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The Story Of My Girlfriend


First let me give you an idea of the kind of girl that I have been fucking for the last year and a half. Sandy is 25 years old, 5'5 115 lbs with dyed blond hair and brown eyes. She is tan and has dark eye brows and an almost black muff that she waxes down to a landing strip. Sandy has the nicest pair of natural 34 C's I have ever seen with perfect dark pink nipples. Sandy and I met in college; although I am a few years older we were completely drawn to each other and have been inseparable since the day we met. I am 6'0 175 lbs with dark hair, dark eyes and a killer tan.

Sandy has only been with two other guys before me and they were both boyfriends of at least a year. She has told me that she has only sucked and fucked those two guys and myself, but that she has gotten her pussy eaten by a few other guys. Once while we were drunk she told me that her last boyfriend was very well hung, but he was a two pump chump. Sandy is really hesitant to tell me about her past sexual adventures and I can't help but wonder if she is just telling me what I want to hear. Little does she know that the mere thought of her getting fucked by another guy is a huge turn on for me.

Sandy has a gorgeous face and I know that she was the source of many a man's beat sessions. On many occasions most of my friends have drunkenly confessed to me that they would love to get a piece of her amazing heart shaped ass. Although I am sure that before meeting me Sandy has kissed and fondled a lot of guys, she is very particular in who she lets inside of her fresh pussy.

When we first started having sex it was great, hot and passionate. She would fuck me anywhere and at anytime, often picking me up on my lunch break and letting me fuck her in her BMW. We have tried every position together and she even let me stick my cock up her tight virgin asshole, if only for a few pumps it was still the greatest feeling I have ever had. Sometimes when we fucked I would talk dirty to her telling her that I wanted her to eat one of her friend's pussies and let her friend eat hers. She loved it and even told me that she wanted her friend to suck my cock and that I could fuck her friend. Sandy was into it and always responded, then as I got braver I told her that she could fuck another guy if she wanted to and I wouldn't be mad. This is when things got strange.

Sandy was upset that I would share her with another guy, and it took me a few days to convince her that I was just talking dirty and I didn't mean it (ya right). After a few months I bought Sandy an hour long massage at a swanky spa, it never even occurred to me that she could get the massage from a man. When she got home from the massage she sat me down and told me everything.

She told me that she went into the private room to undress and slipped under the sheets on the massage table completely naked. She was face down when a man's voice startled her telling her that he was giving her the massage today. My cock began to swell as soon as I heard this. She proceeded to tell me that Mark the masseuse started on her cute little feet and began working his way up her long tanned legs. She told me that it felt amazing and that she had never been more relaxed in her life. As Mark made his way up the back of her thighs he slowly started to work the bottom of Sandy's ass.

Although she hadn't even seen Mark's face yet, Sandy told me that she started to get very wet and turned on. This gave me a hard on instantly but I was still trying to hide the fact that this turned me on from Sandy. Next Mark had his hands groping her lovely ass cheeks, Sandy said she squirmed a little but offered no resistance. After Mark finished her back uneventfully he had Sandy flip over, while doing so she said he caught a full view of her front. Sandy said she got a brief look at Mark but immediately closed her eyes because she was very nervous. She said Mark looked tall and athletic with dirty blond hair and a handsome face.

Mark now started with the fronts of her legs and while working his way up she said the sheet was pulled up to expose the bottom of her pussy and it was pulled down enough to expose her lovely tits. She told me that it was right then when she knew that she would let Mark do whatever he wanted to her, despite having me as her boyfriend. She said that never before has she thought about fucking a complete stranger, but know she wanted Mark's cock inside of her. I could not believe my ears. This was amazing, I tried to show that I actually gave a shit but inside my pants I was about to come.

Sandy then told me that Mark had now moved to her pussy and began rubbing it with his two fingers, he then slowly inserted both of them into her sloppy wet cunt. Mark now was working his fingers inside my girlfriend’s pussy while groping her tits and then leaning down and slipping his tongue into her mouth, she told me that she accepted it greedily. Still without opening her eyes she felt Mark's tongue move to her dripping wet pussy and he began to fuck her with his face, she then without warning felt his huge cock slid right into her cunt. She came almost immediately. She said that it must have been 8 or 9 inches long and 4 inches thick , she said it filled her up way more than mine, but slid into her easily because she was so worked up.

She told me that Mark fucked her hard, pounding her little cunt for about five minutes before he pulled out of her and forcefully jammed his prick into her ass. She said that she almost passed out from the pain. I knew she wasn't lying because when I suck my dick in her ass she had the same reaction and I am about 6 inches long and 2 or 3 inches thick. She said that while Mark was fucking her ass she started to finger her clit until she blasted off another orgasm. Mark then pulled his dick out of her ass and brought it up to her waiting mouth, she told me that she sucked his dick for about 3 seconds before he shot his wad into her mouth. Sandy has swallowed my come only once, but she told me that she used to swallow her old boyfriends and she although she doesn't love it, she doesn't mind it either.

Sandy swallowed Marks's seed and let none go to waste. She then told me that Mark zipped his pants back up and without saying a word he left. She then proceeded to finger her cunt until she came again. She dressed and thought she was a little distraught, she gave the front desk the gift certificate that I bought for her and she was on her way back home to me.

Sandy told me that she has never been fucked like that in her life and that she loved every minute of it. I looked at her and asked her if she still loved me, without hesitation she replied of course, I don't know what came over me. I told Sandy that I loved her too and that I didn't care that she just cheated on me, and that in fact I have never been hornier. Sandy then said that she knew this would turn me on because of all my dirty talk, she said that she knew I really meant what I said about her being with another guy. Sandy then took me rock hard dick out and started sucking on it she reached down and stuck her index finger right up my asshole and I came in her mouth. Sandy then brought her lips to mine and as we kissed she pushed my come back into my mouth.

Sandy and I have been fucking like animals as of late, and it looks like I will be getting her a few more gift certificates in the near future.

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