tagGay MaleThe Stairwell

The Stairwell


He approached me as i stood against the grey stone wall of a Chinatown building. “Do you smoke?” he asked.

He was cute: built strong, with wide dark eyes, cornrows, and a firm jaw, square hands. i smiled a little and said, “Smoke what?”

“C!” he said. i swear he called it “c.”

i shrugged my shoulders. The truth was that i never had. All the drugs i had done in my short life, and i’d never smoked crack.

“Come on,” he grinned. “I’ve got the best. I mean, the best.”

i decided i might as well try it. “Okay,” i smiled calmly.

“Yeah, that’s it! I knew you wanted to!” he said, and motioned for me to follow him.

We walked down the street, close to the buildings where grass grew in the cracks of the sidewalk. The streets were densely populated, and cars sped through the middle, splashing pedestrians. He turned a corner and i followed, and we were suddenly out of the rain and in a parking garage. “Take the elevator up and meet me in the third floor stairwell,” he said, and started up the stairs.

When i got there, he was sitting in the stairwell putting a big rock and a bunch of crumbs into his pipe. “Come here,” he said, smiling slightly. i sat down next to him. He got the pipe all ready, and gave me the first hit.

He put the end of the pipe in my mouth and told me to bite down on the electrical tape wrapped around the metal stem. i bit, and he lit the rock.

It went into my lungs easily, a bit like pure oxygen: light, cold, and quick. i didn’t cough. i kept inhaling for a long time, and then held it in, which i already knew you were supposed to do. He took a hit, and then asked me how i felt.

i grinned. My usually pale lips were bluish. He knew how i felt.

“Good,” he said slowly, smiling, enjoying the moment and being high. He gave me another hit and i felt even cooler, my body tingling, the air buzzing. He took another hit and beckoned for me to come closer. He motioned that he wanted me to take his hit as he exhaled. i put my mouth near his. He began to exhale, and then he started to kiss me. i breathed in his hit and he kept kissing me.

He held the pipe beside him in one hand. The other hand snaked around me to hold my waist. He offered the pipe and i took another hit. i giggled. Everything sparkled, my skin and his eyes and the concrete walls of the stairwell. We finished the rock.

He put the pipe down. Holding me around the waist with two hands, he guided me to sit in front of him on the stairwell, facing him. He took me by the shoulders and kissed me again, leaning me toward himself. Gradually, as we kissed, he leaned me forward until his hard-on rubbed gently against by chest.

i slid down between his legs and began to unfasten his belt. i unbuttoned his jeans, revealing a long, thick cock. i wrapped my thin fingers around it. My hand looked ghostly against his skin. i touched his cock all over with my soft hands, my mouth right over it, breathing on it, but not touching it with my lips.

i reached into my backpack, which was still on my back, and pulled out a condom. i tore it open and slid it onto his cock, the lube greasy on my fingers. When it was unrolled all the way to the base, i wrapped my hand around it, sliding my fingers up and down the hard shaft now covered in latex.

He drew in a sharp breath as i lowered my head toward his cock, parting my lips and licking the head with the tip of my tongue. He ran one hand along the short hair on the back of my neck, but he didn’t push. i licked my lips and let the head of his cock pass into my mouth. i slid my pierced tongue over it, sucking a little, tracing the line that ran down the underside. i held the shaft, running my hand up and down his smooth skin. i let more of his cock into my mouth, getting it wet and sucking harder. He was breathing hard, his body rising a little to meet my mouth. He ran his fingers through my short hair, holding the back of my head gently.

i sucked his cock faster, my head moving up and down. i was magically high and felt wonderful, and nobody seemed to mind that i was giving a strange man head in a parking garage after he shared his rock with me. i tried to relax, and began to deep-throat his cock. My muscles didn’t object, and i swallowed, my throat closing around the head.

He thrusted his cock forward. i gagged a little, but recovered quickly, and sucked hard as he began to come. He arched his back and pushed forward, his hand on the back of my neck, moaned quietly, and came inside the condom as i sucked hard on his cock. He fucked my face as he came, and then held the base of the condom as he pulled it out of my mouth. He tied the condom in a knot and left it in the stairwell.

“Come on,” he said, smiling as he helped me stand up. “You can smoke some more later.”

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