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The Sporting Goods Store


A couple years ago I had to get a job to help my husband with the bills. I applied at many retail stores. Finally a small sporting goods store close to my house called. I got an interview. I headed to the store with my resume in hand.

The manager Steve showed me into his small office. Mounds of paperwork littered his desk.

"Hello Suzan, please have a seat." Scott said.

The 'manager' was a kid in his mid twenties. I could tell he thought he was something special for being a manager of this crap specialty store. He was a skinny white kid that looked like he should be in charge of book returns at the school library.

I on the other hand was in my mid thirties at that time. As always the cleavage was showing from my 36 C's. My lips had the typical ruby red lipstick on and my hair was pulled tight back in a braid. This was the way I typically dressed. I enjoyed the attention from other men and could see that it was working on my future boss.

"Hello s-sir." I said snapping him out of the daze my breasts were causing.

Steve quickly looked down at my resume and scanned the information.

"I need someone to work nights and close the store, think you can do that?" He asked.

"Sure, I can start at five and work until close." I answered.

"Good, I can start you at eight an hour." He stated.

"Sure, I guess that will work." I answered. I wasn't sure of what was a good rate since I hadn't worked in over five years.

"Can you start next Tuesday?" He asked.

"Sure can, what about uniforms?" I asked.

"We just wear our own clothes, what you are wearing now will work just fine." He said while staring at my chest again.

"Ok see you then." I snapped as I got up from the chair. I caught his eyes on my waist burning holes in my panties.

"Yeah sure see you then." He said flatly.

I turned and left the store. Tuesday rolled around and I began my training with Steve. Basically I did all the work while he directed. After a few days I found out from the other employees his father owned the store and lived out of state somewhere. That left Steve in total control of the business.

I told my husband about some the duties I performed and some customer service issues we faced. He couldn't believe the store stayed in business. My husband Dave is so business savvy.

One day I was five minutes late to work after about three weeks of working there. Steve was at the door checking his watch as I strolled in.

Steve said "You're late, and within your first month, this is serious, I had to man the store alone this afternoon since Tony went home sick. I will talk to you later about this." Steve then ran off to his hole in the wall office and slammed the door.

What a dick. I just resigned myself to his write up. I began cleaning up the store since really I was the only employee of this place that cared. After about three hours of mundane work Steve appeared from his office. What he did in there no one is sure. But from the ways he had been watching me over the past few weeks I figured he was beating off thinking about my pussy wrapped around his cock.

"We are closing now since we haven't had a customer for the last hour." He said.

Surprisingly he seemed in a good mood. "Good I am almost done fixing the last section." I said.

Steve walked over to the door and locked it while flipping the sign.

He then turned and said "When you are done I want to see you in my office."

I finished up and knocked on his door.

"Come in." Steve said.

I opened the door to his office. More papers littered the whole room including some on the floor. I noticed a monitor on a shelf across from his desk.

"When did you get that?" I asked.

"Since you started working here. I have been watching you." He answered.

"Why, I haven't done anything wrong." I said.

"No you haven't but I just wanted to watch to make sure, sit down, please." He said with a smirk on his face. I sat down in his chair after moving some papers out of the way.

"What should I do about you being late?" He asked quietly.

I thought to myself, about a couple things I am sure he was thinking about doing to me while he continually watch me on his crappy camera.

What the hell. I pouted my lips inherited from my black heritage. "Nothing I hope." I answered.

Instantly, Steve rearranged his position in his seat. "You know according to your handbook that anyone late during the first week should be terminated." He said.

I smiled a little bit; the handbook was three pages long and made at Kinko's. "I know that is what is says, but since no one except me and you know about it I thought you would give me a break." I said.

"What are you going to do for me?" He asked staring at my lip show.

"Stand up and come over here, Steve." I stated quickly. Why not I thought to myself this wouldn't be the first cock I sucked to get out of trouble.

Steve stood up and walked around his desk. "Why?" he asked as he came closer to me.

"Maybe I will suck your cock to keep my job." I said.

Instantly Steve's hands went to his belt. Quickly he dropped his pants and underwear while I applied some lipstick I kept in my pocket.

"Can I see your tits?" He asked.

"Yeah, I knew you were a tit man." I said.

"Only for the nice ones." He whispered.

I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and shrugged it off my shoulders. I unsnapped my red push up bra from the front and allowed my tits to come free.

I must admit for a woman in her mid-thirties my tits still were perking as they were ten years ago. Many hours in the gym helped assure that.

Steve's cock was getting harder as he stared at my bare chest.

"I knew you were a slut." He whispered also.

"You have no idea." I said licking my lips. "I have to feel those tits." He stated as he grabbed at me. His hands were instantly squeezing my tits. His hands were clumsy as I predicted. He seemed to just be interested in the volume of them and not the nipples.

"I have never felt tits this big." Steve said.

"Let me see your cock now, you are in for a serious treat." I said.

"Here you go bitch." Steve said as he stood up.

I was impressed by his size. His cock was around eight inches long and I could just get my fingers around the base of it.

"Nice cock." I said.

"Oh you are a dirty bitch, eh?" He asked.

I nodded and lowered my head on his crotch. His cock slipped past my lips. He tasted like old cum. The bastard had been jacking off while watching me on his security camera system.

"Yeah, suck it hard." Steve said.

His hands went to the back on my head and forced my face toward his stomach. His cock caused me to gag a little. I coughed some as he let my head back up. Steve thrust his cock back forward but not as deep this time. He set the rhythm with his hand.

Steve watched my face as he force-fed me his cock. After a few strokes he pulled out and made me lick his balls. I sucked those hard also causing him to pull away and shove his dick back in my waiting mouth. I loved it and started to get wet like I always do when giving head.

"Yeah, god-damn, you are the best cocksucker, slut." He said.

Funny that was not an uncommon thing to hear when I suck cock on a stranger for their first time.

Soon Steve started to get close to Cumming. The pull on my head intensified, and his cock started to go further down my throat.

"I am going to cum down your throat so you can eat my cum, bitch." Steve stammered.

Suddenly he forced his cock into my throat cutting off my breathing even through my nose. Gobs of cum sputtered out of his cock in my throat. He pulled almost all the way out of my mouth except for his sensitive cock-head. Cum spilled into my mouth as I stroked his balls with my red painted nails. Steve then broke the silence "Wow, that was unbelievable, no-one has ever swallowed my load."

Steve did cum a lot even after masturbating to his TV screen.

I swallowed again while staring up at him and asked, "Am I fired?"

"Hell no!" Steve said as he shuddered when I licked the tip of his cock.

"Good." I said.

I then sucked him back into my mouth one last time. I then pulled away and stood up.

Steve stared intently at me. Slowly his gaze went from my face and tired lips to my chest.

"Damn those are nice, I can't wait to fuck those. You know I never titty-fucked before?" Steve half asked and half stated.

"Who said there would be a next time?" I replied.

"I am sure there will be, wasn't like this one was hard to get out of you and that mouth." Steve then added "Wait until I tell my dad and your husband."

"Prove it, Steve." I said.

Steve then pointed to the camera behind the security monitor. "I put that up to tape counseling sessions for my father to watch. That way he can help decide who should be fired. I have the tape and you will do as I say or else I will make copies."

"Asshole." I said as I grabbed my blouse and bra.

Steve smiled and pulled up his pants. "It wont be so bad, I will even give you a small raise." Steve then walked around his desk and sat down.

"Oh thanks." I said now fully clothed.

I turned and walked toward his door. "See you in two days, Susan."

I slammed the door and smiled to myself outside his office. I then thought to myself 'wait until I tell my husband about this, he will then give me a good hard fuck I needed.'

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