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The Stagette


"Have you ever been with another girl?" he asked, running a finger over her shoulder and down her arm. She bit her lip to stifle a smile and looked away with a little shrug.

"Oh! Don't be getting all coy with me! I can tell you're holding out. What is it?" He sat up a bit, leaning on his elbow. "Tell me. Please."

She grinned and looked at him and looked away again. "Oh, I don't know. I've never told anyone this story before."

"Aw, c'mon, it's just me. No one but me will ever know, I swear it." He leaned in close and nibbled on her earlobe, giving her a little shiver.

"Alright, but this is for your ears only." She rearranged the pillow against the wall and settled in to tell her story.

"Well, this was last fall, before you and I had met yet. My friend was getting married, and she decided to have a stagette party combined with a sex toy party. Now there were about fifteen of us girls and we'd had quite a bit to drink before the ladies with the toys even showed up. And, well, a room of giggly drunk girls and sex toys is a very fun combination, of course.

"So we were passing around the items and trying them out on each other, and things were getting a little...ummm...well, let's just say that we were pretty open with each other. One of us tried on the vibrating panties and the rest of us put our hands between her legs to feel how strong it was...that kind of thing.

"We were all getting somewhat aroused by this point, of course. The display part of the show was now over and we had the opportunity to try stuff on. There were different rooms in the buildings for trying on outfits and stuff...and there were often more than one of us in a room.

"There was one girl that I'd known for a while and we'd always kinda flirted when we'd been tipsy before. You know how girls are pretty affectionate with each other, kissing and hugging and stuff even when sober? Well, there'd always been a sort of attraction there with this girl when we'd been drunk. So anyway, we kept ending up in the same room when we were trying things on.

"At one point, she got undressed and was taking a really long time to decide what to wear next. I noticed this, of course, and was trying not to stare, but she had a really great body and I couldn't help but sneak glances over at her. I was pretty aroused but didn't want to make the first move in case I was reading it wrong.

"I turned to pick something up and when I turned back, she was standing RIGHT THERE. I was taken off guard and we just kinda stood there for a minute, and then she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I'd never kissed a girl on the lips before. The cheeks yes, the lips no. But I liked it.

"We kissed for a bit and I reached out and put my hand on her breast and god! I was like...dripping wet at this point. Then she took my other hand and put it between her legs. She was totally shaved and smooth and I was a little nervous, but I knew just what to do because, well, I'M a girl and I know what I like....

"So I stroked her soft, warm pussy, slipping my fingers in between her wet lips. We were still kissing and she reached behind and grabbed my ass with both her hands and pulled me close. (At this point, I'm thinking that she's done this before). She stops kissing me and runs her tongue down my neck, and at that point I started thinking that soon the other girls were going to notice we'd been gone a long time. I realized that I don't really care if they do because I was really enjoying it.

"So I was half listening to see what the other girls are doing, but not wanting to stop. She took my hand that had been between her legs and she brought it to her mouth and started to suck my fingers. I thought I was going to absolutely die...I wanted to cum so badly. All I could think about was the strap on vibrator on the display table and how I wanted to use it on her.

"At that moment someone called for me, so I said I'd be right back and I went to see what they wanted. I gathered up the clothes I'd been trying on and took them back out to the rack. It appeared that no one had noticed that they hadn't seen the other girl in a while, which made me really happy. I picked out a few more things so that it looked like I would be busy trying them on for a while, and when everyone was preoccupied, I slipped the strap-on into the pile of outfits and headed back into the room.

"She was still there, still undressed, sitting on a chair with her legs spread, her hands between her legs, rubbing herself, her lips softly parted and her eyes half-lidded. I'm so so scared to bring up the topic of the vibrator but I want to so badly because I was thinking that that opportunity may never come up again. I just decided to put the pile of clothes down, making sure that it was showing so that she could see it. She looked at it and then looked at me. I was just shaking, I was so nervous, yet so turned on at the same time. She just kinda bit her lip and smiled and nodded at it.

"I remember whispering, ‘Really?' and she whispered back, ‘Yes,' and I was…I dunno...It was simply an amazing moment. I put it on, strapping it around my waist and making sure it was on good and tight. It had a vibrating bullet for my clit and a nice firm dildo for her. She turned around and bent over, putting her hands on the back of the chair. At this point, I was glad that they were playing music so no one could hear the buzzing from it.

"Oh god, I don't even know if I can explain just how good it was...the vibrating on my clit...seeing her bent over...using my fingers to spread her lips and then sliding it in and hearing her gasp...holding her hips and pumping inside her...reaching around and grabbing her swaying breasts in my hands as I thrust in and out, feeling my skin slapping against her ass…"

Her story trailed off, words gradually turning into moans as her hands, which had somehow found their way to the hot wet spot between her legs, stroked and rubbed. He watched her hips move and listened to the sounds of pleasure from her lips as he stroked his hard cock, matching the pace of her rhythm. Her back arching, her face contorting with pleasure, her eyes closed, remembering the night of the stagette, her smooth lean body gyrating frantically with the force of her orgasm.

Watching her on the bed, the story lingering in his ears, he stroked fast and hard, until he finally throbbed and released, exploding all over her stomach in a hot spray.

Then side by side they lay on the bed, listening to the sound of their pounding hearts slowly return to normal.

"I liked that story," he finally said with a smile. "Next time you need to bring a camera."

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