The Spy Wore Petticoats

byColleen Thomas©

"But I am not a girl!'

"For this evening you are," she said imperturbably, "and thus you must get along as we do. Now gather yourself, I see a gentleman approaching and I am sure he is going to ask you to dance,"

"God help me," Charles moaned.

"God and your hand," she added with amusement.

Dance after dance, the men kept Charles on the floor. He never even managed to join the small group of women clustered around his beloved Mary or to slip her the note he had so carefully penned and concealed in his corset. She and her husband departed long before he was even able to pass up a dance and rest his sore feet.


"Surely you jest?" Bell-Isle blurted.

"No, I have it straight from his sister's maid. Louis will be heart broken," Clemenceau said with a savage grin.

"I certainly had no idea," De Raven said thoughtfully.

"Nor did I, but if you look at him, you can see where his body fits."

"Pray don't tell the king just yet," De Fleury said suddenly.

"That's easy for you to say. He has already threatened me with my head if I don't find her!"

"And if you tell him she is a he? Will your head rest any easier, my friend?"

The minister blanched at the thought of Louis's rage.

"Be of stout heart. Tell him she was a lady of the Lorraine country and has returned there. That should cool his passions. He deeply covets that territory as compensation for our non-intervention into the Austrian succession. He won't risk angering the petty nobility there for a well turned heel."

"The question now is what do we do about De Locke? I can't tell the king such a falsehood and risk him being discovered."

"Leave that to me," De Fleury said, "I have the glimmerings of an idea,"


"Good evening, mademoiselle."

"To what do I owe this pleasure? I am not used to receiving guests in my bedroom," Julia replied.

"I'm not used to traveling outside of Paris to meet with accused traitors."

"Traitor!" she exclaimed.

"How else doe one describe a person who would tempt our noble sovereign into an unnatural act?"

"Unnatural act?" she asked innocently.

"I refer of course to your brother."

"It isn't like that at all. He was only trying to make contact with...a married man's wife. It was Louis who instigated it."

"No doubt. That's why I am here. I know your family and had hoped to arrange with you a way of covering up this regrettable misunderstanding."

Julia was well versed in courtly speech and began to sense exactly what was going on. Not that she minded; De Fleury was a virile and handsome man. Yet she was wary. He was also an absolutely ruthless man and his power was almost unlimited.

"Your Grace is most kind. What must I do?"

"We will discuss what you must do later. At the moment, it is what your brother must do that concerns me."


"Yes. The king was quite taken with him. I myself had no idea that I wasn't looking at a woman. He is quite attractive," the nobleman said, sitting casually on her bed.

"Yes, I suppose he is," she replied cautiously, wondering if perhaps the monsieur had interests she didn't know about.

"Tell me, does he play at this often? He seemed quite capable of fooling anyone, even intercourse," he said.

As he spoke he undid his pantaloons and his cock sprang to attention. He scooted back on the bed, and the implication was clear.

"No your Grace, he is simply very girlish in some ways," Julia said as she wiggled out of her dress and began to undo the ties of her petticoats.

"Apparently. The king has ordered his minister to find her and bring her to him at any cost."

"Oh no!"

"Relax my dear, come, take care of this. Since you will be busy, I'll talk. Just say oui or non when you need to respond."

Julia dutifully crawled onto the bed between the duke's legs and grasped his cock. She stroked it gently, pulling the skin down to expose the head, before tenderly sucking it into her mouth.

"Ahh. Yes. Now. We have fabricated a story for the king, that the object of his affection was a visiting noblewoman and is now returned to her own lands. Of course, we know this to be a lie. For myself, I am sure Charles would tell no one, but the king's minister's head is on the line and he is pushing for summary execution."

Julia froze, but the duke's big hands twined in her hair and pulled her back down on his rapidly growing prick.

"Regrettable, yes. Luckily, I have an alternate plan, but it is very dangerous and I must have some answers before I propose it."

Julia applied gentle suction to his erection, but she was frightened and unable to use all of her considerable skill.

"Can your brother keep up the charade over long periods of time?"

Julia pulled her head off, but continued to stroke his slick cock.

"I do not know."

"Can you teach him to act a lady in, say, the next three months?"


"Can you teach him this?" he said, tracing his finger around her full lips.

Julia hesitated a moment. But only for a moment. She knew her brother was in mortal danger and she would manage whatever it took.


"Good. Here then is my proposition. You will spend the next three months teaching your brother to pass himself off as a lady of court. I will provide papers, a title for her, and as much money as you need to outfit her as a lady of court should be. I will also remove your father from the stage for a while. If you accept, you will no longer refer to your brother as him. He will adopt a female persona and he will be religious in its maintenance.

In three months' time, he will present himself to the council and if he passes muster, he will go on a secret mission for the king. Should he complete that mission successfully, I will provide for his maintenance as a woman or will give him a commission in the Dragoons, as he chooses."

"And if he fails?" she asked, still stroking the duke's prick.

"He will be dead if he fails."

"And if he refuses?"

"He will be just as dead."

"I see."

"No, you probably do not. I'll give you more instructions later. For the moment..."

Julia put Charles out of her mind and sucked the head of De Fleury's cock back into her warm mouth. It was fat and filled her mouth, forcing her to keep a steady suction up. The situation was dire, but she was a practical girl and saw no reason to dwell on it. Not when there was sex in the offering.

She stroked the duke's thick shaft and sucked on the head, letting some of the accumulated wetness past her lips to dribble down the thick veiny shaft. This extra lubrication allowed her to tighten her grip and still manage a steady stroking. With her other hand she cupped his hairy balls and gently massaged them.

De Fleury held her head in his big hands and began to thrust into her mouth. He was careful at first, but quickly realized Julia was no novice and began to fuck her mouth in earnest.

Julia loosened her grip on the thick shaft and allowed it to slide through her lightly circled fingers. She held her mouth over the head and enjoyed it sliding in and out, protesting only when his thrusts became so impassioned he began to ram the head against the back of the throat, causing her to gag.

The duke sat up suddenly and grabbed Julia tightly. Lying back, he dragged her up his body and began to deeply kiss her. As their tongues battled, Julia moved up onto her knees and grasped his shaft. Holding it straight up, she positioned it at her entrance and slowly lowered herself onto him.

His cock filled her tight channel, pushing deeper and deeper, until her mound came to rest on his body. Julia sat up, cupped her generous breasts and began to ride, using her hips to drive his cock in and out while also scraping her sensitive clit over his kinky pubes.

The duke's hands went to her hips and he began to apply pressure, controlling her plunging. Once set, he thrust his hips up. Julia gasped as his cock drove to her very center. She started moaning as he continued to fuck her with long strokes.

Soon he was sweating and his face showed a grimace.

"Not inside!" she exclaimed in panic, but her words were of no avail.

De Fleury's thick fingers found her clit and he pinched it. Julia gasped and then cried out as her orgasm hit her. As she groaned the duke grunted with each spasm as he emptied his balls into the young noblewoman's grasping pussy.


"You're mad, he's mad, you're all mad!"

"Perhaps I am mad, but it is only my madness that has kept your head attached to your neck. Pray that my lunacy continues," De Fleury said imperturbably.

"Now Charles," Julia said soothingly.

"No! I shan't. I won't. Call the guards and take me away!" he exclaimed, holding his arms out as if ready for the manacles.

Julia had seen this before. He was building up to one of his stubborn stands. If she let him get there, nothing would sway him. She wished De Fleury had let her handle this alone. His smug, condescending demeanor was no doubt egging Charles on.

"Perhaps you wish to see me in chains? Or father on the gallows steps?" she shouted.

As she expected, her tone got though to him and he paused.


"She's right of course. It's customary for a traitor's family to suffer along with him. At the very least the crown will strip your family of its titles and lands. I hesitate to think what the church will do..."

Charles looked from one to another. He seemed about to continue with his stubbornness, but suddenly his shoulder's slumped and the fire went out of his eyes.

"I can not do this."

"Of course you can. I'll help you," Julia said in her most soothing tone.

"Think of it as your penance my friend. A few months served in petticoats rather than a lifetime in prison. And you will have an opportunity few prisoners do. Complete your term successfully and you will be set for life. Either as a lady or as a captain of Dragoons. How many of your birth could aspire to either?"

"Truly? A captaincy?"

"On my honor."

"Very well, I accept your terms," he said resignedly.

"Excellent. I will inform the council. Now, we need to choose a name for you. Do you have one you like?"


"It should be something close to Charles. Three months is a short time to learn to answer to something new," Julia said.

"Charlotte?" the Duke proposed.

Julia smiled at him and he winked.

"Charlotte it is then. Charlotte De Toberville. I'll have the proper entries made in the church registers of Toberville. When were you born, mam'zelle?"

It took Charles a minute to realize he was being addressed.

"July, seventeenth, in the year of our lord seventeen thirty four."

"Very well, I will see you both in a few days. Until then, here is enough money to get her an outfit or two," he said, handing Julia some coins in a red pouch.

The duke bowed mockingly to Charles, then kissed Julia full on the mouth before sauntering out to his waiting coach.

"Julia, I..."

"Not a word out of you, young lady!" she said harshly.

He looked taken aback and she softened her voice. This was going to be her toughest ever job of manipulating him and she knew she would have many hurdles to face along the way. So she wanted to start him out as strongly as she dared.

"As you could see, you are not the only member of this family paying for your foolishness. I'll broke no arguments or protests from you. If I must play doxy to the duke, you will do whatever is needed. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Julia, I'm sorry," he whispered.


"Now, we must put our heads together and think of some way to get Pa-pa out of the house for a while. I need your help Charlotte, so don't sink into yourself as you are wont to do."

"Must you call me by that name?"

"What else should I call you? You heard the duke. From this point forward you are a woman. You will have to learn to think like one and act like one, and answering to your new name is just a small part of it," she said pragmatically.

"I suppose," he said dejectedly.

"Charles," she said, softening her voice.

When he looked up she smiled at him and took his hand.

"You must not think of this as something awful. It will be fun. I will get to have the little sister I always wanted. And for a time you will be able to forget the worries of the world that come with being an only son. At least try it for a little while before you become despondent. Promise me?"

He sighed heavily but smiled back at her, and she knew she had him. As she had noted before, it was almost too easy.


"Now, what's all this then?"

"It came for you today, Pa-pa," Julia said, sipping her soup.

Charles simply continued to eat, apparently absorbed in deep thought. The old man carefully read the letter as the servants brought more wine.

"Hmmm, a letter from no less a personage than the grand marshal."

"What does it say, Pa-pa?"

"Good Lord. I've been recalled to active service."

"Oh no!" Julia exclaimed.

"There, there child, It's nothing bad. I'll only be gone a few months."

"Gone where, father?" Charles asked, as if on cue.

"Cherbourg. The king wishes the defenses inspected and improvements made. According to this letter, Marshal Bell-Isle recommended me himself. Quite an honor," the old man said, smiling happily.

"Nellie!" he called.

When the maid came running he smiled.

"Pack my things. Remember my coat and have Henri brush out my old uniform."

"Oui, monsieur," she replied.

"When must you leave Pa-pa?"

"Tomorrow morning. I'll send Reynard and Nellie ahead this very night, to find me lodgment. You two will have to hire another maid and perhaps a coachman as well until I return."

The rest of the evening was spent in pleasant conversation. Their father had not looked so happy in many an evening, and even Charles had to admit that at least some good was coming of his wretched predicament.

He retired early, stripping down to his dressing gown before blowing out the candle and falling into a deep, dreamless sleep. It would be his last as a man for quite a while, he feared.


"Time to get up mam'zelle,"

"Huh? What?" Charles asked, sitting up in his bead as a matronly woman he had never seen before opened the curtains.

Sunlight spilled into his room and he began to function, noticing that she wore the livery of a maid.

"It's time to get up. Your sister is waiting for you in the parlor," she said, as she exited and closed the door.

Charles struggled into his trousers and headed down to the parlor. When he got there, Julia was fully dressed and taking her breakfast.

"Did you sleep well?" she asked pleasantly.

"Too well, it seems I have slept the morning through."

"Yes, father left instructions for you on the mantle. I took the liberty of taking them, since you won't be in any condition to execute them," she said, staring at him over her cup.

"Julia, I have thought this over and it really must end."

"Did you meet Madame Deveraou?" she asked, ignoring his words.

"The new maid? Yes."

"Not just any maid, your maid."


"You must realize darling, you can't possibly dress yourself. You need a handmaid, and all women of substance have one. I took the liberty of hiring you one while I was out this morning. "

"If I must play at this damnable charade, so be it. But I am not spending one second more than absolutely necessary dressed as a girl. That is absolute and final!"

"Darling, do you see that nice gentleman down at the edge of the copse?" she asked in a too sweet voice that set him on edge.

"Yes. I'll call Henri and have him removed at once."

"You'll do no such thing."

"And why not?"

"He's one of the duke's men. And he's here to make sure you are keeping your word," she said, her voice taking on an icy edge.


"No more excuses. You had your chance to decline his offer and you accepted."

"I had no choice!"

"You still have none!"

He bit back an angry retort and sighed heavily.

"What do you want of me?" he nearly whispered.

"Good, at least you are thinking again," she said archly.

He looked so dejected that she almost gave in to her desire to comfort him, but she didn't. Any kindness she showed now would lead to rebellion later, and she just didn't have time or patience for that. Charles had to be brought to heel quickly and that meant getting past his bluster and to the core of his person. And for her, that meant being firm at all times, never allowing his stubbornness to start to build.

"There is no easy way to put this, so I will just say it now. In three months' time, you must be indistinguishable from a woman. I have three months to teach you a lifetime of things. You must learn to walk like a lady, talk like a lady, sit, eat, drink, speak, act, even think like a lady. There is so little time, and you have so much to learn."

"I did well enough at the ball," he said sullenly.

"Yes, but that was one night, and your contact, while intimate, was brief. Now you must learn to function for days on end in a corset and stays. Fooling men will take you no time to master. You need only understand how to play the coquette. I will teach you the difference between a coy smile and a saucy one and when to use each," she said easily.

"I know how to smile, Julia."

"The real trick will be fooling women, and there, I am afraid, your temperament plays against you."

"What does that mean?"

"It means, dear sister, that you are far to naïve and sweet to make your way at court. You have no idea how to manipulate and are blissfully unaware of the backstabbing and intrigues that go on all around you. I will never be able to teach you not to seem the provincial lass, so that is what you will be, but you will be scrutinized all the more for it. Therefore, your every action and reaction must be a woman's. You will never be unwatched. And you must never, not even for a moment, let down your guard, lest your secret be known."

"Why will I be watched?"

"Because you are pretty and young and seemingly have wealth and status. Men will desire you, not only as a bedmate, but for your wealth and titles. Women will despise you, not only for your beauty, but for the attention men will give you. You will forever be the center of attention."

"If that is so, then I stand no chance, do I?" he said hopefully.

"You do. I will make it so. In three months' time you will be a lady in all but anatomy. I promise you that, dear sister. Now, Madame Deveraou has drawn you a bath. Go, relax and enjoy the warm waters. Let them wash your cares away, and your pride, because when you get out, you will be Charlotte and that, dear sister, is that."


Charlotte glided across the parlor and settled onto the settee in a soft ruffle of petticoats. Julia looked up from her book and smiled. Charlotte returned it with a cute smile and fluttering eye lashes.

"You look splendid this evening," she said.

"Thank you," Charlotte murmured, conscious of keeping her eyes down and her voice soft.

That was one of the hardest parts. Her voice. Even though it was naturally a contralto, there were higher octaves she couldn't reach and anything lower was too manly. Julia had drilled it into her mercilessly to affect a higher pitch, so she still had the option of softening it when the occasion called for it, but not too high, so she could raise it when that was called for. "We are dining at the Momforts' tonight, I hope you have already eaten, so that you won't seem a glutton?"

"I have."

"Very good, I think Reginald will ask you for a moonlight walk tonight. Are you ready for that?"

"I hope he does not."

"Nonsense, he's a quite handsome young man, wouldn't you say?"

"No, he isn't handsome. His only attraction would be his money."

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