from a male voice with an American accent.

Andi's heart skipped a beat. Quickly raising herself on one elbow she turned to see her friend Joe standing beside the table, massaging her ass and legs. "Oh my god! Is it really you?", she gasped.

"You don't think I'd want to miss this, do you?" he said softly, "Now, lay back down and let me do my job."

Andi returned her face to the hole in the table but she was anything but calm anymore. Her heart was pounding fiercely in her chest.

Joe's hands moved expertly over Andi's body, his strong hands massaging her back and shoulders. Splashing more warm oil when needed, Joe let his fingers glide lightly over her skin, spreading the oil over the surface, making it tingle. Then applying just the right amount of pressure he rubbed the sweet-smelling liquid into her skin, giving it sheen that almost glowed in the soft light. She felt his hands on her shoulder and neck, strong hands, hands that she had fantasized about, hands that she wanted to feel everywhere on her body.

"Time to turn over, love," Joe said quietly as he helped Andi to flip onto her back. "I didn't know you would be this beautiful," he said as he gazed upon her nude form. "You re much prettier than the picture you sent me."

As Joe's hands began working on the tops of Andi's legs, she concentrated on every touch, every movement. He was standing on the side of the table and Andi reached to touch him. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and she felt his leg just near the bottom of his shorts. This first contact sent an electric shock through her body. Am I dreaming? she asked herself.

As Joe's hands moved higher, Andi's body reacted as if electricity was being pumped through her. When his hands started massaging her upper thighs, Andi let out a deep moan, not so much from the touch of his hands on her thighs but from the desire that was building inside her

Andi slid her hand up the Joe's leg and into his shorts, creeping higher and higher. Joe turned to accommodate her probing fingers and let his hand rest directly on top of her moistening pussy. Andi felt the heat from his hand and she instinctively opened her legs a little.

She was watching him intently as he stood beside her. Keeping his hot hand between her legs was driving her crazy. It wasn't moving at all, just sitting there, hot and firm. She wanted more. With his left hand he poured some oil over her breasts and then began to rub it into her skin. Andi's nipples responded by becoming fully erect, almost instantaneously.

Joe looked down at Andi, their eyes locking on one another. Leaning down, he kissed her, sweetly at first, but then more passionately as her lips parted to allow his tongue to enter. At the same moment, Joe's hand lifted slightly from between her legs and he began to lightly rub her pussy. Andi responded by moving her hand higher in Joe's shorts to discover that he wasn't wearing any underwear. When her hand touched his hardened shaft, she hesitated for a second.

As Joe's finger slipped into the wetness between her legs, he kissed again, deeply, passionately. Moving her hand upward, Andi grasped Joe's hard cock and gave it a squeeze, causing him to moan loudly.

Reaching down and putting his hands under her back and legs, Joe lifted Andi from the table and carried her the few steps to the sofa, laying her head on one of the soft pillows there. Stepping back from her, he pulled his t-shirt over his so that she could see his chest. Quickly pushing down his shorts and kicking off his spa slippers, he stood there before her, nude, stroking himself for her.

He turned back to the table to fetch a vial of oil and emptied its contents on his chest. Andi watched as the oil trickled seductively down his skin. She watched as he rubbed the oil in, causing his skin to glisten. She watched as Joe slowly and deliberately caressed his own chest, his ass, his legs, his arms, and his cock, making sure she could see everything. He wanted her to see his body.

Then he came over to the sofa and Andi moved over to give him room. She had dreamed and fantasized about this moment for months, the moment when their naked bodies would touch for the first time. It had been her fantasy, but how it was actually happening. As they kissed their hands feverishly explored each other's body. Joe's fingers massaged her swollen clit and she stroked him softly. His lips moved from hers to her heck to her shoulders and finally to her breasts.

Andi's breathing became faster. It was all so god. She pressed herself against him, her taut nipples piercing into his chest. Swinging a leg over him, Andi straddled Joe, holding his arms near his shoulders, knowing full well that he could reverse their positions in an instant if he chose to do so.l

"You are such an angel to do this for me. Do you know how much I want you right now?"

"Well, Andi, it looks as though you have me where you want me," he laughed in response.

Andi leaned down to kiss him again, lifting her ass off him for a moment. When she rose from the kiss, her ass moved down again putting her pussy right onto the head of his cock. Feeling it there, Andi pushed down and took her lover into her, her hot wetness enveloping him.

Closing her eyes and throwing her head back, Andi moved up and down on him. In 3 or 4 strokes she was cumming, such was her excitement. Joe's hands caressed her breasts as he thrust into her. He loved the feel of her hard nipples rolling between his thumb and forefinger on each hand. And he loved the way she rode him, her body consumed with passion and ready to release again.

"Oh, Andi, this is what I've dreamed about," he cried as he thrust up into her deeply, a jet of hot cum shooting into her just as she came for a second time.

Andi collapsed on top of him and the two of them lay there quietly for, still joined, the juices of their passion oozing.

Joe finally broke the silence. "Well, I guess you liked my gift?"

Andi looked at him and giggled. "Best present I ever got" she declared.

"There's more," he replied, pulling her closer and kissing her again.

And there was more. Much, much more.

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