tagIncest/TabooThe Tape

The Tape


I had just walked in from a bad week at school. So, despite the good weather in L.A., I felt like shit.

"Man, I need a beer." I walked to the fridge, and there was a not taped to it. It read:

Dear Bob,

I have to go to a conference in NY and I won't be back until Monday. Your Father would be glad to stay with you for the weekend, but he has an busy weekend at the firm, and as to work overtime. I imagine that your old enough know, however, to take care of yourselves.

Janice, (our Mom insisted it was fine for us to call her by her first name.)

"WONDERFUL!" I shouted. My sister was a BABE, and I LOVED spending time with her, especially alone. She was 5 ft. 6, with light brown hair. Emily had a fairly average build, with a few extra pounds. My sis had small boobs, a nice waist, and a GREAT booty. This was my favorite feature. I LOVED waching her dance, because her flesh had a nice shake that gave me a hard-on. Think of Katie Holmes with bobbed hair. She was 21 and I was 22. She went to the same local college that I did. Despite that, I rarely saw her.

"In the meantime," I snickered, "I'm gonna have some fun." Forgetting about the beer, I walked down the hall to my room. I flipped up my mattress, and found my secret stash of porn tapes. They were all of one of my favorite subjects, Incest. Specifically, Brother and Sister sex. Flipping through the bunch, I found the one I was looking for. It was called, "Keeping It In The Family, Part 2." Getting comfortable, I unzipped my pants, and pulled off my boxers. Sitting on my bed, I popped the tape in the VCR. The FBI warning came on. "Come on, that's get to it." Just as I was about to fast forward the video, Scene 1 started. The scene was of the brother masturbating well watching a porn of Incest. Coincidence, I thought. The camera decided it was tired of filming the boy on the bed, so it zoomed in to the action. On the screen was a guy getting a blowjob for his sister.

"OH, YEAH, suck my cock. SUCK IT, BITCH!!"

"YES, I'M CUMMING!!" This was from the actor watching the porn. "OH...YEAH," the kid said as he unloaded his wad of cum.

Just then the sister walked in on him.


"UH, sis, it's, um, not what you think."

"LIKE HELL IT ISN'T," the sister yelled, "Your watching PORN!! Not just that, but it's about INCEST!! Your disgusting."

"UM, I can explain."

"OH, you can, huh. Then explain."

"It's a friend of mine's porn"

"RRIIGGHHTT, tell me another one."

"Well, I, are you gonna tell Mom? Please don't."

"Oh, I can take care of Mom," she said as she seductively smiled at me. The actress playing sis walked over to her brother and grabbed on to his raging member. "NOW, your going to give me something I want." She lowered her lips to his member and licked his precum.

"OH, yeah, I like that."

"I thought you might," she hissed as she licked the guy's entire cockhead.

Getting a bit wild, the brother howled, "What are you waiting for? SUCK ME whore."

"Yeah, I like it when you talk dirty." She pierced her silky moist lips passed her brother head and then gave him the business.

"YEAH, suck my incestuous cock, dirty slut. I LOVE IT! The brother put his hands on her head and helped her as he fucked her mouth. "OH< YEAH, suck my cock, you like that?"

"UMPH!" Her head bobbed up and down on the guys 6 inch member. Her slurping noises was driving the actor wild.

"YEAH, I LOVE hearing you fuck that nasty cock. YEAH, that's nice."

In reality, I was stroking my cock. "AH, suck him, whore. Suck him good. Suck that incestuous member."

"AHEM!!" who on earth was that. I turned off the TV and saw who had interrupted my fun. It was my sister. She was STUNNING! Dressed in a silky black sports bra, and a lazy skirt, I was reminded of Madonna's first scene from "Dick Tracy," without the midsection. And, of course, Madonna was a had short, curly blonde hair.

"UH, sis, it, uh, um, isn't what you were thinking. Deja vu.

"OH, REALLY! Than what is it, HUM!!??"

"I was, I mean, just, ahh."

"You were what, just watching porn. From the sound of things it looked as if you were watching incest porn. Try to explain that."


"YEAH, go on."

"I'm...uh, sorry.

"That's ok," her anger suddenly turned into what looked like a smile. "I was good, wasn't I?"

My mock horror also turned into a smile, "Your the best cocksucker I know. Anyway, how on earth did you get home? I thought your car was in the shop."

Jessica brought me home. She was Emily's best friend, and also her lover. My sis was bi.

"GREAT!! She still here? I wouldn't mind saying "Hi."

"Sorry to disappoint you, but she already left."

"Oh well, your still here."

"That's right, you want to go for it? I see that will have the entire house to ourselves for the weekend."

"That's right, were gonna have LOTS of fun." I got up on my feet and walked over to my lovely sibling. "Now, as you were saying," I said as I put my arms around her waist, pulled her to me, and kissed her. Her lips were soft and silky. Her arms also went around my waist. Just then, she suddenly broke the kiss, and wheeled herself around. My cock was planted right on her ass. Through the material her ass was nice and soft.

I put both my hands on her plumy ass and rubbed it. "You have such a lovely ass, sis. Shake it for me, would ya?"

She responded to my request by shake it from side to side. "UM, like that,?" she seductively whispered. Before I had a chance to respond, she planted her lips on mine. This time she put her lovely tongue in my mouth.

My hands traveled up her body and grabbed her tits, "UM," I said as I pinched her nipples. Then our kiss broke. I was in hot passion and I grabbed her hair and pushed her face on the bed.

"OH," she howled, shocked and aroused at the rough turn of events.

Being rough now with my sister, I ripped her skirt off and was pleasantly surprised she had no panties on. "Sis is going commando, GOOD!" I positioned my cock at my sister's pussy lips with my one free hand and popped my head in.

"OH, yeah, fuck my incest pussy. I LOVE feeling your cock around my lips.

Getting rougher, I put all 6 inches inside my sister and rocked her as fast as it too Christopher Reeve to change into Superman.

"OHHH, FFUUCCCCKKK, MEEEE! HAAARDERRR!! GOD, YESSSSS!! She roked her ass back hard to meet my thrusts. "FUCCCKKK MYYYYYY PUSSSYYYYY,!!

I released my hand from my sister's head and put both my hands on her waist. I LOVED the feel of my sister's ass as it slapped against my legs. "OH, YESSSS! I"m CUMMMINNNGGG!! I felt my seed go into my sister's sex, and some of it dripped out of her. "AHHH! That was great." I released my cock from her cunt and gave her one more kiss.

"Well, where gonna have to get Jess in on this fun."

That should be fun, I grinned.

To Be Continued...

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