The Storytellers Ch. 09

byParis Waterman©

"Then she moved aside, not so far that Corry couldn't reach her cunt with her mouth, but enough so that I had free access to Corry's sopping wet cunny for myself. Well, it wuz a mind-boggling experience to be sure. Corry's cunt had a faint fish smell to it, along with that of lavender scented water and God know what else.

A woman's hole can be dammed rank if they don't take care. Both girls knew that much. It was their livelihood after all, and so they smelled a hell-of-a-lot better than some others I've encountered.

"Anyway, I put my hand to her cunt, and she opened her thighs a wee bit wider, and I saw the cleft, with a pair of large lips hanging loosely on each side. Thanks to a bright light from the window, I was able to see it as plainly as if under a microscope. Then I found myself suckin' and lickin' away at her. It wasn't long until she started to convulse in the throes of her climax.

Maybe, just maybe, she faked it. I've since learned that women will do that to hurry things along. I didn't care one way or the other. I was ready to fuck her, or Mindy-Sue, my prick didn't care which one it was.

"They decided for me, and I found myself shoving a finger into Corry's wet hole, and soon my cock was knocking against my belly, demanding to take the place of my finger. I grabbed my prick and waved it in front of her as a Calvary-officer might wave his saber before leading a charge into battle. She yielded easily enough, and I wuz soon buried in her cunt.

"Good old Corry joined me in all the rutting, wrapping her lustrous thighs round my arse as I clutched and pulled her buttocks to me to attain even more of a purchase of my prick within her. I realized that Corry was enjoying this fuck as much as I wuz; only I wuz payin' for it.

"After I'd filled Corry's cunt with my spunk, Mindy-Sue told me that we had about an hour left. I insisted on helping Corry clean her cunt up. This was rewarded when they pointed out Corry's clitoris to me. Until then, I had been unaware of its existence. And so, as we washed her off, I made sure I kept her titillated and juicy by constantly rubbing her clitoris along with an occasional tickle of her asshole, so she was giggling throughout the cleansing.

"Being a relatively young man, I was soon ready to perform once again, and mounted Mindy-Sue, and I must say that Mindy-Sue appeared to love the feel of my prick in her.

I'm not bragging when I tell you that no sooner was I lodged in her, than her arse, cunt, thighs and belly, all worked as energetically as the finest piece of machinery in all of Philadelphia. I discharged my final burst of seed and moved to pull out... only Mindy-Sue's cunt closed round my prick with a strong muscular action, as if it did not wish my warm pipe withdrawn. I found this disconcerting and intensely pleasurable -- an interesting series of sensations to be sure.

"It appeared she was holding me fast by using the muscles of her cunt alone, although at the time I was sure it was a feminine trick of some kind. In any event, she proceeded to milk the last drop of lingering spunk out of me; it twas vexing, troublesome, and highly pleasurable, not at all bad for a first fuck as a professional baseball player."

Bill appeared to run out of steam on the subject; it's possible he was reminiscing about things he wasn't about to share with me. At any rate, he fell silent, and other than an occasional spit into the cuspidor, made no sound for some minutes, and I decided to take another tack with him.

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