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The Spirit is Willing


Eric woke up in the full knowledge that it was Saturday morning, and that he could be lazy and lie in bed for as long as he liked. He also knew that he didn't have anything to do, and that today would be a good day to maybe get some writing done, if his muse would cooperate.

What Eric also knew was that he felt a very pleasant sensation running across his chest. It was the sensation of a slender female arm pressed lightly against him.

Eric's eyes opened very wide at that realization.

There were two problems with what was happening to Eric just then. The first was, as inexperienced with women as he was, he had no idea how to deal with a woman caressing him in this manner. The second problem was a little more distressing.

He had not gone to bed with anyone the night before.

Eric rolled over quickly. It turned out to be a little too quickly, as he was so near the edge of the bed already that his move actually threw him completely out of the bed. As he was falling to the floor, he thought he caught a glimpse of auburn waves, but when his ass met the rather hard floor and his head bumped into the nightstand, he couldn't be sure he hadn't imagined it.

"Fuck," he muttered to himself, reaching up to rub the growing knot on his head. As he brought his hand down, he looked up to see the most wonderful brown eyes staring back at him. He had not imagined the auburn tresses that caressed the face of this beauty.

"Good morning," she said with a smile that beamed sunlight directly into his heart. "I hope you're not hurt..."

Eric was far too stunned to speak. His mouth hung agape as he stared at one of the most beautiful faces he had ever seen. He felt dizzy, and out of focus. It was as if someone were messing with the monitor controls on his life. He made some very incoherent noises that refused to resolve themselves into words before he finally took a deep breath.

"Um... who are you?" he asked, shakily and with no small amount of concern.

She giggled at him. "Well, I'm Bridget, silly. Boy, you must have bumped your head harder than I thought if you can't recognize your own muse."

"Uh..." he said, rather intelligently, he thought.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Bridget asked, a look of concern creasing her splendid features.

"Yeah, I, uh, guess so. He rubbed his head again, wondering if he was dreaming. He could not recall a dream that had hurt this much, though. He tried to sit up, but most of his muscles said they were quite comfortable right where they were, thank you, and why didn't he just lie here for a while?

Eric gave up the struggle, and settled back to look up at the lovely woman who claimed to be, of all things, his muse. He knew this had to be some kind of trick, or perhaps a game his friend Robert was playing on him.

Sighing heavily, he asked her, "Who sent you?"

Bridget became confused. "Nobody sent me. You called for me."

"Yeah, right. Look, I'm not really in the mood for practical jokes this morning."

Eric thought he saw a tear in Bridget's eye. "You don't want me?" she asked.

Oh, shit, he thought to himself. Now what?

"I, uh... didn't say that, exactly... Look, I'm a little confused."

Bridget's features brightened. To Eric's dismay, she slipped out of the bed and straddled his waist, her forearms pressed gently against his chest, and her eyes mere inches from his own. This was disturbing to him because he had just discovered that Bridget was not wearing any clothes.

"Confused, huh? Maybe you've got a concussion. Maybe I'll have to care for you all day. Maybe..." she said, with a wicked twinkle in her eyes, "you need mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!"

Having said that, Bridget pressed her lips tightly to Eric's. He was too stunned to react at first, but he had to admit – after the shock had passed – that it felt damned good to be kissing a girl. As it was the first time in his nineteen years that he had done so, he decided to enjoy the experience. He kissed back, clumsily but enthusiastically, and Bridget did not seem to mind his ineptitude.

Their kiss continued for long moments, and it was as if Bridget was able to coach him without saying a word. He felt more confident in himself as he continued to kiss her. Just then, he felt her tongue slip out of her mouth and run across his lips. He knew what she wanted, and he hesitantly opened his mouth to let in the slippery intruder.

As Bridget's tongue began its invasion, she slipped her hands down off Eric's chest onto the floor. As she did that, Eric could now feel the wonderful weight of her ample tits pressing against his chest. He groaned at the sensation, as his tongue was being assaulted by hers. He began to slip his tongue against hers, and she purred deep in her throat, which vibrated her tongue and sent shivers down his spine.

Bridget's hands began to caress Eric's sides, and he was going into sensory overload. The bump on his head was long forgotten as he concentrated on kissing this beautiful, if mysterious, woman. He finally got up the courage to move his hands, and he embraced her, allowing his hands to rub across her back. He felt her shiver slightly from that, but he didn't really know what that meant. She didn't pull away from him, however, so he continued to lightly stroke her silky smooth skin.

After a while, however, Bridget did pull away from him, and sat up. His hands naturally fell from her back to rest on her hips. She smiled down at him as he stared up at her... well, he was clearly staring at her tits, and not her face. Bridget took hold of his hands, and gently brought them upward. She placed his hands on her breasts and held them there.

Now that the focus of his attention was no longer in view, Eric moved his gaze up to meet Bridget's. Her warm smile encouraged him to act. Slowly, shakily, his fingers began to move on her breasts. Bridget's eyes closed halfway, and she let out another soft moan. As his fingers gently stroked over the skin of her tits, his palms were rubbing against her nipples, and it was sending sparks of pleasure throughout her body. She leaned forward slightly, to allow him better reach, and was rewarded with a more active partner. She reveled, for several moments, in the feel of his hands against her chest.

Finally, Bridget knew it was time to move to the next step. She bent down once again and kissed Eric. She felt a sense of loss as his hands slipped from her tits to stroke her sides, but she knew that good feelings would be coming soon.

As they kissed, Bridget reached down and pressed her hand against Eric's dick. His underwear was drenched, and she didn't know if he'd come already, or if her juices had done all of that. As her slender fingers caressed his hard cock, he moaned. Bridget shifted herself slightly – without breaking their kiss – and brought both hands down to Eric's briefs. She grasped the waistband, and pulled insistently. It didn't take Eric long to get the idea, and he raised up as much as he could to let her pull them off. It still took a bit of time, but neither of them seemed to mind as their kissing continued unabated.

When Bridget had finally worked Eric's underwear past his hips, she broke their kiss. She sat up, and looked down to see his hard cock resting between her legs. Her eyes devoured the sight, and her tongue snuck out to wet her lips. She reached back to finish pulling Eric's briefs out of the way, but she didn't move off of him. She was worried he might chicken out on her. As his muse, she knew he was out of his depth, but it was her job to see that he grew comfortable with the situation.

Bridget looked down at her soon-to-be lover, and smiled warmly. She took his dick into her small hand, and caressed it lightly. Eric groaned loudly at the sensation. Holding his cock in place, Bridget raised up to position him at her entrance. Pausing for a moment to enjoy her own anticipation, she took a deep breath. As she let it out, she also allowed herself to sink onto his cock. She released her breath in one long, happy sigh as Eric's prick slipped further and further into her velvety grip.

For Eric's part, his mind was in overload. He had never been on a successful date in his life, and now, here he was, suddenly having sex with this wonderful goddess of a woman. He could feel her cunt gripping him, her muscles rippling along his length, squeezing him in wonderful ways. She leaned forward slightly, and that change in position sent shocks of pleasure from his toes to his hair.

"You're supposed to be helping," Bridget said lightly. She smiled at him, and looked down at herself. He finally got her meaning, and he returned his hands to her breasts, to massage and caress them. Bridget moaned, and then she began to move her hips.

Eric was completely unprepared for the feelings that this sent through his body. He uttered a loud groan as his mind attempted to assimilate the sensations. His hands faltered as his brain locked for several seconds. Meanwhile, Bridget kept moving above him, her hips rolling in a way that seemed to cause continuous new sensation on his dick.

Finally, after a long moment, Eric's brain finally seemed to adjust. His hands returned to their caresses, and he looked up at Bridget in awe.

"That's... indescribable!" he grunted out. He was breathing hard and his body was already covered in a light sheen of sweat. Bridget smiled down at him, hoping that he would soon become more active.

After a while, Eric's hips began to move, and Bridget sighed at the feel of it. As she rolled into him, his hips would move upward, thrusting his dick deeper into her pussy. The sensation sent waves of bliss throughout her being, and she could feel her heat rising.

Eric watched in fascination as Bridget began to move faster. He could sense that something was happening, and he moved his hips in time with her body. Suddenly, her face twisted into a strange expression, and she let out a loud moan of ecstasy. He could feel her juices washing over his dick, and her muscles twinged repeatedly. He knew enough from the movies he'd seen that she was having an orgasm. He continued to thrust up into her, and this seemed to push her even higher. Her pussy began to ripple along his cock, and he loved how that felt.

Bridget's climax seemed as if it would never end, and the feelings her pussy was causing were pushing Eric closer to his own peak. Finally, he slammed his hips up into her, burying his cock fully inside of her, and let loose his own grunts of joy. Bridget cried out again at the feel of his cum splashing inside of her, and the two thrashed together for some moments before finally calming down from the heights of their pleasure.

Eric knew he had much to learn about relationships and sex. One of the first things he learned was that there is no cool way, with a beautiful woman resting on top of you after – he thought – really great sex, to tell her that you really need to go to the bathroom. He tolerated the discomfort until at last she moved slightly to his side. He took the opportunity to roll slightly, so they were side by side now. He kissed her softly, and then he moved to get up, rather surprised that his body was going to let him, despite its earlier protests about moving.

When he had finished up his necessary activities, he came back to the room. He was glad to see that Bridget had moved back to the bed, since it was obviously more comfortable to lie on than the floor. He was a little disconcerted that she was still lying there naked, however. Then again, he himself wasn't wearing anything. He joined her on the bed, and she immediately snuggled up next to him. Instinctively, he wrapped his arm around her, and it just felt so right for her to be there. He softly caressed her skin, and he kissed her tenderly.

"So... who are you, really?" he asked, less demandingly this time.

She looked at him for a long moment. "I really am your muse, Bridget. You don't remember calling for me?"

He had. During one of his darker moments, after having yet again been turned down for a date, he had wished that someone, anyone, could teach him what he was doing wrong with girls. His exact words were, "Why is it my muse can let me write about being with girls, but won't let me actually be with one?" Of course, he had not expected his muse to show up...

"So, you mean I just got laid for the first time by a ghost?"

"I am not," Bridget said somewhat archly, "a ghost."

"Sor-ry," Eric said defensively. He caressed a certain spot by way of apology, and that earned him a beautiful smile. That smile led to a kiss, and the kiss... well, led to the rest of the day.

The following morning at breakfast, it was clear to Eric that Bridget was upset about something. As he set her breakfast down in front of her, he asked, "What's the matter?"

Bridget stared at her food with a smile. She looked up at him. "First off, muses don't eat breakfast. Or lunch, or dinner, for that matter."

"Oh," he said sheepishly. "Sorry."

"That's okay," she replied with a beautiful smile. "It's the thought that counts." She sobered after a second, and said, "We do need to talk."

Eric sat down and gave her his complete attention, with the exception of beginning to eat his own breakfast, since he was extremely hungry. They'd only stopped long enough for him to eat once the previous day, and he was famished.

Bridget pulled herself inward, almost seeming to grow smaller. "I'm sure you realize that I'm not 'real'. In fact, the only person who can even see me, is you."

"But... how come I can, like, feel you and..." he said, his mouth stuffed with scrambled eggs.

"Muses are magic. It's taken a great deal of magic to bring me this far into the world, and I can come no farther on my own. No one else can see me, hear me, or feel me, though I can make them not see things that are happening to you. So, for instance, if we go out in public together, you can talk to me. No one will notice you doing it."

"Are you going to put on clothes when we're in public?" Eric asked. She wasn't wearing any now.

"Why? You've already seen all I've got," she said with an impish grin. "Because of the nature of your writing, I'm a highly... uh... 'sexual' muse. I almost never wear clothing. What's the point?"

Eric blushed at the thought of going outside with her not wearing anything, even if no one else could see her.

"Anyway, there is more. After one revolution of the moon, I'll have to return to my home within you."

Eric frowned. "Damn. I knew it couldn't last."

"There is a way to allow you to enjoy the company of your muse permanently," she said.

"How's that?"

"By the rules, you must seduce a woman. It must be a very particular woman, who I will show to you, if you want to do that."

"Seduce? Bridget, before yesterday I hadn't even slept with a woman, let alone seduced one! I can't do that!"

"Shh," she said, reaching across to touch his arm. "I'll help you. I'll teach you. What you need is confidence, and only experience will give you that confidence. You can do it, and if you want a permanent playmate, you have to."

Eric nibbled pensively on his bacon, considering the idea. "You'll tell me what to do?"

"I'll teach you what works," she corrected.

"And you'll be with me forever, then? What, in the body of that woman?"

"Something like that. It's complicated."

"I don't want to lose you, even if you're still inside my head."

"So, you'll try?"

Eric nodded. "I'll give it my best shot."

"Good for you. You've taken the hardest first step. I think you deserve a reward."

As she got up and came around the table, he wondered if breakfast was the only meal he was going to get today.

The following night, Eric drove to the club that Bridget pointed out to him. He wondered how she knew about clubs, since he had never gone to any, but she refused to enlighten him.

Typical. Even my own muse treats me like a mushroom.

Eric walked in and chose a booth in the corner of the room. He was still blushing from walking beside an altogether naked invisible woman. He was even more disconcerted when she sat in his lap, rather than across from him. The waitress who came over was completely oblivious to the awkwardness that Eric was feeling.

"What can I getcha?" the waitress asked nicely.

"Uh, just a beer, thanks," Eric stammered. The waitress cocked an eyebrow at him in confusion, but nodded and went to get his beer.

"You're going to have to settle down, tiger," Bridget said.

"You're not helping," Eric said to her.

"You've got to learn to be comfortable with a woman touching you. It has to become completely natural, you have to learn to enjoy it."

"Oh, I already enjoy it," he said with a smirk.

"Okay," she said, wiggling her bottom against his already-hard cock. "Granted, you do enjoy it, but you're not comfortable with it."

"Maybe it's just because no one can see how beautiful my date is," he shot back. Bridget smiled at him wonderfully.

"See, now all you have to do is treat Julie like that, and we'll be all set!"


"Your target."

"You already know who it is?"

"I knew that before I ever came to you. I would have had to. I couldn't waste time looking for a suitable girl, we've only got twenty-six days left."

"Oh. Yeah, I guess that makes sense."

The waitress came back and set Eric's beer down in front of him, giving him kind of an odd look. Just as he was about to thank her, Bridget ran her tongue along his earlobe.

"Th-thank Y-you," Eric stammered. His vocal chords seemed to be having a tough time with the script tonight, he noticed.

"C-minus on that one, Baby," Bridget purred into his ear. He ran his hand down along her ass, and she cooed.

"You're gonna get it, you know," he warned her.

She wiggled her ass against his cock again. "Mmm. Oh, believe me, I'm ready for it. You wanna do me right here?"

"Bridget!" he said in a whining cry.

"No one would see us. They'd just see you drinking your beer..."




"You're no fun..."

"That's not what you said yesterday..."

She snuggled tight against him and hummed, remembering yesterday.

It took over an hour before Julie walked in the door. When Bridget pointed to her, Eric's jaw dropped. The woman she indicated was a 5'4" creature of beauty. Her flaming red hair seemed to dance around her face as she walked. Even from here, he could see the sparkle in her vivid green eyes. Her skin was pale, but unfreckled, though they would not have seemed out of place. Her body was very well proportioned, with an ample bust and splendid ass. Her legs were slender and shapely, encased in jeans that seemed more like paint than denim. Eric was in total awe.

"That's Julie?"

"Yes. And stop drooling."

"Bu... Bridget, I can't seduce her... She's a goddess!"

"What am I," Bridget sniffed, "chopped liver?"

"I happen to like chopped liver," Eric said, kissing her softly in contrition.

"You can do it, Eric. You'll just have to actually try for once. Now, go get yourself another beer, and say hi to her while you're at the bar."


"Go! No arguing!" Bridget got up off his lap to let him up, and shooed him out of the booth.

Eric walked numbly across the room to the bar. He stood next to the lovely goddess, and apparently his heart wanted a better look, because it seemed to have gotten stuck in his throat on its way out his mouth. His ears evidently thought they were neon signs, because they were burning brightly.

He managed to get the bartender's attention, and order a beer. While his jaw seemed oiled enough to continue working, he turned to Julie, and attempted to speak.

At this point, his vocal chords, fed up with the script for the evening, decided to go to their dressing room and wait for above-the-title billing. Eric's mouth moved as if to make words, but no sound came out. Luckily for what was left of his ego, Julie had not yet turned to face him. When she finally did, he managed a wan smile. She smiled back politely and nodded, which only made the rest of his face join his ears in their advertising campaign. He grabbed his beer hastily, and made his way across the room, attempting to coax his vocal chords back onstage with promises not to try to hit any more high notes.

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