tagIncest/TabooThe Tale of the Families Ch. 02

The Tale of the Families Ch. 02


"Hi, mom!"

Ashish walked past the door, throwing his kit bag onto the sofa and bending down, kissed her cheek.

"Hi! How did the coaching session go?"

"Great! The coach hosted a dinner. Says he wanted to get all the guys together before the final selection. That way, he reckons no one would feel sidelined if they were not selected. Big deal!"

"And you are sure you are going to be selected?"

"C'mon mom, you should know better than to ask that! What's cooking? Where's Katy?"

Anita smiled. She was sitting on her favorite rocking chair, watching TV as usual. "Katrina just had her dinner with me. Maybe she's up in her room."

"That's good. I thought the two of you would wait for me to join you for dinner. Sorry I couldn't call and tell you about my dinner, mom. I clean forgot!"

Anita looked at her tall son and suddenly the images of what she had seen on his PC that morning ran through her mind. She felt a flush across her face as she stared at her handsome son. Was he really into this? Or was it just a passing fascination?

He was still in his practice dress, which consisted of a full-sleeved white cotton shirt tucked into white cotton pants. She watched him closely as he sat back on the sofa and bent down to undo the laces of his cricket boots.

"That's okay, Ash. We sort of reckoned you would be having dinner with the team. This isn't the first time, you know. Would you like to have some dessert?"

"Gosh, no! I'm pretty whacked out. I'm just going to hit the bed!"

"Anita felt a twinge of something strange go through her body when he said 'bed'. Somehow, the image of his darkened bedroom and that PC floated into her mind.

She shrugged off the image. "Alright. I guess I better tuck in too. It's been a long day for me too."

"You keeping busy with the soaps on the idiot box, mom?" Ashish grinned, shoving the boots and his socks beneath the sofa and getting to his feet. "Those serials do make a day seem to be long!"

"You are not criticizing me, are you?" Anita laughed. It was well know that besides the gym, she was addicted to the TV.

Ashish laughed, walking quickly up to her and pecking her cheek. "Just kidding, mom. Okay, I guess I'll call it a day. G'night, mum."

She could smell the odor of his body. That typical man-sweat that came from rigorous exercises. He always smelt like that after his sessions at the net as well as when he had done his routines in the gym.

The smell invoked something else in her. She was suddenly reminded of her morning exercises with Vera and that made her feel as though she was burning. My god, she thought, I must be getting to be a nymphomaniac. Everything seemed to remind her about sex. She tried to force the thoughts away, at least for the moment.

"Goodnight, Ash, sleep well."

She watched her son bound up the steps.

It was strange, she thought, that she had been thinking about sex and associating it with the smell of her son's body. Was she getting to be a pervert? Try as she might, she just couldn't keep away the thoughts returning back to her again.

She thought about that wonderful morning / afternoon with Vera. The two had been at each other well until the evening! It wasn't till she had realized that it was about half an hour for Katy to return and regretfully, she had told Vera to get dressed.

Vera had been so wonderful! She promised a lot, that girl, what with that sparkle in her eyes when she had left for the day with a promise to get in early tomorrow! So sexy, so inventive! She had made Anita come almost half a dozen times, making her go through the tricks that women employed when they had sex with each other.

After the first time, they had stood under the shower, soaping each other, kissing with open mouths, their passion mounting steadily. Anita had insisted that Vera wear one of Katrina's panties and was delighted when her daughter's bra had fitted, albeit a bit loosely, when Vera had pulled it on.

"Tomorrow, ma'am," the girl had told her, "I will show you a new thing -- a new way of getting well and truly fucked: almost as if it was the real thing!"

Anita wondered what else this girl would teach her.

If only she knew!


I shouldn't be doing this, she thought, creeping out of her room and making her way down the passage. I can't possibly be spying on my kids!

Anita's thoughts were confused, just as they had been when she was lying on her bed, desperately trying to ignore the fact that she had watched all those clips on her son's PC. Images of Ashish hunched over the glowing monitor and watching similar clips, filtered through her mind and even before she realized it, she had swung her legs off the bed and made her way outside the bedroom.

Her heart pumping, she now crept along the passage and stopped directly in front of her son's bedroom door. It was dark in the passage: they always switched off the passage lights. She could make out the dim light filtering from below the crack of his door and she knew that he was awake.

Her presumption was proved when she heard the sound of a chair being scraped back over the floor; she froze, thinking that perhaps Ashish was going to step out of his room.

A minute went by and when there were no further sounds, she put her ear against the door and strained hard to listen for any sounds behind it.

She could hear the hum of the PC and her heart beat erratically when visions of the clips she'd seen in the morning flashed through her mind. Was her son watching those same clips? Or, was he downloading any others?

She glanced across the passage at Katrina's room. There was no similar light showing from under her door, thank god, she thought. Her Katy was probably fast asleep.

She pondered for a while, wondering whether she should take the risk of getting into the empty bedroom beside her son's. Perhaps she should creep into it and try the bathroom that was common for both the bedrooms.

Two bedrooms lining the opposite sides of the passage were provided with a single bathroom between them. That meant that lying between Ashish's bedroom and the one adjacent to it, lay the common bathroom. There was a similar arrangement between Katy's bedroom and the adjacent bedroom on the opposite side of the passageway. They had doors opening into the bedrooms and when the occupant of one bedroom wanted to use the bathroom, he had to make sure that the bolt on the inside of the other door was locked.

Deciding that she had come far enough, she made her way noiselessly into the empty bedroom. It was pitch dark inside. She closed the door behind her and felt around the wall to creep up to the bathroom door.

Gently, she pushed the latch. Yes, it was open. She slid inside the bathroom noiselessly and stared at the door on the other side -- the door that led to Ashish's room.

Her son had not locked the bathroom door on his side and it was half open. She saw the dim light from his room playing into the bathroom and carefully avoiding the light, she peered inside.

Of course she should have known that he would be doing precisely what he was doing at that very moment. In fact, she would have been disappointed if he had not.

He was sitting on the chair, the same one in which Vera had been sitting in the morning, and staring hard at the monitor. Only, the clips he was watching weren't the same that she had seen earlier. As a matter of fact, they weren't those "joined" clips at all.

Her son was watching full-fledged porn on his PC!

His chair was side-ways to the door and she could see him in profile. Her heart thumped when she noticed that he was masturbating. She couldn't see his cock clearly: it was dark under the table, but she could definitely see the rhythmic movements that his hand made.

She glanced at the screen. It was a big seventeen-inch plasma screen and she could clearly see the film he was watching.

This time around she was surprised to notice that there was one big tit girl making it with three guys. Two men stood in front of her and one behind her and she was kneeling on the floor. The man behind her had his cock in her mouth: she had to twist her head around to allow him to fuck her mouth. The guys standing in front of her were fondling her huge tits and taking turns, sliding their cocks between them.

Anita suddenly realized that there was one thing common in those clips she had seen in the morning and this movie: the cock between the tits.

Did her son have this fetish? Did he like watching a man fucking a pair of tits with his cock?

Or, she thought, her mind now numb, did he also actually do it with a girlfriend?

She watched the camera zoom to the glistening cock going in and out of the girl's mouth and then the camera panned back to show a man bucking his hips up and down to send his cock gliding back and forth between the girl's tits.

The man was obviously not satisfied with the position because he put his hands down to grip her shoulder and began to ram his cock faster up and down her cleavage. The other man standing in front of her slapped her tits with his monster cock.

Anita felt the wetness between her legs and admonished herself: this wasn't the time to get horny, she thought. She should be storming the room and yelling at him: perhaps, slap him! What if her son was addicted to this sort of thing? Were all guys his age such weirdoes?

Anita had honestly felt all along that watching so much of porn was a weirdo's job. Too much of porn and she rationalized that it would affect your actual performance because you would expect your partner to do what you actually see in the film. And that wasn't reasonable, she thought. Those actors were paid to do such exercises, whether they enjoyed it or not. And you couldn't possibly have such group sex in real life!

What if Ashish wouldn't be satisfied with straight sex? What if he would crave for such impossible groups and orgies?

Her suspicions about his fetish with cock and tits were soon confirmed because he had fumbled with the mouse on the pad and had reduced the speed of the film bringing it to play in slow motion.

The girl on the screen, kneeling on the carpet, bent her head down to take the tip of the cock thrusting between her tits into her mouth. The other two guys were now on either sides of the kneeling girl, slapping her tits with their erections, occasionally pushing the tip of their cocks against her nipples even as the first man guided his prick up and down the generous cleavage. One of the two guys slapping his cock on her tits pushed her hair back off her forehead and cheeks so that the camera could zoom in to capture the sight of the engorged cock sliding back and forth in the generous valley.

The girl let the cock that was fucking her tits out of her mouth and swiveling her head around gobbled up the cock that was at her right. The third guy bent down awkwardly at his hips and thrust his hips forward, managing to slide his cock alongside the one that was already fucking her tits.

The camera closed up at the sight of two cocks trying to slide simultaneously between the woman's tits. In their attempt to manage it, Anita could see the way the cocks rubbed against each other as well.

Anita was aware that even if her son was watching the scene in slow motion, the pace of the rhythm of his hand between his legs had picked up considerably. She also became aware of the words that he was muttering and strained her ears to catch them.

"Oh yes, yes, like that, god, give it to that cunt, give it to the bitch's tits, fuck them you big bastards, fuck those big jugs, shove those cocks up and sown those slut's tits, push those jugs closer together and fuck the hell out of them..."

Anita blushed when she heard those obscenities stream out of her young son. She knew she had uttered those very words in the morning, and that too in the presence of a maid hardly a year older than her son.

But to hear these words flow out of the mouth of her loving son shocked her. In a strange way, the film had excited her as well. And why not, she thought? After all, this was the very room and that was the same monitor, which had set off the events in the morning that had led to her seducing the maid. Or was it the other way around? Had Vera seduced her?

Whatever it was, it remained a fact that the day had been highly enjoyable and that urge inside her had finally been released to a great extent.

Great extent? That, she thought was an understatement.

(Vera had been amazingly inventive. She recalled how the girl had lain on top of her and rocked her hips up and down over hers while holding a finger between her own legs. That way, it seemed as if the girl's finger was her cock and she was fucking with it in the same rhythm that she was pounding her hips.

And late, Vera had knelt on the floor beside the bed and made 'madam' spread her legs. Anita had dumbly obeyed by stretching her legs are far apart as possible, holding them aloft by grabbing her knees while Vera had fastened her mouth on her pussy, sucking and licking avidly...)

With a start, she realized that her mind was drifting back, taking her to the morning instead of concentrating on what actually she was doing now. She focused on the scene inside her son's room again.

Though she tried her best to strain her eyes to see what he looked like 'down there', it wasn't possible in the dim light. She could detect only a shadow and his hand pumping rapidly away. He was so much into it that the chair on which he was seated had begun to rock along with him.

His mouth was partially open and his tongue kept flicking out to lick his lips. She watched, frozen, as he brought one hand up to his mouth and licked it till it was wet with his saliva. He pushed the hand down again and the rhythmic movements began all over again, this time that bit faster.

The two men on the screen dragged their cocks up and down between the woman's tits while the third man now began to pump his hips back and forth, driving his thick cock in and out of her mouth.

The camera zoomed to show the entire length of the astounding cock disappear completely inside the starlet's mouth till her nose was pressed into his hairy crotch. Then, slowly, the cock appeared out of the mouth, glistening with her saliva, a lot of it dribbling down the side of her mouth.

Finally, the second man drew back, obviously not getting his angle right, leaving the first man to continue to slide his cock back and forth in the valley of her tits. The girl bent down again and opened her mouth, allowing the cock that was fucking her tits to poke in and out of her mouth as well.

The man fucking her tits grabbed her by her shoulders and began to increase the speed with which he was pumping his hips. Anita was amazed that even as the man's cock remained trapped between the woman's enormous tits, a goodly part of the dick was fucking her mouth.

Ashish's mutterings were more like gasps now. "Oh yeah, man, that's the way, make her suck that dick while you fuck the hell out of her boobs! Oh yes, go faster, you big bastard, faster and harder, deeper into her mouth! Wrap those tits around your cock, oh yeah, like that, like that, like that, fuck that sexy mom!"

Anita froze when she heard him utter that word 'mom'. What was that all about? Her eyes flicked up from his groin to the screen. The man was thrusting his cock rapidly now, even in slow motion, it looked pretty quickly. She strained her eyes and could make out the small logo at the bottom of the screen, way to the left.

And then it hit her! When the camera panned to include the entire cast of the film, it showed the dark part of the set where the action was taking place. Against this dark backdrop, she could clearly see the words flashing on the screen.

A Busty Mom Video Presentation. Oh my god, she thought.

The two other men thrust their hips in turn whenever the woman took their cocks in her mouth. The men had their hands on her tits pushing them towards each other, while their friend continued to fuck them furiously.

Suddenly, the man on the screen who had been tit-fucking the woman, arched his back and opened his mouth and the camera zoomed in for a close-up view of his cock spurting his semen: it hit the woman below her chin even as it was poised just above the top of her tits, and then it pulled back into her cleavage to spurt the next blast in the valley. The camera panned back slightly and the two other men were similarly stretched backwards from their waists as the woman jerked furiously on their cocks.

The woman blinked when one cock that she was jerking shot out a stream of cum on her eyes and the other man took it upon himself to jerk his cock and direct the stream of his juices over her tits, still wrapped around the thick pulsating cock trapped between them.

The woman spread the semen all over her big tits with her hands, rubbing the thick fluid as one would rub cream onto one's skin. There was a lot of the spunk and the woman's tits looked as though some one had poured a bottle full of milk on them.

The man who had come between her tits now stuffed his cock back into her mouth and she sucked on it almost viciously, as if she wanted to drain even the blood out of the monster.

Her heart almost stopped and her gaze shifted back to her son's face. It was suffused and contorted and she knew what was coming next. She had seen Dino getting like that plenty of times.

"Ah, fuck," whimpered Ashish suddenly, arching his hips up at the monitor, his fist a blur around his cock, "I'm going to cum, oh shit, fuck that mom's tits!"

She took an involuntary step back into the bathroom, as if she was afraid he would swivel his head around and notice her presence in the room.

And then, she saw his cum erupting onto the screen and was amazed.

His shorts were still bunched up around his hips that he had now thrust up at the monitor. Even in this position, Anita couldn't see her son's cock clearly, but she sure could see the monitor getting doused by his come.

There was so much of it; she couldn't believe it was real. Her eyes remained riveted on the screen as she watched it sprayed all over with his cum.

She hadn't actually seen a man's semen for a very long time and her mind flashed back to when Dino used to be in one of his moods and pull his cock out just before coming to spray his semen all over her abdomen.

(She had begun to love the feel of her husband's spunk on her belly and then, when he began to spurt on her tits, it made her feel that much hornier.

That had begun on one night when her husband had brought home a VCD that had plenty of such scenes and she wanted to try it out.

"You really mean it?" Dino had asked.

She recalled how she had nodded eagerly and whispered, "Oh honey, yes! I want to feel your cum all over my tits, just like that guy is doing to that girl there!"

Dino hadn't hesitated. They had been fucking in the spoon fashion on the sofa. He was behind her and both were facing the TV screen, watching the film. She supposed that his sudden burst of passion had to with the fact that she had asked him to actually come on her tits.

He had suddenly increased the pace with which he had been sliding his cock in and out of her from behind and then, with a groan, he had urgently slipped out of the couch and hovering above her had jacked off till his come had shot out of his cock to splatter all over her tits.)

Now, as she stood, trembling, she watched her son writhing spasmodically as he masturbated furiously.

He had timed it well enough, she realized, suddenly aware of the moistness between her legs. The man in the film pumping his cock back and forth between the woman's tits had just finished ejaculating, spraying the big-breasted woman with a liberal dose of his juice. The two men standing by the side began to jerk off their spurting cocks and one of them shoved his into the woman's mouth as the other now took the place of the first man, placing his leaking cock between the cum-soaked tits.

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